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Other media: Comics:Seishun x kikanju
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Anime rank of 2015 Rank 236in 261 titles
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Monthly G Fantasy SQUARE ENIX
Kenji Konuta
Toru Nakano
Asami Tachibana
Brains base
Mikako Komatsu
Maeno Tomoaki
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Ryouhei Kimura
Eri Kitamura
Yui Horie
Japan Released:2015/07/03(Fri) 01:46-02:16 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. TV / End:2015/09/18
Official sites
1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/aoharu/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. http://twitter.com/aoharu_anime
Ending movie (2)
小松未可子「群青サバイバル」YouTube Ver.
Song:Mikako Komatsu
Lyrics:Mikako Komatsu [Fan reg.]
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2016/07/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26863 Host:26830 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Pictures etc. were carefully written as impression concept unusual

[Bad point]
I can imagine prepared hints and so on, and the story was felt thin but there are many characters for girls who show cute but I can not make use of the concept lacking in freshness

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Changing the content of Sabaggae as opportunism, girls' emotions are also bad as a one-pattern impression evaluation.

2016/05/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23309 Host:23477 Browser: 7904
Original story unread, a story about a survival game like a girlfriend's feeling Sabag莨〓 itself is a position that there is neither experience nor military details

[good point]
Gags and minor stories that were taken in at a stroke from one episode were filled and they were able to be enjoyed even if there was an interesting part. It seems that one rival team in front of one's eyes seems to be one and the character increases I do not know whether it is correct recognition but I do not think that a woman in coward, a host or debt descent is a tribute to "Ouran High School Host Club" but I felt that I was able to get on well as an expression Because the gag is connected to the story properly, I do not feel distracted
There are a bit like elements like BL, but I did not feel anything uncomfortable

[Bad point]
The main character "Tachibana" is the point that I left myself leaving the teammate misunderstanding the sex Compassion in the flow which can not be overcome in the opening stage If you can convince, I can not accept a woman, I thought it was dishonest Wondering if I was feeling a sense of incongruity in my sex, I did not expect it in the last round, but that did not happen either

I think that depiction related to the saverague has a sense of speed in the movement and I think that the drawing was drawing beautifully. It is interesting as a main member has moving subject visual acuity and exercise ability who transcended human beings, but some psychotic disorder is caused by Sabag莨〓 It was disappointing that we are breaking personality

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I started seeing without expecting anything, I enjoyed it considerably I wanted to make it very good, but the minus which I can not overlook is great so it is very bad.

2016/02/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6782 Host:6819 Browser: 4721
I watched the first episode only in real time, but after that it almost all looks till the last episode.

[It is justice!]
The hero starts a saucerage 〓〓〓successive activity 〓〓〓frustration before a strong enemy 〓〓〓encouragement of a best friend ... ... and the story itself is doing the royal road of sports club club activities (not club activities).

Each draw was delicious (it is unique to put eye - catching something like this in the last part).

Thanks to the above two points, it was highly appreciated that I was able to see it without getting tired.

I think that the setting of the character itself is not wrong (but I will tell you about this a bit later)

[It is evil!]
Although I said above that the setting of the character itself is not wrong, then what is the problem is that "it is bad match between the world of the work and the character setting", it must not be felt so. Because I brought a character of the evil way into the story of the royal road.
It certainly was seen without getting bored, but on the other hand, I was made uneasy every time a new character appeared.

Because Mutsu and Yukie are more intense, the main character Tachibana is being eaten.
The appealing point is becoming such as facial expression (like persistent).
(Although it says justice, there were many times that it looked like a very bad face)

Even if Masataka Masashi Even if you are a foolish guy who is in a wrong way saying "I am enjoying it all but weaker than myself", if this was an SF or a fantasy work, I think that there were such rival characters, too
(In that sense I mentioned "I think the character setting itself is not wrong" above)
But that's not it.
Two Hoshishiro team mates did not feel so good anymore.

The ending was somewhat halfway.
It would have been better if Mr. Kuroe made a bubble in the future, there would be a tradeoff with the original, and this is the limit.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is "good", but it is Kanawari Girigiri.
It was fun if it was said whether it was interesting or boring because I was not bored, but the above mentioned "The badness of matching between the work world and character setting"
And the lack of satisfaction of the last is very missed.
I would like to see it if there are two periods.

2015/11/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
Is sexual identity disorder also pushed to the front, non - killing cancer survival action thing?
However, I think that it was a slimmer anime as a cool looking appearance.

Apparently it seemed that Sengoku warrior was also a motif, next year's river hero was also the source of her companions, but it was not that her original material was better than Shinji Sanada (Yukimura)? There is, first of all, it was Tachibana who seemed to be a sexual identity disorder also because of its self-righteous aspect. Especially in the first half was conspicuous, but voice actor Mr. Komuko Ms. Ko .......
Compared to "HEROMAN" or the initial appearing work, I thought that the acting performance was improved, and I was overconscious because of such a role, it seemed like performance like "Mari Inoue performing acting excessively". Although I could do it like Gundam Build Fighters and TF's OVA, I could not have had the unique character of Mr. Komatsu.
Lightly asserted, it seems that not only the strength of Komatsu as a voice actor but also the fact that "the circumstances of an adult" of the industry in recent years was also cruelly faked, etc. only with voice actors only for those with such taste.

Komatsu said that the theme song was working harder than acting as a voice actor, was not it?
My sister 's best friend who encouraged the Tachibana flowers seemed to have been sumo wrestling alone desperately to Myeo,
Even though I was not saying anything what I was talking about. It was thin.
Still, the team toy gangs gang hit each other with him, Yukimura, Matsuoka,
Although I could understand, Hoshishiro's people were more subtle than them. Fujimoto also,
"Well, it's a nice place to live !!" (Well, there were not many people who won the name, but this animation) or saying "It's awful ~" The story was overdone, but sadist green and , Akabane who was infatuated with him, who was a big tits kitsui sister was not penetrating at all than I thought, halfway. Mr. Kitaeri did not make good use of its merit at all.
As well as other people the gap between the name of the Sengoku warrior and the superior appearance looked great in a bad sense.

TGC and others who did not kill people did not necessarily have a bad impression in that it was not strangely fighting, but it was not necessarily a bad impression, but lacking excitement such as a definitive hit, etc., ordinary Was boring for you. About the original neta warriors warlord also,
It is rude to have these names even though this kind of shallow character acquisition is borrowed. On the other hand, Masamune Date is over rated in the first half,
I saw it with extra cold eyes, but recent animation.The evil of the voice actor industry is also noticeable to what mind,
There was nothing that was appealed. Evaluation is severe, but it is "worst".

2015/10/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49708 Host:49756 Browser: 7456
[good point]
Gap: The seemingly adult "Masaoka Masami" seems to be a little dangerous if the plating is peeled off, or it seems to be only a mere purpathy "Yukimura Toru" When it gets caught it is a gimpy

[Bad point]
Tachibana firefly: persistent of justice, furthermore (although direct coit is not bad) Remembering Musochistic Muyo in person with the first person "Tachibana" and personality
Character: There are too many unusual persons who are not 'oddbols' level

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original unread Funny time and funny time at Tsumaranai fierce work Stella Girls' Graduate Student High School C3 Division I fell into a dark work, but the impression that it was held on the verge of impression, the difference between impossible and unexpected is too big to get lost, but sweet Even if you see it is normal

2015/10/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40996 Host:40755 Browser: 8627
While a girl whose first person is Tachibana pretends to be a man, he plays a savagery with the teenager named after the Sengoku Commander

It was packed somewhat in various ways but it was difficult even to understand that Nori would not suit me.
Probably for ladies, it is a birthday moe animation for female viewers who seems to have gotten into a world of girls girls with their human relationships main, while doing a sabbag.

However, female viewers will not be able to understand for a moment whether they can look like "cool".
Well man's moe pig animation is also mostly, what is so rough so much that the genre itself is not denied, but if there is a problem men's watching this work Itself itself was a failure I guess

2015/10/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26488 Host:26638 Browser: 4721
Is TBS also a grudge against survival games?
Cool work of summer 15 years.

Although I have written it before, I will be aware that I was a participant himself,
I would like these people not to participate in the game. And I thought that I should not do a doctor.

If there is time, introduce the introduction firearms.
It is a hero's gun, but the evaluation is divided in two. It is highly appreciated for gamers (500 series magazines can be used), but it is unpopular for real people.
It is not used in reality. Full shooting can not be absolutely controlled with that shorter length of 7.62 mm bullet.

Dessert Eagle A large handgun made by Israel. Because it is a game, Akimbo (possession of two) is possible.

Dragunov SVD
Russian semi - auto sniper rifle. Wooden parts are used. It will be made abroad or a custom item.

Winchester M 1887
It is classified as old-fashioned shotgun, but gun that popularity has reemerged by Terminator 2's spin cook reload.

.M134 Minigun Terminator 2 and a famous minigun in Predator, also known as painless gun. Originally it fixes, but that is where I want to imitate a movie.
Perhaps the most expensive price seems to be.

.H & K PSG-1
Semi - automatic sniping gun that further developed G3. It is also a sniper Wolf 's love gun of the metal gear.

2015/09/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was good or bad by that week, there was no sense of stability of the scenario.

I thought it would be interesting when I started fighting at the host club, but after that, the game got fewer, the talks to the circumstances of the team and human relations tended and the tension fell.
Although Tachibana is a woman, it will develop while dragging it to the end, but I think that there is no problem even if it is ballet.

In the second half, Matsuoka's trauma becomes main, and further tension drops.

The impression that I could not see much of what I wanted to see was strong. Especially 2 points.

1, the game (battle) scene was less than I thought.
2, There were few scenes that made use of Tachibana's physical ability.

Increase these two, or if you draw with emphasis it should have appreciated appreciably.

Scenario "bad", drawing "good", character "normal", music "normal"