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Anime rank of 2016 Rank 38in 270 titles
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Fumitoshi Oizaki
Reiko Yoshida
Elements Garden
Misato Fukuen
Azumi Asakura
Nozomi Yamamoto
Madoka Yonezawa
Ryouta Ousaka
Naomi Wakabayashi
Kondou Takayuki
Risa Taneda
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Yuko Gibu
Megumi Ogata
Natsuni Takamori
Kaori Mizuhashi
Takahiro Mizushima
Ai Shimizu
Hitomi Nabatame
Ema Kogure
Nozomi Sasaki
Kaida Yuki
Japan Released:2016/01/12(Tue) 02:05-02:35 TV TOKYO Corporation TV
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1. http://aokana-anime.com/ (Translation)
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Compose:Kazuya Takase
Arrange:Kazuya Takase [Fan reg.]
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2017/06/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7368 Host:7334 Browser: 8813
The reason that I watched this work was because my own scouter Moe was super-terrible intense reaction to this work,
Because I heard about God's announcement that there is a super cute girl in this work! (〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 ", I was interested

Although the original of this work seems to be erogenous, it is highly evaluated by the world, the Vita version was also released, it seems that it is also highly evaluated, it seems that it was animated, so I tried to watch it this time It was

<Good point>

In the second half of the scenario, although the drawing was often deteriorated and disturbed, basically the drawing was very stable, I thought that each heroine team was drawn quite cute Personally felt particularly cute Three of Asuka, Misaki and Rika were really super cute characters (in terms of cute, I think that it is exceptionally super cute in class S class)

<Bad point>

However, quite unfortunately, in terms of the story of this work, it is clearly said that it is "too boring" ...

Since this work is an animation work with only one cool, there is also a relation of time scale, but to be honest, it is an impression that "an animation that should not have been done in one course" (I should have done with 2 courses)

Regarding the matter of "Why was the story of this work boring?" There are two reasons ... The first is "The practice, the depiction of the game became terribly appropriate", "
The other one is exhausted as a matter that "the original is an eroge, but the hero has been made completely supercharged air character"

First of all, regarding the former, this work is a spoiler animation work that is also another work of others, the competition that the main heroine team does is a sport called FC Speaking of this FC, this is a unique sports competition However, in short, it is a sports feel like "Air Gear", which mainly competes with each character flying in the sky. Supplementary explanation about the rule of the competition called FC is clearly in the works Although it was insufficient, it is contents which roughly understands if actually watching, in short, whether to touch the pole earlier than the opponent,
Or you can get a point by touching the opponent's back from behind the opponent, so it is a competitive sport

However, the problem is ... Whether or not this FC fascinates whether it feels attractive or not as a matter of course, in that "the charm of FC was not drawn at all"
First of all, as mentioned above, it was especially a problem that "I made my practice and game depiction quite severely appropriate"

The biggest problem of this work was that "everything was done with talent and every effort and hardship of each character were not drawn at all"

For example, Asuka which is the 1st main heroine is a good example, this girl experiences FC for the first time in one episode, enters the FC division and is completely drawn as FC beginner

However, in the middle of the work, a decent exercise depiction is not portrayed (especially in the second half of the scenario), somehow in some official tournaments, etc., it is superfluous to be a superbly opponent of national class level opponent,
"Although it is a beginner of FC, since FC's talent is overflowing talent, I could go to the top of the competition (. 腴〓<)", clearly saying, even if I looked it can not be totally impressed

Well, even in this sporadic work of this type, it is simply simple to say, "The main characters are talent full of superior talent from the beginning" or "I do not have any talent, but desperately try hard and hard, finally win the glory As you draw it,
I think that the evaluation will change greatly, but this work is obviously a work of this former type, and although their efforts and hardships are not drawn at all in the work,
For some reason at the national convention, it was part that I thought that it was masculine because it was affordable because it was affordable (Misaki is an experienced person, but she is too professional skill from the beginning, it is simply not funny from the beginning)

In this work, the main heroine who has basically no FC experience enters the FC Department, he or she spends some daily life there and participates in the tournament,
There were two tournaments, and all the first tournament was lost, but at the second competition, it was a way of closing asuka which is the superb heroine of the spectacular first winning and finishing it

The place which this work is being evaluated is that she experienced defeat once in the sense that "the main heroine teams will recover while experiencing the setbacks", they will recover mentally shocking,
With the content saying to continue FC, it is certainly easy to see only this point, but without having the idea (how to counter the opponent) "how can you win?
It was still a problem to clear up in the so-called mental theory and win the tournament (the more spirit theory can win, the sports world is not sweet)

For example, Asuka vs dry in the final story is a good example, but although the countermeasures against dryness are not at all great, but the deployment that Asuka will win against her nationwide strongest class girlfriend is a content that wants to head her head ,
As for the question "Why did Asuka win the dry?" Since it is only an answer "Asca was able to win because it was a character full of super talent from the beginning"
Therefore, also regarding the final story of this work, it was this fault that no touch was born at all (it is too bad as practice depiction is too severe and too few)

On the other hand, concerning the matter that "the depiction of the game is appropriate", for example, the first tournament is a good example, but the combination match which is not fundamentally an important battle card is almost a trivial draw of the game,
Inside, the depiction of the game was completely omitted, in short, the depictions themselves were completely omitted, "Even if you are watching the game, it is not interesting at all, I do not feel it, I do not care about FC" It will be my impression

In other cases, 11 episodes are a good example, but with this deployment ... "" Makoto vs. Rika "is drawn" 〓〓〓"Makishi wins" 〓〓〓"But it seems that the truth was defeated in the subsequent games ( Completely omit describing the game) "
〓〓〓"Thereafter, as soon as possible the victory of characters that Asuka defeated the truth was overwhelmingly superior (game description is almost omitted)
"Oh yeah, if you skim a lot of such game progress, it would be better not to play the tournament itself ..." the content was so terrible (there is no weight on each game development )

As mentioned in the above, since this book has only one cool, there are some unavoidable due to time, but omitting the course of the game any number of times,
Originally, I think that the competition of FC itself is very boring, but it is a comment that "If it is, it is better if you do not do it from the beginning" (though it is a sports competition where large numbers gather, it is meaningless )

The FC of this work is an individual event, but if it was, it should have been a group battle, and if the group warfare, the character losing in the tournament will not be airified afterwards, everyone can win equal victory It's setting,
"Slam dunk" is a good example, but the one like "FC club itself participates in the tournament and wins the group" was much better than others (In addition, Rika is also super cute, so Kuinua FC Department In addition to w)

Or, furthermore, as a battle thing like "Senki Sinfogia", I think that it was better to say "the work of the main heroine fight against the evil organization (Rasubosu dry)" But, this heroine series fought The eroge of roughly heroine is a hero and it has a lot of settings such as making it a source of power, so I do not think that it will be ordinary late night animation ... w

Subsequently, although the latter case mentioned above ("The original is an eroge, but the main character has been completely made into a super gash character"), the second reason I felt the story of this work is boring Is not it

Usually, when the original is an eroge or an animated piece of works of Galg莨〓, there are many things that "the heroine has the main story talk", regardless of whether the romance flag is established between the heroine and the hero is

It is the so-called "route of heroine A", "route of heroin B" or such a story, but this work is a main character who originally must deepen exchanges with the heroines, Being treated like air,
Perfectly, it was a story "There is none of the presence of the hero", so there was also a problem (In this animation version, it is a setting that "the main character is Asuka", but as the original is eroge, this case is Absolutely not negligible)

For other anime works of this kind, for example, regardless of whether the hero connects deep trusting relationships or bonds with the corresponding heroine and whether or not to make love, a certain heroine is against the hero,
What kind of interaction or how to show her is one of the enjoyment of this kind of animation work, but this element of this kind of animation work is no longer completely necessary in this work, so it is also disgusting there was

Personally, there are 3 points that I thought as "this deployment is bad ..." ... For example, the development that "Aya receives chance change of Rika happens to see" was early in the work

However, this development occurred about 2 times and she got mad at him, but in a later story, Aya asked other female characters that "Rika is not angry about the change of clothes anymore" Will be

Although it understands if actually seeing, in the deployment that "In fact, there is no scene in which Akiya and Rika talking to each other", this girlfriend is one of the members of the main heroine team for the time being But, anything, this treatment would be too cruel

I forgot what story, but when Rika got angry about changing clothes, as she passed through behind Akiya, she passed through him with a feeling of being completely angry,
Although I thought that "they are looking forward to what kind of conversation these two people will have in the future", in the end, there was never a scene in which the two conversations talked, and there was never a scene, "If so, what's that changing clip Did you have a meaning? "(It may be the original reproduction)

Rika's handling also being under construction and it is extremely severe, it is a setting of a student of another school, so in the convention every time it is lost in the early stage, after that it completely gets super nervous, it is clearly handled extremely severe, To the contrary,
Beyond that, it is also a problem that the hero does not get involved with her at all, and it seems that the relationship involving H with her gently, including derivative works in the original work (blue clanging her father's clothes, such a relationship) , This relationship is too cruel

On the other side, the case that "Asuka, Misaki seriously worried, I could not be totally at all" was also severe, asuka and Misaki also said, "I encountered a strong opponent and experienced a setback"
Honestly, both of them were completely similar in the same development (one pattern development of the same story), thought that it was honestly delicate as a character, but when they were seriously worried, he took consideration to them at all Misaki is also a problem Misaki is involved slightly a little bit, but it did not reach it until we built a fundamental trusting relationship, was not it

In this work, mainly this is a friendship of Mr. Asuka 〓〓Misaki, Makoto 〓〓Rika, this case is definitely a good thing, but I certainly think that what the original hero is outside of the mosquito net is like running water Then,
The fact that "The bond between Akiya and each heroine was not drawn at all" was also honestly harsh (it was good if Mr. Chang-ya was the center and FC was functioning ... )

Also, in the second half of the scenario, Misaki and Asuka remembered the old days, "There has been a development of the story that I met some of Akiya in my childhood (although Misaki and Asuka do not know the identity). did

In general, with this development of the hand, "When I heard that he was a first boy, I heard a boy, but who can not remember who it is" (high lover), he is decided to be the hero of childhood with high probability but,
In the end, while Akiya in early childhood was drawn by their past recollections, it is a way to quit without finding out who both of them are, "This scene (encounter with Akiya in early childhood)" Was it serious? "

So, after all it was only one course, so it was an animation piece completely completely halfway all because of the time scale, and it was a work that I thought should have kept at least 2 cools at the minimum

In the final story, if the defeat in Asuka, somehow suddenly touched her friendlyly, in this last part (In the last picture of the last story, it appears natural reflected in the group photo of the main heroine teams and grass ) Anything,
Seriously, "It was 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓Akira", it was too much unnecessary (there was not any contents even if I looked at, something had no weight, deployment had no depth, no impression , "Animation that remembers only" Moe to heroines ")

So, the reason why I did not enjoy the story of this work at all is that everything mentioned above is all

Although it is a personal story, I am a person who does not like the genre of sports series originally, I guess because I like the RPG and the favorite temperament, I like battle things,
For such spoiler animation, the work that clears up with mental theory, gut feeling theory or talent all in any case does not make a basic evaluation

In the case of Battle Mono or the like, there is not much sense of resistance (depending on the work) even though it is not an intellectual strategy, or even on parade of expansion mentioned in the above,
As it is, it is still unrealistic, so it feels like that. As for sports-related works such as this work, since it is basically a work made by imagining the present age,
However, if it is a quality that simply ends with a monotonous expansion, it will become a very critical comment by all means. For battle series works, emphasize such as depiction of each character or battle description I did not expect any intellectual strategy at all,
In the fight with the enemy, seeking contents is not pursued so deeply, but since he is a human who does not see his sports at all,
After all, not only win but a proper content is not drawn, it is a temperament that makes me feel boring by all means (in short, I can not enjoy it without sports drama)

<Overall rating>

Although I do not know the original, why is it so highly evaluated that it is almost imaginable, but I think that "the balance between the story and moe is wonderfully good"

Actually, if it is the original, each heroine selected will win victory in the tournament, after the hero joins deep bonds and trust with each heroine team, becomes a lover and makes H, and so on, I think that it gave me a lot of excitement,
Of course, since I do not know the original, at least with regard to this animated version, my own delusions without permission, obviously, with the content "Moe >>>>>>>>>>>>> story"
Moe was too much ahead of me, the contents of my heart became so bad and unfortunate that I was disappointed

Although it is not "Amagami", I think it was better to do two courses and draw carefully the leading role of each heroine team,
For example, "Common route from 1 story to 8 talks", "True white route from 9 talks to 12 talks", "Rika route from 13 stories to 16 talks", "Misaki route from 17 talks to 20 talks", " Asuka route until 24 episodes (final story) ",
I think that it was absolutely better for those who dug down each heroine, such as "25,26 talks (OVA) other sub heroine route", etc. It is absolutely fantastic (although the material as a character is really super good, the essential part It was not made use of)

However, if you were doing 2 courses with the contents of 〓〓〓 I think that you had high appreciation, I think (I think that the evaluation of 80 to 95 points / 100 points was done)

Speaking of troubles of pure love eroge and girl gige heroine, in general, it is a sad and painful past of herself, the family environment is bad, herself is suffering from a serious illness, herself is struggling as hard as she can behind ,
While there are many developments of such systems, there are no such elements in this work as it is natural in other animated works of other hands, so there is no description of the bond between the hero and each heroine ,
However, it is a work that FC itself is drawn charmingly ... It's a work that's "everything you are doing is a super halfway anime" (take more time to draw carefully was)

Three people of Asuka, Misaki, Rika were really super cute, so while evaluating in a temperament evaluation, the actual place is definitely a work of definite criticism,
I felt it as a honestly disappointing work (Rather, it was definitely better if you did such an ultra-thin content, just making it to a school everyday thing or love comedone, or making it a harem thing)

2017/03/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23309 Host:23477 Browser: 7879
Original and unplayed.

A story of high school students who are flying into the flying sports flying circus.
Although disappointment was disappointing to the ordinary characters such as the heroine of the natural system full opening at the introduction section,
I was interested in flying circuses and stops, and continued watching.

I see it from a conclusion, but I enjoyed it very much.
Although there is not a special amazing part, it is the impression that the whole balance and how to show, screenplay and composition were really exquisite.

It is handling anti-gravity equipment packed full of thrusts, but due to the limited elemental performance or the if element that it is not in the near future but in the present age,
It is easy to understand life feeling, such as being used for schoolchool and shopping and shopping, and where the school stop is outside the school grounds seems to be good for educational purposes and I came.
The flying circus sports is supplemented with 8 talks and rules are supplemented, and although there are many places where you are concerned about honesty setting Gabagaba,
I think that the speed feeling and exhilaration feeling in the video was wonderful and it was successfully devashed. Both sides of speed and fighting are also good.

After the introduction of the characters, the tempo of the tournament and the story is pretty good at the stadium, practice, training camp, practice match and convention competition.
It was also a good impression that the part as sports had a higher gravity than the daily part.
Still troubles of individuals and strangers are drawn as department activities, and the place which keeps it to the range related to the competition is well-balanced.
Where the players heroines stand up from the defeat are exactly royal roads, and it was also good that there are defeat and goals in each.
I think that it is predictable because it is unplayed, but I think that it was good as a total of 12 stories where I left out love elements.
I feel that it was good for me to make it more active as a coach business or player with the feeling that "Akiya" got fewer turns.

Eating food that does not look very much like a graphic thing is appetizing because it is plugged in at an effective timing,
I think that it was good to produce an embarrassing flight suit and service scenes that would not get in the way.

[good point]
"Satoin" who complemented the heroines in this work that the stage equipment and the story were prominent. (I sat down in Romaji notation sato-in)
Although the character deja glows, but also gives a chance to the beginner heroine, encourages growth by practice and games, while also doing gag part,
The rasubosu was completely defeated by the opponent, and the gap with the appearance was impressive, with the work of portrait on exciting the story.

[Bad point]
Although it is the setting of "Kurasu Asuka", although it was likable as a hard character after the midfield, it is reasonable to give purity by drawing too young,
Personally I was slightly painful with injury.

It is certain that the confrontation of the final story was excited but it is disappointing as a sports thing to cancel the safety device and change the setting during the game.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
When I go from the viewpoint of drawing with the center of the flying circus of a lot of holes, I thought that the ingenuity of the maker was very good.
Where both the fictional sports settings and the daily part of the two wheels depict the appeal of sports without relying solely on the charm's charm was very good.

2016/12/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13573 Host:13673 Browser: 7874
The original game is unplayed.

It is just a harem thing or something that is rare Spokon youth stuff now.
Although it may be rude to say unexpectedly, the story is tight and solid.
It is refreshing and the feelings of the character are also exquisite, especially the sequence from Misaki's frustration and resurrection, which is one of the heroines, is excellent.
Also, a word of flying circus dancing in the sky called Flying Circus is wonderful.

On the other hand, as such aspects are perfect, roughness stands out extra.

First of all, although it is a work on the theme of a flying circus called a flying circus, the rule of this game is a mystery, and the rule finally understood with the comments of other people. (Lol)
As it is a hypothetical competition, you have to keep thoroughly such aspects ....
Well, it is OK even if it gives priority to the story, but the critical thing is splitting into "speeder", "fighter" and "all rounder" as the competition style, but the advantages of these three, the disadvantages are not clear is.
Even though I am doing a turning event from a fighter to a speeder, I have no explanation.
Therefore, when playing against different playing styles, I do not have any idea how it is advantageous or disadvantageous and how we have to take measures.
After all, if there is no such explanation in the work, "What is amazing in the competition?" Is not transmitted at all.
Especially because it is a hypothetical competition, even if it is said that heroine Asuka's talent is so .... The excitement is not so good.

Another fatal thing is that the teammate's man is air.
Honestly, I do not think that it is OK to delete this guy, but it is rather a presence that seems to disturb you.
I wonder why there are such strange characters, because the original is an adult game ....
Oh, I see ... that Asuka and Misaki made the double heroine (the main character) and rebuilt the story and rebuilt that story.
I understand that, but let's make a scene of success !!
I think that it came out as a player at the autumn competition, helping to break the enemy's birdcage.

How to put down the enemies of the fall competition .... I think that it is a development that is exciting but it is not personally.
I feel that it is inconvenient to make things succeed by doing things that have never been done beforehand.
I think that the impression was also different just because it is a development that rises if scenes are inserted at all by taking it in practice at least ....

Oh yeah, I wrote a lot of things, but as a youthful story it is a very solid story and funny, so the evaluation is "good".
There are places where there is a dilemma with 1.2 talks, but beyond that, it is interesting, so please do not watch it early.

Also, I do not care, but the buoy at the start position of the competition is the first buoy, the first buy is the second buoy, it touches it and it is the first point but when it is said "a second buoy, 1 point" I feel uncomfortable.
I like to buy the first buoys like homebuys like the 0 buoys or baseballs, and I think that it will be easier to get the first buoys as the first buoys.
If other shortcuts are permitted, I think that buoys are three, and if it is banned on the first line, one wishes to turn in the opposite direction, but I think that the setting pertaining to that is still more stuffed I feel that it is not cut.

2016/06/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1637 Host:1344 Browser: 5756
[good point]
The image is beautiful, the view of the world is good, the heroines are all pretty and attractive, full of services

[Bad point]
I finished with 1 cool.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anime which was broadcasted side by side with 3 pieces on the same late night day as Pandora of reds and unlimited phantom world. What is common to these three works is that the heroine is cute, showed me in Bloomers, packed with service, and what I wanted to do with the end of one course is unknown.
Would you like to see it as an anime in a different world set in Kagawa Prefecture? The scene where the heroines eat udon seemed delicious and it was good. There is also a commitment to soup flying fish, and even at home I often make udon for dinner when my mother is at work. It is really delicious to use jaw soup which is the soup of the flying fish. My mother often said that she liked it and made it again.
It is reminiscent of a beach volleyball tournament, such as the scenery and facilities of the event's beach venue, the sound of a fluttering whistle, what was left behind, the sound of some instruments, and so on. I also am going to see the beach volley girls' games every year and I am happy with the familiar sight.
It is said that the suit costume for tournament is sexy and sexy, but from that, I prefer exposure to bloomers exercise for practice and I like it sexy.
By the way, I bought a drama CD of all the applicants in the animation magazine service.
Anyway, I think that this work ends well with only one course and it is unnecessary. In recent years' work with many similar animations, I think that this work is also a good work for a long time, so I definitely want to hope for the second term.

2016/05/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9599 Host:9366 Browser: 7460
[good point]
A hot and refreshing story that seems to be sports. Scenes that fall into practice scenes, slumps, and setback scenes are well drawn
Flight scenes with depth and three-dimensional feeling making use of Z axis. FC which can participate not only girls who are great differences from air battle mage guys, but also boys
Maneuver term such as barrel roll, scissors, cobra The women's gym uniform is Bloomers. Nice bloomers!
Service scenes such as female hot water and rakisuke

[Bad point]
Lack of explanation of the game rules. "Fighting fight is prohibited until touching the first buoy from the start line" FC "If either player touches the first buoy, the other player touches the same buoy or touches the opponent's body There is a detailed rule that you can not touch the next buoys until you can not touch the next buy (OK not valid strikes). "It is only explained in the latter half of the story that it will be explained. This is too late drawing disorder The voices of Emi Ogata who plays Aoi each time is something strange. It is not stable.

[About Kurasu Asuka]
Just thinking that Asuka himself is a bad guy, he shows the hints that are really genius skin here and there
Showing air kick suddenly in the first simulated game
In ground practice at the gymnasium, we will beat back flushing without any gush
Practice underwater, show off the jumping dolphin without a squash
During Mato 's and Saki' s games, I find out that Saki is the greatest one
Looking at the high level game of Masato and Saki, I was impressed that Misaki Bibimi is "awesome, is this too FC?
Looking at the true balancer OFF movement I can also say that I'd also like to rotate at high speeds
I like optimistic practice enough to say "I can not help it"

Even if you suddenly get caught up in the last round if you have such hints, you can be satisfied. Mr. Mado felt a threat by seeing it and it was seriously crushed. I was licking to Misaki opponent from the judgment that I am not afraid of those who only have the strength of Templel Street It is not easy to use it from the beginning because the grasp which released the balancer is a peeky. The adjustment has finally caught up in the last round

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Unlike the original, a story depicting growth through FC with Asuka and Misaki as the main characters. It would be nice if there were twelve talks in total, but I wanted you to put a love description in two cools

The theme is "Enjoying the competition and improving it". Of course it is important to win, but whether you can enjoy the entire process including practice and games. If you consider the competition to be painful or painful, I will not be very happy even if I can give the result. Saki & Irina 's combination tells it. Also, Misaki, who had thought of winning only Masato, was shivering and losing confidence in Asuka who enjoys the world with the upper FC world, while Mr. Masao said, "I am afraid of changing, but It will be fun if it gets over it, I will quit when I can not believe it is fun. " Although it did not fade in the game even though it fell in the darkness it did not fade Because I had a heart to enjoy I can not understand the pleasure Misaki will leave but I will find my heart to enjoy by encountering with Asuka So then, Speaking of what is good about it is also different. Actually Asuka can be taught that there is no future if it is only enjoyed by defeating by Sha. Asuka notices that Mr. Asuka encounters Misaki that competition is not just a process but results are also important. Relationship is good so that each other supports each other and works hard.

Saki who was only Irina 's robot will regain a human - being heart in the game with Misaki and Asuka, and I will also want to enjoy FC. This development tends to be but because it is a royal road it is hot and I like it

In the winter animation of 2016 without a locale, only this work is a masterpiece that I could see until the end

2016/04/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3991 Host:4011 Browser: 8636
It seems that the original is adult game, but it was a surprising place that it became a flow that followed the genealogy of spoons and was not excessive for character events and it became a proper youth story

Although the hero who was losing motivation will regain passion to be attracted to the heroine who is a beginner but also playing happily, the hero can be thought that it is not necessary if the hero is not good at it. Because we will follow chiefly on their episodes, in the original cartoon cartoon animation, the story has become clear because each of the heroines and the hero's events that are common are chased too much. . .
It is not supposed to be

Although the competition itself was not so expressable as it was interesting, in the sense that it challenges the unknown competition, the viewer was able to become familiar with the heroine from the same standing position to the competition and the main was not sports Because it is youth, flying circus seems to be pleasant flying in the sky, simply thinking that it was better with the original than the existing sports. It seems that the role was played just by thinking so

Finally, I would like to say only this at the end, but I'm definitely not allowed to have a panchirat cut once in a skirt with such short uniforms or private clothes but flying in the sky!

2016/04/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49708 Host:49523 Browser: 7460
[good point]
Deployment: There is not much hurry so much, and in my personal opinion "Whether it was" established "
Sports things: Because there was also a premonition that seems to be a daily system love comedes, it was good that I came across Spocon clubs

[Bad point]
Flying circus: Although it is a work that depicts this imaginary sports, the rule is not explained explicitly, and I do not really understand.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Game unplugged If it says in a word, it is "victory of talent", it is a thing that Kurasa Asuka has a talent from quite the beginning, since it is the result that he himself is making efforts, so if it is so worrisome Although there was "Prince of Stride" as the same fictitious sports thing that did not exist, if the rules as sports were explained like sports, it was more enjoyable

2016/03/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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For some reason, this work is drawing attention from the stage before broadcasting,
Moreover, although the original person also purchased and played during the airing,
So then I've finished watching all 12 episodes so I would like to comment on it.

[About Flying Circus]

Speaking of this work, anything is characterized by the subject of fictional sports such as "Flying Circus (FC)" as a theme,
Personally, FC which is the subject of this work was very interesting,
Just after reviewing the animation after playing the original,
It is still short of explanation due to the short scale as long as the scale is 1 cool,
With respect to the part of FC, the explanation of a detailed part other than the rough basic rule of touching the buoy or touching the back of the opponent to acquire 1 point is omitted,
Do you say that it is not enemy to the original if it says about the amount of information and density of FC?
It is impossible to reproduce the amount of information and density of the original on a short scale of 1 cool,
It was a place where there was no choice but to do this.

Well, if you compare it with such an original as compared with the original, there are lacking explanations about animation,
Still it is fascinated just by seeing the movement of FC as an animation,
The vividness of the contour coming out of the Grash when flighting is also beautiful, the animation flourishes,
And above all thanks to air kick turns, cobra and swissida,
In addition, I am glad that big art such as pentagram Force was seen with animation.
Also, the game of Misasa VS Saki and the final story of Asuka VS Saki in 11 episodes got excited to the highest.

In addition to saying about the FC game scene the movement overflowing with the sense of speed of the flight scene and the coolness of BGM,
And, along with the performance of the voice actor, it was very fun to watch and see things that can feel a sense of exaltation as a viewer as a result of the very large amount of heat being felt.

[There are many different parts in the story in the original and animation]

With regard to the content of the story and the story, even though it is said that the subject deals with imaginary things, the content itself is simple as it is a typical spoil and youthful item,
Although the story of the heroines who are working on one's mind at once and growing up is attractive,
Just about the story About the difference between the original and the animation If it says a little, since the original is a beautiful girl game, the heroine and the hero who chose while branching route occurred along the way will build a deep relationship including the romantic side but,
However, in the case of animation, since the double heroine of Asuka + Misaki is the center composition, Akiya who can be said to be the hero in the game is not to step into one person either by animation person,
Unfortunately, love elements that can be enjoyed by games can not be avoided with animation,
And it is said that the existence of Akiya who is the original protagonist became thin compared to the game as an evil which can not describe depression into one heroine.

As for the contents of the story with such a division, there are many different parts in the animation and the game,
However, there are good places in the parts modified by animation, for example, episodes of Shinkai and Rika's first grade alliance in four stories,
In addition, based on the episode in 4 episodes, I think that the truth of Masayoshi and Rika fighting comfortably with each other in 11 episodes was a scenario that was well spotted against two people, Makoto and Rika.
It is interesting to see around this neighborhood that the development of an animated version is seen.

[Appealing characters are generally attractive]

After that, when it comes to appearance characters, it is main.A lot of characters can be liked in general regardless of sub,
For example, in the case of Asuka it is a little natural but its cute personality,
Moreover, it is attractive not only to be cute, but also to be fascinated by things that FC likes to everywhere,
While attracting attention of the surroundings by seeing the appearance of Asuka flying like that happily,
Anyway, it is a secret of the strength and charm that Asuka possesses that we can work hard forward for positive and favorite things.

Also, with Misaki as usual it is my own pace and I do not seem to have a grabbing place,
But internally I have a side that can be pretty hot and lose,
In addition to being a good friend if it comes to the relationship with Asuka, there are rival consciousness at the same time,
Especially, there are striking things that two people are strongly conscious of each other since they were involved in FC, especially the episode which talks about the feelings held by each other in nine stories and deepening their understanding while going back together ,
I also made my heart hot for the appearance that I go boldly to challenge Sharu with 11 episodes.

And even if it is made to be true, asuka is constantly showing the magnificence of the two of Misaki,
There are things that you would like to cheer for yourself to work hard in order not to leave themselves to two people,
Episodes of the first grade alliance of Makoto and Rika drawn in four episodes have heartwarming things,
In addition to Sha, even as Rasubosu presence was amazing and at the same time,
While memorizing the enjoyment of FC through games with Misaki and Asuka,
Finally I thought that the last that brought friendship with Asuka was made comfortably,
Regarding the heroines of this work anyhow, it is not only pretty but also the part of the drama which it carries in the inner side is attractive, it becomes tempting to support deepening of emotion transfer with nature,
Personally, the place I like in this work is the point that heroines show shine through FC.


Although it attached "highest" for this work indeed, but when picking up the point which is only a little concerned at the end,
It is true that if you measure this work with a ruler of original compliance, the animation version is a lot of modifications and it is like a controversial argument if it says about this neighborhood,
Especially the difficulty is that the presence of Akiya who is the original protagonist becomes thinner than the original,
But as a scenario for animation Asuka, in the form of hitting the spot centering on the two of Misaki,
The contents depicted as friendship and heroines of the heroines were very good,
It was also a beautiful girl game original, but the story which showed the contents of the true youth spoons mono without easily sweeping out to the moe or eros was also really good,
And since characters and style match up to their taste and the last was also fresh and cleanly assembled, I would like to evaluate it as "highest" for this work even if we consider some disadvantages.

2016/03/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The original game is unplayed.

There are generally two patterns in an animated work of ordinary Galg莨〓 and eroge,
First, a pattern that advances the story (route) spotted on each heroine represented by key works etc. with rotation system,
Next, it is a pattern that gives each character a point of view and completes only with the daily common route.
One cool work tends to be the latter pattern for the reason of the scale (although there are exceptions of Grisaia etc.).

However, this work set the main heroine 's Asuka hero and hero, and diluting the love element with Masaya,
It is finished in sprouts with emphasis on FC (flying circus) which is the main feature of the work.

First of all, is it the growth depiction of the two main heroine Asuka and Misaki?
Although everything was useless before FC was started, although he was not aware of efforts with Asuka and genius skin that will bloom the extraordinary FC's talent, the depiction of Misaki who gradually remembers inferiority complex is truly polite.

The flow from the falling of the darkness of Asuka and Misaki after the summer tournament to the return was mildly impressive using the scale.
Asuka was useless, though I was a changed FC, but I was frustrated when nothing was changed because I lost the rampant Sha,
Misaki has a sense of inferiority to the fact that there is an upper on the top, and Mr. Masafumi's idea that "scary is fun" can not be understood.
Against the frustration depicting the sports thing. As a result, I confirmed within each other's minds and deepened their understanding,
I think that it was a reasonable solution in particular because the depiction of the two of them was solid.
Especially I think that Misaki was getting tired of I understand that I am seriously working on it, I think that it was the character that grew up the most as a clear change such as participating in the morning practice that was not good at it.

Although other characters also could not hit the spot as earlier as Mr. Asuka knew that the spirit of the mood maker and Mr. Sato 's early stages had a somewhat disgusting impression, but in fact the good characters such as Masaru who has a strong mental in the effort and was matured think.

Speedy FC games are very spectacular, personally asuka vs. Masafuki vs. Saki, Misaki vs. Saki, Asuka vs. Saki in the final match was a great game.
The FC setting and rules are simple and easy to understand, so I will explain from the beginning of the opening so that I did not eat litter.
However, it was Masui, who said the shortcut rules in eight episodes, at least two or three stories.

The next bad thing is, as I mentioned above as a spoiler thing I made Asuka the heroine and the hero,
Is it originally a place where Akiya who is the main character has become aerialized?
Even if it is true of 4 talks, the darkness of Asuka and Misaki fade away, even if it is not the hero, it should be something that should be done something about the coach of the FC division .. (The reason why Masaya who was sweaty thinking quit FC is also very important It was not drawn on, and I was not particularly involved in the return of Misaki.
(Well probably because it would be troublesome if you think that Masaya is yourself who made a chance to quit FC)

Also, although it is not a deduction element, I was concerned that the disorder of drawing was intense (especially 6, 8, 10 talks).

The theme of this work is still the same as the catch phrase "After losing, it is a real game".
As Masaya said, the more pressure goes up, the better it will be. Especially since professionals are living a life, it is natural.
Masaya 's feeling that Mr. Chang - ya said that FC who purely enjoyed at the beginning purely was chosen as a representative of Japan also became frightened of losing.
That is why I think that it is meant to have a feeling of "fun" even if I lose, as in Asuka and Misaki of this work.

In the last round, the meaning of the name of FC (Flying Circus) was told from the mouth of each professor. "It is a competition that makes flying people and viewers happy."
The act of flying in the air itself, human beings will dream at least once, I think that this was a unique competition that focused on having fun doing.
Until now, it melted the hearts of Saki and Irina, which had been concerned with mechanical play, and Masaya was also a very beautiful way of finishing without any disagreement on all characters returning FC to earnest.

Although I can not deny the feeling of running though throughout, (there is no talk like a waste in particular)
Those who expected the love element may have been unsatisfactory, but since I enjoyed it until the end, I would like to make it "very good".

2016/03/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Comprehensive evaluation]

First of all, the flying circus competition is not attractive.

The layman develops stronger in the blink of an eye and wins the championship. Because of its sweet depiction, it seems to be only expedient.
If the hero says well, it is innocent, if it says badly Noh's weather has prevented the feelings for this competition from being conveyed.

The sharpness of the story is inadequate and there is no distinctive part.
Characters are also lacking in appeal, and there is no person to be attracted.

However, it is a wonder that I have seen to the end.

2016/02/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
I think that drawing is good.
The depiction of the background is also fine.

[Bad point]
I thought that the flying circus was only one episode.
I was surprised that it was a story about this subject.
I think that it would be fun if you make it an ordinary school comedy.
It was a disappointing work just because the setting was solid.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Overall, we assume that the evaluation is bad.

2016/01/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Perhaps the game using shoes feathers which is the backbone of this work is too boring and it is not appealing too much to watch.
I only feel that the setting of the tool itself is doing well, I felt unequivocally personally as to why I made this kind of game.
If this is the case, I think that it would have been nice to have fun flying normally, flying or relaxing, or doing fighting in the sky's ring definitely got excited and it was good.
I can not make use of this technique or tools, and apparently it is a fault or it seems like a game with too many holes, so I do not get excited at all and I do not feel excited.

Although this may be only an event, if it is other romance or the content of the character is main, it may have been seen yet, apparently it is like this game or the competition seems to be main so I'm going to practice and so the point is gone I got it.
It is too much that the main character seems to be taking a trouble as a heroine exercise partner because he has something (reason why he is not very enthusiastic about the game) and he seems to have a reasonable abilities and it is too much There was also no interest.

I did not have the character 's goodness and attracted character just to overturn the flow of the game and story which is not so interesting personally, and it became a feeling that it is already good.
I like the voice of the heroine, and a character whose personality and personality changes with morning and evening with low blood pressure was fun, but it was not something to overturn the root.

It is probably the biggest reason why you do not agree with it, but the place where the content of the game is too boring and it got cold.

2016/01/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The theme of creative sports is challenging.

[Bad point]
Sports are not taken for granted.
There is a problem with the production ability as an animation.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original unplayed

Bad point 〓〓〓
I can not even describe the physiological phenomena such as perspiration during the game, violent shortness of breath after the game and shaking of the shoulder.
(It may be a setting that seems not to get too tired, but I think that it was unnecessary if such a setting was made)

Bad point 〓〓〓
About the production ability as animation,
There is a scene where the main characters of the girls will fly in the first time in a story but it is too ordinary.
The camera angle is an amateur 's home video level, it is too brittle, it can not be done.
I think it was my first flight scene? I think that there were various things such as the glitter of the sea, the glare of the sun and the feeling of the wind ...?

It was a work that I could reconfirm the fact that that Gonzo is still zombie.