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Other media: Comics:Ansatsu kyoushitsu / JP movie:Ansatsu kyoushitsu
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Anime rank of 2013 Rank 166in 263 titles
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Yusei Matsui
Tomokazu Seki
Nao Touyama
Ayana Taketatu
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Yutarou Honjou
Rina Satou
Suwabe Junichi
Yui Horie
Shinichiro Miki
Japan Released:2013/10/06(Sun) Movie
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2016/02/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3668 Host:3475 Browser: 5213
Mr. Matsui did not seem to be a wonderful signboard writer of WJ unfortunately, but the book series screened at jump festa was good or bad, well like it was a bit different.

Although I went to a school trip, it seems that the three more stories seemed to be divided even more among them, but the first it was slightly subtle. The pressure from my father who was a modern day bastard itself, and the escape of game play from there was also drawn back horn,
The older brothers of other junior colleagues who happened to know about Yakiko, they say that it is easy to understand, like how they existed in "only" because they can be fascinated by killing kids and other students coolly Or it was a biting dog that is too easy to understand.

Well I guess it could not have been a lesson to say "Let's see someone more when fighting", but next time thugs like Red Eye aim for killing ........
After all, he seemed to be missing as an opponent, and he was only played like a good one,
"I saw red peppers at him who had been murmuring things like red blood was ever floating in my sight (= never failed assassination until now), feasting ... .
I was also showing the extent of magnitude (?).

The last time I saw the bathing form of killing ... ... but even if I saw it, "Who is it?"
I am not very happy. (Bitry smile) Ordinarily it would have been the place that ran away as it was that it was easy to escape all things, no matter what kind of Kempo 's master.
At the end I saw a little bit of that exchange and it ended,
Well it is a place that I said that it is a fairly good honorable mention. The voice actors focused on Mr. Seki Seki and Mr. Nobuhiko Okamoto, who is closely related to the jump series animation, but the performance was good, but the evaluation is "normal".

2014/09/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13716 Host:13580 Browser: 5948
Suddenly when you watch this OVA, you will not know the setting or the character, but since it is the limited edition OVA included with the comics it will not be a problem

I wonder why this episode of the school excursion was chosen and made into an animation It seems that there are no particular reasons, but the voice of Kensho was more consistent than I imagined and the change in emotion due to complexion also flourished as animation
(It is strangely cheesy, so that's why I did not break the atmosphere of the original)

It seems to be a bit difficult for them to interfere with animation, which is only a superficial theme called the colos, but it seems to be a little difficult, but if you become an animation in full swing, are you going to leave this staff?

If it is popular, it is inevitable as an animation, and it was possible to expect for animation, so I will consider the evaluation as a comment "I think it is good"

2013/12/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8128 Host:8208 Browser: 5916
good point
Stripes of green and yellow that made movement like a signature pole (barber 's signboard) when licking and licking people in normal times,
White when you reach the edge of the actor (?), Pink when you think about things (when you are still doing it)
Red at the same time, Dos black at the time of rage,
A variety of voices as well as complexion, more than anything moves "nullurul"
It represented such a killing stuff with animation without leaving.
The most important point is boiled and scoured escape (laugh).

Unlike manga, in the animation in which the story develops at the pace of the work, what was able to express most successfully is the response of "red eye" slayer killer.
Although it was pleasant from the original battle defeatness already, it was good at taking time and acting during the time when it was put into animation, and it was finished in an exquisite tempo.
As you can see, this cast of two characters has a long job history in particular, and it can be said that the exchanges between these two characters are made by experienced workers.

Considering the balance of the nature of the event screened and the screening time, I think that the scenes and dialog cuts were done properly.
First of all, the pride of the criminal record of Ryuki (a bad leader case) is too much to live, so it is an understandable category that I did not give concrete examples.
Also, although conversation in the room of the last killing and Yushima Oshima is important on the original story, it is also a matter of touching the feature of killing, so as a measure to be comfortable with this one time I understand that I cut.

Information on the coping method of "When the class mate was kidnapped" in the book of the school trip of the killing school trip, "When the criminal was still not wearing local people and still wearing student clothes" Information But,
As far as the original original version is concerned, as 1244 pages, it is the same page as the coping method of "When Yatabashi caught in Nodo"
In this animation it is 1258 pages and you can see that the composition of the bookmark is better organized.
It is a little trivial thing to worry about such a thing (laugh).

A bad point
In a good point I mentioned that "lines and scenes that cut were accurate"
A scene where a killer who forgot his / her baggage receives Tsukkomi from his students,
I thought that it was not easy for scenes where Wusa who decided to abandon the sniper plans by applying for declining from "Red Eye" interfere with the students.

At the beginning of the sniper plan execution part, a mistake in the "school trip assassination plan" projected on the painting of the killing killer shot by bullets.
Specifically, the radical of "Osamu" has become a gyeon nimben, and there is no vertical line of the original third story.
Besides, it is the bone point of foolishness such as mistaking the kanji for this work (laugh).

Overall Evaluation It is said that the whole movement of killing is the most sticking out of this animation.
Particularly noticed is the face of the killing machine, which can not be conscious of in monochrome cartoons (at least not expressing much in this original work), thanks to a variety of expressions in accordance with the setting He made his emotions clearer.

Overall, although it is faithful to the original in general, due to time constraints and event constraints to be shown during the day, it is as described above that the scene is cut as it is when comparing.
Considering the scene which was cut in such a situation, it seemed that it was selected by intention so as to be able to enjoy the lingering finish "simple" after enjoying it.
As a director who strongly impressed it at the end, rather than a conversation between killing and crowning, Shigeta Nagisa's "The target of assassination (our target) is an unlimited reliable teacher"
It was a good judgment that I adopted a monologue that expresses the charm of the killing killer in a word.

Nevertheless, even though I mentioned in a bad point, the fact that there was no "scene of intercourse between students" among the crows is that although his boss is killing the assassination, even though the students of group E are never I am missed as not expressing a personless person who can not be disdained.

Although it was too close to "the circumstances of an adult", it was the same as the idyllic text as "listen to the number of hands and feet", but even under such conditions, firmly consider the important place about this episode of this original work It is certain that it is a solid ryosaku in the sense that it reflected it in.

The biggest impact now is the "style" of the point that voted for the Chino Maple in "Men's Women's Rankings" at male forces. (It is overlooked in the original)
Who did the investigation !? (laugh)