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Cho Heiwa Busters
Tatsuyuki Nagai
Mari Okada
Masayoshi Tanaka
Nasu Sinji
Nisiyama Sigeru
Jin Aketagawa
Saito Syunsuke Ozaki Kiko
A-1 Pictures
ANIPLEX Fuji Television Network,lnc. DENTSU INC.
Miyu Irino
Ai Kayano
Haruka Tomatsu
Takahiro sakurai
Saori Hayami
Kondou Takayuki
Mutsumi Tamura
Asami Seto
Aki Toyosaki
Mitsuru Ogata
Sayaka Oohara
Fuyuka Ooura
Kaoru Mizuhara
Makoto Yasumura
Japan Released:2011/04/15(Fri) 01:35-02:05 Fuji Television Network, Inc. NoitaminA(noitaminA) TV / End:2011/06/24
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1. http://www.anohana.jp/index.html (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/anohana_project/
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Aoi ShioriAoi Shiori
Song:Galileo Galilei
Lyrics:Ozaki Yukio
Compose:Ozaki Yukio
Arrange:Galileo Galilei [Fan reg.]
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2016/12/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36912 Host:36972 Browser: 8633
Dramatic nature that makes a pleasant memory. A fine production was added there, and furthermore Yuki Atsu (metamorphosis) was added and it was finished in the impressed story

Everyone in Ultra Peace Busters felt cheek in my heart, although I was a child when I was young, but I was able to fill the emptiness of my chest so I was able to move forward before I met him. Jintan is acting to bring Menma down to Buddhism, but Menma was impressed with each other 's mind - to - mind heart, for Mr. Jintan and for all members of Ultra Peace Busters. It is awkward for Park Nguyen to everyone in the forest, but for the reason we feel weirdly crying in the words of the letter.
Ultra Peace Busters are immortal forever!

Also the theme song was "arrange for secret base ~ what you gave", but while it is too high affinity with animation feature, it will flow in the ED rather than the head family "10 years after Ver "had come to be more secure.
I am not very interested in the voice actor's song, but I love this arranged song very much

2016/09/22 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1784 Host:1592 Browser: 7961
[Good point] ED

[Bad point] I tried to watch it as an impressed animation, but there are no elements that can be moved, just a cheap tearful animation.

[Comprehensive evaluation] I can only think of feeling like an anal bitch, honor student honors or neat of the underground person without elements that can be sympathized and ED songs are overestimated.

2016/09/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4650 Host:4682 Browser: 5171
[good point]
It is frustrating that she has become a ghost, came out, does not convey to other children, ... It is a sadly pretty animation. Lastly, it was good for everyone in the group to be clear. The song of ZONE was perfect, it felt freshly. Lastly, tears of tears ...

[Bad point]
There is no gain.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Everyone was good, just to evaluate. Sad, but I smile. This is an animation for crying, please cry.

2016/08/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12108 Host:11914 Browser: 5171
I get an impression that very much overlaps with the movie "stand by me".
Friends like twelve years old will never be able to do it again. Never forget them forever .....

It seemed to be a good work except for depiction that seems to be embarrassing to look at.
Although it seemed to me that something important was hidden, I did not expect much.
That day, at that time,
I felt that the intention and repentance of Noronobu and the intention of repentance just started to be heavy.
The contrast between her and five other people who have time to stay innocent is good. I stabbed my heart.
Speaking of trauma's opening, Mayoiga is fresh to remember, but how is it?
It seems difficult to define a trauma in one word so that the way she perceives her is different from her, but I think it depends. Is it a way of escape when you are in trouble if you are relaxed?
I have heard of such a thing. When going to the next place, I would like to go back to the place someday instead of leaving to escape, to go to the next place with the feeling of thankfulness.

..... Does anyone like that?

2016/06/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46115 Host:45983 Browser: 7557
[good point]
It is good to have one cool and beautifully arranged. Also, my heart's emotional change was very good. I think that it is a good animation that the mind shines after viewing.

[Bad point]
A little directed production with tears .... Exposure tournaments in front of the shrine and hide and seek was especially terrible. I was laughing with a lot of breath as you guys in your script ....

General review

Menma cute

2016/03/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1357 Host:1224 Browser: 5173
The expectation for this work after finishing watching one episode got too high.

After the second episode, with the impression that only cheap tears were used,
I could not stand standing at each character's position.
The story of the final story is too overkill,
I stared by the crying characters and became outside of the mosquito net

I think that it became a profound feeling work if thinking more on the script after the second episode.

2015/10/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5587
[Comprehensive evaluation]

I could cry as I reported rumors.

Well, I am trying to make you cry, so I wonder if there is reasonable sensitivity.

People 's death, parting is always sad and it is the theme.

Fellows from childhood gather, recollecting while talks progress, but there are no novelty items.

But it was made carefully with fidelity to the basic.

2015/10/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6110 Host:6373 Browser: 9155
I could cry for a moment while watching the whole story at once.

What to say ...
I thought that it was a work adapted to this era, depicting a hikikomori, a group relationship, or a dilemma of a youthful youth.
(It is not good or bad)

Rather than a story of every episode, it is the feeling that all 12 stories are connected.
It may have been done because the broadcast was late at night and that it was within Noitamina so I did not care about the viewer rating so far.
Is this also a flow of the times?
(I am sorry for arbitrary speculation)

It was such a feeling that was different from the animation until then, but if you deal with life and death, it will feel like tears ... and so on.
However, I felt that I was sorry.
Last was something I did ... sorry for a moment.

ED song felt good sense of image with both images!

2015/09/13 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9816 Host:9719 Browser: 7420
[good point]
Drawing is beautiful.

[Bad point]
For a specific target layer, I do not know exactly what is interesting to the general public.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Perhaps, the target audience image of those who planned this work,
(1) A person who feels nostalgia to a friend of a childhood rather than the painful reality of the present (such as a hikikomori). (2) It is cute to see the gesture of an idealized young girl.
I think these are the two. Throughout the whole story these two are Moe points, that alone. Even though I drew this world with irony and dark humor (Welcome to NHK, Watamoto etc), even a crowd of people were able to see a little, but it was made to make me feel enthralled in this world So, an ordinary person draws.
It is a typical animation template that you saw hundreds of times as far as characters' acting and expression and so on, there was nothing to see.

2015/08/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23445 Host:23459 Browser: 7909
[good point]
I could rather cry !!!
I like talking about memories when I was young. . .
I met another friend who died of this work once more and I was moved by the fact that I say good-bye to you when I say good-bye.
Finally, after "temporary" "Ginza" temporarily disappears "Menma", the next scene that appears to the whole group to be visible is too high.
In this scene, I think that it was set as "hide and seek" in order to express the children's likeness of everyone even if becoming a high school student.
That was also impressive for me.

[Bad point]
There is nothing in particular. The picture is also beautiful. . .

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I did not forget the hints and I was really good.
Also, I think that it will be quite nostalgic for those in their teens and twenties.
I remember when I was innocent as he was a child.

Just when the age of the story was broadcasted at about the same age as I was when I was in junior high school for 2 or 3 years. The first time I saw it is before, but when I was a child I picked up cardboard from the supermarket in the corner of the park without permission and made secret bases and played games such as "Pokemon" and the memories that were doing the same thing revived I have done it. At this time, I have only one friend who was good friends at that time, though. . .
That's nostalgic. . .

I think that it is not bad to see.
I get tired a little on the way, but I can not take my eyes off from around 8 talks. . .

2015/05/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9163 Host:9239 Browser: 7866
[good point]
Heroine is tremendously cute Main Characters Even after years no matter how many years I have lost my important friends who have not lost something important as my friends and can not overcome each and can not overcome each other I am good at describing the stagnation

[Bad point]
The heroine has passed since the years have passed The heroine that appeared was quite a lot of caretakers and poor heroine was too young for several years than other characters

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A very crying story.
Overcoming death discrimination only has a lapse of time, but now it has become settled! If it does not come out at a little earlier stage, my heart is too painful.
But, everyone was happy to be saved by the depiction that the heart that was stagnating by the breakthrough with the heroine is moving little by little.
Sad but there is a friend who shares pain, and in the wonderful world where we can go forward together, the end became very refreshing at the end.

2015/04/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38205 Host:38194 Browser: 10071
[good point]
I remember nostalgic about childhood. I feel like I want to meet my old friend.
Background and music are the workmanship that fits the style, the personality of the character and how to move it

[Bad point]
Except for one episode, the screenplay is sorry for this
Although it was serious work it was monotonous and regrettable
A viewer can only be touched by "imagination" unless it deepens down the relationship between the past and present more deeply
Since we are not six of us, it is meaningless to describe the current daily life, the troubles of six people without a thing from the past to now
There is no particular problem with the simple story, but it was not content enough to think that I wanted to see only the final round quickly

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If it is a serious work, it is somewhat momentum, I think that I want a feeling of dynamism. Although the usage of ED was good, it seems likely to be deceived, but the content of the story was also monotonous

2015/04/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10076 Host:10268 Browser: 6459
[good point]
Anyway crying is the best anime ever. There are too many good points.
Both OP and ED are good songs.
Especially the name of ED (what you gave me), the name scene will revive to my mind just by listening.
~ End of summer with you End of future dream big hopes I will never forget 10 months later August I believe that I can meet again Best memories ~
When this lyrics passed to the last scene, tears did not stop.
Production of the last scene was awesome.

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Of course, I will go at the highest.

2014/12/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1541 Host:1272 Browser: 8937
As opposed to what I mentioned in "Angel Beats!" Etc., as for the other site, it is a work which is highly appreciated. Of course, although it is a reputable work on this site, this site In the case, because of the work with very many opinions of pros and cons, I tried to watch it this time

As a feature of this work, it is a work that draws the present state and everyday of the main character of each of the childhood friend based on "the past of a young age" It was like this in the past, but now the character is such It was one of the features of this work that "
Children in childhood and in current school days are totally different from each other, so the heroes are in an awkward atmosphere with an awkward gistassis,
It is contents in the first half of the scenario to go with everyday life with old friends And in the second half, it is very rare, scenario develops mainly around the "ghost heroine"
The death of the snake and the feelings of each main character are mainly focused on, and the scenario develops

Personally I prefer the first half part overwhelmingly, but the reason for this work is because "the content of the story has reality" is also mentioned in "Little Busters!" However, when I was a kid in the past, this kind of "a group of elementary school students" was formed in real terms,
Because I was going to go to a different junior high school with my elementary memories and friends of elementary school students, I parted with everyone at elementary school friends when I graduated,
The feeling of "I do not want to meet from old friends because I am awkward" was personally messy (especially I do not want to meet with elementary school, junior high school friends)
As to what I am afraid of, "Some people used to be good with each other before, but after a reunion the conversation does not mesh and it seems to be shocked"
Various human beings are changing creatures while growing, so it was the first half part that it was depicted in realism, so I was able to sympathize very much. Actually, each main character of this work is a character , Childhood has changed completely from childhood,
As I said so, the ocean of the main character, unlike before, was doing a fallen life (a refusal pupil), embracing the fearful feelings of past colleagues, a very real sense So, in such an awkward relationship, it is one of the highlights of this work how he will repair the relationship

However, in the second half part, the main character, the mood maker and the idolistic bastards are perfectly centered and the scenario develops,
On the contrary, the development of this one was, in a sense, "a sword of double edges" (There was something terrible explicit tearing, but I could not usually cry ...)
Because he is a favorite heroine, he does not feel a lot of resistance, but as for the first half of the scenario, "it is a very real reality deployment (easy sympathy content)",
Regarding the second half of the scenario, "Since evaluation is decided by whether he / she can like a heroine" or not,
If I do not like this noodles, I think it is honest to be honest that it will be popular in this work (I think that it is obvious that you will choose a person even for a meal character (childish and young heroine))
Although each main character describes the feelings and assertions held in the chest about the death of the trainee, it is certainly said that the depiction of each main character's feelings for her was very good,
Personally, there was a lot of reality, there were many parts that I could empathize, the part of the first half of the scenario was overwhelmingly funny, because myself also love snakes, each main character makes a mansea for her There is definitely no objection on deployment etc,
In the end, she did not feel much need of honesty, and as far as ghosts, even ED with something with everyone, I think that it was good separately, so to speak briefly, "Although I do not feel any meaning to make a ninety-nine Buddha (haka, I've been lazy as usual, I have been having fun everyday, this development was honest?")
The same can be said for "CLANNAD (2nd term)", but it was a very understandable thing that the thing that "person's death (disappearance) = cry" is not a thing

In addition to the above-mentioned good points of this work, I think that the scenario set in nature as a countryside was individually good, but there were subtle problems, for example, "There is a problem with setting "" Character depiction is useless, "or something, but honestly, regarding these two matters, it was fairly fatal

Regarding the former, as an example, it is still "Naruko's nickname" that everyone would think, honestly about kore, "I told you that there was no other decent nickname?" It was a long time ago and this work, renowned as "crying animation"
In such a strange way, when you are adopting the neta setting that seems to be a viewer's uke, it will be subject to penalty points. If everyone interacts with "Akasu! Aka! (〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓" to flowing stones , It seems only to erotic animation, and also people of voice actor, unexpectedly, bitter smile, disgusted would have stabbed In another aspect, "setting of noodles" can be considered first, but this noodle setting As for "ghost heroine"
Although "It can be seen only in the sea, the character other than him can not see that figure", but if she got things, that thing is seen from others, it is "floating in the air It looks like "(her diary or something like that)
But when I think of this, "I can see things she has from others, then what's the clothes she is wearing? As long as the setting is not transparent, the clothes she wears are obviously objects, so Kore was honestly incongruous, and even if there is a theater version of this work , It is a matter of any mind that "past memories of the main characters", "dead scene of the mann", "reunion scene of the ocean and the manma" was completely omitted, if this work is 2 cool anime work In that case, the view on the work has changed at all, but as far as the area is concerned, it really is unnecessary

And, the person who felt regrettable with the first work individually is the latter case, but "each character depiction" is a depiction of a character other than meander It is certainly not complain about meander To be honest, to be honest, there is no one of your favorite characters in characters other than her. Frankly speaking, it means "There are few favorable characters and goodness can not be drawn" In the above, Although I said "Little Busters!", Because of what mind concerning love comedies, etc. Although it is a later year, there are points similar to "From Asuka no Asukari" However, the above two works are usually favorite While this work is similar, why it is not a favorite work,
I came up with this, "The unattractive (of course, personally)" of characters other than mezzanine (of course, personally) I like the two above works very easily to each main character, personally, I like it Only people in charge)
For example, Naruko, Yuki Atsu and Tsuruko are good examples, but the common point among these three people is that it is first mentioned that "Unlike early childhood, it became a very difficult character to become unfamiliar" "Naruko = In the past, it was an ordinary girl wearing glasses, but now it is a clumsy girl heroine" "Yui Atsu = In the past, it was easy to have likable, but now, sexual dislikes that hate the ocean terrible seriously" ,
"Tsuruko = In the past, I was good with Naruko, but now it got broken, ordinary characters with a rich personality character" or something that these girls love, there were scenes etc. that could reveal their feelings respectively But, honestly, I was not able to feel favorable as a character, I could not transfer emotion at all,
Speaking of popularity, speaking, it was a charm that is not the only romantic character among the main character, so it was badly floating (it is a thunder ball position of the "Birdman Squadron Jetman")
"Well, how about the ocean?" When asked, this himself also did not seem to be a very attractive hero,
Regardless of sending a depraved life anyway, the point which is common to each main character of this work was very sorry because it is a hero who was not particularly good and good aspects were drawn, "The kindness to snacks I am drawn very carefully, "but,
On the contrary, there was also "There is no drawing of the goodness and charm of individuals at all" ("Each main character has given out their own good taste", or there is no such thing at all)
So, the reason why the above two work overwhelmingly likes it is here It is simple here to say, "Watching that even if you watch this work, you can not learn" the goodness of a friend "" (I do not feel appeal to the organization called "Ultra Peace Busters")
Indeed, even if I watched this work, I did not even think of any dust like "I want to be inside this circle!" And since that kind of element was completely absent, I think it personally, It was a difference from 2 works Originally, as I saw the first half of the scenario, I thought that it was a work depicting human relationships of each main character, in fact, since the latter half, I was concentrating too much on the description of snakes,
Coco thinks that this work is also a point of pros and cons (Personally, it was better by all means that the hero goes with each other in an awkward atmosphere with his past colleagues)

Although it is above, the good point of this work is briefly described as "depiction of a man" and "feelings for the main characters of each main character"
On the contrary, as for the depiction of each main character which I felt personally as "Bad charm of other characters" and "explicit development of tears", you can understand each feeling But, the important thing, "goodness as a friend" "goodness of individuals" was hardly drawn,
To say "Why is this character so good?", It was a disgusting part that was not absent except for this girl. Speaking frankly, to say frankly, "The main character It is probably because the first personality is excellent "
As other characters deified herself as well, I can agree with it normally about it, but to the contrary, "If I replace the position of the sun with another character?" I think that, as usual, there is a feeling of resistance,
So much, "the difference between mezzama and other major characters" was a very intense animation (like baseball, "33 (mekuma) -4 (other characters)" feel)

Personally, I wonder why I wanted to have two courses is that in the above, I would like to introduce the abbreviations of "main characters' past deaths", "the dead scene of the mankai" "reunion scenes of the ocean and the snack" There are cases,
After all, because I think that "I wanted it to be an animation that depicts the goodness of each character more", it is the current situation that each good character and so on was not fully utilized,
Regarding here as well, it was very unusual (in fact, if there were no brains in this work, it was fairly subtle whether it was popular or not)
So, although the work itself is certainly good, the bad points are also very conspicuous, it was a really disappointing piece Personally, although it is a later year, there are main characters like "From Asuka no Asukari" and humans Descriptions of relationships were good, but ... (Manaka and Ninja are very similar, like characters)

To tell the truth, in fact, because she saw the advertisement of this work, she was not cute at all, so she did not care at all at the stage before viewing,
Touching the real work, she was pretty cute (one action is fucking cute too much) and the depiction as a character was also very good. I feel pretty much with other characters It was a pity that I did not have it, but this presence of her was too big, which had a big impact on the evaluation

2014/07/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25016 Host:24966 Browser: 5171
My older brother recommended me, so I watched it after the broadcast.

In a nutshell, "I hate it but I was impressed" work.

The picture is very beautiful. At first, there was resistance in the picture of the character, but I get used to nature.
It is funny that you can see only the hero in the form of the dead heroine, but it is funny that "It will appear in the same growing figure as ourselves" is not innovative. It gradually began to catch it, and furthermore, "Really are ..." and the responses of the super peace busters' memories who remember the cold are also very interesting w

However, what grew only was the figure, and the contents were children (time is stopped at 10 years old). The heroine 's bastard is really selfish with noises. ... It's too bad, so I can feel it at around 5 years old, or 3 years old, not even 10 years old. If there is something "jin tsunjin", tears polo polo all the time unless you like embarrassment. The evaluation of the work seems to change depending on whether you can emotionally transfer to such "cute" girl. It is such a good and bad extraordinary character.

But she is not the only problem ....
It is too dragging past (I do not know the feeling ... ...) Hidetoshi no Yuuki's misguiliness (awkward feeling) that was captivated by a beautiful girl who is a hero, half (quarter ending?) ), Irresponsible vine (overwork), somehow aimed at receiving (this nickname is too vulgar). These four people have too much shadow and can not like it now. Oh, but I guess there is quite a charm as a little good relationship with the hero. It is fashionable and truly serious. I can make a nod from being popular.
By the way I love the rest of Poppo w He is taking on the most difficult role (I understand it in the last round) ... But in dark super peace busters, I liked him only from beginning to end and liked it It was. Although the brightness is made to feel disagreeable conversely, too. That is also good. He was really painful in the last round. Everyone collided with each other, and the depiction which seemed to be a 10-year-old child was very real, saying, "I did not have the courage to witness while witnessing the end of the forest" was extremely real, and the tears did not stop. True, I had this work dropped in the end at the last minute. Even just watching this one scene, this animation seems to be wonderful at its best.

But, as a matter of fact, the voices that lint licking every noodle are annoyingly annoying (as I look at the fireworks at the age of ten, I will not breathe too much childish lines saying "flower bloomed in the sky!") "Do you love this work? Would you mind if I was told that I could ... "... Another person is spoken here, but suddenly pressing the legs into the main groin of the hero at the beginning also spurs the bad feeling. "It's cute, is not it cute? It's childish and pure, but it's casual enough that you can do it casually, is not it wonderful, is not it?", As it seems to be spoken to the Ogisan making Moe animation, It is.

Other characters are unrealistic enough as above, there is no reality, and sometimes there are strangely real scenes (somewhat where they are going to be taken into a love hotel etc) I feel uncomfortable. (The family of the man is too dark, I will not be able to recover from there because I lost my daughter ...)

Still, it is true that I cried and tearfully at the time of the first seeing with a puppet confession and much beauty of the last scene, it is also true that I was having fun somewhat.
Every time I see it repeatedly I see a sore scene, but since I was impressed honestly, I was impressed, so was the evaluation "ordinary"? True ... I think that the personality of the character has become negative.

The sad BGM was great. Especially the ED's "what you gave" will flow at exquisite timing, so it sounds pretty in my chest. The theme song did not make it fly every time with OP, ED. The aspect of music is "highest".

2014/05/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41848 Host:41920 Browser: 5149
Listening to the TV series (theatrical version as well) to listen to the impressive works.
The first OP was wonderful, the lacrimal glands loose by themselves, and I hoped that this was a great work.
However, the flow of the talk progresses gently and there are too few parts like big mountains. If you say Yuki Atsuwa on the way is a hobby, it can not be said that it is abnormal as an action from attachment to the forehead.

Speaking about the characters, Yukito Tsutsuki is an honor student and he was involved in the stance that drew super-ultra-peace busters, so I have a late impression of what I will unite at the end. In addition, I think that the story will progress all the time in the state where the existence of the forest is not visible except for the main character (it can not recognize existence). I do not know the other members who trust in the jubilee who claims to see something invisible by looking from the side but keeps on going. Although the scene where all can finally be recognized finally comes to the end, I think that it was good even a little earlier timing. It should have been one mountain.
It is regrettable that all the peaks gathered in the last round, such as the real intention of the man and the real intention of five people gathered, and the balance of the whole went wrong. The last scene was indeed a scene that I could cry, but I feel like I was brought so well with the production direction.

2014/03/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25296 Host:25021 Browser: 5779
I often saw friends around me saying "I can cry" often.
In conclusion, although I did not cry, it was fun.
Just the evaluation is "normal".
Although the content is good, I think that it was not a bother to use the 11 episodes. It seems like it was better to condense the contents with an animation movie of about two and a half hours ....
Moreover, it was hard to grasp what kind of person is the person in the character depiction is not good. Especially the hero who was still skeptical. Because I am done with just reminiscence, there is almost no description of emotion.
Even though it is told that "it has changed from the past" or "it does not change from the past" .... There is a lack of explanation.
I can not draw at all what happened to the heroes after Menma died ... I do not feel inevitable in the setting of the hero's neat.

Also, this is a fundamental problem, but I could not felt refreshing the significance of the existence of Poppo. Even if there was anything, there was a connection with the bell by romantic relationship even if you snow or swallow.
Just Poppo is out of the mosquito net. At the last minute I found a bastard immediately after the accident but I was scared and found that I ran away but after all I was just pooped and the direction was different ... everything. It is convinced that it is strong that I want to let the female nod to be caused due to it for the time being, but I think that there is no problem even if adding another setting around Hikuiko and Yuki.

Contents are thin as contents of 11 stories. I guess it was much more in depth.
I feel I am wasteful.

2014/03/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2609 Host:2286 Browser: 10022
I guess the writer is such a thing like this probably, but if I lean towards gimmicks to make it a bit more logical or a narrative, I think that sales have fallen by a factor of about. That magnificent farce of the last is in TV anime " There is a tremendous feeling "

2013/12/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5274 Host:4962 Browser: 5171
I watched the whole story nowadays. What on earth is this a masterpiece? Whole butterflies and characters going out and going over there, we are going over there, there is no other excellent episode, and it is boring just because we are doing a speaker play gag gear. Where climax, all the characters raised the throat was a lost smile past the excitement. The fireworks episode lacked excitement, the hint was about not being a hint without any twists.

I think that it is a flow from KEY original work and around Higurashi, but I think that these stuffs can be made because there is no education for the staff. "A cute girl who died young became a ghost and resurrected to eliminate the survival and to be grown up" can be said to be even a pre-modern way past the obsolete. Moreover, it seems that it is making a work with the intention of how much physiological reaction (to give you tears) is caused to the viewer. Anyway the bruise comes to my nose.

Although the hero bite at the construction site, "I feel alive" was spoken to serifs, but since that is not so, since the female screenwriter teacher has never worked on the scene it may not be easy to talk but I say such a beautiful thing I can not afford it. All that was included in the brain, including that kind of thing, was only the contents of the cultural festival level which is not enough for real experience.

2013/12/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"That day, the stopped time starts to move here"

After "that day", the characters who have scars of their hearts. I was able to draw the emotions of the characters with gray feelings where the wounds of my heart and love life, fellow Yoshimi intersect with real and interesting episodes. I was impressed with the interesting setting and the idea that we got it all together. Personally, I do not like the character of Menma, nor is it minus. It seems possible to argue that mental growth is stopped only by ghosts.
Directing was pretty good, it was pulled from the first episode. Quite often, there are not many animations to show like this. There were also some scenes that remained in my mind, but among them the rocket fireworks of the dragon festival style were visual and impressive scenes with the visuals. It is wonderful that there is a scene that will become the Yama of all stories.
Although the production of the final story has overworked part, I do not feel unnatural in the development itself, I could cry. However, when all the lines of "Ninema, watched it" gathered, I felt that I saw the moment of miracle (in bad meaning).
When I was watching, the biggest question was why Menma got disguised as Jintan's place, but it seems like I understood something after seeing the final story. If the wish is that everyone wants to make friends, the necessity of going to Jintan's place is weak. The reason for getting caught is Menma's wish of "that day", because Menma's heart remains. Instead, it is Menma's current wishes that everyone wants to make friends, I want to think that it is the reason why it came out as a result.
Also, what remained of the Jintan 's character T - shirt was a white onion, the most important white onion there. Is there any meaning?

2013/12/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
[good point]

〓〓〓Although it can not be seen by anyone other than the hero, the "setting" of the volunteers, such as having a certain degree of physical interference power, was used almost consistently.

〓〓〓Garigari was well drawn, but the surrounding scenery and other movements were quite smooth and beautiful, and the image quality was high quality.

〓〓〓"Male" voice acting team. Especially as for the main character role Irino freedom has a sense of stability that seems to be a dignity like a protagonist while air voice but poorly speaking, Mr. Takahiro Sakurai of Yukiatsu was also suitable for the character casting.

[Bad point]

〓〓〓It was impossible to have honest empathy to import into empty. It was said that it was naturally innocent, and it could be said that the other member who had dragged her past as "death of herself" as a "healing mind". However, the honest wavelength did not match with the feeling that useless sex appeal was seen at anything and was cute enough more than necessary.

〓〓〓No, I was not just cute. The protagonist who was certainly lethargic began to work hard for him like himself byte. My father who did not reproach him with a strange feeling was a good person. I could understand the feeling that the mother of the man held embarrassment to the protagonists. However, they seemed to have painted well overcoming the "scratches of their hearts" that they did, but they were not. Everyone was crying too much, the birthmark of the tears got very nose.

〓〓〓In music as well, it promoted such "bruises" - I was looking at the reunion that ended in incomplete burning after all, I was looking with a frosty eyes from the beginning but it is the cover of a certain masterpiece of -zone. I certainly do not deny that it is a masterpiece, but what was it "now? Honesty.
Separately these covers are not limited to this work, but somehow I feel that I borrowed someone else 's loincloth and had sumo wrestling.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

In short, it seemed like such a quarter had a pure Japanese atmosphere,
It seemingly plausibly depicts high-fidelity, such as reuniting with friends and stepping into the future, and so on, fundamentally, "Come on cry !!" such as impression of impression etc. distorted It was reflected in the preference, "It is a childish fun animation that seems to be modern in a completely bad way".
Such a theme was only "a good appearance of the body to justify such 'impression of impression'.
From my point of view.

Zone As for the cover of a certain famous song, I could not say that inevitability was to say whether it was useless in the original song, but unfortunately there are no things that truly remain in my mind. Although I watched some of them still in the comic version, the animated version is tough, but the evaluation is "worst".

2013/11/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Several TV talent praised everywhere Ijuinnami who is listening on the radio, including Ijuin Hikari who is not related to tie-up, so I was worried about it because I had a re-broadcast of the theatrical version, so I tried to see it but honestly It was not as much as I expected.
It was hard to empathize my drawn relationships far from my teens. The person who praises also seems to be good for evoking the landscape in the suburbs and nostalgia coming out from the end, but that also did not fit me.
Impression that it was a really ordinary work that applied the concept that had already been applied to the present age.

2013/10/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Good point] Song

[Bad point] Story

[Overall rating] Worst

2013/10/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 253 Host:230 Browser: 4180
[good point]
〓〓〓he point that settled firmly with a royal road production is wonderful as it is a royal road "crying story of crying setting". The character was drawn as a life - size human being, and it was good that a strange reality was felt from the vague landscape that Chichibu 's countryside or city is ambiguous.
〓〓〓t seems that thanks to reasonably rounded character design that the impression of the work did not get too dark while setting it to be heavy and dark overall. Roundness is added to the whole work, I think that the aspect as a teenager's impressed moving youth story became more intense.
〓〓〓t was also impressive that there were many depictions that make you feel nostalgic, such as games you used to enjoy, memories of mothers made, memories of childhood unique nicknames, and other ideas that reminded the viewer's own childhood Right. A depiction that reminds me of "past" with a number of items is easy to understand although it is solid.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓lthough it is a work that makes me cry, the screenplay is not very good, it is due to the goodness of production. There is little drilling down of the characters themselves and skillful relationship building, and the drama nature itself of the story itself is not dark considering the scale of 12 stories. Especially the middle stage is dull and I was concerned about thinness of drama nature.
〓〓〓ince it is a piece of pushing of "impression" by directing, it will not suit people who do not like those kind of work. For those who can ride honestly on the production temperature.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Director: Ryuuki Nagai, Screenplay: Yuri Okada, Animation Production: A-1 Pictures. A work that showed with a "tearful" deployment featuring on the ground a sticky setting of "A friend who was supposed to have died in the past, appears as a ghost and appears in front of me ... ..." with a directive with a simple taste .

There is nothing special to mention in the story, just saying that it is prepared simply "crying deployment". The setting is also pretty solid. It is amazing that this work has been successfully seasoned with its solid content with directing. Support the plays on the ground firmly and add taste. It was a good impression that it seemingly seemed easy and difficult to finish politely in this work. Character design is also a rich subliminal existence, with its softness, it was making another taste different from the moving impression of live action youth drama.

Just saying a story that can be touched, there was no skill that the screenplay itself was noteworthy, and it was something that could be moved to accompany the production to the last. Especially the drama nature is thin, and the emotional depth of "... at the end of the twists and turns ..." can not be felt so intensely. It may not be enjoyable unless it is a person who can cry frankly at the temperature of the production.

Although the centripetal force is not so high if looking at the story and the character individually, it is a work which finished to a story that can be impressed, balancedly assembling them as comprehensive objects. It is a piece that is easy for everyone to receive, and is also recommended for those who do not usually see Aime.
Evaluation is "very good" rather than good.

2013/10/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
In the final story ... I could cry!

Besides the main character 's jinn, nobody can see the ...
Therefore, at first, former friends did not believe the existence of a ghost story except for Poppo ...
However, it will lead to believing gradually ...
I think it is one of the features.

But that's not all.
Haru, Akito, Yukiatsu, Vine, Poppo,
They held "sin" and "crooked" on their young days, respectively.
They will face that.
When I got over it ...
When it came to regain the bond of "super peace busters" which was in a state of being killed,
I felt that way myself.

It was a big characteristic that the stage utilizes the element of Chichibu well.
Especially the reproduction of the dragon (rocket fireworks) launch is a splendid word.

ED music is also a good song.

[Points I was a bit worried about]
Personally, I've put in a final story with Poppo and Tsukubo 's (confession) confession episode, etc ... It was a little concerned.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is [highest!].

2013/10/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23158 Host:23272 Browser: 5916
Trivial mismatch of subtle awareness of men and women at puberty.
If I got a life experience, I could lightly talk about the story of the hand, but I was supposed to be a big shame at the age of elementary school students.
If it was able to welcome tomorrow with the attitude to make a tribute there, neither a word nor a mind that never came out, it would have been a memorable memory as a page of bittersweet youth.
But as it is dead, the bitterness remains as a reminder of death, and death has been deeply carved as a scratch that hurts themselves, due to the death of a bastard (Honma gakko).

The shape of the wound,
The feeling of blockage accompanied by setbacks, the situation that seemed to tread off the foot, the rust that severely disturbs the combination of "waterside" and "noodles" (Kotobuki Nitta)
Even if only a small if becomes a reality, after hurting himself who was relieved for a moment in the shouts released at "that time", after all, he is unlikely to overcome the reality that he does not expect as (Anjo Naruko ),
Yukiatsu (Matsuyuki collection) who can not wipe out even though he is in love with broken heart, increases conflict to love,
Far from being aware of the difference with the forecast, Hiruko Tsurumi (Toshiki Tsurumi) who is worried about the situation where at least he /
With the talk of "I saw a ghost of the sun", she showed a little exaggerating attitude to believe only by other people without believing ("I am really sorry ... or something about the message in the diary" ...? ", There is a glimpse of the true heart as a side of such attitude) Popo (Hisakawa Railroad)
As appearing in the five-person five.

not only that,
Regarding expressions of "sense of unity with the friends in high school" and the reason that Mr. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 I'll be with you "and give excuses to you,
Yuhi Atsu who gets angry with Mr. Azena who gives a floating face to things pointed out about how to talk to himself and points out the fact behind it,
When the existence of the burning head became painful by the fireworks production and it ran away on the spot, it happily happened that such a girl who continued later,
The living things are expressed in each of lines, actions, facial expressions, such as a little repatriation to such two people (in particular Yui Atsu), calls that hurt a painful place on the telephone, these are often reminiscent of " With memories of ', it seems that the contrast in between is complemented.

From the life to the present as a ghost, because everything is so dazzling everything,
Whether it is willing, envy, jealousy, what you hold in yourself will be highlighted and you will feel guilty even to embracing such emotions.

And the total decision to reveal yourself in the true sense, as it is the technique of confirming the feelings to the man who expressed through the repentance each person exposed the thing which was held in myself ,
It can be said that it is "hideaway" that reflects the feelings of myself left behind in "the image of the manma".
They may have been selfish, but I do not need to tell you that I never made a point of despair.
Based on the hide and seek style, finally I found her figure and was brilliant from the subsequent conversation to closing.

That was "the scar of the marginalized and the story of regeneration due to the shadow cast out by the death of one person".

A sense of mystery of Mr. Atsushi, "cute" as a heat stroke in the house, is lovely (laugh).

PS 2
"Shakkei Monster", Shrink and "Daemon". "For 1 to 5 people".
Apart from Tsukkomi in another meaning different from the intention in the process (laugh), the art is fine.

2013/09/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 505 Host:199 Browser: 10240
A choice of a cute little boy.
I am cute and pretty, I also want it. LOL After that Poppo is a nice guy.
The story is something, hmm.
Maybe it makes me cry? Do not expect too much as a prohibited thing.
But I like OP's songs. wonderful.

2013/08/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23023 Host:23014 Browser: 5386
[good point]
Poppo characters Characteristic delicate person portrayal. Style

[Bad point]
I do not want to cook until the end.
The first menstruation.
The end is too early, after all. too short.
The feeling that I can not be saved early in the early stages Memory is somewhat less to say.
Do you believe or do not believe it?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Comprehensive evaluation?
It is truly awesome. Anime that can not be watched without tears.
It only takes care of the details ....
Anyway, it is a difficulty to be too short.
I wanted more time to draw the change of the figure slowly.
But it is amazing to think that we summarized it in 11 episodes.
Anyway the best !!

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What I feltImpressed,Shed tears,Friendship,Romantic,Enjoyed,Interesting,Cool,Cute,Beautiful,Sad,Made me think,Learned something 
StoryVery Good(+2 pnt)
Character/SettingVery Good(+2 pnt)
GraphicNormal(+0 pnt)
Voice/ActorBest(+3 pnt)
MusicVery Good(+2 pnt)