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Tatsuyuki Nagai
Yousuke Kuroda
Taraku Uon
Masayoshi Tanaka
Kanetake Ebikawa
Nisiyama Sigeru
Jin Aketagawa
Magic Capsule Maiko Inouchi
Nishimura Jun
Oguratakasi Syun Kawakami Ryuutaro Yuji Matsukura
Juneon yuniversary entertainmento SHOW GATE AT-X Bushiroad
Haruka Tomatsu
Nobunaga Shimazaki
Kaori Ishihara
Hideki Ogihara
Kana Asumi
Yukari Tamura
Rina Hidaka
Aya Hisakawa
Fuyuka Ooura
Ai Kayano
Yuka Iguti
Yui Horie
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Japan Released:2012/01/10(Tue) 01:30-02:00 TV Aichi KBS(Kyoto Broadcasting System Company Limited) TV / End:2012/03/27
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Lyrics:KOTOKO Compose:Shinji Orito Arrange:Kazuya Takase [Fan reg.]
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2016/11/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44100 Host:44182 Browser: 8632
It was a youth boysimecs girl set in the summer season, but its allocation was brilliant.
Seniors' alien setting stimulates the development to a good state, it does not become fantasy overbearing neither youth nor too much, and it is distributed in a well-balanced fashion, showing a very good youthful fantasy plot

The story starts from the point where I met a sermon at a fateful point but while I encounter a strange person and live together, I feel confident that my feelings are on and I feel confident and mutual Thinking each other, then the process and flow of ~ was very comfortable

There was a place I wanted to propose the sub heroine 's Tanigawa trying to convey my thoughts more lately than my senior as a main heroine, but it is not possible at all. . .

However, this work is not strange even though it may become a staple of the summer youth story more often, but it is not standardized. If it was produced as an animation movie for 2 hours, it might have been amusing to be broadcast at the Friday Road Show every summer every year!

2016/07/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26863 Host:26830 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Picture. Directing. Character. Voice. Music Cute sweet and sour

[Bad point]
Feel oldness in solid development

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the bad points are conspicuous works, but the characters and music were particularly wonderful and fun to see.
I will assume it is good as evaluation.

2016/06/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1830 Host:1884 Browser: 5171
[Good point] Someone said that, although it is easy to understand the story, it is made concisely. Unlike the first image, the last tempo-up from a loose story was magnificent. It was a meaningful work in each frame, and it was pleasant to watch.

[Bad point] Assuming that setting as an alien of human type is good, a person who likes, a conflict has happened to himself also in the relation thought thought thought.

[Comprehensive evaluation] I feel like being compared with "that flower", but I think that it should not be compared as the genre and length are different. This work has the merit of this work. It might be the difference between strawberry Daifuku and short cake .... I personally like "summer" that is better organized than the intention of impressing "past flower" and the part that was elongated. I was happy to watch a happy ending on top of it.

2016/02/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47101 Host:46879 Browser: 5779
There was no useless story, it was awfully good that almost all the stories were gathered together in one cool. I was able to paint the romance pattern of the characters in exactly the extent that there is no waste.
Also, the picture was beautiful and the portrayalful expression of the characters was shining awfully, it was good to see eminence and emotions coming out thanks to that. The theme song was also matched, expressing the period in the play like a mirage that was fluffy finished in the electro & flavor flavor.

Personally I think that it is a very good work, but there is a problem that was not fundamentally a problem ... personally I did not leave my head until the end.
The combination of the sea guard and Ichika is the main character of this work, but what is it that the love pattern of citrus, Tetsuro, Mika is better depicted than these two people !?
Personally confession of citrus was much better than the climax of the last as the climax of the last is the best as the excitement as a work ... ...
I think that it is caused by drawing a love pattern of citrus, Tetsuro, Mikakura far better than a combination of the seafarer and Ichika, that there is no opportunity for the seedling of romance emotions between the seafarer and Ichika I do not know.

Even though there is no opportunity, both sea man and Ichika have both thoughts. Both neither can confidential favor. I will encourage the citrus who likes the sea person so much ... Well, I do not agree a bit.
I think that it is good as a work, but I thought that it was better to treat citrus as the leading role as a story, but I thought that it made more sense of unity.

2015/12/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6811 Host:6801 Browser: 10878
[good point]
A sweet and sour youth story about the world view, music, and ahead, a character deza besides the sea guard and Ichika.
Especially the music and the story were matched and it was very painful, I felt comfortably feeling sentimentally.
[Bad point]
Cheap deployment everywhere.
And personally it is a character deza of a sea man, Ichika.
Both of them with glasses I wish I was respectful of the series Respect, but did not it manage a little more?
[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are many bad points but one of my favorite animations.
For me living in a city, it is very longing to send sweet and sour youth in the rich countryside like this animation.

2015/05/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10076 Host:10268 Browser: 6459
Many people are comparing, the Onegai series is unviewed.

I saw this piece at once in this golden week.
Well, I have seen it many times before.
Such a favorite work, I can not put the highest.
The primary reason for this was that I did not like Ichika.
While two people and a couple were loving, the other three people (Tanigawa, Tetsuro, Mikakura) were seriously young.
I like Tanigawa the most.
Even though I knew that my thoughts on the sea people did not reach, I confessed and thought that it was amazing to smile even if I was swayed.
In the last scenes of ten stories, tears will not stop whenever you see it. (It was the same as I saw this time)
I cried unexpectedly "Tanigawa ah ah ah ah ah".
The figure that he struggled desperately to protect Ichika from being swayed was very impressive.
I was touched by the figure that I will do my best for the people I love.
It was impressive that Tetsuro and Mikakura gradually become friends.
Both OP and ED were very good to match this work.
I really want to put on the evaluation, but it is very good because of Ichika.

Tanigawa I'm sorry.
Resentfully tell Ichka.

2014/12/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Dora feeling that it oozes out everywhere brings back to reality. While I was watching it was thought several dozen times as "That? Tora Dora?"
Also, the final story. Suddenly "What's this?" I made it a comedy at once.
If you make it with playful loading it will be a reasonable evaluation, but it will not be possible to cool down.
In this case, was not it better to spin off with a character of Tora Dora?
Just because it was interesting so much ...

2014/08/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18595 Host:18642 Browser: 7921
[good point]
The story was simple and good.

[Bad point]
The scene where the characters are too insensitive is the last of the whole story cheap

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It may be only to make a wish a word, but it was fun.

2014/08/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31499 Host:31569 Browser: 8949
I also thought about doing it with others' recommendation, but since there was nothing else to speak for other review, I will evaluate myself independently.
[good point]
I had a glimpse of the whole story.
Character of personality and drawing stands. The hero's man, child of nudist, child of MIB are particularly good.
Music is nice way better

[Bad point]
Bad scenario. Although I did not feel any discomfort in the direction of the first round, I realized that as the scenario begins to worry, that scenario begins to worry, this is a scenario of eroge's original, and watching the wiki is the original animation I have mysteries and interests in scenarios and themes, but until the end there was nothing like this.

I do not know the meaning of love, especially complex romance. I think this is the worst point.
To be honest, I hate these kinds of romance. Because mostly will fail as a work.
In the first place, there is no such thing as triangle, A 〓〓〓B 〓〓〓C 〓〓〓D 〓〓〓E in love affair with masterpiece novels, even if there is it, it is only a tragedy genre, not a youth genre.
In real it is such a type of romance is usually caused by time difference It is thought that everyone is becoming a complex romantic relationship at the same time in the summer, it is a nightmare or a rare tragedy, what is it? Does it feel like youth?
I wanted to draw "Fun youth".

"That memories for the summer will be for us forever" is a catch phrase, so the theme that was set was also around that, but it does not agree with the content. If it is not "our eternity" but "my eternal", I know. For the sea person surely it would have been so. However, the catch phrase and the actual content are drawn by the eyes of the sea people, not the seafarer's eyes, so the gap between the expressions "to become eternal" is great. For example, for citrus, will memories of this summer ever become her memories, is not it a memory that I want to overcome? It is different from eternity.

I did not need the aliens setting or the evaluation of romantic relationship halfway, but rather I held the complicated and dark romantic relationship more restrained about 1/10 more than it is expanded, Instead, I hope to make a better work if I make use of the precisely set alien setting, and finish it like a summer's youth that is bright and the best fun.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was able to watch it until the end, and there was also interesting enough to see at once. However, boredom was frequent so that skip playback was frequently repeated many times, and there is nothing that makes something feel like this as a work itself. Also, there are not so many negative factors that will cause negative sentiment after viewing all the stories.
So, I made the evaluation "good".
It seems that there was information on the sequel in the evaluation by other writers, but if a sequel appears, I would like to make a more bright and fun youth.

2014/06/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 832 Host:564 Browser: 7916
The Onegai series is unviewed.

[good point]
〓〓〓I guess it is citrus. Because it is up to life for the ocean who waved himself even though she is an ordinary girl. I can not understand the ocean who does not consider her at all.
It seems that it overflowed as a result, but it is irrational and it can not be helped. She should be happy.
〓〓〓lemon. This girl is more like an alien than Ichika. True identity is ..
It was a good worker to do good job work and bring the story to a good direction.

〓〓〓Chiharu. Although I fell in love with Tetsuro at first sight and was pressing for a kiss I got it laughed.
Results It was poor that I was crying and crying .. I, I do not mind if I do?
〓〓〓Kaori. I was surprised by the appearance of further rival rivalry. He was the most cute in the honest heroine.

〓〓〓When the aquatic citizen was questioned about citrus and Ichika with regard to Kaori "I'm talking about the circumstances .." "Well, are you an affair?" I think. (Maybe)
I blew it.
One-way romantic relationship between 〓〓〓〓〓〓 Tetsuro and Misaki. There was a better response than this one from Ikita & Ichika.
Especially Miwakura grew and became attractive.

〓〓〓The line of words "I want to do something .." of the sea guard. One high summer vacation for one time.
I really appreciate that feeling. You want to try something bigger anyway, do not you think?
But I do not know exactly what I should do I feel like I had a puffy moyamoya and it is my favorite speech.
I do not like the ocean himself much, but ...

[Bad point]
〓〓〓Ichika. I wonder what it is, although it is the main heroine, there is no appeal at all.
Even though he is an alien, his personality is decent and boring. I want to see the best common sense.
The neta like the gap between the earth and the sense is also unsatisfactory. I wanted you to do more deviations.
Above all, in front of the citrus flying in the sea people said to the sea person "Do you want to sleep with my knees?"
What kind of nerve do you have? I even memorized anger for this.

〓〓〓Ocean. I can not empathize anymore when I like Ichika.
Do not refuse to sit down holding watermelon as it is unavoidable to refuse because it likes Ichika when the ceremony confesses. I am thinking about what the other side has confessed.
I feel something lightly so I feel a bit impressed.

〓〓〓Kaito & Ichika. Even though everyone is up to their lives for the two of us, they are not flirting in the train. You are thinking only of these two love affairs.
Have you just asked around for help, have you ever done something for the citizens?

〓〓〓Just a bit lost title .. I was expecting that it might be a more emotional story.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The seaweed and Ichika. A couple who does not want to support such is the first time.
That amount of citrus fruits were supportive for these two people until they killed their thoughts and were helping .. it was attractive.

I wonder if the staff is convinced.

I heard that there are two periods, but I want you to be happy with citrus.

2013/04/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21491 Host:21590 Browser: 11990
The first two such as "Ototti" are the unprecedented eyeglasses child heroine (alien) as the main axis, the summer youth group image plays

[good point]
Aside from the episode that can be said to be a jokes etc, such as setting the back of the last lemon senior, the story itself is politely made without collapse.
Since the character's feelings and movements are also impossible, you can not feel stress as you look at it.
The drawing was stable all the time, and the place where the contrast and the summer scenery etc. said that it is worth seeing by it alone.
It is quite ambitious, such as places where you can allocate minority spectacles attributes to the main heroine.

[Bad point]
Heat is weak in dramas or in individual scenes.
It is lacking in excitement in a part to be attracted, such as resolve and resolution, confession and broken heart.
This is a story about a different part from episode shortage, royal road development too much, expansion, etc. can be read,
Somehow, I receive the impression that the maker is making the story out of the mosquito net.
It is not clear that it is the fault of the actor or the script.
So I'm watching over here as well I'm watching outside of the mosquito netting, there was not much episode that seems to be empathy or fun.

Personally, after thinking Tetsuro had been broken-hearted, I thought how to put on socks with Misaki and Icha.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is gathered up beautifully on the whole including the movie of the last, it was feeling like that much.
Although it is not a boring work that is never boring, I can not have any further thoughts on rolling.

Looking back, it seems that the above episode of Tetsuro also seems to be, but it seems that the contents as a person was empty though the creation of the character is entirely impossible.
Ichika who neglects the hometown of the universe and the main two who lack in the process to like each other. Sub-affiliates who overcame broken heart and overcome it easily.
Since the contents are empty, it may not have felt the part which said the action and the thought as weight.

However, there are things that can feel fun and heat and empathy can be done even in works that do not draw the above parts as a kitchen, so after all thinking that there was not enough fever for the creator's work It is the final impression.
Better or bad, a work that is safe anywhere. So the evaluation is "normal"

2013/03/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28271 Host:28532 Browser: 5147
A beautiful senior from space came and took a movie while romantically including 4 heroes. Why aliens can transfer, I can speak Japanese, and much more, but I do not care much.
In the tremendously beautiful scenery, enjoy a picture of Director Nagai Ryuzuki who has a strange, unique color sense and cut splitting. It 's only this anime' s person 's animation that you can have a lot of fun with just the shot sitting and talking to the characters, and looking back at life.
The story tells me why the hero likes the alien in the first place and I do not know at all what I do and I feel a lot of disgusting because the romantic love affair of each character develops steadily unfulfilled.
Also, it is a mystery right now if you do not look at this before, "Onegai Teacher" "Onegai Twins". If it thinks that it will not be like SF, it will not be SF so far at the end and it will unfold in such a way as to expand it.

[Good point] It makes me feel like I was glad I made it one of the hobbies of seeing animation.
[Bad point] It is stinky. You can be young, hehehe.
[Comprehensive evaluation] For people who love director Nagai Ryusuke.

2012/11/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29028 Host:29070 Browser: 4691
Only Onega Teacher has been viewed. However, although I almost forgot the contents.
First of all, the animation provided by this animation production company is stable in quality.
The level of drawing is also high, and I personally like the character deza.

The content of the work is similar to the setting part because it is a tribute series tribute (I was deceased because I watched without knowing the tribute).

In the case of 〓〓〓teacher, I disliked the hero's guy anyway.
There was only impression that it was so-called hetarer or casual, it was enough to lower the evaluation of the work itself.
Evaluation was good at that point first. There is not empathy transfer nor haste as the hero is quaint.
Ichika is a charm with enough charm. Cute lines on the sea viewpoint are unbearable.
Also, I can draw love of surrounding characters firmly. It was quite easy to see the unfavorable development with a one-way romance, but in the end it is a character I like very much that will end up supporting the romance of the hero.

[Overall rating]
I think that it is a work that could express well the sweetness and sourness of the youth. Evaluation is "very good".

2012/10/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27929 Host:27824 Browser: 11128
Director Ryuuki Nagai.
"Tora Dora" A person of "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun".
Screenplay is Yuusuke Kuroda of "Onegai Series".

A combination that should be able to draw out a smash hit.
But no chemical reaction occurred well.

Because Nagai Ryukuke himself, a person who depicts a group figure with a soup of a daughter who can not pay back.
"Onegai Teacher" world can not engage the world which shows grinning with it.

Sure enough, the daughter of blue hair and other surrounding characters float up.
I did not show the drama that I should show, I felt that he was raising only around me.
As a result, it was lacking in balance.

I also thought that it would be better if you could get involved more with the onetime teacher.
I think that a lot of viewers were expecting.

Well, it was an animation that left only half impressed.
It just caught my breath.

2012/08/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28677 Host:28729 Browser: 14152
It is the same authorship as "Onegai Teacher" and "Onegai Twins", but there is no connection.
Production is also here JCSTAFF.
You should think to the extent that the settings are similar.
I think that some people compare with "Onega Teacher", but as a work it would be better to compare it with "Tora Dora!".
You can see the style of "Tora Dora!" In many places.
For example, I think that the same person was responsible for important parts such as tears, scratches of facial expression and facial expressions.

The stage is Shinetsu.
It is made up of chain-reactive connections of one-sided unrequited love in youth.
Although it is a short work called 12 episodes, the content is consolidated into one summer event.
It is a story that a couple of beautiful seniors and a boy younger than 2 years old is completed.

Some people may have overlooked the story, but it is complete with a 12 episode happy ending.
It is not an exaggeration to say that you spent 12 episodes to make this independent scene because you wanted to have this independent scene.
〓〓〓After the end of the last episode, after the ending theme song, it is paying attention to the seniors of the last scene of the independent film [last 3 seconds].

Although it can not be said that it is very dramatic, the contents are gathered very beautifully.
As evaluation it is "very good" without complaint.

2012/07/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27118 Host:27299 Browser: 5230
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because I am watching two works of a requesting teacher and twins, I compare it absolutely. Is it not a matter of superiority or inferiority For example, should this work be regarded as X years after the previous work?
Is it like a parallel world?
Should characters that commonly appear in the 3 works be seen as the same person?
If so, should we look at the premise that the unique features of that character are common to this work?

It seems to me that memories of the past two works became noise for me although it may be a different evaluation if I can forget the memory of the past two works conveniently and see this work.

2012/06/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12987 Host:13041 Browser: 8880
As for this work already, there are many parts that make you conscious of "Onega Teacher" anyway,
Of course, expectations also expanded considerably from the stage before viewing if it is a work that draws on the flow of "Ototti"
First of all, as a comment that I have finished watching the whole story, I think there are somewhat subtle aspects but basically it was fun.

About the point that I thought as slightly subtle at first, it is not a distinction that I did not feel attractive to the two main people of Ichika and the ocean, but it is not a distinction that both people dislike it, but in a few pulling a drama Feeling weak in characters,
Rather, about the impression of the character, the sub-character 's citizen and Misaki, and Tetsuro' s three people left impression,
Also, my eyes have gone to the enthusiasm of my personal work also to the entanglement of sub-characters, so in that sense personal interest is the interest in this work is a sub-character's love affair with a delimiter 10 I felt that I ended practically by talk.

Moreover, although it seems to be attached to the character of this work, it seems that the aim of the staff was directed to let the citrus shoulder, but as the price of making the character of the chestnut set too much, at the main heroine of the essence Personally I do not have much interest among the two people of Ichika and the sea guard that the charm of a certain Ichika faded away,
By the way, two of them, Mr. Citrus and Misaki, were completely double heroines inside of me.

And for those who filmed in parallel with the direction of love affair, with the feeling that we collected the hints tightly and tightly in the last in the last in the movie shooting advice, if we talk about the episode of the last episode, one summer's memories I think that it was good in the sense that it will be immersed in the afterglow.

Although it is pointed out in many places afterwards about whether the setting of the alien of Ichika was necessarily necessary,
Although it was not necessarily said that it was necessarily necessary to say whether it was necessary, and it was difficult to say that the setting of the alien of Ithica was utilized partway, but after all it was the reason why I adopted the alien setting after all Simply there was no meaning other than "homage" tribute and service for fans.

Finally, if we compiled this work basically it was fun, so we will put a "good" as evaluation,
Just about the comparison with "tea tea" and saying that I can not deny a little unsatisfactory,
By the way, in the case of "ototti" there is a side that seems to be difficult to attach with a strange setting at first glance,
But compared with "Otiti" for this work compared to having made the high quality drama well while making use of the strange setting in the actual contents, the mixing of characters and drama is insufficient,
Among them, the way the two main figures of Ichika and the ocean were drawn became extremely thin impressions,
It is not seen the dense drama expansion drawn between Professor Mizuho and Katsura seen at the time of "Otiti" So in this sense the work gains the impact as much as "Ototti" It seemed like I could not.

Evaluation is "normal ~ good".

2012/06/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8445 Host:8722 Browser: 4779
It is a good work you can do, but ....

Somehow it is full of lies, do not you think?

Youth is dirty. I do not know why I will not draw that stain. If you want to be fantasy, you can understand and enjoy what you extremely abstracted like "Hidamari Sketch". I do not understand why I am trying to add reality to such lieseless story.

Personally from the place where I make movies to get along with my favorite girls ... useless all Aryari, I can not watch it for a while (I saw it until the end though. Because the blue child was cute. I think that it is youth at all that friendship brought there is such as to put in what I like, but when I say that, I will be denying this work altogether. It may be content that you can sympathize with those who are busy making young alibi.

And it is OK even if there is SF setting, but I felt that it was more interesting to suppress SF depiction.

2012/05/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 651 Host:565 Browser: 6404
Although it is a love comic work since it sees, it likes favorably that there is no beautiful drawing and no template in the main character,
The love pattern of the two protagonists was boring to say honestly, but the one summer drama of three side supporting persons was a remarkably attractive work.
Although the two works for which association was pointed out were unviewed, even if you have not watched it, there is no problem at all,

8 millimeters, traces left by ancestry aliens, serif not eternally in this world, and titles titled "That wait in the summer"
I will pretend the story that someday (anytime) leave memories to go to see my memories.
But the two leading actors, the sea man and the romance of Ichika, were something to wonder if there was enough power to put it in the nucleus of such a story.
I am not old enough to project myself to the main character of a high school student or feel jealous,
Even if I deducted it, I could not hang out with these two dramas thinking about the end.
Even if there is no ordeal trial, even if there is a little mistake, even if it seems to be excited, it will converge without developing into a satisfying expansion,
I think that it was lacking intense shine to sublimate it to work.
It was undeniable that I could not lead to a trial that made a romantic love attractive until then by simply using the precious alien setting for the final parting.
Therefore, thanks to the slimness of the process and the camera work that emphasizes the breasts and butt without necessity,
Today it seemed like a low-amusement work just to affirm all the adolescent's delusions.

But this work really shines is from the eight stories where three of the Asakara characters start to make their thoughts clear.
I think that it is the essence of this work to fake the story of the hero and the main heroine, to paint the figure that aside characters do not come true and draw the courage to challenge and fracture in a love that does not come true.
So it may be that the drama of the seafarer and Ichika has gotten awkwarded at the request that it would be troubled if not much winds stood up and it went well.

I do not want you to truly like it because I like it, but I like it because I like it because I like it,
The contrast of the citrus and Misaki who did it because of her honesty in her heart, and Tetsuro who was trying to lie to her heart draw attention.
The depiction of the three leading roles with the two leading players is a wonderful psychological drama that the freshness of a freshly stinky mind is coming down as a pride,
It made me feel sweet and sour.

The ceremony was disturbed by the change of the circumstances surrounding the ichita who became a rival, and the appearance that it can not forgive myself that the scary idea gets caressed is coming,
That pure feeling is lovely.
In the scene of confession, the men's power of a declining refusal was also brilliant, but the positive attitude of the chestnut that blew out vindictive love was brilliant.
It looks nice as a kiriri look with his face raised.
Mikura, who was a girl who could not do anything with his retirement idea, took the strength to overcome the plot to get Tetsuro,
It was a character who went through the ground to strengthen the person 's experience of wielding courage.
Tetsuro who did not face the weakness of his own was aware of his stagnation by seeing the improvement of the men's power of the sea man tied with Ichika,
The back is pushed by the word of Mikura and it starts to move.

And the words of Tetsuro push the back of the citrus, each word pushing the back of each like like a collision,
It is brilliant to go forward to the finale of broken heart,
The story of Citizen Misaki. Tetsuro was a youth love style full of refreshing charm, just like the air in Shinshu in summer.
Three dramas who came to the mind of a kind of youth at the advent of Ichika had a perfect shine for this summer to be a special summer.
... However, the protagonists who are making fun of the three people who are at the moment of the truth are really haha 〓〓〓〓〓lol)

So the evaluation is "good".
To tell the truth, I started writing evaluation texts with the intention of making it "bad", but the evaluation was reversed because the interestingness from the 8 episodes we saw, especially 10 stories was too good.
If you do not feel attractive to the story of the sea man and Ichika, I think that it will be difficult to keep watching that far, but there is a reward, surely.

2012/05/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34509 Host:34334 Browser: 7454
It is already watched series.
Since this work intentionally inherits the setting of "ot tee", I will dare to compare it with the same work.
[good point]
It is okay for OP to fit the world view of the work.
It is easy to see the story of the early stage Love comet touch.
The love relationship of polygons, love arrows are one way, even though a couple is supposed to have women in the number of women ... inevitable disappointing love seen from the setting.
This setting is the most interesting thing in this work. Most of the main characters have love, and the arrows are not engaged, so we can see the conclusion that nobody gets connected. So then, where do you think you can do a couple, how will your love that will not be rewarded be drawn ... I think that it was good to have interested with your prospects focusing on these points.
And I think that the part of broken heart was well drawn. Since unrequited love was stacked and solidly drawn from the beginning, I could empathize with the lost love women. I think each tear was also good. Generally speaking, Ichika that a relationship has been successful successfully can be caught as a heroine, but personally I think that it is good to say that they are broken hearted in this work as a heroine.
Senior - companied comedy.
Especially it was interesting that MIB neta which was hints without thinking was forced alive though it was forced.
[Bad point]
Confession. Lack of farewell excitement.
Characteristic of an episode in which hero couple attracted each other in the process from encounter to confession.I felt confession itself suddenly because there was no persuasive thing. Because of that, I could not sympathize with the establishment of the couple itself. Icha-cha also suddenly felt and was not happy about the formation to be rejoiced. Therefore, none of the scenes of parting that should be the most exciting in this work is coming.
It is uncertain reunion.
After showing the partial scenes, I leave the interpretation to the viewer, I think that this method itself can have fun to imagine. However, this work wanted to have drawn the scene of the reunion of the last carefully. If it dares to trace the setting of "tea tea", I wanted to inherit the place called the clear last. The goodness of "tea tea" was in the goodness of the aftertaste which comes from clearly depicting the conclusion.
There is no characteristic setting.
"Mother tea" is a setting called "stagnation" that the teacher and students get married and live together, the growth stops. If it is "Twins", living together with twins, both claiming to be brothers sister, but only one person can not tell which one is his immediate family.
There is no characteristic setting in this work that disturbs the interest that you want to see with just like this. I think that you should not refer to something that is not, but since it is this work that intentionally inherits "Oh tee" it will dare to add to the evaluation. I understand that the name of "Onegai" is not in this work because it is clearly distinguished from the above works. If I draw a line, I think that it should have been a completely different thing, such as figure appearance, role, stage.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Compared to the Onegara series, I felt unsatisfactory because there was no characteristic setting.
Ignoring the above comparison, when viewing by this work alone, there are also good points, but I was not able to step on now because the way the drawing of romance process with Ichica lacks persuasive power compared with other characters.
Evaluate "normal".

2012/05/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19732 Browser: 7726(Mobile)
Both "Onega Teacher" and "Onegai Twins" are unviewed.

An ordinary boys high school student Kaito is a mysterious beautiful girl and actually starts from the place where I met an alien, Ichika. It is a youth group image play of six boys and girls.

The point I liked was that the depiction of the background and the drawing were stable and good every time.

I think that OP.ED was also good for the atmosphere of the work.

The bad thing is that the alien configuration was not working well enough.
Although he played an active part in the final stage, it was still not a feeling that he had to be an alien.

And there was not much scenes depicting the hero, or the charm of the heroine, I also felt as if the romance pattern itself that the work was centered on was not convincing.

Evaluation is "bad".
To say love comedes is a heavy talk, serious romance love things, to say that the story is light, I felt it as a piece without attachment.

There is no depiction that makes me feel bad, so if you are interested, please.

2012/04/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13636 Host:13744 Browser: 11270
I think that it became a much more modest work than I expected. Although it was expected as a work of genealogy of "sorry", it was probably a work made like that, but when I opened the lid, it was a work that was made as a work by Nagai Ryuzuki from a shadow of "Otenai" ( It is natural, though.). And the interesting thing is that in the Tokyo metropolitan area "simultaneous" was rebroadcasted at the same time, and the various differences were comparable.

Nagai work is closer to "Railgun" than "the last flower". Ichika is the same as the age among the main characters "seniority older". Four people surrounding it (no matter what, 臀〓勝〓〓is excluded) is a stinky youth. Young people disgusted with trouble on summer days, exclaiming righteousness, falling in love with their love, crying in reality and screaming. Although the beginning of its freshness and envy is definitely a citizen, there is no shamelessness of Mikuza's drama that becomes stronger strongly after Tetsuro who does not put out the arrangement because of his thoughts on citrus and after confessing to Tetsuro. And the strength of the two female teams.Their longevity. Two guys who do not get caught off the cuteness. Tetsuro's telling while talking over eleven story tells Takurou that she was told that she was naturally envious and envious, it seems to be a toast of summer's day. And the masculinity of the sea. The goodness of the rabbit refusing without giving a haircut when confessed to the ceremony, such a hero,
I am not in memory for a moment. Although it may be a result theory, I can fall in love with you (how about a woman?).

That is to say, "Railgun" as well as the 1st cool eyes as the main heroine is the main axis has been the main character deployment evolved from the beginning to the middle stage. This is 10.th talk with Ichika. Switch to the seaweed. In other words, it is the 2nd cool railgun.
However, again there is an axis in the sea person against Ichika (this side is different from the heroine "railgun" in this work and the hero with the protagonist and the heroine). I clearly express my feelings toward her and support the heroine and run. "Hetare" How lie a lie to the flooding of the hero, how about this hero?

And, as you mentioned at the beginning, the difference with "Okinawa" is very interesting. As a matter of course, the beauty of HD picture quality assuming digital drawing and large screen, various grammar changes, evolution is clear. While setting the same kind of countryside as the stage, I made use of that nature (especially in the sky) Nagai directing, and if I am in front of the fineness of the contest and the play, "waiting" I see now is quite bad.
And above all, the change in how to catch the relationship between men and women is clear. In "Sorry" is the platonic feeling which is impossible in this work against the "getting along" thing (until sub characters) as soon as it starts to coexist on the theme.
Whether it is real or "do not you think", I think that there is no "taste" anything, then I think "okay"
Although it was not so long since then, it would be a matter of course if the exciting point of married life is a point that "older" is the older one (that is not a senior or a teacher). However, I think that it is all that Mizuho's mental age "only meaning appearance set for older is it then". On the other hand, it is normal that your sex appeal is common nowadays but the character knowledge itself is a fishy smell.It is not cleanliness, it is cleanliness that is not desired, beautiful things are expected. It is one evidence that the thorough odor of "Yosuganoosora" is unlikely to be accepted. This work is a work that gazes at a crowd that is stinky and gazes at an unbelievable couple or unrequited love.

Painting and directing are high quality until the end. It is a novelist who casts well, but the restrained play by Mr. Haruhi Tomatsu is new.
Calm down when I see "summer color Kiseki" this season (laugh). Anyway, the story which produces the conflict of the character finely is a point of fact all the time but I think that it is a bit of a matter how often the layout puts his eyes outside the frame. Especially recommended number of stories is unexpectedly catechuan celebrity turning into a date with the sea person, 3 story pretty, the freshness of the characters' announcements and the way it is shown splendid 9.10 stories and imagination swells in the B part The last episode of.
Just as Senpai was a black men, I think that it was suddenly too so, even by Tetsuro's brother in law. It's a fine point though.

Final episode. Screening of their films that has become an annual school festival year after year. Did Ichika come back, did the sea guard pick him up? I would like to believe the word of the sea person who said that she would pick me up. And I am willing to wish that their memories that are supposed to be somewhere at that time are wonderful things.

Aside 1: The design of the ocean glasses is the same as that of Ichika in the B part of the final story. It's a wonderful trick to expressing the feelings that he sorted out. Covering with Black Men by the side is a hint where there are drawings of the spaceship.
Aside from 〓〓〓 After all I thought that chestnut, cute, too cute, but Miwakura is also cute, ah, naked is not nice, is not it.
Aside from 〓〓〓 Although it is iterative, it is said that no matter how much film you wish to spin, there is not enough.

2012/04/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16467 Browser: 3012(Mobile)
Because everyone wrote what I want to say, I only evaluate.
As we go to the end we are getting fun and it is this evaluation.
I did not smart much.

2012/04/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19992 Host:20133 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Straight Emotional Expressions Much That Works That Well Well there are twists and turns promised
Scenery in the countryside near the mountain is so beautiful There are plenty of scenes with power in the background There are plenty in daily depiction is not noticeable but important part
The thematic song of OP and ED that expressed well the atmosphere of the work

[Bad point]
Conflicting evolution Well Because the main theme is youth love pattern, it is natural that it is a product of chance and miracle in a certain sense
The .SF element is about seasoning, but it was drawn properly But whatever the organization name of a certain movie I guess I'm not going to pack (lol)
Unconsciously, rather than using words that unconsciously drop expressive power But this is not a matter of directors and writers,
Because it is a problem in words and languages 〓〓〓〓〓hemselves,
I do not have to worry but I am a human being,
I will dare mention it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is a work that you can fully enjoy as a comedy (comedy).
SF setting is handling extent.
However, to avoid collapse,
And to move the story,
The character named 〓〓〓has cleared up various ways.
As comedy it would be fine.

I was likable for scenes that straightforwardly express the honest feelings that seem to be puberty.
It is somewhat excessive to misunderstand the delusions as reality, but it is common.
There is a problem when it is too much alone.

Considering the part of posture that challenged in a straightforward manner and the nature of originality (rather than pakuri)
Evaluation is made "very good".

2012/04/16 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18364 Host:18334 Browser: 5093
Well, it is because the heroine is not attractive because it is the cause that makes this work the most useless.
I never thought that it was so painful to show the heroine and heroine's love love without a charm.
You ought to have prepared ready texts like a banned item in the heroine at least if you take care of yourself. Thanks to it, even if I have nothing interesting, even if I have nothing interesting, I do not mind if the characters are thin.
I mean, the point is too mysterious as to which two people in this scene you liked your opponent .....
There is also more that I'm getting tired of Nagai's youth group so much more,
It was boring to see the human relationship itself of this work itself without any surprises, as long as the human relationship is around love affair, the story written by the woman is much better then next If it's like this, I would like to ask a script other than Okada Yuuri for the script.

2012/04/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7268 Host:7250 Browser: 5941
Thanks to the entertaining nature, it was nice to chase the story comfortably personally.
(It might be a good idea to look at the aliens setting like a conceptual stage device, nobody deeply thrusts into that mascot-like creature in the first place)

As the lyrics say "Like a movie", images are quite good. All the other characters are charming with pictures that mania likes like myself, including pictures, but it was pretty good but omission.
It was good that the talker has been developed in a direction to "memories" from the romantic talk to the future.

2012/04/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20394 Host:20464 Browser: 4680
It seems to me that the person who writes "good" impression or the person who writes "bad" impression feels roughly the same way.

The alien setting has little meaning until the end.
It tends to get emotionally transferred to citruses without feeling charm from the heroine.

I was watching because one story was expected to be expected so much, but personally honest expectation was disappointing.
I think that each episode was good, but I do not think so Imaiichi Banchi is weak.
Although the talk worked in a few talks in the second half, I think that "I did not need to set the alien" even if I watched it until the end.
It might be a little more interesting if you make it an ordinary romantic thing or a story deployment that made better use of the alien configuration.
It seems that the existence of "seniors" to the extreme is "odd" existence rather than the alien and that person did not need it at the time that it was "the setting without punch". There was also a part that I enjoyed as a gag, but it seemed like there were a lot of parts that were breaking up the story. Later, I wonder if Yukari Tamura's way of talking was a bit too aimed. I think that it was an instruction of such directing ...

2012/04/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16219 Host:16208 Browser: 5131
[Comprehensive evaluation]

I felt that the theme of memories of one summer's love is the theme.
But somehow it felt like I passed past ~.
I wonder what was the necessity that Ichika was an alien?

I understood that it was thought that it was like a character love pattern.
Especially the character was demonstrated to the extent that it feels as if the character of Tanigawa Citrus is making up too much and the other characters do not feel ashamed.
It was good that my emotions were easy to understand with a variety of facial expressions and I thought that it was loved and made.

I also thought that it was supposed to make me feel frustrated by the interaction of the sea guard and Ichika somehow.
If those scenes are told, it is also a scene that expresses broken heartfelt of the chestnut, so if you imagine a sad cinnamon behind it, it will become painful.

It is a work of memories of each summer by characters with a thought by people ...
So I think that each character was properly drawn carefully.
That was the main character other than Senpai It was good that it was a mechanism that made it possible to make a talk as it was, no matter who was the protagonist.

I thought that whether I felt that the citrus was carefully and loved, in particular, was conversely turned into an enemy.
I had no idea that something almost seemed to only be seen in the story of her broken heart.
But how to compare that citrus was so good that I will do evaluation. Citrus cute citrus.

2012/04/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3711 Host:3518 Browser: 7452
It is exactly normal.
Anime that looks lazy without thinking anything.

A new work of the wish series of director of "Ano Flower" and a screenwriter of "Request" series.
I watch with knowledge as much as.
When I got the name of that huge flower and it looked like it looked like a wish series with different hair color at a time I had a bad feeling.
My expectation is good. As other people say it is halfway work.

Originally, the wish series is a fool animation (it is not done), so I think that it is completely different thing while dealing with a serious topic of romance with that serious flower.

I think that there was a temperature difference with the viewer because we aimed at the same atmosphere with the flower that talks about the death of fellows, although the weight is different.
Just because my seniors are gone lacks persuasive power of seriousness.
It does not die.

Also, although it is one course, any love affair is finished without hanging out.
To be honest, I thought whether it was two cool though "I'm done already?"

If it is going to be frustrating with OVA it will be as calculated.

Perhaps, the person who expected it as it is the "after flower" is the feeling that "What is this colorful thing!"
A person who was expecting a wish series thinks that both fans are indigestion with the impression that "something is becoming more stiff animation than usual."

Since the wish series itself is a hit work, I thought that there might have been more wonderfully if I made it without strangely frantically.

But, OP and ED songs were good songs following the wish series.

2012/04/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14551 Host:14486 Browser: 13199
All the story viewing.

[good point]

[Bad point]
Tempo from the middle stage
Seniors of the final story
The sense of stability of the seafarer and Ichika senior

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not see the Onegai series.

The reason why I could not enjoy it is that the love pattern of the sea guard and Ichika senior is too stable and it was boring.
Ichika 〓〓〓〓〓〓Ocean 〓〓〓Citrus 〓〓〓Tetsuro 〓〓〓Mikura 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓
Anyway, everyone's arrow was too powerful, there was no such excitement, and finally Tetsuro broke so that the final senior went back to deployment.
If you say indecision, you may have enjoyed being bad but hesitating to sway.

I think that there is no need for a delusion scene at all.
I wonder if Senpai of the final story is overkill.
It was a love comedy but I felt neither love nor rice.

I thought whether it was "good" in the beginning but eventually the evaluation is "bad".