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Anime rank of 1990 Rank 32in 105 titles
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Daijiro Morohoshi SHUEISHA Weekly Young Jump
Kenji Kawai
Nozomu Sasaki
Mizuho Suzuki
Show Hayami
Hiromi Tsuru
Masako Matsubara
Yuzuru Fuzimoto
Maria Kawamura
Takko Ishimori
Yutaka Oyama
Masashi Sugawara
Hirohiko Kakegawa
Tsutomu Kasiwakura
Kazuaki Koide
Akira Shimada
Takashi Taguchi
Naoki Bandou
Jyunko Asami
Saitou chieko
Kiyoyuki Yanada
Shinpachi Tsuji
Japan Released:1990/01/13(Sat) Movie
Japan Released:1990/02/23(Fri) Media(ex. DVD)
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2014/09/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
Like this "devilman" (original version), this work is to say that it is not suitable for animation.
This is what I realized once again by watching this work.

Everything starts with the death of Musume 's father.

First of all, at first I brought my myth of prime minister and enter the main story after the narration was over, Hiko Kikuchi and others who looked at Orion in the train,
Devices that make it easy for viewers to understand esoteric works sandwiched between directories and pictures not in the original are seen in places.

Koza Koza approached Takeshi with the aim of treasure of Koka Saburo Koizumi who finished the same as Saburo Koka, who was driven by the desire of immortality immortality and was driven by the desire of immortality immortality and soaked his body in the fountain behind Himemikari's coffin, Ogami,
Kibuchi Hikoba, who has been waiting for Yama founder in 1600 years as a capsule of stone, who was possessed by an irreverent ambition, destroyed his family and beat the same end as a bear attack,
In the process, human beings' inevitable place (also called human sexuality) is speaking for the voice of the author, walked like tracing the myth of Yami's fate, led by Brahman,
Takemi who knew the truth of the death of his father and became an artman with hatred of Kikuchi Hirohiko and became Maitreya was also good as the author 's answer to the work theme.

Since there are many Groy paintings, such as the dead body of a human being eaten by a ghastly person, choose a person to watch.
Because this point echoed, the evaluation did not reach one step "best".

2014/04/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11085 Host:11348 Browser: 7465
Although the original was difficult to understand, even if I read it when I was a child I did not understand well, but when I look back now, this work has influenced the series of "Peacock King" and "Megami Tensei" later I think it was a work.

[good point]
"Nihon Shoki" and a unique world view mixed with various myths and religions, a roman over history that traces them, and a stigmata showing the position of Japan by the authors and a ruin of the Yamito country Interpretation of the contents and development that ridiculates human beings who might jump out into space and see the horse as a sacred creature and that it leads to the horse head nebula of Orion theater may be heading to perdition Although there are also a lot of Groy scenes, the scene that people like Hirohiko Kikuchi who is the family of Kumaso who had ambition to ruler again is self-destructed reflected in the traumatic style, It was also a time when the history and the time at the end of the century were also being troubled, so in that sense the theme that might be applicable to the present age was reflected in a lot.

Even if it is a hero Takeshi who kills Kikuchi Hiki and intends to fight the father's enemy, it becomes impossible to turn back on the last because it became an artman, and the root cause of not considering afterwards and the cruelty of destiny It was also drawn, and in a way it seems as if it was a lesson learning thing that "one-size is darkness". Brass son Hathaway whose voice is "The Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack" Has been Noah role Sasaki Nozawa is like a place that overlaps with Hathaway who lost a favorite girl in war and had a feeling of loss (Soya, the voice of Brothers Taurus was Mari Kawamura Aka ... ...).

Take is possibly a Hindu Tutotami God, it seems to have been either Shiva who destroys the world or Vishnu who governs, and Brahman who made a warrior invite Artman to do so, It seems that the ancestor of Takeshi Yamato Takeru is a Vishnu-like role and Musashi himself became the last who may have played Shiva's role in modern times.

[Bad point]
I think that it is a lot of unknown parts unless you are studying the esoteric story and some religion such as Nihon Shoki, Buddhism or Hinduism, there are also considerable egg scenes, and the author's picture It is not a touch that gives people a favorable feeling so much, so likes and dislikes seem to be divided considerably in such a meaning.

Also, at the time of OVA conversion, you probably could not understand the message and theme of the author who came in this work, and in order to understand and grasp the contents of it, you need to become adults or various things in advance It seems like it is a condition to keep studying religion and Nihon Shoki, and in that sense it seems to have been a work with a high threshold.

In addition, it is impossible for the Japanese people to find various routes of tradition and national treasure classes and ruins in Japan, even though the story progress is convenient.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems that it was a work that could do something like seeing a veil of myth and legend.

There is not much salvation and the aftertaste is not very good, but I feel that this bad aftertaste part is also copying the view of religion and the ancient realities. In the religious ceremony and the legendary pattern at the time, it is certain that there were many bloody smelling and shocking sights over this work (such as sacrifices in primitive religion), drawing as if it felt a romantic feeling anyhow I also feel like I threw a stone in the realities of such beautiful myths and legends.

Regarding the reality of such ancient romance and the too cruel and heterogeneous thought in that, it was impressive that this work made quite a heavy touch.

2013/09/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
Is it a Japanese fantasy thing that mixed Hinduism in India with Japanese myths such as Yamatai Kingdom Legend and Japan Taketsune Legend? This work.

I think that the animation which was drawn well with the background and the well-drawn animation was feature-like first, as well as the character deza which felt the subtleness as it is still valid as it is, and the sense of impression was felt.
I do not know the original, but the speculation of the core in the lower volume was also angry. Actually, the identity of the mysterious grandfather who has been heavily involved in the history of Japanese history regardless of the times, the relationship between the hero and Kikuchi Hiki's past such as the past revealed.

I took the mother of the hero as a hostage and revealed such a relationship, even if a certain man who died from the stairs in collaboration with her resistance and said that it is stupid death was "a skin of good face" But,
The scene with Kikuchi Hirohiko who seemed to have a serious atmosphere and was quite ambitious, such as the Japanese Taketomi legend, was also well entwined.

Voice actors' performance was also pretty good. Among them, somewhere was weak, but Mr. Nozomu Sasaki who exquisitely acted felt a sense of affinity, Mr. Hayami Hatsu, who was serious and cool as usual,
And it should have been noted that Mr. Suzuki Mizuho who was serious veteran like Mr. Mizuho Suzuki was also playing a role of Kyogen.

ED song was also a good song that was well matched to the style of the main part although somewhat plain if it says bad.
Although I said that I do not know the original, I think that it was a good work that makes me want to read if there are opportunities. Evaluation is "very good".