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Takehito Koyasu
Kenyu Horiuchi
Nobutoshi Kanna
Atsushi Kisaichi
Mitsuo Iwata
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Show Hayami
Mitsuaki Madono
Hideyuki Tanaka
Ken Narita
Yumi Toma
Toshihoko seki
Tetsuya Iwanaga
Hiro Yuki
Nobuo Tobita
Fumihiko Tachiki
Japan Released:2002/03/27(Wed) Media(ex. DVD)
Official sites
1. http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/media/ova/twin/twin_home.htm (Translation)
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2005/08/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9315 Host:9339 Browser: 3646
I tried to look at the music clip (song part) again, but it is still biased.
In the drama part, the screenplay is sometimes called Mr. Kusanagi Dami Bird, and all characters are surely made alive,
Thanks for the picture of the music clip .... Or rather, songs themselves are biased.
For example, Randy's picture was very good.
Victor's picture which was similar to Randy, I am highly appreciated around me, I do not think it's good. Is it different from imagination, or is not it suitable for songs in the first place?
Oscar and Zephyr were pretty good, and Arios also had an atmosphere. (Jeffel is somewhat subtle if it says it matches the song ...)
Ruva had quite a match to both singing and characters.
However, Ernst or something ... do not say it clearly ... I guess Ceylan's misunderstanding was too radical too much ....

The more you see the drama part, the more it seems that you are flirting with patron saints (bitter)
Hey, you guys, because Angelique does not exist ... do not hurry!

> To be sure, the first thing that came out was "RED", I think that it was Timca, Leonard Ernst
> The reason why Ernst is not included is the character. Before the popularity of the voice actor or something else,
> I think that it is because the song is bad.
Although I made a comment earlier (talk of Etoile's character song album),
... I will withdraw the previous word (bittern)
Because I became like Ernst and I knew the goodness of that song.
What do you say, like this kind of character song, the song of your favorite character is first, if it becomes another character, the song with impact, nori is not a good song, it is difficult to remain in the impression, so listen many times I do not see the goodness without it.
Like "commitment". ... Because it was next to the song of favorite character (Randy), it may be a reason (bittern)
Oh yeah, Ernst's song "H2O", it seems that it was also delivered to DAM.

Recently, the preference of the character has changed slightly.
Ernst was out of sight before (sorry!)
I like it now seriously (lol) I also like Leonard ....
On the contrary, it is no longer attracted to young characters like Marcel.

2005/03/10 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 737 Host:738 Browser: 4596
> Mr. Eee "Stay ~ in the world without tomorrow" would be "low promise for a thousand years (Rufuran)" ... is it?
Also "illusion ~ phantom butterfly ~" is actually quite low when actually singing. It is hard to sing a character maiden character ...

2005/03/05 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8806 Host:9000 Browser: 3646
It seems that DVD BOX of OVA "Angelique Twin collection" comes out.
An animated drama of the whole volume, two music discs, and a music clip.
In addition, illustration gallery and animation original.
Luxury BOX comes with an illustration entrance featuring teacher Yura Kairi.
However, it seems to be limited quantity production.
But ... I have a full volume I probably will not buy (bitter)
Anime part. Is it edited separately for song parts?
Somewhat concerned ^ ^

> North Wind
> The voice actor of the role of three new characters is popular. I must adopt one with the same level of achievement and I think that it is true. She seems to be suffering every time in casting, Koei also ...

> Rashama
H2O delivery, I have also confirmed vv
It looks like the form of delivery in late February 2005 ~

> Say "Stay ~ In the world without tomorrow ..." It is certainly low.
Even I can do it ^ ^;
> With love ...!
That's right! Love is power! Character sings with love! (What)

2005/01/25 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15027 Host:15199 Browser: 3875
"Stay ~ In the world without tomorrow ~" I sang it!
Him ... low (bitter)
Because it is a song of a man, it is hard to sing,
With love ...!

2005/01/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 737 Host:738 Browser: 3650
Ernst 's "H2O" was delivered to JOY SOUND ...!
Before we knew it, let 's send Zefer and Julius too soon!

2005/01/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15027 Host:15199 Browser: 3875
I love Arios!
I only bought the volume of Arios so I do not know the story before and after but I think it is interesting vv
Voice actor really gorgeous and wonderful!

2005/01/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25130 Host:24940 Browser: 4184
I love Angelique!
The TWIN collection was a bit of a painting and it was a homoid (bitter) finish,
The contents of the story and the songs were also very good!

> Takayama Yuri That's right. The new character was slightly subtle.
The character is good, but the voice actor ...
But it certainly will be difficult to cast.
Mr. Midorikawa or Mr. Sakurai, there are some voice actors who have not appeared in Neo Roma,
If you use only a very famous voice actor, it will be clearly distinguished by traditional fans and new fans,
The voice actor who is the role of three new characters is popular. I have to adopt those with the same level of achievement.

> Mr. Rashma "Sunflower" and "Cherry Blossom", the song is better for "Sunflower" indeed.
However, I think that it is the direction of "Cherry Blossom" that gets uke up from the package.
It's pink (laugh) First of all, it's different from the color of the lyrics.
In "Sunflower" everyone was black, while "Cherry Blossom" used different colors for each character. (Vik was black, though)
I do not know which is higher in terms of sales ...

2005/01/01 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9800 Host:9651 Browser: 3646
I'm sorry for the continuous posting how many times I've been doing it.
"Angelique Etoile RAINBOW" I bought it,
I was convinced that Timka and Leonard's songs were being delivered at karaoke.
To be sure, the first thing that came out first is "RED", Timka, Leonard, Ernst I think, but the reason why Ernst is not included is the character.At the way popular voice actors do,
I think that it is because the song is bad.
What I felt at "RAINBOW" is that the early nine people, the patron saint of the birds are treated as special.
There are also a lot of familiar fans.
Compared to the patron saint of Holy Beast, this one is easier to remember the melody line.
Following Timka and Leonard the nine songs of the Holy Beast will surely enter Ceylan.
Mel is as subtle as ever. Yui, Francis does not know how many fans have arrived,
If it's only songs, it's good, so it will probably be delivered.
A new character also came out, and it is not strange even if "Angelique Twin collection part 2" is produced.
Hey, you want me to get out. I'd love to.
I want to see more of them moving !!!

About three new characters.
The song ... everyone is subtle.
In the Neoromance family, there is a joint live of Angers, Haruka and Corda so we do not cover voice actors.
So there is not so much "voice actor who can sing".
Because it is casting in that situation,
Although it can not be helped if it can not be helped.
But Namikawa-san ... I heard the character of Tennis Prison, but I clearly said that songs are not good ...
(I'm sorry for the fan, but I like it, Mr. Namikawa!)

2004/12/24 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31240 Host:31086 Browser: 3646
Songs, you guys are good at it.
Mr. Koasu and Yuuki are Vice, Mr. Kanna is EMU, Mr. Morikawa and Mr. Tateki are 2 Hearts ... and so on,
There are also people who made voice acting units.
No, because the song is good because it is in the voice actor unit.
But at least I do not like to sing?
Or, I think that Neo Romance games are casting on the premise that character songs are to be sung ....
No, I can not say that for Angel's early patron saints 9,
Haruka: Corda, and Etoile obviously so.
Popular, singing songs. I guess it is such casting.
What I can not say clearly about the early days is because not all the characters singing in the first CD are singing.

By the way, do you not put too much emphasis on Angers?
No, in the variety CD "LOVE CALL" (... was it?)?
There are things that only Olivier is not singing,
Moreover, it has never even appeared in Angers related events such as "Neoromance v Festa" ....
Maybe it 's just a busy one.

About the voice of Kravis,
In Angel 's drama CD, the role of Kravis was Shimada Satoshi in early "Sakuria of Light and Darkness" "Tokimeki Jewel Box" "Dream Angel in Your Eyes" (Sweet Angel).
For details, please visit http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/media/cd/cd_14.htm
I do not know how I became Shiozawa-san in the background.

2004/12/09 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 737 Host:738 Browser: 3650
Well, there was not one song ahead ... did not it?
Well ... Randy preference ... or rather, Kanna prefers?
Among the voice actors in Angers, I think that the singer is the best singer is Mr. Kana.
It is said that the voice actor is poor at singing, but the voice actor in Angers is only one with a relatively good singing.
Just Kravis ... ... Hideyuki Tanaka is a good singer and that is OK ... that's it!
As I thought, I think that Mr. Shiozawa's clavis is nostalgic.
Even though the songs were not very good, on the contrary, I think that such a clumsy place was Cravis itself.
Speaking of which, Clavis has changed cast three times so far ... I thought it was twice.
Surely Mr. Shimada in the early drama CD ... It looks like it was.

2004/12/01 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38168 Host:38207 Browser: 3646
Correction of some of the comments below.
> Even if it is not limited to this time, Angel's songs suddenly enter at once.
Mostly they are fitting, but the timing was slightly out of alignment.
Randy in late July, Ruba in late October,
Ceylan, Kravis, Mel, Lumiere, Arios, Marcel, Timca of Etoile and Leonard were distributed to JOY SOUND respectively in the first half of October.
After all the song of Randy this time is a good song ~ 〓〓〓
I remember that Angel's songs had never entered one song ahead so far ^ ^;
Beyond the walls of the album, I had to enter several songs at a time.
Oh, OVA's OP something is different.

2004/11/28 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8376 Host:8502 Browser: 3646
> Rashima-san Randy's favor is a sympathy (lol)
Randy is singing quite nice songs right?
Many songs in the second half? Oh ... certainly. Indeed, I noticed a lot ^ ^
"Sunflower" and "Cherry Blossom", I also buy both. Because I wanted to hear the full version of the song.
Well ... it's difficult. Does Lumiere's fans request passionately?
I was only requesting Randy and Zephyr songs ... No, Zephell is not in the past tense but I am still doing it (explosion)
But, although it is almost a girl that requests Angers' character,
Where is it delivered, you can not sing without raising the octave key.
Character songs are lower than the OP's of animation songs.
"I promise a thousand years" "Stay ~ in the world without tomorrow" is something that is particularly hard. "
No, I want to feel as if I'm numb, I'm dreamy I can sing with the same pitch I can not sing it as it is Low voice (poor)
However, I think that I will go to karaoke with my friends, but after all I guess it will be a girl.
I often think that there is a meaning to request even though I can not sing.
Even though it is not limited to this time, Angers' songs suddenly come in at once.

... and a character connection.
I heard that "Angelique Etoile RAINBOW" comes out.
It is a summary of six Etoile mini albums (RED, BLUE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, VIOLET) ...
If you give out, please tell me first (feel cry)
The patron saint of the Holy Beast, 3, I did not feel like buying it so much, I bought it for the time being distributed to karaoke!
What is "RAINBOW" ...? Oh ... again, it is money free.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

2004/11/26 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 737 Host:738 Browser: 3650
> Takayama Yuru It was noticed while watching songs delivered to Karaoke,
Obviously is not it all included in the second half (after 5 volumes) songs?
Because the CD was splashed in two, it might be the reason ...
"Sunflower" and "Cherry Blossom", I bought both of them, but the former thought that there were many good songs as songs ....
I have checked with JOY SOUND HP, but since Lumiere was also included,
From "Cherry Blossom" there are seven songs except Victor, and from "Sunflower" it is only Randy.
I can be convinced that Randy's songs are included ... (Character, both voice actors are popular, and the song is as good as I thought, "What did you like Lundy this time!?")
... I'm sorry for the fans, but there is a sense of incongruity that Lumi腴〓e.Mel is included.
As for Mel, I think that "songs that contain well words are strong"
Lumi-chan (bitter) ...! I like voice actors, but the characters are subtle ... ;;
But if only the power of the voice actor was Olivier, it is not amusing even if there is per Julius ...
I do not know Maji well.

2004/11/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10008 Host:9910 Browser: 3646
> Roma Mr. Etoile's entrance is only the songs of Timka and Leonard at the moment.
This Twin collection song finally finally entered JOY SOUND vv
Perhaps Ceylan, Randy, Ruba, Kravis, Arios, Mel, Marcel ...
... I think that it was. Were Lumi腴〓e also included?
> This work, rather than a fan who likes "patronage saint," it is for those who like "voice actor"
> Thought.
This opinion, I also agree.
It can be said that there are no Oscar songs that should be most popular.
No, if it is a song that is judged to be a "good song" even if it is not a favorite character's song, there may be a possibility of requesting.
But it is interesting because "popular voice actor" = not "popular character".
No, I think everyone is a popular voice actor ...
Olivier, I guess, is not it?
Even while Mr. Ko'an is appearing in Angelique, I think that as a popular voice actor it is in the position to fight the most.
To be sure, Cyber 〓〓〓〓〓AM thinks that it was only "in the market" of RUVA.
Also, I thought the melody was beautiful, even though the songs around Zephyr, Charlie and Ernst ....
It is sad that the song I thought was hard to get in easily (bitter)

Despite all of them singing a song of "romance", in the drama part the letters of romance "腴〓quot; do not come out.
Somewhat like patron saint, it seemed like a good atmosphere between cooperators.
I guess that is the daily routine of the patronage.

2004/11/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 737 Host:738 Browser: 3650
I have not seen it through all windings, so from the impression of the song part for the time being.
Well, I wonder if I bought it ahead of CD.
I felt a bit insufficient because I was short for video.
Drama part ... I bought only volume,
I wonder how only 4 characters will ever come out per episode ....
If you want to make each person's character stand out,
Even though I always do it on a CD, I wish I could do it for each monologue.
But I understand how they think each character is patron saint.
Was there any problem with the configuration etc? The screen is a little uncomfortable as usual.
I thought that this work is for people who like "voice actor" rather than "fans who like guardian san like" rather than.
Because I am the latter, it is not a problem.

> Mr. Takayama Yuri
> Oscar Arios Rua Zephyr Ceylan Randy Clavis Julius
> Lumi腴〓e Charlie Olivier Victor Ernst Marcel. Timka Meru Yes, is that so !?
But, surely at Etoile's character, it looks like Timca's song ...?

2004/11/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39488 Host:39363 Browser: 3646
Because my character was not covered with my favorite characters (lol), I could see the whole volume for the time being.
(It is impossible for economic reasons to buy all 8 volumes for running water ...)
First of all, I thought "... what a combination of this character" was. (Bitter)
No, it may have been the aim.
Rather than letting similar characters and characters acting together all the time in the same volume,
Because the possibility that the user will buy multiple volumes will also rise because it is divided.
This might be too much thought, but did not you let popular characters also solidify?
Going in order of popularity, Oscar Arios Ruva Zephyr Ceylan Randy Clavis Julius Lumiere Charlie Olivier Victor Ernst Marcel Timka Mel.
(See Angelique Love Love Communication 10th Anniversary Special.) Regarding the lower two people, the main character's colette was less voter than Limoges.These two characters were characters that grew rapidly, but they may have failed I do not think so.

A story about contents.
I thought, I wonder what the voice actor talk is more than twice as much as the drama part ....
Voice actor talk is supposed to be "privilege picture" to the last.
No, I wonder if the drama part is too short.
Drama part ... It was good because the composition itself was fun unless you were concerned about it (short).
However, I was concerned that there were many more face ups than usual.
Song Part. I think that it fits each character very well ~ vv
Although Angers' character is always the same 〓〓〓
The video was also a song, I was able to express the atmosphere of the character well.
However, there was quite unevenness. Unevenness, it is not such a meaning that the drawing is collapsed.
By character, it is said that the detail of the art is ... There was unevenness in the level of the image.
Will it be the number two volume that is most clear?
Randy thought that the depiction of the compositions and the background of the songs was very polite and was also stuck with accessories (such as black cats or bicycles)
Timka was also concerned about the fact that upsets and past Timca (or Naka?) Whole body ups were repeatedly overflowing and the background was scarcely coming out.

Anyway, I like Angelique so best!
... I want to go to ... but, as for this time the bad part has come to my eyes,
To a slightly lower "good" rating.