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Chiaki Imada
Ryu Mitsuse Keiko Takemiya
Yuji Ohno
Keisuke Yamakawa
Toru Furuya
Mami Koyama
Makio Inoue
Miyuki Ueda
Kazuko Sugiyama
Keiichi Noda
Shibata Hidekatsu
Kaneto Shiozawa
Chiyoko Kawashima
Kazuhiko Kishino
Miyoko Aso
Yonehiko Kitagawa
Koji Yasuda
Masaharu Satou
Makoto Terada Kouji Totani
Mizuho Tsushima Harumi Iduka
Seiko Nakano
Nachi Nozawa
Eiko Masuyama
Yoshio Kaneuchi
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2012/09/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10947 Host:10868 Browser: 5682
The scheme of "human VS machine" is obviously easy to understand, somewhat obsolete in a bad way,
I did not feel much salvation, at last it was an atmosphere where hope has come to light in the late stage.

There were not many characters that survived, but among them the female warrior who was dignified and dashing, the activity of Il shined. I could see a bit of a sex appeal,
Especially in the first half she was a turning like the hero on the setting. A voice actor, Mr. Yoshiko Fujita's favorite act also shone, or overall it was luxurious and good acting,
She was MVVA of this animation (highest specialist voice actor).

In the latter half, the relationship between Jimsa and Afl, conflicts of the old men who were conflicting over Jimusa and thoughts on machinery, etc. were put emphasis on the former, but it was said that regarding the former it was somewhat late to touch such a core , It may have been said that the tempo was bad a bit.
The old man also carried himself alone, but he would not have denied that he was somewhat eaten by the il who was also seeking the salvation of his soul in the mind that was dashing.
It was not such extraordinary empathy as to be introduced.

I think that the theme song "Eternal one second" was also a song that fits well with the world view and atmosphere of such a work, it was probably a honorable mention of SF animation. Evaluation is the place where I said "Good" when considering casting of Mr. Yoshiko Fujita and Mr. Hidetaka Shibata etc and the activity of Ile who played the former.

2011/04/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2683 Host:2599 Browser: 6313
Original unread. In the evaluation of only the animated version.

[good point]
In the 24 - hour TV animation, it is unique because it is not a Tezuka work.
And painting was okay I was trying hard.
Among the stories without salvation and exhilaration, only the appearance of female cyborg and the fighting spirit showed the presence like a bowl of cool sensation.

[Bad point]
Streak carrying with poor tempo and Gudaguta.
Work theme is distracted. Machine v: Human confrontation, Nirvana = Whether to ask the pros and cons of happiness theory, Is it earth creation? All thrown into miscellaneous,
Although it can be said, none of the development of the ordinary and the punch line (or it is not good).
Everything from "Nanchachi SF" just tossed out SF-like parts.
Was it innovative at that time? Good SF is not good only with props like it, so pursue various philosophies around them,
It provides the first end of such thought (not a difficult story.
If there is a "skepticism to everyday" door, you are well qualified)
It is not in this work.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Bad +". Although it is the cut seen in real time, the impression of the first visit is "There is only losing of 24-hour TV animation" and "Why are you releasing such worn-out SF neta shadowly now" "unexpected zero in deployment"
"The theme is not distracted and it is not gathered." Unfortunately,
Evaluation did not change much even after re-viewing.
Although it is the original author who has enthusiastic support, even if you see any animated works,
It seems to me that "Fantasy wearing SF scratches" "The sweetness of the theme Tsukkomi surpasses the turbulence of props and lyrics, it is too subtle development".
Adam and Eve of the Earth, after all, the resistance side also ...
Probably, the props and lyrics of this work?
The props studded in the works are SF-like, but as the themes and philosophies appear, they quickly fade away, repeating, I can not feel the theme of a single core. It is not a difficult story, after having finished watching something,
Or is there something that remains in my heart, not just lyrical?
Because there seems to be genre such as "SF Romant" in the world,
Perhaps this work may be positioned as well.
However, for me, it ended in "an unpleasant work in which the theme and the story were complicated," I do not know well what I wanted to say ".
Separately it does not deny "romance", but there is no other excellent element in this work in this work.

2010/06/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3505 Host:3372 Browser: 5718
There are also points that are greatly different between animation and original, there is no person named Rob who became a friend of Jimsa at all (It was truly 24 hours TV anime and Rob 's character was tasty!) The identity of the last enemy is also completely different, and in animation it is said that Mother Lilia makes remarks to watch Jimsa and Ahur's end, but it is surprised to see the original was broken by brothers sister ( It is natural, but scenes are drawn.
But the biggest difference is that in the original, when going to the earth they are naked and hugging in the cold capsule, but in animation they are sitting next to each other in the cockpit chair, and they disappear as it is It is a description depicting that the awake time flows.
Interpretting that interpreting that it became "Adam and Eve" by brother sister is interpreted as becoming "the source of life" because there is resistance so much, in the 24 hour TV it took more time than Professor Tezuka's work I feel like it.
Personally I liked Cyborg's female warrior "Iru", I liked the appearance like that "Kitsuwakamaru" when I broke out from the middle and entered battle mode.
The stars of Jimsa and Ahur eventually ended the curtains with opportunity and squaring of human beings, but I do not want the Earth to become such a thing.

2007/03/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5131 Host:5255 Browser: 4184
[Good point] Despite being animated even in Takeshimi's work, although the publicity seems to be low profile, it is my favorite work.
Despite the fact that there is no discomfort even though opportunity civilization is also mixed in the setting of reminiscent of medieval Europe or Mongolia, in the Andromeda Nebula, which is ahead of the 2.2 million light-years ahead, There is no other.

[Bad point] Although it is common in SF that the twin is the main character, it is unsatisfactory that the twin-specific spirit and the synchronization phenomenon of behavior are not drawn.

[Comprehensive evaluation] None of the science fiction writer, Kirase Ryu and Keiko Takeyami who was at the height of the time at the time, only the work of the Golden Combi is full enough that the content does not reach the feet like SF Manga.
Jimsa and Ahr are the heroes, but the success of Cyborg Warrior Il who supports them is noticeable, and this one may be the leading role.

I would like the young people who are poisoned by the lightweight animation to see only works that even have a sense of overlooking the times.
It is regrettable that there is no rerun.

It is wonderful to describe the flow of "Eternal One Second" (Stephanie) used as the ending theme song from the billions of years past, contemporary and future continuing with the work.
It is a good song so that it can pass as POPS very normally.

2006/04/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
Anime other than Tezuka, the only one on television on 24 hours (I think it was).
However, I did not know what he wanted to say even though he had little salvation, including the original.
Should it be the pioneer of nanomachines that human beings are returned from inside to non-organisms by machines?
And it is not possible to stop the invasion after all, the giant mechanic of the original fight goes on with making the stars of the hero unreasonable ... ....
I wonder if I wanted to draw a warning bell for civilization.
If so, I think there are many other works to watch.

2004/01/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10364 Host:10467 Browser: 4924
Even in the distant past, even today the universe where we live today, there was only a mass of energy in the absence world, even when there was no light, heat or sound when it was not there.
Energy has begun to transform into quantity.
It is a phenomenon called "big bang" in the later world ... time and space were born in this way.
Gas expanding from the past to the future Space of hydrogen atom spreading in the vast universe grew to the nebula eventually ...

"Andromeda" like a faint light stain floating in the night sky
The Andromeda Nebula looking up tonight is far away 2,200,000 years ago ...

--- far away from 2.2 million light-years, Andromeda Nebula. It was a star and I was about to get a wedding.
The cosmorralian royal family of the planet Asturias, the beautiful princess of the Ayodogya royal family, Lilya came into marriage.
The planet seemed to flourish and peacefully without any problems!
The original is by Mitsuo Ritsume, Keiko Takegiya Comics that was published by Asahi Sonorama published by Sonorama depicting the legend of the grand universe !!

"ANDROMEDA STORIES" (Andromeda Stories) (1982)

Staff Production: Tomonori Imada Project: Takehiko Yoshikawa (Nippon TV), Tadahiko Tsuzuki (Nippon TV)
Producer: Toru Horikoshi (Nippon TV), Tamiya Takeshi (Toei Animation)
Original: Mitsuru Ritsu, Keiko Takeyami (published in Asahi Sonorama published duo)
Screenplay: Tsujin Shinbun Director: Masamitsu Sasaki Artist Director: Shigetaka Shizuya Art: Tanaka Takayuki Special Effect: Kawachi Shinya Shooting Chief: Sato Ryuro Editing: Yoshika Yoshikawa Music: Yuji Ono

Theme Song "Eternal One Second"
Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa Composition: Yuji Ohno Uta: STEVANY Stephanie (Vap Record)

Producer: Kiyoshi Ohno Production: Nippon TV, Toei
(C) 1982 Toei

The appearance of voice Jimsa: Toru Furuya Akira Fujita Ikka Mikio Inoue Lilia: Ueda Miyuki Benesse: Sugiyama Kakeko Barga: Keiichi Noda Kuff: Shinoda Hideki Arc: Kanji Shiozawa Boyhood of Chiyosa Kijima: Godai: Kishino Kazuhiko Aso Mikihiko Aso Mikioka Masaki Aso Masaki Aso Masaki Yoda Godem Masashi Sato Merchant: Makoto Terada Maiden: Tsushima Muho 〓〓〓 Tsushima Yuko 〓〓〓 Takagi Yuriko 〓〓〓 Izuka Harumi Female Narrator: Nakano Seiko Milan: Nozawa Nachi Mother Machine : Masuyama Eiko Narration: Yoshio Kanai

Cooperation: Blue 2 Pro

Just like music Odo Yuji, I feel stylish like a red lupine version "New Lupine The Third" or "Captain Future"
It was a grand scale of the original poems and it had a strong image that was not quite a serious story, but was it suppressed to make the story too dark too much for that? Because of a sound like saxophone There is no complaints about the sound of Yuji Ohno who makes the atmosphere of adults drift?
Although the content is SF, it is a big sci-fi story, but did you feel like Genesis and religious color were extensively pushed hard in the front?

Planetary Astrias Cosmoraria Teikoku At Altair Castle,
The wedding ceremony of Astral Tata III Itaka (Inoue Makio) and Queen Lilia (Miyuki Ueda) was held and it was blessed with the city of Alan Shan and the city was surrounded with a roar.
However, the story is a change when a huge mother computer, built into the program to arrive at the planet, has made it to kill humanity.
The child born on the red sandstorm day becomes the sun and will be the savior to save the latter people As I tell you from the Queen Lilia a child is born on the day of a red sandstorm But the twins are born Jimsa (boys) alone grew up in the castle,
The other person Ahuru (girls) is entrusted to the swordsmen Varga (Keiichi Noda) from the hand of the nanny, and it follows a completely different course.
People like Ikka Shinobi received baptism of the machines, are mind-controlled like they are, and they are controlled from the inside to the mackerel.
Older brother of Princess Lilia (Miyuki Ueda), Prince Ayodhoya Prince Milan (Nozomu Nozawa) and nanny also fell into hands one after another,
Only Princess Lilia and Prince Jimsa (male) will remain, then Mother and Child Lilia and Jimsa will endure tolerated and grow strongly in other places far away from the city of Alan Shan ....

--- Leaving now The Mother Star fell into the hands of the enemy (machine) in the 150 th century, wandered through the dark universe for the thirtieth century, finally arrived at the comforting star planet Asturias.
Murat 's blood - catching machine can not be controlled by the birth - in - a - bat King of the Sun King Jimsa, placing an axis, overwhelming, aiming at machines and mother computers Cuff.
Jimsa got the machine of the machine called Ark and Beth coming from other planets on the way, but Mr. Old Mr. Cuff who hated the family comer more than necessary by being a machine.
The reason why I hate it more than necessary is to let people who ordered Mr. Ozu Kuff to machine (mother computer) before the transfer to the present planet Asturias using the asteroid Xylocopa (Temporary Immigration vessel) still shining now And to change all human beings to kikai in order to get rid of human squeal.
(The age of the old masters Kuff is unknown, do you wonder thousands, many thousands of years to live?

In the end human being refused to receive control of the machine, the old man Kufu at the final decision,
It crashed the asteroid Xylocopa, which was Muhlat 's rifle, to the planet Asturias and it hit Alan Shan.
Roddrian's warrior Il also (Fujita Yoshiko) Even though suicide bomb victims of the bad machine, the original mother computer machine,
At the end of the collision with the Muhlat Genghis Khan Asteroid, we will leave the planet from Asturias to the next planet.
The sun king Jimsa and the Azur Twins depart from the planet Astaurius and arrive at a new star (Earth (Terra)) ....

"This is a long time ago, a story of a distant star"
"... and the story of the seedling of life that continues to live on this planet Earth"

2003/11/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10672 Host:10759 Browser: 3646
This too does not re-air. After all, is it because it was broadcasted on a 24-hour TV?
Keiko Takenemiya, well, SF is also drawn. (And I think that it is hit as it is.) I forgot the name of the character, but a woman who was a Cyborg (who was?) Warrior, who faced the machine's army (?) By himself I was sorry ...