[Anime]Andersen Monogatari

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Mushi Production Sugiyama taku Kanda Takeyuki
H.C.Andersen Tsunehisa Ito Yoshiaki Yoshida Shunichi Yukimuro
Hata Masami Shuichi Seki
Seiichiro Uno
Eiko Masuyama
Yasuo Yamada
Masashi Amemori Masako Nozawa Mahito Tsujimura Yoneko Matsukane Yoshiko Yamamoto Michiko Hirai Akio Nojima Keiko Tomochika Kazuko Sawada Yoshiko Ota Makio Inoue Ichiro Nagai
Japan Released:1971/01/03(Sun) Fuji Television Network, Inc. / End:1971/12/26
Ending movie (2)
ending キャンティのうた
Song:Eiko Masuyama
Lyrics:Hisasi Inoue Morihisa Yamamoto
Compose:Seiichiro Uno [Fan reg.]
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2013/01/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17105 Host:17264 Browser: 4891
This "Andersen Monogatari" has the same name as the movie version produced by Toei Animation, but this is an animated TV version produced by Mushi Productions and broadcasted in Fuji TV series in 1971.
At that time it was quite popular, and I was enjoying it in real time during junior high school days.
Personally I think that domestic animation in this field is a masterpiece that falls into three fingers, but there is not much to be looked after now, compared to "world masterpiece theater" or "comic world world long long time ago" etc., truly inconvenient Works.
It is a work that hits the ancestors such as "Heidi" and "Flanders" as the flow of the program.

This work is literally an animated version of Andersen's fairy tale, which is a little strange development that fairies like "koa" and "zukko" introduce works as navigators.

At the same time, these two people (animals?),

"To enter the Magical College of the Magical Country Sidhe Chianti, I had to collect 100 Magical Cards. Magic cards are cards that appear everywhere every single good deed. Chianti appears in the world of Andersen's story with accompaniment of Zukko and begins searching for opportunities to do something good. Will Chianti and Zukko be able to collect 100 cards? "

A side story was also organized, and the story of that story also progresses before and after the main story, but it was in a way not to disturb the story of the main story itself.
By the way, this final story is a "Match Selling Girl", and there is a memory that there was a nice ending in the side story of "Chianti" and "Zukko".
In addition to famous stories such as "Toronto Princess", some work that I do not know is not familiar with Andersen's fairy tale, it also appeared, which was interesting in this.

Ending's "Chianti no Uto" and "Sukko no Uta" are contrasting impressions on alternate on air for a week.
The development of recently delivered videos is sometimes trembling so much as to tremble on songs and screens, but when I heard it for the first time in 40 years, I felt nostalgic and trembling really came .
Especially when this "Chianti no Uta" flows after the story of the impressed thing, the impression of the impression really passed through my heart.
Also, 〓〓〓'Zukko no Uta' 〓〓〓SUKKO 〓〓〓SUKO 〓〓〓SUKO 〓〓〓SUKO 〓〓〓SUKO 〓〓〓SUKKO 〓〓〓's rhythm picking was prevalent among elementary school students at the time.

"Destruction of the journey." "Very incredible things." "Angel and Mitsubachi." As Andersen, such as Psyche, there are many minor works, but the character of the boy and girls appearing is cute So, I can return to my childhood again, and I can also enjoy the performance of voice actors at the time, such as Nozawa Masako, Yamamoto Keiko, Yamamoto Yoshiko, and so on at the time.
It is really sad that this kind of animation has disappeared from broadcasting media now.

..... Although this work was popular at that time, but because of the old work there was no evaluation board for a long time, I was feeling lonely.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to a certain analyst who worked for the proposal 〓〓〓approval.

2013/01/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8623 Host:8584 Browser: 9466
Fantasy animation program aired in 1971. The magical country 's fairy' Chianti '' s dream is to enter the Magical College. For that, 101 cards must be gathered to make a good thing. `Chianti 'is running around Anderson' s world with his younger brother 'Zukko'.

Hans known for drawing a number of fairy tales in the 18th century.This work was an animation of Christian Andersen's work, and it is the first work of "Calpis world masterpiece anime theater". Whether it was adapted to the animation movie released in 1968, this work has also been finished in a musical development.

The story is that the two fairies called 'Chianti' and 'Zukko' appeared in the whole story with the role of Kyoushi and strive to make the main character of the story happy, developing in the story to maneuver So, because they were Charlan Polan at Doshi, they remember that the heroes were like being kept being swayed around. However, it seems that, in general, it seems that a strong original fairy tale with a dark image was seen in a bright development. Moreover, it felt like a glimpse of the fantastic world view overall. "Son of the Ugly Duck" "Thumbelina". "Mermaid Princess" "Red Shoes" "King of Naka". "Lead soldiers". "Famous selling girls" etc. Not only famous works but also much knowledge It was well drawn to unknown works that were not being done and it was nice to make a feeling that dreams and hopes overflowed while intertwining pleasant fantasy scenes with pleasurable melody like melodies.

As this work is wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere and I think that it is a work well done as a fun dreamy story, the evaluation is [very good]. Even if famous and unknown, the work introduced in this work is only part of Anderson's 150 work, but I could see the Andersen's worldview well. It is regretful that there are not works in such a fantasy and fancy world view in recent years.