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Tomoki Kobayashi
Noboru Kimura Toko Machida
Hiroaki Goda
Kisai Takayama
Takahasi Maho
Satoki Iida
Maeno Tomoaki
Kaori Nazuka
Ryoko Sinntani
Rina Satou
Hiromi Konno
Shizuka Ito
Kana Asumi
Takuma Terashima
Japan Released:2012/01/06(Fri) 01:55-02:25 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. TV / End:2012/03/30
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1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/amagami/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. http://twitter.com/amagami_ouen
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Check my soulCheck my soul
Song:Azusa Lyrics:Azusa Compose:Azusa Arrange:Azusa [Fan reg.]
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2016/08/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 861 Host:586 Browser: 5171
Since I looked back to the direction of the second term at the beginning of the review of the first term during this period,
I would also like to comment on those in the second term.

First of all, as a rough impression of this work, it is not different from the time of the first term in particular,
The fun of the interaction between Junichi and the heroines was also alive in the second term of this time and I was able to continue enjoying the previous work,
Even so, it will be reworked but the charm of this work stands out with the fun of Junichi 's character,
It makes me feel that the charm of the heroines is drawn out to that Junichi character.

Also, as for the second term of this time, if you give a personal impression,
The episode of Mr. Ayatsuji's student council election was the most interesting in the story,
In addition, in terms of the destructive power of situations the scene of Nanakisa's belly pillow is intense,
As in the case of the first term, as personal preference, eyes will go to Mr. Ayatsuji and two people of Shichisaki.

As for the second term of this time as for other things afterwards it is regrettable at the time of the first term but unfortunately it is not connected with Junichi Rihoko who received unfair treatment only among heroines,
In the second term of this time it was finally a result that was connected with Junichi and it was a feeling that it was able to pick up the incomplete in the first term.

2016/07/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1320 Host:1065 Browser: 4701
It became a story of the original animation, because the constraints such as circumstances of the scale disappeared or the fun of the story dramatically improved from the previous work

Personally, if it was something other than the last round, Sakurai 's round was the most interesting as it was unfavorable in the previous work (it seems), but the last round was fun anyway and it was always fun, but Mr. Uesaki And Mr. Tanaka's person's story was particularly fun w
Mr. Kurosawa could also make it a little better, but it was better, but well Well it's a luxurious desire

It is short and you can see it at a good tempo, and it is also a good point that someone who wants to watch later as well as me can see it little by little by renting, etc.

Evaluation seems to be a little pretty though it knows a very good original work or a previous work but it seems to be a bit of a pretinent feeling, but it seems that there are quite a few of those people,

2015/12/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2209 Host:2016 Browser: 4699
It was ruined by severe drawing and alteration (especially Rikozo. Nanakisa) Unlike the one period almost unlike the original one I can not draw the after-story in the original well Skilled 1 st 3 episodes for experienced original creator. If you only look at LOL scene and only two periods

2015/10/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47101 Host:46879 Browser: 5779
A sequel to Amagami SS. This time it is 1 cool so we have 2 episodes per heroine.
Basically it depicts the episode since the hero and the heroine were tied in the continuation of the previous work.

[good point]
This episode is almost the only episode since almost everyone has already become a lover relationship with the main character this time. I do not think there's more to it than there was before (laugh) I do not need it inside! I love to make you think. The heroines of Deleedere are much more cute than the previous work.
Sakurai is the heterogeneity among them. Only this girl was finished without being a lover in the previous work, so it will be finally tied with this sequel. The fact that this story was used only until this daughter was tied is ... so much that Sakurai's route has become a nice love story that can be seen normally.

[Bad point]
Lost of the story. It conflicts with what I gave in a good point, but indeed this was ... a little m. For example, Sora Morishima's story was too old last time and cold sprains frightened the spine. Even though I did not draw until I knew how to tie it ... I think that I did not manage anything.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Would not it be fun if you could enjoy the previous work?
The final story is a story that goes to hot springs certainly a heroine is an array. This song was the most interesting to say something like - (laugh)

2015/07/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Sequel of SS. I have drawn after that. Short more than SS.

By the time SS is going to work, this work talks after having dated.

What I am doing is basically the same as SS, so I think whether the fans can see it again.

On the other hand, it lacks freshness.

Especially, there is no deteriorated part and it is the same evaluation as SS, but it becomes harder as much as freshness disappears.

2015/01/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4814 Host:4576 Browser: 10092
[Comprehensive evaluation]
The drawing is beautiful not to be different from the previous work,
The theme song is also good songs,
Each heroine scenario is well structured and you can see with confidence.

Overall was good.

2014/12/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1541 Host:1272 Browser: 8937
This work is a sequel from the first term, the content of the story is a drawing of a later talk of each heroine route in the first term

Each heroine in the 1st term was a development to finish after all the basic relationship became lover relationship, but I think that it is the most important feature in the second term, that it is a different way of closing For example, in the first period of the previous work, the main In the heroine team, Yujiji, who was the leader in the leading role at the very end, was a child ED in the first term (a later talk ED after giving birth to a daughter)
In this work, it was the way to tighten the relation of purely love relationships in the leading role at the very beginning, and Rikozo who did not become a lover relationship in the first period of the previous work is the official lover ED in this work In addition, concerning Saji, it was a child ED who gave two children, so it was a feature that I said so

As I mentioned earlier in the evaluation of the first term, I felt that I watched this work, I think that "I draw the charm and goodness of each heroine very carefully" ,
As for the work as well, the depiction of each heroine was very polite and in the previous work each heroine leading role was four times,
Although it decreased to twice that half in this work, I think that it was good in general, and as with the previous work, it does not simply spawn on each heroine,
Personally, I think that the story of each heroine who thought that "goodness in the true meaning" was very well sketchable was ordinary good, and even in each heroin leading role, Each content is different,
Because everyone is a unique heroine, I think that I was able to make use of its taste very well

However, although I mentioned it in the previous work, the biggest problem of this work is that "the main character is too much kudzu"
The scene where the original is in contact with each female character with sexual elegance of the hero of the pure love gyaruge was also irritated considerably even in this work For example, even though it became love relationship with her at the ayuji main character round Nevertheless, it was scarcely enough to stretch under the super nose,
Although the scene of fighting was seen also in Kaoru protagonist times, the poor character of Koitsu was fully drawn, and as a hero I think that it is not anything other than a scum,
As usual, when touching a female character, except for the basic face, I was only watching "chest, legs, knees, buttocks", so it was a really rotten hero. Even in my previous work, I complained about bitches about coix sparingly, but this work The first war criminal who lowered the quality as a work of art is definitely a guite,
Deployment that demands a transformation play for each heroine is really frustrating (It is a sexual explosion for each heroine, so it is totally unfamiliar, so it is fucking)
Regarding here, I mentioned it a bit in the previous work, but I think that it was better to have made an animation in which a man does not appear,
Even if the scenario is good, as a love comedy, it's not fun at all, so there was also a problem

In the animation work which I watched collectively this time, I watched "Kimi Kiss" of the previous work of this work,
Although compared with the original work, although this work has been greatly modified, I personally think that it was done very well as "Love comedy" work,
Regardless of the character of the main character, unlike the main character of this work, never exploding sexuality, consideration for each heroine was seriously seen,
With that in mind, I think that the work of this work was overwhelmingly favorable with respect to the scenario aspect

However, in terms of "drawing the heroines attractively", this work was overwhelmingly better for this work For example, as one of the good points of this work, "There is no air heroine (everyone has many turns) "There is no preferential treatment, heroine being cold-favored, everyone is treated equally"
As in the previous work, as for the depiction of each heroine also in this work, it can be said that the balance was very good,
Regarding each heroine team, because everyone is a way to grasp their happiness, it does not happen that "I do not agree with the development" or such impression, but the point that "depictions of heroines are good" , "Kimi Kiss" is also the same, everyone played as a very good role and character,
The part which was useless in this work, such as a character that boosts the relationship and a depiction of the mental change of psychological change to like the heroes, was very polite,
In short, what you can talk about both works is "If you split by 2, it will be the best work" (both pros and cons are mutually opposite)

Although it is above, this work has also mentioned in the previous work, but regarding the depiction of "the process until the hero and the heroine are tied up" it is usually terrible,
As a "love comedon" I usually think that it is nothing but a kimono but in purely, I think that it was very good as "an educational institution based on a school" as the previous work originally, "kimi kiss" I can say the same thing, but at the stage before viewing, I did not like each heroine at all,
After opening the lid, it was very good and I think both works were very good works. After all, in this cartoon's gallery animation, "Draw each heroine attractively" or " Besides drawing each scenario of each heroine attractive,
Although I do not have specification of evaluation, I think that this work was exactly the former, and conversely, regarding "kimi kiss", I thought that it was excellent for the latter, so I watch both works Even though I did not get tired of it at all, if I had the opportunity, I would definitely want to try again

Afterwards it is an aside from cooks ... In the last time, regarding a "character of Ayatsuji", I complained somewhat,
Unlike the previous work, the leading role is the first in the main heroine this time, unlike in the previous work Originally personally, "Sorry system heroine" is very tiring with me, so personally, super It's a nasty type,
Among them, "the personality is the worst" is an ordinary pass as myself

But ... this girlfriend is a heroine that "other than the leading role is fascinating felt normally" ... w

She seems to be super clear, looks serious and gentle, in fact, it is super sucking woman, it is a bitch that kisses with the main character in a way that is unimportant, that is, a typical, "sorry system heroine" It is a symbol of this, but she ... After finishing his own leading role since then, a very good aura was drifting,
After all, this girl is not a "bench warmer", but I thought that "people who are not in the field feel attractive" w (personally)
Indeed, in the previous work, I felt very charming till this girlfriend's turn came, and even in this work, I felt very good after the end of her leading role, so with regard to this girl Is an impression that "Supporting person is better" w (But, at some point, her leading role itself is ordinary funny content ...)

2014/02/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7936 Host:7824 Browser: 7897
I have watched anime 1st period. Original and unplayed.

I think that this work can not be enjoyed without watching the first phase of animation.
It is a work that drew a talk after the heroine.

I think that it is becoming an irresistible content for fans because there are few works to talk about at a later date.

Finally I think that it was good to be able to be connected with Riko. Because I was sorry for the treatment in 1st term.

Eh, chan 's character is the best. I am happy that I got married and becoming a good wife. It is a woman image I want you to be in three dimensions.

My sister Miya lets me spice as well, so it is a good character.
Although it is a bit regretful that the hero is a pervert or a heret.

After all, the heroine which was compacted with luxurious voice actors was a directive which there was only a wonderful thing.

2013/03/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6889 Host:6895 Browser: 10239
The original is unplayed.
I have watched one period.

[good point]
The spirit of fan service is robust.
Maintain the atmosphere of the first term.
Good tempo.

[Bad point]
The contents are DVD privilege level.
Unlike the first term, I did not make use of omnibus format.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I recommend you to go through through the first term, but I think that this is a scenario of your favorite heroine.
Because we only had two stories per person, I felt the story cramped.
It was a consultation at a later date in one period, but then it was good that the relaxing work was done. Most scenarios are busy because they are trying to establish an entrance consolidation with two episodes. I do not think he is happy.
Especially I think that the heroine who drew after in one term was difficult to handle, but I feel that I managed somehow.
I wonder if you liked the one term one ....
There are people worth watching, looking at one term and liking it. People who are delicate in one period are fine without seeing it.

2013/01/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2749 Host:2629 Browser: 11128
I feel painting talks at a later date in the first term.
Even though it was successfully connected in the first term, who gets it after being shown afterwards.
I'm funny to be tied up with love comedes.

TBS is working hard on animation, so it seems like I made a sequel with gorch pushing.

2012/07/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9331 Host:9353 Browser: 5092
[good point]
It is an animation based on such an romantic ADV Although the process until dating is drawn, although it is in the original although it is with the individual character from association, since there are many things that can not be drawn to an animation when it comes to animation It makes me happy that I got such a request this time.

As well as in the first term, Sae Hen can laugh thanks to George appropriately and have a growth factor so that it can be enjoyed steadily, the costume is too cute and cheapest. Until a kid .. Fluffy preferential treatment is over.

Morijima ed. As usual the amazing natural approach is alive, graduation confession was also good. Just though I did not put out Jessica, I felt a sense of rest.

[Bad point]
Overall I was not saying that it was such a foolish thing that I was asking too much.
Tannenkachi edition which was the most vocabulous full opening is not related to families and parent-child problems with original development which has little relevance to characters like the one term and so on. Just Amagami evaluates only the place where he broke away the fixed concept that he thought that he would not step out of that city by going out by bus. It was not a world like '13F' that was nice!

Ayatsuji asked me to talk like something reconciled with my older sister than the election where the answer is visible. Mr. Kurosawa may well dig down if you do it.
Although Sakurai 's edition finally got a good kiss, bad treatment is still the same. Although there are lots of interesting and erotic stories in the original, the staff is also a grudge against Rikozo. The person who confessed to see this story happened to be a good-looking person by chance, but Rikozo is dangerous when it is pressed to be persistently urged, so if you marry Rikozo absolutely I will not let you out of the house!
Like the first season the Netshibaki has no fresh taste due to the collection of the main volume and the fan disk story.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well. If you talk about not being a poison or a medicine like this if you talk about it like this, if you talk about not being a poison or a medicine like this, why Amagami kindly got to talk with the teacher of the theater or who talked about picking up a sub character in something unremarkable with this story Wonder if it was good, I wanted to see Kurosawa ed. I can not imagine the best after all I can not imagine Kisaki Kusa edition is too regrettable because it seems to be able to make a very grinny story, the last one is the bathroom is good so I use the remaining one in Uesaki Main I wanted you.
Or it is also a development of Chuma, but it is also a development of Chuma, but I'm glad even if I'm all in the main six people who did not talk together in the main story or the original, honestly I just imagined "6 Santa" laughed to the highest I was satisfied with it.
To conclude, the story of Ch〓〓ata and the drama CD after the main characters of each character was high in completeness and inferior.

2012/05/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3721 Host:3759 Browser: 4895
A sequel rather than a sequel to the previous work.
To be honest, there was quite a strict thing about a story just by talking at a later date.
There was a difference in entertainment in the story, there were a few subtle stories.
It was a fan service-like work.

2012/05/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10844 Host:10696 Browser: 5378
[good point]
Later on

[Bad point]
Short: I do not think something different will be done so long ago

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The previous work had the difference of whether it likes or does not like whether it is made for each viewing episode individually Personally I enjoyed Tanelomachi the most

2012/04/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16070 Host:16062 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Personally I love love works like falling in love until being tied, so after starting the story I did not get interested so much, so I started watching while thinking about it, Compared to the previous term, the first one was funny and the hero's transformation acts were also fading, and I thought that it was impossible because the charm and impact of this work was lacking.

However, as usual it has been as good as girls' lines and depictions and personalities, and gradually became felt fun and it may be because it was a person's favorite character, but Tanemachi and Senpai's It was good that it was good.

My seniors were truly interesting and cute at the ends of the lines, and since they know that they are not trying to target them, it is good not to be amenable as scenes and sweet scenes or scenes are sweet and it looks like it, that kind of thing I thought that it would be like a character that likes a man.
It was nice to see the perfection of a beautiful woman and missing it.

The relationship with Tanagachi is the best in nature and the two are flirting without worrying about the surrounding eyes but it is not even trying to aim it either but it is a sticky tendency in love affair and coldness It was good that I personally did not feel it.
There are characters in Tanagawacho, but there is nothing to make, looking up or flattering, it is refreshing, I mean being obediently or being in that way I mean a certain place on a prolonged line of friendship was good.
It was easy to see because I was looking at relationships that I care about or there is no back side.

At the end, the desire of the hero was released and good punch was attached as a work as that time and also as a work.

2012/04/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31695 Host:31858 Browser: 11702
Continuing from Season 1 "Amagami SS", it is an evaluation as Season 2.
Several heroines came out in the previous work, but it is "After that it was like this and it was a Happy Happy ending."

Well it will be such a thing.
Mr. Morishima senpai's story was a bit better but the other was normal.
Those who have not seen Season 1 can not understand, so please look at "Amagami SS" first.

Evaluation is "normal".

2012/04/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12744 Host:12668 Browser: 9671
It is based on last time

[good point]
Theme song Character talking drawing Erotic peculiarity

[Bad point]
Not particularly

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was fun to be seen as well as the first term, and the erotic eroticism and the unique eronori of a pervert gentleman were also good.

Personally, I thought that there should be an episode of Hibikou-sen or Maiya sensea with OVA or something (laugh)

The order in which it was fun personally

Kaoru, Ayatsuji, Morishima Senpai, Miya, Rihoko, Nanasaki, Tae-chan ... Well everything was funny though.

And Morishima senior editor, Morijima senpai's jump at the time of answer I thought it was amazing. (Lol)

2012/04/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19734 Browser: 7726(Mobile)
After one period viewing, it is a person who has already played the original work.

People who played the original game, but who have not seen the first term yet, please watch people who first touched the work "Amagami" from the first term.

Rather than being an original fan, it is a work for one-time animation fans, so please be careful.

Hentai gentleman boys high school student Junichi Tachibana. Unfortunately it is a compilation of omnibus style love comedy that depicts interactions with heroines who have liked him like this, complementing and sequeling the first stage of animation.

First of all the tempo is good. The tempo was better than the first term, and almost none were seen.

As a bad thing, unlike the first term in which the scenarios with the heroines were emphasized, the point is that the story has a little character emphasis and has characters. However, I think that I do not mind that much.

Then after all ... Riko Ko ed.
There was also a problem of catching up with other heroines and there was a problem of not catching up and it was difficult because there was also a trade-off with one term, but I wonder if I managed to manage a bit more ....
Although I pointed out even in the evaluation of one term, it seems that it is not sticking unlike other heroines, but the attraction and events that Rikozo had inherently have been omitted and it was not depicted in the second term It was just a frustrating thing that there was not much change even in this one work.

Evaluation is ......... "Normal".

I like Risoiko. I love it.

However, I did not desire such a thing, such as to give preferential treatment to other heroines specially, I wanted to draw her as she was. On the contrary why it was unfaithful so far is really disappointing and unavoidable.

... I think it was fun as normal as a love comedy work.
People who are interested please come from one term.

2012/04/04 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31695 Host:31858 Browser: 11293
Continuing from Season 1 "Amagami SS", it is a comment as Season 2.

The sudden opening is quite a thing.
Whatever you look at is Bukho's bathroom.

As I skipped 25 and 26 episodes, I think that it is good to have a natural connection simply by changing the scene from the ending of 24 episodes.
Is Mr. Ayatsuji as the main heroine?

I will evaluate when I have finished all the stories.

2012/04/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21186 Host:21067 Browser: 10809
The previous work "Amagami SS" has been viewed.
As with the previous work, I am drawing a subsequent talk to the omnibus format.

It is a happy ending that I have not to say any more.
However, it may become miserable for me to watch.
People who can not afford the mind may want to refrain from viewing.

Will "Photocano" be animated next time?

2012/04/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23642 Host:23621 Browser: 11259
This is two episodes per heroin, unlike the first term, for a total of six people, 24 episodes compos ... plus sister version 1 episode of this animation.
I enjoyed it for a long time ... but,
Somewhat disappointing feeling could not be wiped out if fun and something compared with the previous work.

Rather, was not it fun to do it in one period?
I thought.

Even so, in Riko Ko edited, Ringo Koi's love was settled,
"Narrator" in Saei editing gives a good taste,
In the younger sister edition, an abnormal situation occurs that the pervert gentleman becomes decent ... (Coracola) ...
Elements that I enjoy are many things.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Let's say [good].

2012/04/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13325 Host:13321 Browser: 5681
It is troublesome to write long, so short.
[Mr. Ayatsuji]
It felt like I brought the impact I had in the first term.
It may have been the most sexy in the second term.
I think that it was good, but I wanted you to make a bit more progress.
Personally I am looking forward because it is my favorite character fighting for the 1st and 2nd place with Amagami.
At the beginning I felt a bit nervous at the time I told you that that hot spring can not enter (laugh
Kaoru is No. 1 in the second term. It was nearly perfect.
There was almost no scene between the other heroin 's conversation and so on, and the impression that I saw the development of only the hero and heroine from the beginning.
The end was really impressive.
It was a very good time compared to 1st period.
It was embarrassing times looking overwhelmingly.
[Final episode]
Another wonderful final round in another sense.
Mr. Ayatsuji I'm showing everyone's face to the table face.
Taka If you are near this hot spring, I want to go every day.

I discussed with you very much the next day of the 1st session.

2012/04/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37115 Host:37356 Browser: 5941
Although it is inferior compared with Ayatsu-hen and good period 1, in spite of Yaji Yuji and Mr. Tachibana are good compatibility Sakurai compilation Good relationship has progressed but it is not good enough to blow away the first term of moyamoya, too Good Tempo and good Although it is also good, the lonesome Nanasaki is also cute Tanbare town story and a slapstick play not ashamed of the name of a good nuclear warhead. It was the most interesting Middle multi story Normal Tanchimachi editing is not in front of me Edited by a surprised Mikorijima edition and an embarrassing emperor who is good I woke up with Lovely and Jessica Hibiki senpai laughter I wrote a senpai External compilation It was a good fun, I wanted you to be stone edited

It was a bit disappointing at that point because I was listening to it sweetly
Thank you for doing the second term

2012/04/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1172 Host:959 Browser: 10132
Every heroine was really good.
Rikozo is somewhat anxious about the slow development.
Because the end of the second term of Rikozo is the same period as the end of one period of the other heroine.

This time the order of the heroin was opposite to 1st term except for part.
I thought that it was better for Ayatsuji this time as well, but at the moment I saw Mr. Morishima's story, I thought that this was the correct answer for this person at the end.
Well, Mr. Morishima senpai's end will be a little rude from other graduates (hi graduation ceremony because all the graduates are the main players.

I watched the favorite Kaoru that I liked most of the six people.
There was also a quarrel almost not seen in Amagami and I was excited about seeing it.
Well surely Kaoru is the only one among the six who can quarrel with Junichi.
Ayatsuji and Morishima seniors do not seem to be able to counterfeit Ji and Saiji and Rikozo are not qualified personality and because Nanaki is not impressed that they are likely to fight each other.
It was good to see valuable scenes.

The final story was enormously interesting.
Even though Taketomiya edited the story, all the female characters almost wanted to enter Tsukkom with the leading character.
Kaoru and Ayatsu, Mr. Tanaka and Stom child were not very much entangled and it was fresh and fun.

It was a work that was pleasant and watching with a cool summary.

2012/04/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4768 Host:4638 Browser: 4680
[good point]
There are few clear characters to sell as girl giggies and many girls are likely to be in various ways.
Each heroine has personality and pleasure.
A story with two stories.

[Bad point]
The animation itself is not more than the promotion of the heroine.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The two story configuration was very safe.
There are not too good parts, but there are also few bad parts.
Works that were aided by the heroines.

2012/03/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14773 Host:14697 Browser: 13199
Game unplayed.
I have watched 1 period.

[good point]
. Composition of 1 talk 2 episodes

[Bad point]
Not particularly

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The previous work evaluated the unique format which focused on each heroine and made it "good."

Although this work is the same form again as a day talk,
It was nice to be compact in two stories per person.
If this were two courses and it was four people per person again I think that it was rather painful.
I felt as if 2 episodes would be okay when I was a heroine who likes not much.

I enjoyed the last episode unexpectedly.
Since junior colleagues and senior pairs are often acting together from usual times, they were not fresh, but Kaoru and Mr. Kaoru had a lot of entanglements in usual times so I enjoyed it very much.
Also, it was fresh as there was a tangle with the other grade.

OPED is the best.

Evaluation is "good".

2012/03/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think that it was a lot of people 's impression that I wanted to start more because it is going to be the second term.

2012/03/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Comprehensive evaluation]

Works that responded to the desire to see "after" as a sequel.
So if you do not see one period fun will be halved.
There was also a complementary element of Riko Kozumi who had not been to the point of being the only one to go out with.

I think that it was made in accordance with the characteristics of each character neatly in such a face.

However, basically it is a 1st term after-story.
So I think that it is better to see from there first of all because these are "one thing happened".
Otherwise the fun of this work will be diminished.
I think that it was supposed to be content that you enjoyed as much as you were enjoying 1 period.

But ... I thought "Riko is cute" I could not ask until the end ... Have you had it?
It was regrettable just because it was a sentence that appeared frequently in the original work.

2012/03/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the first term I was concerned that the hero's transformation behavior and socializing opportunities were slightly strange due to repetition of the heroine change from the same prologue, and I thought that it was a bit strange, but I think that this work may surprisingly be a ryosaku I think that it was gathered up.

Firstly in this work we started with the continuation of the previous work from the place we go out, so it was easy to see that the act of attending was not repeated. Thanks to that, I enjoyed it because there were many variations in width.
Acting to measure the bust of the heroine is also a lover, so it seems that it is possible to think that hero can be thought because it is a story that can be done, and it was able to see with the natural flow.
Other than that, there were many episodes of founding festival and ordinary episodes, and it was also very good that we enjoyed it as a school work as usual.

Evaluation is "very good" and it was an ordinary school garden and it is great that the action was unexpectedly seen naturally because the hero is a lover as for this work.

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[good point]
Theme song Character talking drawing Erotic peculiarity

[Bad point]
Not particularly

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I say Rihoko edition to Ayatsuji-hen, or I saw him at a later date, but I think that it is interesting as in the first term.