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Mitsutaka Hirota
TMS Entertainment
Yuuichi Nakamura
Rina Endou
Saori Hayami
Haruka Tomatsu
Tomokazu Seki
Japan Released:2016/07/05(Tue) 01:05-01:35 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV
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2017/04/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28995 Host:29024 Browser: 4691
[good point]
A voice actor is luxurious
Theme Song
The rice seems to be okay.

[Bad point]
If it says so strongly the sales of the disc
〓〓〓〓〓〓object word of a child

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I am glad that it was heartwarming.

NHK should broadcast more such hidden ryosaki things.

2016/12/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 651 Host:271 Browser: 5171
Regarding this work, although there was a place which I was able to enjoy being able to wake up around the time in the beginning,
However, as I repeatedly watched and listened to this work,
Most of the composition pattern of this work talks after Tsumugi caused problems,
It is a one-sided pattern that the configuration after the problem of Tsumugi is a problem,
To be honest, I feel like I'm already getting bored of about the middle half,
There was no place where fun will be expanded repeatedly.
Although it is not a bad work, it was a feeling that I would be full by viewing it at least once in content.

2016/12/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7259 Host:7286 Browser: 5171
"Cooking is magical"
Although it is a worn-out expression, at the moment when you smile a child of bad mood and smell the taste and smell of what he ate casually,
It seems to me that cooking certainly has the power to make vivid recall of the memories that have been forgotten because of oblivion.

This is a daughter who has a bit of tantrums, in a nursery school there is something unpleasant, scolding and twisting the troubled situation,
Works with a desire to dissolve through cooking and deepen parent-child ties.
It is slightly different from edible education, it seems that it is aimed at meant to make a dish like to cook with children with parenting care.

Although I was watching with the front wing with sympathy & relaxing feeling, I felt a slight deviation from what I expected and what was drawn,
Although it is selfish expectation.
The impression that it is taken up is an impression such as streets all over the street related to child rearing, although the standard deployment is heavily used,
On the contrary, there was not a place where edges were effective until the main part of the dish, and it was something that I was watching and scarcely found.

What is drawn there is that the poor disadvantage father gradually improves, the child wants to use a kitchen knife,
I think that there were many things that were missing in the episode, to the extent of leaving easy work.
Also, the way parents and children depicted by fathers and young girls and the dishes therebetween are something that scales fall so much from the eye,
It was not such a thing as grown of what unique through cooking, it felt it was not attacking.

The dishes covered in the work were variously chosen for the reasons chosen, to whatever they did not understand why they chose this,
I think that I could not choose the one that is reasonably strongly drawn for the strict selection of 12 episodes.
I felt the density of the scenario felt to be thin, or whether it was a little thin.

Although this is only an arbitrary thought, from the catchphrase "Seeing when you eat" and the original feeling of banner advertisement,
I thought it was a more intense comedy colorful work,
Although heroine's birds were also quite interesting daughters, gluttony settings could not be expanded too much,
If you can blend these elements into a narrative and make it spicy like tightening up moist elements and warmth,
I think that I was given a change in the feeling of monotone.
Tsumugi with expressions eating delicious ecstasy is definitely cute, but at the end it feels like I gathered up with Ayatt with the cuteness of the child.

Among them, only one episode that seems to have embellished something hard to see, which is not obvious from the course of course,
It was a time focusing on the memory of the taste of 8 stories and 9 episodes.
The scene where the 5 - year - old pongee still eats a bitter dish like a squid and a taro cooked dish is delicious, I feel that what is behind it is what it is,
It made me feel deep feeling.
Taste differs widely among people, and it makes me aware of the fact that it receives strong experience from my childhood.

And a delicious awakening a warm memory, there is the power to keep it tied so that it can not be forgotten.
I myself have been doing such experiences over and over on such occasions as many times, and as soon as I took it, the taste of memories got back up,
Even if such power is a memory of a child, it does not change, no rather it will be shaken more strongly.
I will return to the first word, but I thought that the rice was magical.

But not only does it make me feel warm,
To the fact that memories sometimes cause things that can not be broken up and it also becomes a thing that afflicts young children,
In the following rounds it was even more impressed that the point of view gained.
Memory that is warm and painful, 'Taste of home' is the taste of mother 's rice, and her mother who has gone to the place where its memory can not reach is scrupulously scrupulous.

In the meantime, there was a problem and there was a slightly flowing work feeling,
A thick trunk that a child who lost such a mother recognizes the fact, understands and accepts it,
It is a feeling that the drama nature as child-raising story has raised several steps.
Although it would not be a big deal to present them separately, by linking to cooking and eating, you get the feel of body temperature,
I got enough power to come with a girl without children.

Perhaps the original author also thought about the episode considerably conscious of the taste memories as enhancing the drama nature associated with cooking.
Although I wanted about two more episodes of this kind of feeling to say luxury.
So the evaluation is "good".

Another thing later, I was watching even if I thought that the meaning of the title would be revealed by the last episode, but it seems that it did not come eventually.
It was a little worrisome that there were various kinds of forced push such as the language feeling including the title, the character deza of the pongee's hairstyle, and so on.
But it is not even minus, the sense of the original author is too unique.

2016/11/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23309 Host:23477 Browser: 7874
Original unread.

I thought whether it was cooking animation or huge love life thing, it was a heart - raising cartoon cartoon.
I think that it was good to proceed with a feeling of good feeling without packing special hard and negative elements.
Speaking of one pattern, it seems, but I felt a sense of speed at the speed of deployment by observing the composition of one dish at one episode.
When I was thinking about the environment of the hero and my daughter, it was a start from a situation where I feel quite severe even just looking at it,
Where I found myself aware of important things and made efforts in the early stages, I am very good at going in a good direction from there.

Although it is not bad at all, I do not think that the depiction of the dish itself is amazing compared to recent works,
The fineness of the cooking process and the reality of the recipe are outstanding (I am less than an amateur), the picture itself was not bothering me.
The meal scene was also easy, but it was easy to imagine that it would be delicious when considering the process and the backbone.
I feel that deliciousness can be drawn in parts other than the appearance and taste commentary.

Rabbit drops and I love you I feel the proximity of the theme around babe, but since the story is made specialized in the dietary life, making it together, or eating it, concentrating less conveniently I think that it was good to see and see.

[good point]
"You" is important, is not it?
The pictures and songs of the opening are wonderful atmosphere with excitement.
Setting of "Inuzuka Kohei". Apart from the affluence of affection and honesty, it is quite commonplace, but he wants to support himself.
I think that the depiction of "Inuzuka Tsumugi" was drawing childhood well. The voice actor seems to be a child role person, but it was natural and very good.
"Iida kota" cv Saori Hayami, normal feelings but emotional characters fits really well.

[Bad point]
School schedule with assistant teacher and students behind a school building with few passengers ... It is disgusting normally, is this setting important?
I am not a student but a graduate is safe.
I was concerned about the length of "Tsurugi" hair.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is an impression that it is too easy to understand children's complications or it is simpler and complicated if you make a little excuse,
There was a place I thought was enough to become personal.
Although it is a good story progression in general, it is not an extreme righteousness or standard bodymacies, and it is a work that I enjoyed seeing variously as a matter of course as a matter of fact.

2016/11/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11433 Host:11538 Browser: 8385
The only work in sync, which I have been looking forward to. It was disappointing that Macross 〓〓〓was losing.
The selling point is simple, tickling the small belly at midnight "meal neta", Tsurugi's "love life"
It is "parent-child love" of Inuzuka parent and child. Although there was an example of "belly belly Rhapsody" if it is only "meal neta", succeeded in obtaining the charm of one step higher by the positive element that Tsurugi truly deliciously eats.
What I'm sorry was that I made a feature of the characters as a whole (finally my mother appeared in the final story)
It will be that the broadcast has ended. Regarding Kotobuki, in particular, I doubt that an important episode that the knife is scary is not yet. Since it may be in the original, I should have talked in this term even if I change the number of stories.
On the other hand, Ikuzuka parents are given a necessary and sufficient description about Kuroko Inuzuka (such as whether Tsukushi understands the death of the mother or not, a subtle production, or aim for the reproduction of the taste of the Inuzuka family) I wonder if it focused on the point.
This work is basically "A part: Inuzuka parents' daily 〓〓〓this menu decision 〓〓〓B part: cooking + meal"
Since it is a repetition of the composition of the pure drama part, there is only half of one episode, and there must be the "reasoning" of the B part and the story linked to the whole story incorporated therein. This work is "tied"
Although there is one, it completes the minimal depiction of the main character with one course, I think that this was quite difficult.
However, if there was a second cooldown, it would be difficult to steer from here. It is because it seems impossible to depend on the material of "Inuzuka's, mother's taste". This point is interesting to see how the original is judged.
While thinking up to this point, I noticed that I was disappointed looking back on my own enjoyed.
Clearly I hate kids. It is not Masato Ibu. I wonder how many real and obedient children are like real thing like thunder. Children are much more troublesome and should be annoying. This work makes you forget it, letting you love the characters that extracted the lovefulness to be happy,
I wonder if it is a work like a drug. Although it is not limited to animation, it is a thing having such a property that it becomes much less if it is an entertainment work, but I am a bit sorry that I am not a married person easily enjoying this work.
But after all we hope for second term. Why do not you challenge more "shallow" time zones?

Aside: Actually, the name of the second child of "My usual colleague A" is "Tsurugi", so when I heard that "There is" there is such a story "?" Girls' school student "Do you want to have rice together You do not have any idea.
Do not break your dreams (tears).

2016/11/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23201 Host:23414 Browser: 4703
Parent-child love story.

When this voice is raised as a work that easily arranges elements that sell this work as gourmet, school girls, young girls,
It was going to say that what a bad thing was putting the elements that commercial writers could sell !! But as the number of stories advances it has become more difficult to defend.

Every time it was decided to make, the first half parent and child relationship, the second half, it was ordinary cuisine introduction with no particular ingenuity, so parents and children were good but others were shallow and the introduction of cooking was honestly boring.

2016/10/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21780 Host:21768 Browser: 7961
[good point]
A child draws its cuteness, stubbornness and well, well drawn. Since I think that the original is unread, I think how to compare it, but I think that everyday life with children is well drawn as "Yotsuba!" The main meal should be quite tasty.
[Bad point]
I wonder if there is anything special. Although there is a feeling that the setting is somewhat unreasonable, there is comic, there ...
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Simply looking at only the picture, although likes and dislikes seem to be divided, I do not go to the direction like kida-moe strangely, because I focus on everyday life with me and meal, I think that this simple pattern is a success . As an animation of this summer I personally would not be good to be able to compete between 1 and 2.

2016/10/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17046 Host:16982 Browser: 7511
It is a cooking series work.
From the title I thought it was a love comedy, but it was not the case.
It is a work that cooks from the beginning to the end and is similar to a work of a cooking system such as "Misayoshibo".
The only thing that was different was that the hero was a school teacher and cooked with the student.
The highlight of this work is that Endoru Riya who is the role of [Inuzuka Tsumugi] is 11 years old.
I seem to be active as a child, but I think that the voice actor is another thing.
I was surprised at the acting performance of a voice that is superior to the voice actor who is from the voice actor training center, with no acting completely incompatible.

I did not think that the content was so interesting with one pattern, but I think that her existence was great.
I think that the character's [Inuzuka Tsumugi] is also cute and I think that it had become an ordinary work without this role.
Evaluate the evaluation here and say it is [good].

2016/09/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2149 Host:2092 Browser: 7921
[good point]
Overall pretty atmosphere Quality of children's drawing is good Good overall quality is good delicious

[Bad point]
I am hungry

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that there are also people who think a lot like this though it is a bad part of the child's teacher and a teacher, but it eliminates all the troublesome things and depicts interaction with ideal fathers, daughters and students, and reality I think that it is a work that can be seen smoothly when it sees it as a far apart world.

Anyway cute ... Other than that ...

As evaluation, I will assume it is very good

2016/09/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2542 Host:2399 Browser: 9081
Original unread

Although appearance seems to be an animation of gourmet cartoons, in fact the growth of children and the growing story as a father accompanying it.

The fairness of the hero who lost his wife early is also busy and is struggling to make him eat delicious rice for the purpose of going to a small school girl who happens to know, while being given only a meal that can be used for his beloved daughter It is basic, but it does not become an expansion that the dish solves things, as in other gourmet manga. Problems often occur in the tsunami, but because it is an expansion that resolves in another way and enjoys cooking, searching for similar works is "Lucky graffiti". However, there is more sharpness in the story development than "Fortune".

The main feature of this work is the depiction of the heroine (?) Kindergarten child Tsuneshi, although the depiction of girls usually tends to be bruised, basically it has been eliminated and it seems obediently lovely There. You will feel that the viewer "did it myself" or "the kid is doing it", such as kneading the body with full power, carefully dividing finely chopped peppers from the whole carefully. A small child can not obediently hear what parents say, and in a small world it cares about his father who caught a cold and wants to seek help outside but finally I found out because my parents were worried about it Sometimes when each other's thoughts collide, a collision of emotions arises, that way of drawing is really outstanding, making emotional transfer easier from viewer's past experience. I do not deny that children are innocent, but at the same time they also have poison parts, which is why even in a kindergarten world of only about 5 years old, they are greatly hurt from a bit of things. It depicts not only the light part but also the dark part, it is deep.

The fairness of his father is a depiction with a preparedness to raise affection for Tsurugi, but it can not be ruled out, but minus the fact that the existence value of other characters is not clear yet. Of these, dishes are disadvantageous Fairly taught (learn together) characters are necessary, so the position of the little bird is necessary, but this is not necessary to be a high school student who is fair and does not produce unnaturalness In order to do so, I think it was better for a character with a slightly older age, for example, to have brought around the same high school teacher group. In this work, things like overcoming the trauma of the birds and pale romance are also drawn, but this should have been possible without having to set up a high school student.

In addition, the nursery school character in the kindergarten where Tsumugi goes through uses Mikio, Hana, Yuuka, and so on, not to be strange and has a usual name and can be likable. It would have been disappointed when this became "Kirara, Juu, Takaga".

2016/09/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28439 Host:28549 Browser: 5171
A story about making cooking with a high school teacher and his daughter's kindergarten child and a girls student It is not a moral content such as leaving common foods eaten frequently and taking more vegetables as it is in the story of this hand Three people are amateurs because the dishes at the beginning are somewhat unsuccessful, but the cuisions made with waiwai are fun, but even if they make a mistake it is also a funny seasoning and appears in the middle of the inn collar Teacher 's friend Yagi and Iida Kobato' s close friend Tsunobu Shika join in and it is getting more lively

This amateur got together and the nutritional balance is not a stubborn content such as how to eat It is a place where I failed to make something I like to eat as it is and it was also very fun with this uncompromising content such as Ikkon and this impressed character design It seems like this animation viewing ratio seems to be good but it can be watched with a calm feeling, but it is finished as an animation that has no places like being criticized for being convinced or criticized

Requests from Tsurumi roughly came out of the dishes to make, we refer to the recipe made by the mother of cooking researcher's bird, and the dish to make it is Inuzuku Tsunegi with sweets such as donut and crepe and home cooking Even participating in cooking with a teacher helping or tasty become dancing or something you treat as a customer Sharing the role 3 to 5 cuisine made by a family company is not noisy Watching with lively vibrancy becomes a heartwarming

Still little young kindergarten do not miss a mother's thing without saying a selfishly and I do not know well the reason why it is good to distinguish between me and Iida birds and I do not understand well how to cook together, and I will go out with my girlfriend at work And somewhere around there are good things like creative things so sometimes Tsugumi's selfish comes out (When Mr. Inuzuka gets down due to overwork, I go out alone. The outside world seen from kindergarten children is like a big adventure I felt like I was having a fight with Mr. Inuzuka later) etc became a good accent)

There is not a sharp point like anime, lightning which will make you feel very relaxed without looking bad and feeling unpleasant

2016/09/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27431 Host:27626 Browser: 4693
Since we saw the last episode, the comment was corrected to final evaluation.

[good point]
Basically, because it is a story to eat friendly rice, there is a part seen as a healing system.
The young girl voice actor was pretty good.

[Bad point] When listing it, "One word that there is no reality anyway"
"Yamaha high school teacher and daughter of kindergarten child, evening meal at school girls high school student"
The flow until bringing into force setting is pushy. In this area, we should make use of directing that makes it more naturally convincing.
Kindergarten child, appearance and behavior of Tsumugi are not consistent with circumstances, age. Although there is no romance in Loli,
Child healing is aimed at lacking reality. The long hair up to the waist is a level that does not cut even if it is a 4 year old child, and still doubts whether it will extend to that length. On the contrary, if the age of the swelling is high,
More conversation and understanding should be advanced. With that long hair, everyday I am struggling with care of meals,
Washing hair drying is a considerable trouble. If you are an ordinary father 's family, you will short - circuit.
Although unnatural long hair is the most conspicuous feature of the character, it is a memorial with a deceased mother, and why he does not talk about reasons why he maintains his long hair is a fictional smell (or production work is sloppy) from the beginning.
Everyday things without reality. Trouble in the third talk kindergarten, but the kindergarten teacher leaves the solution to parents or it is impossible for the kindergarten teacher to carry over the emotional settlement to a later date (the infant does not remember the detailed contents until the following day and insomnia with emotional load And night urine etc. are prohibited). Is it a newcomer?
The response of the kindergarten teacher is forged to advance the story. Is your homeroom supervisor a teacher?
Still, troubles among children are reported above, so such a response apologizes to kindergarten teachers nationwide. Also, kindergarten children who can sleep in ordinary beds are rare. There was a poor sleep depiction, but since it usually falls off the bed, it is natural to put on a futon or an infant guard.
Various dishes are unnatural. If you cook properly, the story that goes through through and often goes through, lacks reality severely. Dumplings recipes and wrapping procedures are different.
If it is how to make animation, it seems to be unwieldy for kindergarten children, will you salt it?
You should burn ice if you take such a way home. If you are an angler, I think that it is an element that explains absolutely to an amateur. And sweet potato crepe. What is the type of potatoes? Because there is a difference in taste due to differences in varieties over potatoes, it is insane knowledge of making sweets not to mention varieties to make such dishes. Okonomiyaki is also a recipe at the level that Kansai people get tired of. What is the source brand?
Everything about cuisine is also amazing, but ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"usually-". There is no disgust, and it is funny that he is a healing spirit group, but development is variously unnatural and forcibly pushed.
Even though cooking is the main material, the point of deduction is that there are many pretty complicated descriptions about the dish.
I thought that I was aiming for an atmosphere similar to childcare essay cartoons, though the most appealing of the work was a lot of funny and cute speech of young children, although I also thought (although the aim is to see the middle stage etc.), as a result of viewing to the end,
The love rice taste was also frequently emphasized (and halfway), it was somewhat bleb.

* Although it may be thought that it is too fine, it is unnatural, wrong depiction,
It is an element through which the author's observation eyes and the construction of the world are miscellaneous. Recently, there are too many complicated works, but this work is also appropriate and various ratings are dropped.

2016/09/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28078 Host:28071 Browser: 5151
[good point]

[Bad point]
How to make a voice of Tsurugi. ... It made me feel cute if I did this. I felt I was caught and I could not like it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

A high school girl who suddenly begins to talk himself under the cherry blossoms, and a teacher who assaults on holidays because her daughter is hungry.
Deferring doubts about deepening relationships with students and private.
Hair of hair spreading to the boat was also felt dirty. Parents who leave it are also attracting attraction as characters.

The behavior of the characters was strange and it was so cold.

2016/07/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25783 Host:25710 Browser: 5213
[good point]
I guess this is a work to love an ideal girl (who would not be in reality).
If you think so and you close your eyes to fine details, it will make me very much smile.

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2016/07/17 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11433 Host:11538 Browser: 8385
Oasis existence this season. I'm getting lost all this summer.
It goes without saying that the child role is a double-edged sword, but "Bakuton" and this work is a great success example. When I checked Rie Chero Endo who looked at "Rakuumon" how it turned out, it was a girlfriend of a friend who thought that it would be snowy. I was surprised. Mr. Hayami Nakamura who hardens up side by side Endo 's simple "hangout" is a solid play as well. Mr. Hayami got this color completely through "red hair ~".
"Good girl".
Because it is slightly different from the original picture, the evaluation may be divided for the original fan. It makes me want to hand out the original,
Impaired persistently until the animation ends.

2016/07/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23151 Host:23045 Browser: 7946
[good point]
It was pretty good with parent-child's wailing animation.
My daughter is not strangely drawn sexually, I do not think that it is for a pedophile.
The rice looks delicious.

[Bad point]
Convenience store lunch is also delicious at this time, and how much homey housewife can make delicious rice rather than convenience box lunch?
I thought it would be a problem if I told children a gourmet thing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
75 points Although it is certain that you will leave with good content, but the story is different whether you want to see it or not.
I like to talk more sexually. I would like to see a talk of love with school girls.