[Anime]Akuma tou no Prince Mitsume ga tooru

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Anime rank of 1985 Rank 36in 69 titles
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Osamu Tezuka
Chiaki Imada
Haruya Yamazaki
Kazuo Otani
Moritatoshiaki Masayuki
Keiko Yokozawa
Jyoji Yanami
Yasurou Tanaka
Kazuhiko Kishino
Kaneto Shiozawa
Kazuo Kumakura
Shouzo Iiduka
Japan Released:1985/08/25(Sun) 10:00-12:00 NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION TV
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2014/09/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:22076 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
It was one of the Tezuka animation on the 24-hour TV, but Fujita Yoshiko who played an important role in "Andromeda Story" played the main character Sharaku this time, did not he?

Although "Three-Eyeda Toru" itself has never watched an animated version nor an animated version, he has been a partner of Sharaku from Sharaku's birth to Sharaku himself, and such a part of Sharaku In addition, heroin 's relationship with Wato, who also played the role of Kyogen' s wording in Kyoto, was well inferred in less than 10 minutes, and it is enough for the confrontation with the main neo. Nazi and the scenario for the treasure of the third tribe It was scaled.

A star system character has also appeared as a result, and Higeya Yaji was a father of a high-ranked ramen shop, but perhaps it was somewhat unsatisfactory that it was made to be exited without being very active.

Hitler's granddaughter, Pandora, was not as tedious as I thought or she could not find the charm of a villain like a lamp or ham.

Even so, as a matter of fact, for the people inside Pandora at the beginning I thought clearly Sakakibara Ryoko Kana and when I saw the ED credit and knew it was the same person as Dorami and Theta, I could not hide the surprise.

2013/06/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36042 Host:36054 Browser: 5386
It is a special animation of "Three Eye" and made by Toei Animation.
It is an animation depicting the adventure of Sharaku which is the descendant of the third person and has another eyeball in Odeko.
I think that it was pretty fun to set the setting to become a wild kid, a gentle kid, a super genius and a rogue child ... when peeling it off when putting a bandage on Odeco.
Shallakara's behavior was also pretty cool.
I think that the dual personality character has a big impression after all, since it is bald with Chinchkurin compared with the current dual personality character, it may not be so popular so far.

Then, there were lots of interesting people such as Kazunori of super character person who was conscious of Wato san of us and character Beethoven in the character.
Although Tezuka Osamu which often parodies novels and real people, Holmes and Watson, it is daunting to make a parody character of Beethoven the hero.

Well, the gap between the episodes with the demons of the early stage and the serious development in the second half is a bit surprising.
Since the direction of the talk itself is completely different, it seemed useless composition that the talk of the early stages was not utilized in the second half.
People are also boldly brave, mostly fighting comedy, without fear of fighting.
Because there is no element of the character 's death, it is not a style that will become depressed so much.

Is it because of animation at that time that there were many panchira etc?
I also played the animator seriously, increased the depiction of the panchira and the naked depiction.
It was nice to see that the enemies get naked in the scene where they die.

Well, the story is too royalty now, it is not something to look like watching so much.
I did not feel interesting except for characters, I felt a normal impression.
Even in 1985, there are as many stories as this ....