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Other media: Comics:Aku no Hana / Literature:Aku no Hana / JP movie:The Flowers of Evil
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Shuuzou Oshimi Koudansha Bessatsu Shonen Magazine
Hiroshi Nagahama
Aki Itami
Akiyama Kentaro
Kazuya Tanaka
Mariya Ise
Yoko Hikasa
Shinya Hamazoe
Ayaka Uemura
Sayuri Hara
Japan Released:2013/04/05(Fri) 22:00-22:30 ANIMAX Broadcast Japan TV / End:2013/06/30
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2016/08/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24415 Host:24312 Browser: 9081
[good point]
Only the background was brilliant.

[Bad point]
The drawing of the characters is too bad.
This is fatal.
Because of that, the behavior of the characters is unpleasant extra.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The most story, the hero Kasuga Takao steals the gym clothes of Saeki Nana who would have had a favor with reassurance,
Sawako Nakamura who knew that Nakamura Saka was caught by a bad woman and Kasuga Takao was made compliant,
Although I also saw the manga with a story of feeling like ...

While the manga version I saw at the time was a skill that is only good at the picture of the character and was still a picture to be seen, this time I can hardly see the prototype of the manga picture that was supposed to be good.
(The background is good ...)

That's why I only saw the collapse with a picture that I personally do not think ...

That unpleasant woman. On the day when Nakamura Sawako 's "〓〓〓〓〓〓Mushi" "〓〓〓〓〓〓Yarrow" was heard, the discomfort is doubled. straightforwardly.
In addition, the attitude of Kasuga Takao and the man who seems to be a friend of others are also disliked by being watched by this.
Also, Nanae Saiki who only personally thought that "dangerous woman" was only cute in appearance in cartoons, but it looked only ugly at here.

Frankly speaking, due to the severity of the drawing, it seems that the characters that were unpleasant even just for it seemed unnecessary,
It is that it was disgusting atmosphere that it was awfully annoying even though I was alone, private.

There is only one evaluation to make to this.

2016/07/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26863 Host:26830 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Real world view
The bad feeling of ED is excellent

[Bad point]
Various but disgusting

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Contents that seem to be disgusting even if it is likely to be reality in reality.
It seems there is some sort of fun, but works that I do not want to see with discomfort.
As evaluation it is very bad.

2015/08/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a work that fascinates viewers with a special story development.

Nakamura who Kasuga brought back Saeki 's gym clothes and saw the place Nemura tried to bring him to the path of metamorphosis.

Although I drew psychological depictions carefully, the last scene became like frame advance, giving an impulsive impression.

Kasuga's conflict, guilt feeling, puberty is a common problem, but I drew it in psychological suspense-like expression with love affair.

Although it was a few works of which the next is anxious, I could not understand how to end the final story.

2015/08/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37853 Host:37986 Browser: 5135
[good point]
It is a metamorphosis of depression and I care about continuation every time I see it.
In the drawing based on the movement of live-action model, the expression and movement of the character are smooth.
Because the psychological description of the character is a story of the subject, the story is easy to understand.

[Bad point]
There is a scene that takes scenes of just 10 or more seconds in a scene where just a character walks with a still image as a background, and becomes a little boring.
The scene which becomes unpleasant on the contrary due to the vividness of the expression is also.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Depending on the viewer, the content seems to get bad, but because it was not boring, the evaluation is "good".

2015/03/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10462 Host:10446 Browser: 7903
[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is said that it is an animation made by taking a model motion with a camera, tracing it and animating it (it seems to be RotoScope), and hence heroine is said to be cute. In fact I also agreed. Basically, I was not feeling watching animation. It is close to a drama (though it is natural). Did you have a need to animate?
The story, like putting threats on people who were held down by the skin-covered society, was interesting, looking at the conflict of the hero and changes in heart. There is reality in the voice of the hero's friend, which is peculiar to a junior high school student, it can laugh somewhere nostalgically. I could evaluate by the development of consent until the 8th episode, but a bit fun from there was a slump in the bottom. In the final story the future event of the hero and the heroine will flow like a runaway light, but with the feeling "Continuation is the original!", There seemed to be no better punch than expected. For one long expression of emotion is unbearably long. I wonder if it managed to make it all animation. It is a pity that I will get bored as the tempo is bad as animation.

Evaluated as 63 points with 100 full marks.

2014/11/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3792 Host:3740 Browser: 7864
It is a work that expresses the shadow part of a human being dense, and it is quite shocking content.
I think that likes and dislikes can be divided, but it is expressive expression that makes human beings feel like precious evil such as being honorable, I became nervous in the atmosphere.

2014/08/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19071 Host:19271 Browser: 7921
[good point]
I'm trying to make expressions of dependency real

[Bad point]
The picture surface of the character is weak

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was good as a bad animation.
However, the way the hero's disposition and the dead end were too strong, I felt that the impression of other people as well as the story became too thin.

2014/06/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2202 Host:2306 Browser: 5171
[good point]
The main character is chased down. The boys of the surrounding boys.

[Bad point]
Drawing, music.
Rotoscope is in a bad direction.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Falling story which basically starts from where the hero stole the gym clothes of girls.
Because it uses the technique called RotoScope it is a real movement, but girls may look fat and one of the heroines may not look like a beauty, variously fail.
It is nice that light movement is transmitted realistically by rotoscope, but not between animation, there are many live actions, and the tempo was felt late.
Well, more and more metamorphosis.The hero who is going to shy play is fun to watch.

2014/05/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9816 Host:9741 Browser: 4699
[good point]
The seventh talk was good.
It was nice to use materials that are likely to have "something deep theme" called board rail (after all there is no depth).

[Bad point]
It is torture to see the deployment is already abnormally late anyway.
Saeki san is not cute at all.
The picture is unnecessarily disgusting.
The character is unpleasantly unnecessary.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I thought that the design of a black eyeball urchin like a motif is excellent, t, Odilon. I heard that the painter called Redon is the original, so disappointed. If you are a creator drawing a picture, make the original one as much as the design of the motif which becomes the center of the work! Is not it ashamed as an artist ?!

I think the tempo was just right if the series were compressed to about 4 episodes.

Irony was interesting. The reason why the hero admired the board rail is not philosophical, but it gradually becomes clear that it is due to "Chubu 2 sick" against French literature and symbolism, but if you think carefully, if you think carefully, artistically with symbolism and decadence and so on It is extremely mild disease that the house is doing (the opposite spirit to realism). In that sense the hero was funny that he was very board rail type. What the Frenchman was doing made me think about such things for about 150 years from the board rail all the time (Derrida).

2014/01/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30892 Host:31146 Browser: 7855
[good point]
Representation like real life by rotoscope
Junior high school students' real daily life, emotional expression
How to intervene (personally favorite expressions)

[Bad point]
Especially nothing

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was an animation that I care about the continuation every time. I can express junior high school students who seem to be really anywhere,
The depressed emotional expression was also wonderful. In the method using RotoScope, the movement of a person is close to the live-action picture, the expression is cool / looks cute, there are times when it seems ugly. Even in reality there were times when people around me seemed like that and I think that I was able to reproduce it well.
Is not it rare that animations and dramas are the images that cut out everyday life in real terms?

The story is also a series of developments that can not be seen in the future, especially the development after Kasuga and Nakamura messed up the classroom was worrisome and could not be helped.
Nakamura seems to be the first monster, but as I understand the heart, there is a part that can be sympathetized because she is suffering and having a feeling that everyone feels at puberty.

It seems that the reputation is bad, but I also liked how to handle abnormalities (scenes walking in the town).
In the meantime I could imagine the feelings of the heroes and look back on my own.
In reality, I think that the time to walk like that actually is more.
And when Kasuga and Nakamura were walking, I felt that the city was not about to accept them at all and that figure was impressive.

2013/12/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1036 Host:893 Browser: 5386
[Bad point]
It is the whole.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Rice paddy without evaluation.
Even if you look at it, stress accumulates.

2013/09/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9039 Host:9265 Browser: 9615
I'm sorry that I started looking for materialization Excuse me, it is funny normally It looks like cartoon and Oita painting seem to be different, but I would like to read manga if there is a novel party

2013/09/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10571 Host:10585 Browser: 10513
Works that are trying to express expressions that exclude anime and drama promises, such as a purely literary approach, a technique called RotoScope, an extremely long way to do it.
A variety of designs and eerie EDs are also expressing the purity of pure literature in a large-age atmosphere, which is like a scent of old paper and ink smashed in a bookshelf.
However, the audience is fiercely stressed, there are no entertainment elements at all.

The authors take time and effort, such as Rotoscope and the artistic expression seen in the background of the morning glow scene,
You can see that it was working on production with a willingness to work with regard to drawing.
It is a work that seems to be classified as honest animation, but it is not the picture sketch of animation to be told in the work by this method,
It is wearing a strange reality that does not have the smell of fake of drama.
Also for the viewers, both animation and drama are different, and the way of viewing promises has become unpopular.

Moyamoya peculiar to adolescence, depressed emotions, desire to think that I am special, power to support it, instability without experience or knowledge.
Sexual impulses that swell rapidly at such times tend to be guilty as serious boys as they are serious and they have no knowledge or experience.
Kasuga will face Nakamura san there and face the problem which can not be solved in your own world that occurred in yourself.
Mr. Nakamura is only trying to fill Kasuga with the desire that he can not fill alone, but what she says is only a deliberate decision,
There is not enough logic for Kasuga to repel it, I think that I am, and it will be driven to an obstructive situation more and more.

This work is covered with a sense of blockage.
The scenery full of rust makes you feel a sense of confidence that you can not find the anxiety as it is left to decline the city and the way to overcome it,
That is the feeling of blockage perceived by Kasuga as it is.
The audience of this work will be much older than Kasuga, but seeing Kasuga who will not move as expected,
Knowing the way to save him will cause you to feel an extra feeling of obstruction, and you will be asking for stresses that are not heuristic.

Although it is a work that such a neighbor is told, whether it is fortunate or unfortunate for this work,
It would be a video or directing, including "Rothoscope", that would inevitably get interested more than that.
Though Rotoscope cuts out a part of information from the live-action photograph, furthermore in this work due to circumstances such as the time and schedule compatibility of drawing,
The amount of information has been greatly scraped off compared to live-action photography and normal animation.
So even though I could describe the level of "laughing" "running" as animation, I could hardly make delicate expressions.
Although I think that there was a utility to cover young actor's bad acting,
Most delicate expressions were not based on the appearance of actors reflected in the camera, but depended on acting of voice actors.

There was something unknown at a moment what the creator adopted such a method, but if you try to forget the intention forcibly,
Because the information has been scarcely dropped, the spectator is forced to restore the information by complementing the information in the brain.
I think whether that part was aimed at making reality feel.
In another aspect, the substantial lack of information makes it difficult to read what you are thinking from the facial expressions,
I also thought that the objective is to make audiences share the puberty of adolescence whose ability itself is in itself.

If so, this is a double-edged sword, I could not share my commitment to Mr. Nakamura-san's key to Mr. Kasuga for this reason.
It is bad for the actor who plays through the monitor, but Nakamura - san will not be the same as Kasuga unless it is a beautiful girl who is super -
The disgusting feeling becomes stronger by all means, and it can not become a feeling "I can fall down with Nakamura-san".
After all, as long as I watch the work, this method felt that sophistication is still not enough at all.

Regarding the composition as well, in the final story there was something that led to the second half being like a trailer of two copies.
From the image that caught a glimpse there, you can see that Kasuga will fall further, and the content seems to be considerably dramatic development,
In this way, I do not understand the significance of the first part I have seen so far.
From the preview video, it seems that it seems to escalate so that Kasuga will be involved even with crime,
It seems that the circumstances are quite different from the one part of the impression that fell within the range of action of ordinary boys.
Even if there was some runaway so far it was a boy's world-only story that "For a large problem for us, but growth solves it"
It seems that it will deviate from this development This story is a big change as a story.

As a story of adolescence, when Kasuga drew a spiritual growth that I noticed "the existence of the thought of others" as Mr. Nakamura's thought,
If I should have been able to clean up thoroughly and thrust it in the form of a trailer until I threw it down,
It is difficult for the author to see what he wanted to show with this story, and it was also a complicated story that I should have drawn in this term,
I also seemed to have thrown a stone for 2 copies, as if I threw it.

For a long period of characteristic insane reasons, it gave us enough time to imagine what Kasuga thinks and what she feels during that time,
Restraining the amount of information with Rotoscope and requiring the spectator to complement the brain,
I think that it is a work that urged spectators variously to approach themselves rather than passive to the work.
It is a very ambitious and meaningful thing, but on the other hand I think that there are still many tasks remaining, such as low sophistication and doubts about the composition of the final stage.
Evaluation is "good".

The composition that the very narrow world drawn with this work is all in my world, in which you can not find the technique to solve the problem is very similar to bullying,
People with experienced abuses may be stimulated by trauma, so I think whether you need to be careful in watching.

2013/07/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4936
I do not know how the original is still going on, but I think that the scene where the original is continuing is the scene where the last scene was unknown, I think that it is the scene which goes to the second part, but that When it sees it seems to be more interesting than a part and it is content that makes me expect it to be expected and it makes me think that part is just a prologue as I want to watch it quickly.
In that sense it is where I want to add the best with a splendid pull that is fine but I do not know what will happen to the second part and maybe disappointed and maybe because I can not deny the way half way is done halfway when I look at this single unit Very good "stop.

First of all, the picture seems to be very different from the original, but it seems that the halfway feeling that can not be said as both real animation and live action creates a unique world view, disgusting feeling, a startled atmosphere and content and patchy.

In the case of ordinary picture and ordinary animation, it would not have been realistic so far, I think that acting actors are doing their best, but the expressions were really disgusting and the best.

In that place I feel like I've made a different work than the original, regardless of whether it is good or bad.

At the beginning I still did not know what kind of content it was, but there was this pattern and the atmosphere I felt and there was the last story and it leads to that ED.
It was terribly terrible thrilling and thrilled, and I wanted to see the continuation as soon as possible.

Because the impact degree of this first episode was too strong, after that, I gradually fell down and started to feel like a manneri, and I was beginning to feel that it was impossible personally, but there is definitely a meaning or just an oddness I did not aim for metamorphosis or something, but in those places I was connected and showed me a point of being different from other works.

Why did Saeki love the hero, why Nakamura says he is thinking about what he is trying to use the hero and has been pulling for a long time, so it does not make much sense anyhow like any other work anyway I thought it was something but I showed my reasons properly.

I still do not know exactly what Mr. Nakamura's personality is thinking about, but I showed the reasons and meanings of the actions drawn in the work.

Saiki san also liked the privilege of the hero because it was privilege of the hero and not confessed, probably as well as the hero bored in ordinary everyday, especially where it was beautiful and was seen as special with excellent grades , A different main character appeared from ordinary.

It is a scene that fills my chest with a face that was not intended by Kikkake, or it is a scene that protects Mr. Nakamura, but it leads to consciousness.

Far from being disliked or despised even if it knows that the hero is a pervert or knowing that he is a perpetrator who stole gym clothes, rather than disdain, saying that being pleasant has a certain sense of unexpectedness but he can understand somehow.
What I am glad if I thought about myself is whether Saeki is also a metamorphosis Is it a character? I do not have a deep reason why I liked it but I had a strange persuasive power.
Perhaps because of this distinctive world view I thought that was something I could do without it.

I think that the hero wants to get out of this town and think that it is a special person different from the others, probably most junior high school students think well, but for that reason I decided to go with the Nakamura-san to rampage in the classroom , I thought whether it is a work that breaks the shell of a metamorphosis in which flowers bloom like it is a subtraction of the first episode.

But it was a place where I thought that it was good because it contained a paradoxical message that overturned the work's foundation.

It is common for ordinary junior high school students to want to be special, but it is common that even ordinary junior high school students are just drunk with it.

This hero was also just a regular junior high school student, he was just such a pervert, neither hesitant nor anything.
I did not want to admit it and tried to become a pervert as Mr. Nakamura said.

It was because I wanted to go with Mr. Nakamura because my body moved without permission in the scene to choose one in the mountain, so I wanted to be special, so I wanted to be an angel to Mr. Saeki and I faced it I was scared and could not select normal romance.

I know that it is not pervert and I can not choose either because I could not have ordinary romance, I know that there is nothing out of the ordinary main character.

With each answer, reason and thought, this scene was content that was spectacular.

Even though I know that it is an ordinary junior high school student who is not special, why was there a way again and that is interesting or deep, why was Mr. Nakamura looking sad?
The reasons for the actions that were drawn in the diary are also drawn there.

Mr. Nakamura's thought is messed up though it is said that it expresses emotion whether it is said that it expresses emotion whether it is written with even smaller letters after going to the other side.
Although there was not much depiction of Mr. Nakamura 's past home environment, personality, content, etc, there was weight like it had all explained.

Mr. Nakamura believed himself just because he gave up giving up oneself that he was not special.
The real message of this work is put in there, and a new way opens with feeling like this is starting.

That is why this way of finishing was incomplete but it was the best way to end it, it was a feeling that it was well organized (including placing the two parts).

This unique world view, the solid meaning and content which is not defeated to the picture are put in, and the story and composition are done well because there is a connection and a stage, and it may have become good work floating including ED However, it is not so, I think that it can be said that it is Ryosaku with the foot which is attached to the ground and the impact (appearance) and contents are balanced.

I do not dare say the supreme, the highest, the perfect, the art, etc. because I think that it is the natural way of animation that it is natural (in terms of contents or aiming) to do this.

2013/07/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17970 Host:17960 Browser: 7408
A phantom that people who have not seen yet become very envious. This feeling, since the Kabutobogu.
It is now time to enjoy watching everyone comment on net delivery or live broadcasting,
With regard to this animation, "feelings" in which our viewers float on the expression are shown as impressions.
So, people who have not seen yet want to have 5 or 6 people locked in a locked room and want to show all 12 episodes of this animation. It is important that a few people.
Suddenly it flashed the main part and appeared to seem to suppress the mouth unintentionally watching the rascal struggle development of the gutsko burst,
It becomes grandly bursting laughing at the healing of Yamada which is the idol of this animation, and it makes me want to see the viewer's expression and reaction.
As if Mr. Nakamura wanted to expose Kudi-kun's Droid's transformation element. I want to see ah, every moment when everyone's eyes become dots.
You should regularly open a full talk ornament in Maumsi at Maji regularly. Finally you should grand chorus Hanagasaitayo.

It is definitely not for everyone. When I recommend it, I can see a few tenths of the vision that is "bogus!"
First of all, there are few people who will cause a rejection reaction at the time of a personality drawing full of reality using Rotoscope.
Bukkake is accepted because it is affordable, so there is no problem at all, but there seems to be some people saying it is not good.
Certainly Nakamura of 1 talk was Mitsuura regardless of how it looked, but a mysterious phenomenon that will become cute will occur as you repeat times.
Kinki-kun is a good-looks guy at the end, Saeki was an angel until the end.

And if you look at one story too much subcalorous odor is too strong, there are still a few people who drop off there too.
The A part tells the viewer what kind of air of this animation is, but it feels dull, is not it? Even me like running water.
I can understand the feeling of those who think that "Why are they creating a distinctive atmosphere and I am making this special animation making?
When it comes to the final stage, this unique interval will be seen again, but once you get used to it, it will seem unpredictable to know what will come out from when.
I believe that it is a believer () in fashionable rock or not, but I wonder if this is also the biggest disadvantage.

Contents are "Sogami-related animation in which active middle second middle school student steals gym clothes and hears hiyahiya" at first glance but it seems to be a gag anime-like synopsis,
It is supposed to be someone else's story, but we felt that horrible sense of virtue to our viewers as well. What if you stole gym clothes and stole it?
I am already looking at it It is made to be hyakiya. Nakamura - san who has the style of Rasubosu alone has not blurred until the end.
The figure that Kasuga is overturned all the time is wanted to see with a scary thing, until the end of this story.
Although I said something like "life owata ...", because it is a puberty junior high school student, it seems that it was shading blue odor.
It is his father to tell it. Apart from that, I did not appear so much, but the existence of my father was strangely balanced.

Although it should be such a surreal horror, I was laughing halfway and watching it. Especially the 5th episode was a god that burst into laughter at a campaign class.
The scene where Mr. Saek suddenly shakes bucket water on Kasuga somehow was using what kind of turtle and it was a drifting way.
Perhaps the staff are aiming for it. Mr. Nakamura who is stalking with Sasamisaishi was too girls' cartoon ticks,
Kasuga who sees it as an eerie horror or something else has been creating a strange different dimension space. I want everyone to see this round this time.
Yamada has become a healing character even if it is a cute idol character, and it makes me laugh at every word. I do not care. W
And Todome is Hanaga Saitayo. The original song is too horrified by Majihora, but the arrange ver in this work has laughed for some reason.
Well, it was the first time I listened to this one, but when I heard it for the first time, it was what wwwwwww was laughing at laughter.
So, listening to the original song and what this ... was becoming a serious face. I absolutely do not want to sing at karaoke, but a song that can not be forgotten for decades.

Evaluation is divided too much, but it may be the praise part of this animation. Perhaps the staff is also aiming for it.
Looking at the impressions of everyone, she seems to be smiling as if it were planned. Even just calling such a hot topic, the big victory of the staff was already decided.
I was enjoying as a surre horror gag anime and I was watching it till the end and was a big victory. I enjoyed it for three months!

2013/07/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
I do not know the original manga, but what I wanted to do with this animation was "ugly and shallow nature of man"
Was it that he wanted to paint a rudimentary and extreme painting with the theme of board rail that followed a catastrophic life, but in order to draw such a universal theme,
This animation was incomplete halfway.

In the first place, the technique of RotoScoop itself was already unavoidable and it was undeniable that he was trying to get a realistic atmosphere by being totally stuck in halfway. It would have been better if you broadcast this as a live action drama instead of animation, but if the hero was riding on the board rail and it was halfway when I was talking to Nanako with occasional tears in conjunction with self-conscious excesses peculiar to puberty,
Nakamura who grabbed his weaknesses and wielded himself lazily also said that hawk had been known as extreme behavior, Ikare was halfway, poison and neither medicine nor medicine. After all it was nothing more than merely being drawn with a serious blunder. The blatant tears scene, too,
It is a depiction commonly seen in recent animation, but if you show your feelings excessively, do you feel that you can convey something lofty theme or something?

The performance of the voice actors was also halfway in general, it also encouraged such "not being transmitted"
Mr. Shinichiro Ueda had room to pay attention to being a newcomer, but unfortunately I heard it immediately, in a bad sense it was a barrage reading and amateur smell acting. I may have planned to raise it by daring to appoint as a hero role ..........
Izase Mariki Yayai was also interested in excessive acting that occasionally showed up. And when I thought that ordinary songs were heard, it was also seen ED songs of "creepy ..... saitayo" creepy melody,
This is halfway.

Even though it took us to the last end, even if two copies really do come true, can we recover with this work? What also says such a thing, but I can not handle subjects and methods as usual,
There was none or something that I got looking at just by exposing the competence of animation staff 's ability.
It seems awful, but it was incomplete for anything. Such halfway is not the best, but in that sense this animation also has only "worst" evaluation.

2013/07/10 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16070 Host:16218 Browser: 2906(Mobile)
I wonder if these two copies are definite, and if we do not do two copies in that case, it will be various disappointing works.

As a work, the expression of reality and the sense of blockade in the countryside was preeminent, probably it was a work of extremely redundant impression as to how to get between.
Although it was a work of choosing a person at the time of the original, thanks to the creation of late-night drama style and Rothscope, there is a sense that the frontage narrowed.

For anything, I'm off to two copies.
Personally I wanted a landing point like an animated version, but ....

2013/07/09 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19332 Host:19282 Browser: 5386
The technique called RotoScope became a topic among many viewers
Although this work which attracted attention at once in the animation of the April term,
Although there were many viewers who showed rejection against the difference with ordinary animation although they said that they only gained attention,
Well, it seems that there are various approval / disapproval about the point using Rotosco,
But in the end it seemed like Rotoscus did not have any more effect than the strength of the topic collection and the impact on the first look.

In addition, it is said that this work has become an impressive piece of work among viewers in that it has planted an image of "Rotosco = Evil Flower" to many viewers,
Just being told that the work itself was interesting though it is said that it became a work to remain strongly impressive,
Before that I personally thought of strange content of this work irrespective of Rothscore nod and saying honestly saying that it will hesitate to put a popular system in this work.

Also, from here on I will write about the impressions of the story,
Even so, with the action of Kasuga who stole Saeki's gym clothes,
Nakamura who witnessed Kasuga who stole the Saeki gym clothes gathered around Kasuga like a bitch,
Although the content of the story drawn in this work, action of the characters, and Rotosko 's expression method also overlap and give a viewer any discomfort or discomfort, it is often that they mentally break,
By the way, this work uses Rotoscus at first glance, abyss. Although it seems to be pretending to be high-tone atmosphere,
However, if you look at the actual contents it is very trivial triangle relation goods,
If you dare to put it in a tough way, simply by saying Kasuga and Nakamura's idiosyncrasy just like obsolete delusional diary,
If you tell the impression of this work clearly it seems that it is an extremely difficult work to find the point which should be called as a drama as it is amazingly painful and disgusting and flimsy content .

Well I did not expect much from the initial stage, but still I was interested in what kind of shape the distorted story of this work fits in the shape that I watched until the end,
Even so, it seems that the severity of the B part of the last round seems to have grown more severe than ever before I can not go along with a smiley directing that I can not tell the viewer of the creator anymore (not giving empathy) However,
Anyway, it is unlikely that a work that does not give empathy or impression to the audience if it puts together about the impression of the whole work is good,
And, because I do not want to give a high rating to personally liked works that are just fancy techniques, the evaluation is "very bad".

2013/07/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27396 Host:27394 Browser: 5387
[good point]
〓〓〓Rotoscope Ka .. I did it well in this harsh anime industry situation.
〓〓〓Nakamura's presence. Anyway it is intense. I do not know what you are thinking.
It is pretty cute when you take off glasses. Utada Hikaru like it.
However, I was surprised that Nakamura of the original was too cute.
I might be disappointed if I entered from the original.
However, even animations that deny such Moe animation I did it to Mr. Nakamura. How about my moe power.
〓〓〓Saeki is a child who feels like having an idle group recently.
Even if gym clothes are stolen, you say that you are glad You are a goddess.
〓〓〓I heard that the hero dared to use the newcomer who added and subtracted the barrels.
In a sense meaningful. Because normal people's everyday life will be sticky.
〓〓〓Suspicious messages like something I saw somewhere or a shutter where a grasshopper character is drawn or something is real. The rust of the town is good.
〓〓〓The scenes where Kasuga and Nakamura rage in the classroom are pretty familiar scenes.
When two people later joined hands, it was impressive that the way the lover was connected.
It was interesting that Nakamura - san 's character was there.
〓〓〓ED theme song .. No wonderful impact.
I guess you are talking.
〓〓〓Yamada. There are such guys. If Kasuga floated in class, I ignored it, but when I started dating with Saeki san, my attitude changed.
〓〓〓I think that it is not only this work, but there is a notice this time at OP this time notice next time.
Something is getting pulled in.
〓〓〓There is no help for it because it is interested in every time.
It is amazing to make a story to draw people who watch so far with girls' physical exercise clothes.
It's not a big deal, but for adolescent male students to go out with girls or to stole gym clothes in classes is also a big deal ...

[Bad point]
〓〓〓The last round says it will follow the second part, but there are two copies? Can you read the original?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was told that it was depression animation or scary or unpleasant, but I was quite smiling and watched w
It is pretty chic, but this was ok.

I'd love to go, on the other side ..
I wonder if I can go even on weekends.

2013/07/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54173 Host:54229 Browser: 5386
It's a scary anime.

Is not it such a fear that such a person really exists, perhaps the fear that makes you feel the reality that you myself will see such kind of eyes?

First of all it is scary looking

The technique of tracing to an animated picture based on Rotoscope's live-action picture exudes a unique style. Since the actors are traced as it is, there is no animation, there is no animation, movement is a bit awkward but the city of the stage is deserted despite the background and the stage is not doing The warm atmosphere of the rural area is drifted anywhere. A story of crazy madness in such a peaceful city. It is very unpleasant for the huge group of evil of mad production

Next, I am scared of music

Essentially in the play there is no music but music such as short tune, high tone fueling anxiety, sound of rain, people's troubles and life sounds are common and seems to be seen in suspense movies something, ED Acting as a voice actor in a lightly crazy enthusiasm is also oriented towards the reality direction with an ordinary way of speaking rather than pronouncing an animated voice

Norimura Sawa Worst

The culprit of evil of this work, there is such a luck that such a creature sitting in the back seat

Physically the strongest grappler Sawakita's badness is the best wonderful vocabulary owner's character The bad mouth The smile that fished up the edge of that mouth is evil

This is an alien who understands humanity, something, not comprehension or comprehension. I was wondering what kind of environment I grew up in such a personality, but my mother became more and more mysterious as my father seemed normal. I am afraid that I do not know where I am interested in (Kasuga Takao), I am afraid of unknown what I will approach myself for what purpose, I forced an embarrassing composition and wore clothes for Saeki Nanako I am afraid to erode sexual acts or get scared of escalating demands more and more, approaching various things, appearing at home, approaching Nanako Saeki who started to associate, Escape from the city seems to be a purpose, but it is best to not know exactly what you are thinking after all the former puzzlement

[Comprehensive evaluation]
At first, I thought that strange animation began again, but gradually I could not take my eyes off. The worst trickster named Nakamura Sawaka attempted to knock down the battle field chaotically, which is a person who saw scary things. Looking at the influence of the personality who failed in the development that the young urge of youth excavated in unlikely direction and it was made to be harahara was quite interesting in the state of fire on the opposite bank. Takao Nakamura I was convinced that Kaito Takao is a pervert of more than Saka Nakamura. When he was deceitful, he was isolated with a boyfriend and grieved his parents and finally threw away the books, and the feelings that Dorito Sano Kanako was also a popular class of the class There is a story of premature juvenile adolescents who have chaotic emotions that seemingly unknown to ordinary people or myself and can not suppress it

As far as everyone thinks about Rotoscope of Evil, it is understandable to say that if you express it with Moe animation pattern with this content it is understandable but dare to convert the live-action video to the animated image I think that there is not much, although it exerts a tremendous effect on the background - depiction of a book or building etc. in a shopping district, a residential area, a park, an old poster - human beings' sense of discomfort is still big, doing Teru is just like a TV drama, so even if it is done with animation it does not come true

Regarding the evaluation, it was a very experimental style and it ended with a very unfavorable image at the end, and I did not prepare the ending by scattering the first part completely or scattered (because it is not Eva for TV) Personally feeling no significance to evaluate as it is, I think that it is more emotionally accepted, the emotional aspect of being unacceptable is larger. Since I think that the blur between individuals is great, I think that evaluation of the wickedness of others can be understood at the highest or the worst, and it will not be convinced, if there is a sequel, would you like to see?

I would like to admire that I offered a different work without thinking about the commercial aspect, even if the animation in the late-night zone is bait and battle is nothing but gem. I think that about 1 adventure work in 1Q may be good but two or more are too heavy

2013/07/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19022 Host:19152 Browser: 10416
〓〓〓The original was read halfway.

〓〓〓utline of the work

It is not a pure entertainment type that is usually imaged as an animation,
Works like "animation-based visual work".

First of all, this work traces live-action photographs and draws "RotoScope", which is realistic about the person's knowledge.
Speaking of its contents, "Feeling bad youth story" with realism in essential parts.
Together, it is finished in a work that is overwhelmingly pleasant. .... Of course it is a compliment here. Such a work.

Because the story of the contents which made "feeling bad" fully opened "rolls down" in an outright direction,
It becomes the content which the stomach is sharp when it thinks about things becoming the hero's point of view. People who dislike do not see it is good.

Of course, I just made it with criticism knowing such a strange thing,
"The commitment to this work" of the production team is unquestionably highest.

〓〓〓ood place

〓〓〓Anyway, "real".
Not only is the background and the movement of people by Rotoscope real,
You can see the thorough sticking to creating atmosphere such as sound and depicting the inside.
Many people should have felt in a tangle with Yamada of Kasuga (Oh, such a person actually exists ...).
Other tremendous atmosphere of the school, etc. Reproduction such as the quietness of good furnishings in the country town is so amazing.

〓〓〓Inside of the character.
Although it is an extension of realness, things that the hero's Kasuga and heroine Nakamura think and the scale are already junior high school students to make you laugh.
"I am reading a book I'm a little bit different from surroundings" Real real medicine like dildo,
"The people in this town are all kudzu" their place of saying that their world is staying at the low dimension of the scale "town".
The exchange of such characters is interesting.

〓〓〓Mr. Nakamura is cute, not translated as Saeki san, seriously.
She is a girl who has become quite distorted personality by choking Crohn's disease to the limit,
I have timing that looks pretty suddenly to tatta 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 It is well done.

〓〓〓ad places

There is a point that I am worried about only one. A long "between" scene.
... but it does not deny the production itself that has a long time.
Just walking a town for a long time does not matter, because it says to reflect everyday life and feelings there.
Well, I sacrifice my eye for this work, sacrificing entertainment.

However. Even if I do not speak out to that way, there is a bit of complaints about "I did that up".
When I walked out of the quiet town of such a countryside, there was always and there was nothing to be felt.
If you say what you want to say, there is something chirping, the sound of the wind .... There is no such information around the world. not enough.

In that scene, BGM of the system was flowing, but it seemed that it was getting much better than such a thing ... and so on.
I wanted to pursue the realness there when expressing the place where Kasuga and Nakamura walked together in the night by two people "becoming" two people "in the world.
.... I just say this complaint that I've stepped on to this work, which puts absolute power in the atmosphere.
Because it is a point, I wanted Soko to stick to the sound .... and.

The rest seems to be modified by BD, but as long as Rotoscope's drawing is coarse and long, it is known that directing makes the disturbing things disturbing after all.
With a tempo well developed Bashibashi story developed, it would have been very interesting ... and so on. I am sorry obediently there.

About the contents of the work.

The thing drawn with this work, solo is "youth".
Generally speaking of "youth" will be a fresh and refreshing way of looking like a cool live,
What if you actually look back on the youth era without correcting your memories?
Rather there is nothing to do with relationships of human relationships or mischievousness of their own affectionate old times.
In this work, I move as a theme to sing like that "Youth of the bad side" and move freely a character that enjoys misery youth tailored to Sole. From there viewers will feel something they like and enjoy themselves.
So, here we will roughly analyze each character.

First, the hero Kasuga. He is a typical Chronic disease patient.
I am misunderstanding that I am a different person from the surroundings because I am drunk with "myself reading a book unlike around".
Of course, the person himself does not notice that being drunk. So I feel like I was able to understand the board rails as well.

Next, Saeki. She is opposite from Kasuga. She understands her smallness contrary to Kasuga without awareness.
So, she tries to check my value with "being confessed, being asked to like it".
Of course, the other party is not Kasuga but anyone. To be precise, everyone was "nice".
It was Kasuga who happened to confess at first, I just persisted in him, probably the other party took the same attitude in Yamada.
It is her identity that such a "child who is not a person but a dreamer in love with love" is.

Mr. Nakamura. She is the same type as Kasuga.
I misunderstand that I am special, and have a gutsroot who looked down on making fun and fool around.
Owner of an irritability and adolescent peculiar irritation. It is perfect as a natural attribute.
That's why I continue to run on a strange looking for something special different from the people around me "over there". Such a dangerous character.
At the same time, she knows that she feels the loneliness because she is special (thinking of it) can be understood by looking at the content of the last note.
What appeared there was a pervert on spring. Nakamura's note since I got a friend called Kasuga will certainly make me feel happy.

Such stories are intertwined and the story progresses.
As a result, Kasuga considers "Nothing himself" by pressing Nakamura for his content.
Saeki leaves the confirmation of his value to Kasuga, but Sore is betrayed.
Mr. Nakamura is disappointed to know that Kasuga is a true pervert, that is, he was not a friend.
And as I was about to return to everyday life, I was about to fall apart ... Kasuga will stop Nakamura trying to be alone. why?
Well, the answer is, it is cool for adolescent children if you become a prince that helps the princess who falls in the darkness to loneliness.
By doing that, their adolescents will not end - I think that was such a last time. It is not quite possessive at all. (Lol)

Nothing such a love was a wonderful and interesting work.


I felt it was fun, but I also felt something unsatisfactory.
After all, I think that the ingredients of the momentum of Nakamura's saying "something called Garuto" was not enough.
Still remarkable content, there were also a lot of glowing parts. It is not possible for people to recommend or mistake, but I think whether it is good to personally put "highest".
.... For a moment, myself who probably thought "There is no special person who wears the best other than myself" is probably on the extension line of adolescence.

2013/07/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7334 Host:7259 Browser: 4895
[good point]
Commitment to sound.

Picking up the microphone to pick up the dubbing environment sound different from normal, the presence increases. It reminds me of the drama Northern Kingdom. It was fun.
I skillfully mix horrorish SE and BGM there. It is good.

Another attention to sounds which seems useless, such as the difference in footsteps at the moment when stepping on a manhole, pushes this work to the next higher item.

There is a time.

1 Cool animation moves enough to think that it will die if it stops, speaks well.
However, this animation often stops. This is because it makes a situation that the intervals have, even though there is no speech or movement.

Two people who walk silently on the way home where the symbols were dancing in the classroom.
Long, there is no movement, it is still nailed to the screen.
[Bad point]
It was regrettable that there was no problem in terms of collecting it, but it took a week from ODA after classroom dancing.
I think that some people give Oka a bad point during this time.
In addition, I think that there was also a scene where priority was given to what I wanted to do in a strange long turning scene.

Character Moe

Express the emotions of the character finely with expressions and gestures,
This is well done compared to Moe Animation of the same period.

"Do not show me the things you want to see obediently" I think that you can buy that original character deza.
At first I thought that this would be fine but as the story goes on it will become dissatisfied just as the character depiction is done well.

The original character deza was functioning sufficiently, such as Kazuya's irresistible art and the atmosphere under construction.
Therefore it is painful not to be able to say!
Although it succeeded in this work, it is a straightforward impression that Rotosko does not want to get very popular.

2013/07/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10280 Host:10327 Browser: 5769
[good point]
Technical aspects are often Wakaran, the picture was beautiful. It fits into a point more than a real and big eyes animation picture.
Also, my classmate Yamada had a presence and I enjoyed myself.

[Bad point]
Anyway, I felt the speech's tempo was bad. It was feeling a few steps behind personal feeling, so it was a bit painful.
It felt like a stinky atmosphere, but the content itself is not that much. It is rather thin. It is not about the main character 's conflict.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I fits in the charm of the picture, I watched it till the end, but there was no place to excite including punch, and it ended flat. Anime that enjoys the atmosphere. Real society is more dark.

2013/07/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20051 Host:20241 Browser: 12322
[good point]
Atmosphere, innovative paintings
.OP songs (like Kasuga and Saeki's songs)
A story that has never been before.

[Bad point]
Innovative painting. Girls are not cute than the original.
Kasuga 's voice actor is not very good.
.Final episode

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The picture is innovative anyway (lol He was really disgusting until I got used to it,
It was about thinking to stop looking at the first time.
But, as I got used to it I felt that it fits this work was a magical anime of Kanji.

The story is like a story that I have never seen so weekly every week I wonder what will become of Kasuga and eventually I have seen it to the end (lol

The last round was a bit terrible.
It is the final collection that it seems to be a preliminary announcement of the second term or a final summary.
It's fine if the second term is decided,
If you are not doing it, I'd like to say that I can return the time.

I also expect the second term.

2013/07/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12744 Host:12668 Browser: 9673
[good point]
Develop better or worse atmosphere

[Bad point]
In the range of seeing the cover of the original picture, although Saeki-san and Nakamura are pretty girls pretty well, here both the balance of the face and the balance of the body are bad .. Well Mr. Saeki of Madonna of the school gets into a beautiful girl I wonder if it hurts that I can not see ...
The final round is subtle as a basic summary feeling.
ED got used from the midfield, but the basic ears feel uncomfortable (sweat)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Well, every week I got a good pull, so I enjoyed thinking "Every week what about Kasuga?"

2013/07/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10552 Host:10568 Browser: 4826
Do I have to touch Rotoscope? Honesty is fine. If you see the actor who became the basis, that one is better. The original picture is better. Where was the charm, is not it acting like a voice actor? It is different from acting with voice aloud. That is OK because only Kasuga is the same person. How is the after actress? Here is the problem. It is not very interesting as directing. Why? Because all the merits of this work are live-action. The comparative theory between original picture and live-action picture is important, and the goodness of rotoscope can not be made a clear word.

The meaning of this work 's Rotoscope comes to this point which brought live - action things to animation. It will be absolutely irritating to the staff. I hope something is useful. Including voice actors. There is a bit of a recent anime voice actor dubbing. I have a place where I can only admit voice actors doing voice dubbing. There are any number of famous animation voice actors. Just a lot of people with animation only.

The evaluation of this work really follows the story. Supporting the story of this work is the character of the three main members. Even though there is a reality, it draws too much into a work with a character. I just have to touch reality absolutely. It is a character that seems impossible at first glance, but it is different. It's just a few that everyone feels and goes beyond that one line. Everything about reality is packed where we pursued the meaning of that line. Actually I realized that it was not a story but a character, so I do not write about stories. However, this character is completely different from the character of the recent secondary creative meaning. That point can be said to be a story.

Where is the fun of the story? It is in the development that wants to see the next. It is all aggregated here. With this, it is divided into the charm of a story and a character. For example, the name of a confession in the climax classroom of this work is a rampage, but I think that this is the behavior that the stepping on the inside of the character has become a surface. But this alone is not enough to say that it is attractive. What is going to happen next is quite strong fun of deployment.

Nakamura-san is by far the character again. Even though I think about it at the beginning, Saeki-san. Both live actions are cute. However Saeki is cute as it is a lotto picture. However, I can not keep up with the change of Saeki-san. Why are you escaping Kasuga? I do not know anything about this person. It seems that Kasuga gradually knows that Nakamura's understanding is unknown. The change of the two is very good. The flow of Kasuga who is noticed that Mr. Nakamura who thought that I do not know for a long time had a thing close to Moyamoya which he owns is well done. I am surprised that this work is a young love story. Saeki goes in a funny direction.

I am watching the preferences for these two characters like a metaphor. Nakamura as a friend to take escape to extraordinary life together. And Saeki who is a heavy daily authorization of this city. At first, Mr. Kasuga was referring to Angel and Saeki-san and I saw it as an entrance to extraordinary but gradually I know her stubbornness. In this respect Nakamura has a live action in the story. As the metaphor which I have as a character, however, the original picture is suitable. I knew this from the beginning, but because it is the second half that this strongly comes out storyily. In the first half there is a live-action picture, the second half has an original picture. Nakamura is never a cartoon character. But Nakamura of the original picture is suitable for the feature as an escape place for adolescents with cartoon animation. Mr. Saeki is attractive not only to how attractive a real appearance it is unattractive. There is something insufficient there.

By saying the relationship of three people, the scene of the classroom and another name scene are escape from the town. Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Saeki have a choice of Kasuga, and the feelings of three people here are really good. It cuts into the inner surface, but these 3 persons 3 are drawn into the real and interesting psychology. The flow that chooses Nakamura after separating from Saeki after you get ruined once and you think of Nakamura's suffering from your own suffering is really good. And also the flow to re-contract.

It is OPED to touch again later. I think both are good thought songs. I thought that expression of feeling of adolescence Moyamoya was cheap from radio woman 's time. I think that it is a musician who is in anime.

Well, I write only the problem. The slow pace of the original manga crest was caught in the advance of the current term, the railgun, the flower of evil. Clearly speaking the last is not good. Where do I close the original with why it occurred is bad. It is also involved in the slow pace. In this way of tightening I think that it is good to expand it with a little more high pace and put the words and scenes of the last in the future. I understood what I did because I was reading only a part of the original. Episode 13 The flow of re-contract is good, so bad things run out there. I am disappointed. The work which became dissatisfied with the where to fasten the original so much for the first time in a long time. I feel disappointed at the slow pace of the original manga this season. Although it is favorable only because the advancement is almost no such adverse effect, I feel that other works did not really manage a little more?

2013/06/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2350 Host:2304 Browser: 14118
[good point]
Really funny.
Each character himself confronts things in a seriously serious manner and somehow is trying to solve it, but because it is young, I feel like something like a struggle, a defense, or a frustration.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Rather than seeing this, what a common romantic love stuff and love comedy is disgusting, tasteless and dry.
On that point this is a humanly content.
Drama and drama

2013/06/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27547 Host:27435 Browser: 10241
[Comprehensive evaluation]

Scary eerie. This is the first word I felt. Anime that gives a different fear sense from Kaiji and Higurashi. Anyhow the ED of the first season was too brand new and I was scared and I was watching while I was going to enter the ED.
Bukkake drawing is dirty I certainly think that the picture is better for manga but I think that the final stage of each story is shocking so I will not get bored of the viewer so much that the next expansion always bothers me and I can not sleep. Because of that, Nakamura had too much difference in the gap between the person and the hero as usual and there were some who run insect bites?

2013/05/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 5941
Although I knew the work because the original is unread, since it is well accumulated in bookstores,
I can say that it is a dark youth story of the emotion-driven type I understand the intention of pursuing reality well, the story will choose a person The image surface that can not be avoided by evaluation of this work is an interesting attempt ,
Still not exceeding the range of experiments Because of lack of capturing live images or too much information on screen Screens are not organized and reality is felt Even if the reality is felt It is easy to obtain whether the maker who is hard to see the picture is being swayed by the technique Whether there is no reason to do more than an effect, first it would not make sense to make animation unless the producer attracts attractiveness with this technique, the present place excluding the image plane which is only a drama painted in color Actually, even works of the same line are ordinary externals work, but no longer no longer supports the significance as an experiment for the future and it is normal

2013/05/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13068 Host:12889 Browser: 10415
〓〓〓It is an advance evaluation at the time of viewing until 4 talks.

Real. Anyway real.
You can see a thorough commitment to the realism of the depiction of the real junior high school students, the school, the surrounding world, using a special method of tracing and making a real picture called RotoScope.

Work that painted such vainful youth is such a kore.
I can not show "I can not show you!" On my favorite child XXX,
Somehow, looking down on others,
Somehow irritated various things,
There is a guy who is involved easily, and there is a bad guy who is so bad.
With that generation feeling restraint in such a conscience somewhat it is this work that shreds the "everyday" of the narrow world spread out before them by removing taggage ...?

Whatever it is, it is an interesting work including animated elemental elements made seriously.
"Comment that I think is good".