[Anime]Akisora Yume no naka

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Anime rank of 2010 Rank 133in 188 titles
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Takeo Takahashi
Hoods Entertainment
Ishiguro Tatsuya
Masahiro Itosugi
Jukki Hanada Hideaki Koyasu
Kazuya Kuroda Shinodakunihiro
Kori Natsuno
Nazuna Gogyo
Japan Released:2010/07/30(Fri) Media(ex. DVD) / End:2010/11/17
Official sites
1. http://c-clays.com/03_pro/akisora/ (Translation)
2. http://www.ponican.jp/akisora/ (Translation)
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2016/05/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20407 Host:20572 Browser: 5171
In the framework of the rating for the general public, it is an OVA work as close to 18 animation as possible without drawing as much as forbidden love patterns such as "real sister 〓〓brother", "older brother 〓〓real sister" and "girl x girl" with "sexual description" But if you write the content as "as it is" it will definitely be eligible for deletion ... I do not know how far it should be wrapped in oblate, but let's review it carefully. By the way, the original is unread, it will be evaluated in the state of OVA unexpected attached to the booklet produced before this work.

Wearing a beautiful appearance Kaori with big tits fascinated with the thought to Sora, with Kaoru's eldest son Aki and her elder sister Sora being a delicate and beautiful young boyfriend, who love to feel Sora, The complex emotions of the second burning Nami who is burning with jealousy are entwined and the love pattern of the muddy is spun.
..., but Aki 〓〓Sora who is supposed to be the main is already in the relationship of "love each other", the essence of "attracted to each other" is being dealt with, and it repeats Icharab every so often, so in their drama I was not interested. Even if I have a free time I can not wait to see a lucky desire immediately.

While the Aki 〓〓Sora group was specialized in the erotic direction, the Kana 〓〓Nami group was digging down to a certain extent for each tremoring feeling, which was relatively enjoyable. While Nami's feelings for Kana are "LOVE", Kana learns of gaps in recognition of favor only that it is only "LIKE", and desires too much "Nani" to recruit the passion for Kana. You can see that the true heroine of this work was Nami if you are watching the storming of Nami that attacks.
Nevertheless, the reason why Nami was attracted to Kana is "love at first sight", and the reason why Kana fell in love with Sora "because she is cute" later develops into a love-hate drama of Doro Numa I felt badly felt when I saw it as motivation for deaf romance. In indirect kissing "indirect 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓quot;, I do not understand the psychology of Nami who is related to Sora to share the sense of Kana.

It is a composition that is too unkind to the original unread reader who ended up tremendously with "the event of that day" that the Aki 〓〓Sora group reached a relationship, and a halfway epilogue with "continue reading the original 〓〓〓quot; It is disappointing that I could not afford a good evaluation even considering stable paintings and sensational erotic directing etc.

Kana first showed off, "Kokoro" who can not avoid forsting "Why did you learn such a tech!?" Was announced in Kana, but w

2015/09/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5587
[Comprehensive evaluation]

Erotic is equivalent to "Nozo. Ki Aana". It is about 18 minutes barely close.

According to the wiki, Sora 's son seems to be set to be big, but as expected there were no such descriptions or serifs.
Aki and Sora love each other, but Aki was more aggressive.

Kana who likes Sora can not approve herself from her own personality. So Nami sets the way,
Because Nami likes Kana, it makes me feel complicated.

Because of the theme that is generally regarded as a taboo called incest or lesbians,
The sexual description becomes inevitable inevitably.

Those who dislike the contents of this hand should never see it, and animation that you must absolutely see if you like it.

2015/06/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1340 Host:1325 Browser: 8416
This work focuses on the incest of the main character Aoi "Sora" and her older sister "Aki", the physical relationship with the twin sister's "Nami" and his friend Sayya "Kana", furthermore "Nami" and " It is erotic animation that is as good as 18 banned dedicated service full point such as depiction of Kanna's lesbian etc, but the picture is beautiful and the character design is also good, the story is simple and if you like this kind of animation, you can enjoy it for about a cake.

Although it is a lady-like hero, although it ends with a frightening situation that only mother ..... has no physical relationship after all, it is a place where it is convincing that it is the same director as "Yosuganoosora".

Even so, it is wonderful that this age limit is not applied though it is such a content, and attention is necessary for minors to watch.
Was the series composition a byte playing with Mr. Tokitaka Hanada in such a place? ( Lol )

2014/10/09 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14549 Host:14558 Browser: 5710
Original unread.

Work drawing a forbidden love among my siblings.

Descriptions are close to 18 nights without limit. Although a sex scene is also drawn, there is no genitals depiction, it is the main to draw a process leading to it, and that scene is a subordinate, so it was not barely handled.

Even now that I become a high school student while I was fond of my sister from a young age, my sister loves her younger brother and is willing to set aside that she does not have physical contact. Sakura (Sora) who was rescued by my sister (Aki) as well as in the past, finally crossed the line, it is a rough flow, in addition to that there is Sora for girls tennis for the first time The perverted world is drawn such as taking tennis lessons from wearing clothes and guided by ejaculation by Aki who took a bath afterwards.
Because it is not reading the original, or maybe there are more detailed descriptions in the original, both my thoughts with my sister and brother, there is still considerable conflict and hesitation to cross the line, but most of it It is not drawn. When delivered by Aki from the trapped gymnasium, I can not show a kiss from Aki once, but I can not show it, but in the next scene it's already naked in bed, but it's too overwhelming. And, as it is made to Aki, I cross a line as it is, but whatever you like, it will take a brake to commit contempts of incest, which is a desire to surpass it Although it is because there is a contraindication, even though the viewer can empathize and the scene is exciting, there is not "forbidden" or "genuine love" to not draw here.

Also, in this deployment, the remaining Sora's twin sister Nami knows nothing as a contrast, if you describe it normally, you can emphasize the spirituality of the relation between Aki and Sora, Sora's classmate to Sora It is in a relationship with Kana that is thoughtful, and it extends from jealousy to Sora, it is only a gathering of virtue, abandonment, it is a development itself in incest thing of 18 ban animation incest.

If you can make it skillfully it might have been a pure love thing, but it has not been done at all, it is unsatisfactory from those who wish for the 18th battle. What a halfway work.