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Ando Masahiro
Deko Akao
Takahashi Ayumu
Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Michiru Ooshima
Saori Hayami
Ryouta Ousaka
Yuuichirou Umehara
Kaori Nazuka
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Yuko Sanpe
Yuko Kaida
Jun Fukuyama
Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Akira Ishida
Japan Released:2015/07/07(Tue) 00:00-00:30 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV / End:2015/09/22
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2016/05/02 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15402 Host:15504 Browser: 7461
It is a work of only sweet sweet and strawberry toym.
It is a work throughout the two seasons, and it seems that there is more continuity.
Since it is not completed, I do not attach evaluation, but I write my impressions.
Season 2 There is a minor event in the beginning of the second, but other than that it depicts the love story of Shirayuki sweetly.
It is a very [tatami] work.
I think that the final evaluation is about "good".
In Coco, I will keep it as an idea "I think good."

2016/04/15 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3991 Host:4011 Browser: 8635
It seems that there are no evaluation columns for only the second term so I will make a comment.

So easy to evaluate the second term. . . Well, as for the point which changed from last time, white snow becomes the princess captured and the Prince rescues it. It will be a story of such a standard fairy tale

Unlike the last time white snow was acting and moving the story, it can be said that there was considerable change because white snow was awaiting passive, but in conclusion it was a bit unsatisfactory for me.
Speaking of synonymous with Snow White of Red Hair, I thought that the independent lady image of white snow was the biggest feature

Therefore, I think a lot of people were disappointed for the same reason as me, but, please be relieved.
I am reading the continuation in the original manga, but from here it will return to the original form that white snow, working as a pharmacist like the previous time, will pull the story

Even those who seemed a bit incongruous this time, I do not know the next animation (I do not know)
I think I do not see losses by watching it

2016/04/10 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11608 Host:11541 Browser: 4894
Since the second term has ended, post again. The girl gets pulled and becomes a princess.
In the comment after one period, I wrote that the main character was written as a complete form female protagonist, and to whom the man should approach, but that was right. But for this problem, this one work could not have answered.
The current society does not have a model of how socially independent women and socially autonomous men build relationships. Therefore, it is impossible to draw a relationship between two people in an easy-to-understand manner. Therefore, in this season the hero became a princess, he had to be deprived of a bad habit.

But I do not feel like putting an order on it.

In the last round, the hero tells Prince to his thoughts and responds to Prince's thoughts. But the dialogue at that time has absolutely no sweetness. Thoroughly excluding the sweetness of the girl who crumbles in love, thinking about the meaning and significance of becoming a companion to the prince of one country in his life, clearly taking that duty and responsibility clearly, but still with the man in front of you Acting as if to confirm our own desire to exist.
Even though there is a kissing scene shortly afterwards, it is a word of a proposal that is not sweet at all.

What kind of man can you build an equal relationship with such a woman? At least, I do not know.
It is rare for such women to be drawn in animation, much less work such as drawing a relationship with such a woman.
If we try to draw a result once as a story, it will be unlikely that we will generate some kind of event.

Still this work is trying to draw a figure of a man trying to build a relationship with such a completed female protagonist. Especially the acting of Radio Prince was good this season. (Regarding this term, it can be said that it is almost a growth story of Radio Prince)
In acting as if to attack the line of not being a gag, he was playing a clumsy young man who was trying to make his own growth and pride somehow compatible a little bit, but carefully. An act that can be convinced as an example of a typical male attitude when a woman like white snow was brought forward.

Another person, Obi was also a good character, but he was always drawn as a dangerous character about him. Denial of the relationship that should be with the finished form female protagonist, and constantly drifted disturbing air as a character that might desire a relationship between men and women that is not so. It is warmth of this work to draw it as a kind of unrequited love.

That's why Zen's position becomes more obscure. While he aims for himself to be with the white snow, he does not have that clear vision.
Although it can not be helped as it is unclear what kind of finished form male protagonist to the finished form female protagonist is ...

Evaluation for this work has not changed, I think it was a good work.
And the viewpoint on how men should be against socially autonomous women at the back of this work might be a more important question in the future.

2016/03/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 964 Host:1022 Browser: 9944
[good point]
It was weekly healing animation ~

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The story of the royal road is irresistible! I also like Zen, but as you read the comic, Obi is nice again!
I am waiting for the third term by all means

2016/02/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47101 Host:46879 Browser: 5779
It is a girls' comic book as contents. I think that the characteristic of the neighborhood is also out that the character is almost a man except the hero.
Since the animation of the current anime is tired of so many things of the harem system of the man hero, it is a wonder that it sees relatively when the inverse Harlem-like girl's cartoon is animated.
Since it feels like a story and a character as well, there is no such characteristic as to mention special mention, but since it is a story while stepping on an orthodox girls cartoonistic setup rather than a love love story that seems easy to be hot It can be seen properly. Sorry that the background of white snow was not almost revealed ... The older brother of the prince who did not do anything after all came out is also a mystery ... ...
I wonder if I will be revealed around this second cool spot now.

2015/12/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4911 Host:5000 Browser: 7914
The original is unread.

As a quirky place, the world view. Either race is Western style but the character is Japanese style (but Western and place names are Western style), but it does not feel strange.
Thinking about it, Snow White in a fairy tale is also going through "Snow White".
The name is a familiar problem, is not it?

It is a royal road story that solves problems aggressively with a strong belief, and it is a royal road story that it is recognized as a royal road story, but it is a girl who aims at the same line of sight as a man without depending on a man though it is a modern day I think that.
Just that, there are not any things like Dokitsu, Kyun, Nyonyoyo.
The sugar is also modest, and the main character's white snow is scared as much as I wonder where the prince is good (or vice versa).

Well Oh well, is it okay that we should be contemporary?
The problem is to want to say "drugs, licking !!"

On the story, we are not treating medicine in a disorderly manner, but rather it is striking that the miscellaneous setting is striking, although rather seriously doing it.
For example, no matter how much free national weather it is impossible to appoint a pharmacist who can assemble poison easily, as well as a person without any guarantee, foreigners (immigrants).
No matter how good the result is, it is.
Nonetheless, it is nationally noisy country that white snow with no guarantee and no trust is appointed?
I am mistaken for freedom and irresponsibility.
The information in the palace is leakage of Dada, so Prince is targeted. (Lol)

Snow White is working seriously at work and should be ignored as a matter of talk, but I wanted you to spotlight here.
Then the more you work hard, the more you get used to it, the more discomfort you get, the more you will be shown as a heavy responsibility.

In addition, depending on the trust of the patient, the pharmacist responds with full power ... Although it should be the original figure, there are few scenes facing the patient just by doing medicine management etc etc. (There is a story about the fireplace smoke at the fort, but if you burn it in a fireplace smoke will go out and you will not have such a symptom, because there is an emergency contact law as it is a fort in the first place , A bit of a ride with a prince and a few to the forted lost fortune ...)

So, it seems that white snow is trying hard alone by one person, it is thin and thin.
Therefore, I do not feel the growth of white snow at all.
I work hard all by myself and I will do my best in the first place ... that alone.
Rather, the prince is growing ... It might be good if it is a thing to train the prince, but it is far from the main point.
Is it a harmful effect that caused me to be a prop.

Although it is a beautiful story with a beautiful picture, but it is a garden for white snow and a story for white snow .... In other words, because it is such a garden garden, we placed a "doll" called a white snow for the story. .. It is a work that receives such a feeling.
In that sense it is exactly "a fairy tale".
It may not be worrisome that the setting is a monkey, but it is hard to evaluate why it is not fairy tales, something that is not a fairy tale, or something that is not a fairy tale is not out of the fairy tale.

I finished watching the second term, so I added it.

After all it is a prince development thing. (Lol)
And medicine is not it.

However, I think that it got better with Gun because we can finally see the feeling of white snow by the mountain of this work and the sea riot.
Until then it was only a puppet that was convenient for you to talk.

Well, looking through the whole thing, although there is a cucumber, the sugar content is small.
Will it be the case with white snow that aims at equal looks ... Is not that bad, I think that it is rather the taste of this work.

There is nothing to indulge in it, rather it is severe, but it is required by the present woman ... ...

The princess was helped and became happy with the prince, from the old fairy tale that it is Maru,
The princess chose the way to struggle with the prince, it turned out that he became a current fairy tale called Maru.

Will women be happy with it, do they yearn for it?
Just to mention the reality, it is just that, but I think I'm just taking the power to dream.

It may be a work suggesting a contemporary challenge, but it has not become an answer.
So the evaluation is "bad".

2015/12/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51227 Host:51214 Browser: 5171
I thought about viewing this work was not only the thing that Mr. Hayami just starred and was not expecting especially at the stage before viewing with the content,
When I opened the lid I felt better than I expected,
About the factor that enjoyed this work, most of it is exhausted as characters of white snow,
It was refreshing to see her aggressive personality.

Personally, it was a place where the character of white snow was good,
But the contents of the story itself is an ordinary girls cartoon,
Expansively it is almost impossible to read ahead and there is no surprise,
In other words, it could be said that there is a merit that you can enjoy secure deployment firmly.

2015/10/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40996 Host:40755 Browser: 8627
Although it is the fairy tale world where the whole story talks are drifting, it was somewhere contemporary.
Because it is a point that White Snow has the strength to decide by himself while female himself can decide by himself, and he has the strength to self-activate, so this will give the impression that the classics were remodeled in contemporary style It is

Among them, the best sight is white snow living straight, which would be cool anyway.
It is pleasant to watch the figure that I say that it wrongly wrong is wrong !!

Such is not good as a way of living, so it will inevitably get caught up in trouble but it is our prince Zen that appears there. It is the role of the Prince to protect the right behavior taken with the courage of white snow by force with the help of a dancer like a prince who riding in Hakuba exactly like a prince

Of course, Zeno was also attracted to the straight heart of such white snow, and it is saved, not benefiting from one side, but it seemed to be very good relationship that each other supported

The main part of the girl's manga, the way the two of them are overcoming the love of identity and fulfilling, is to close the curtain just right now, although it is not the theme, mostly prologue If you make a good part as the main and do this carefully carefully you will be able to create a spectacular view, you can feel that you are handling characters, settings and stories well

However, it is Obi-kun who was interested in one. I do not care for why he was in danger of being in danger, but is not it clear that you are supposed to be an opponent or even a triangle relationship? If so, this story would absolutely mean Not required!
And I want to tell you. . .

Either way I was able to watch it to the end very much, so I will assume the evaluation is also very high [very good].
This is the original cartoon must be put in the purchase candidate

2015/10/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34178 Host:34117 Browser: 9155
[good point]
That the drawing was stable
The royal family (prince) is decent (except some)
.OP theme
Do not let others decide my own way white snow

[Bad point]
Rules of the royalty understand the theory but various troublesome things
Even the deployment seemed to be one pattern Even the staff seemed to get tired even at the end (haha)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a work that feels like having the feeling of stability, expressing it the most.
The hero (heroine) white snow falls into a pinch, the prince comes to help,
Basically it is iterative, but noteworthy is that,
It is not just meant to be fooled by destiny, but walking with my eyes clearly looking,
The way that such dignified white snow resides will eventually change the surroundings and the prince as well.
I think that it was producing a sense of stability with a core in the story as it was drawn.

Although Bonz is good at moving drawings, although it is interwoven with actions,
I think that animation has been made without damaging the original girls' manga likeness.

Although there is a sense of stability very much, on the contrary, because it is the impression that there are not much parted parts,
I will make the evaluation very good.

2015/10/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35169 Host:35337 Browser: 10255
[good point]
There was no irritating development unique to the girls comic which can be seen with confidence and it was good as the couple is completed straight

[Bad point]
Some people may feel boring because there are not too many undulations

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I thought I'd like to see it because it seems that the second term will be broadcast next year

2015/09/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29859 Host:29977 Browser: 7467
The heroine is "Otokomee". "I have not done it". I am simple thinking it is cool. I do not have a shake.

A reliable skill as a pharmacist.The insight, the heart that respects the surroundings, the beautiful woman. Brilliant red hair. It is almost invincible.

At the beginning, Mr. Fukuyama acts as a pervert euphoric prince (pet animals) and is forced to enter the shrine, but escapes to a neighboring country.
Leave medicine and scribbles on my family members. I do not feel like a bird in a basket. Already, "Otomoe" at this point.

Well, what is the flow related to the second Prince Zen et al. In neighboring countries There is a push for the title collection of "Snow White".

But again, in order to protect Prince Zen who robbed a poisonous apple, I am ready to hand out to Prince Hakodate. "Otomoe".

Because HERO Zen is habituated to poison (poisoning is the taste of the nobility) it is good to rush with a steady walk.
(Yo! The Prince !!)

Next, a man who has fallen as a fraud from a fallen aristocrat who is kidnapped by himself will be missing "Otokomae". The Prince will also come true.
(This story is at a level that I think may not be necessary, but it is effective for impressing McGover's tactics and behavioral power)

And even if threatening the political opponent 's spies, it does not fly. Do not pull. "Otomoe". Spybird also lightly falls w
(Oji, do you need it? W)

In the process of becoming a court pharmacist apprentice, genius juvenile pharmacist = Shota also falls. "Otomoe" is said as "clean" .... The existence is cowardly, no more.
(Oji, rivals are steadily increasing)

A close friend Mitsuhide passing through the prince's aide, Female Jung Ki, (you are the most amazing) Advance the story with a snap.

In such a trend, Mr. Ishida Akira develops the AT field as the first prince, "Character professional voice actor who knows the basic, all the reasons".

And the first prince is also a good man who is fundamentally good at the qualities of the champion. Do not give a good taste every time, Mr. Ishida.
(Prince Zen may end up losing the struggles of white snow finally unless it goes dead)

A prince that is used for sheathing with a girl who came from the area where the tribe of bird use lives and aristocrat who ruled over the land probably dug in the kingdom.
White snow that caught up in the speculation and encountered several times in a confusion is "Peach Princess" which is "neat and neat" and "neat". However, that is good !!

I want to give the power of "real prince of Hakuba" "geek girl" who will save myself by myself, Iina !!

Prince Zen knows the point well, and he is gentle, as it is aimed at life or slaughtered with iron bloody from a boy who he thought was a friend, but he was never a yaw.

I feel good. Look at me. The impression did not fluctuate from the first episode to the last episode he did not care about.

I think that it is a girl 's cartoon original and I think that it is a legitimate view to emotionally import and listen to the white snow of the hero.

However, I asked himself that he is independent and the answer came back after all as if I am independent.
On top of that, there is no choice but to transfer emotion to Prince HERO Zen who will return after half a beat as "Do you rely on it".

Eleventh episode, even if you just kiss the virtual proposal or something, it looks creepy (I thought how you ended up talking).
In the final story, at the event inviting the people of Ichii to Wang Caste, I was dressed as a guard, or as a knight who turned the blade to the prince in the play during the play.
(I hurry up in the play during the play, I dressed as a mask of the mask to defend the snowstain whom I was delegated for the role of the princess, I am funny and funny too! I love you)

Such two people looked up at the finale of the festival where hot-air balloon light lanterns rise to the sky with their friends, and the story was ended with a translation.

The story of the completed "Otokoe maiden" and "Prince's position = a young man trying to fulfill his duty" is perfectly complete.
The rest is omake. But I will buy the original and I will support with DL. Because it feels good. This work.

Although the original and the screenplay are good, the way of interphase, how to tremble the voice, how well Saori Hayami of the role of heroine was good was good.
Of course Prince Zen and his colleagues were all good, but I think the heroine was outstanding. I think the power of the actor is great.

Evaluation is "Very good" without complaint. Because I have not read the original yet.
(Also, Obi, you are too good-looking.Original writers who can make such a character love the performers too)

2015/09/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11608 Host:11541 Browser: 4894
There is a word to say that it is only works to love acting heroine, but heroine performance is good about that.
The story is mediocrity, and the heroine is mediocrity. It was nothing but the performance of the voice that gave depth, spread, deepness and thickness to the human nature of that mediocre heroine that made the work with mediocrity plus mediocrity.
Individually, Saori Hayami who played the voice of the heroine thought that he was a contemporary one if he made a troublesome woman, but I was very impressed as to whether it would be like this if he plays an obedient girl. An obedient girl without front and back sides will become a thin character if you do it. However, the heroine of this work has no thinness at all. In the play there is no clear indication of what kind of life this heroine has in his life (slightly touched in the last round), but each word has the power to make her a glimpse of her life.
It expresses the natural complexity of a human being as if it was natural (not intentional). Still, since it does not deviate from animated performance, it is well understood to amateurs. (If you deviate from this, I guess what it is said to be a stick at once, I do like that person.

Well, if you focus on the heroine, it is a work that has only true voice acting.
A woman who can think dreams and life all by himself and selects himself and can grab himself. A woman who can communicate with men without the tool of love. Like this heroine, mediocratic wrote, it is the completion form of the main character female protagonist.
Because it is completed, there is no story to talk about any more here.

Rather, I should pay attention to the prince.
How can a boy be a man when he is in front of a completed type female protagonist? How can the Prince be like the Prince before the Princess can escape from difficulties by himself before being asked for help?
The prince of this work is trying to deal with the problem faced by a modern male character right from the front.
And perhaps there is no clear answer to that question. However, if you give up on addressing that problem directly from the front, you can never be a man or a prince. (The heroine of this work does not weaken, etc. conveniently)

Apparently there seems to be continuity, so I definitely want to expect the prince's performance. This work may be further transformed if it can more clearly express the determination that it is a painful and difficult thing to face straight from the problem faced by a modern male character, and still keeps tackling the problem still.

2015/09/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49183 Host:49312 Browser: 7418
[good point]
Things that did not develop romantic suddenly: Of course it starts full - scale from the latter half, but the flow is fairly natural
Obi: It was the first impression of a small villain striking, but what I should say while serving Zen is somewhat cool
Second period has been decided: Thanks for giving me the best in a while, but it is only a couple of months to open but it will be returned after only 3 months Evaluation (Started a sequel around the time when memory faded for years There are also many works)

[Bad point]
Unnamed: Although white snow and trees are kanji names and others are katakana names, there is no sense of unity, although there may be reasons for setting the world somewhat, but at the moment they are unknown it is only a judgment that it is a subtle element Absent
Trees: Basically four people + In the middle of participation Obi is delicate and emotion is hardly drawn, probably it will be told from the second stage after being decided, but there is almost no femininity around white snow It is also a comparison with the character and I like it as a character

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there was something attracted from the beginning of the original unread, since I did not read Ryosuke girls' comic books which became even more interesting each time I piled up, I do not even know what kind of work there are, but they have not been imaged until now Although there was a weak love element that was not good enough to be surprised to be surprised, things were not so strong until the second half, so it was a development on drawing everyday until then, so it was felt like a natural development and a weak consciousness circle It did not occur with

2015/09/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5634 Host:5469 Browser: 4684
[good point]
Hayami says that the story with beautiful voice and character character is a feeling of smoothness as it goes smoothly rather than as wild as possible.

[Bad point]
I am singing OP, but with regard to singing, is it a bit bad class?
It falls more than one stage compared with Yoko Hikasa etc.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well, it is better than normal.

2015/09/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]

Pure love things like girls' comic books.

Shirayuki and Prince Zen are drawing the way of love.

Meet Zen and become a court pharmacist with the desire to stay near him.
And although the story will progress, it is one point I was curious about.

I wonder when Shirayuki liked Zen.

The likelihood was high from the beginning, but similar lines come out when you decide to go to Zen's country.
"I want to stay near Zen".

When I began working for the court, it seemed that he was a prince, as I knew it was stolen, I felt like I pulled a step further, and I liked it, the aura had come out.
I was surprised when Zen kissed, but was he surprised by a kiss, was he an expression that he noticed his feelings?
After that, Zen was doing something like a proposal, but I understood that he liked perfectly at that time.

Conclusion, whenever they are happy anytime!

The heart got warm with a lovely relationship staring at each other, thinking and honestly.
When Zen kissed, it was probably not just me that I was happy like myself!

I wanted to see the happy future of the two people a little further. (If Zen was a bit more aggressive, did he go ahead a bit more?)

Saori Hayami who spoke to Shirayuki was perfect for the image.
I think that there is nothing that is pure, forward-looking, slightly enthusiastic, but a character with a gentle feeling that goes to the right of Hayami.

After 2nd term viewing end it is appended.

In general, it was a satisfactory way to finish.

It is a happy ending with the ending being in the form that the future of Zen and white snow appears to some extent.

The development of the stock of the second half Radio Prince sharply rises. The letter addressed to the last white snow was very good with advice and concern overflowing.

I will raise the rating one more and make it "very good".

2015/07/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33390 Host:33346 Browser: 5386
[good point]
Because the beginning of the story is similar to "Snow White", it is easy to stick to the story
A style like the Cibli work
The main character is pretty and it feels good to be pleasant

[Bad point]
.Absent. A villain is appearing every time if it writes strongly, but motivation and action are impossible

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Currently pushing in the summer of 2015 summer
Since we have only 3 talks yet, we will make it "very good"