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Gamon Sakurai
Hiroyuki Seshita
Seko Hiroshi Ryochimo
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Yugo Kanno
Polygon Pictures Inc.
Mamoru Miyano
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Houchuu Ootsuka
Takahiro sakurai
Mikako Komatsu
Daisuke Hirakawa
Aya Suzaki
Hiroyuki Kinoshita
Japan Released:2016/01/16(Sat) 02:10-02:40 MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) TV
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1. http://www.ajin.net/ (Translation)
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2017/04/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12667 Host:12509 Browser: 10300
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the story is also interesting although the story is also interesting but the direction and BGM are also good and these are enhancing the presence feeling Then acting of the voice actor also matches the character and acts from the wonderful respective speculations, with selfish and individuality rich with darkness The size of the scale that the faces of the terrorists who fight against the domineering of the country holding perspiration in the hands to fight against each other as opposed to deceive and conflicting in the subpart vs human beings to fight in the state and the world is also good " good"

2017/04/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6281 Host:6117 Browser: 7518
An immutable human being.
It is a work depicting the struggle between the hero of this accidentally accident from a traffic accident and a crazy murderer who is an ape, government and the United States.
The story depicts only the conflict of these three, and 26 stories are over.
I think that "Charlotte" looked like a work similar to this before.

It is not a work I think is fun, but it is dragged into the story.
The main character "Kei Nagai" is pursued by the government, runs into the countryside and meets Sato, the murderer.
Since then unidentified sub-people have appeared one after another, the immense fight of subprinters who have been persecuted by the government due to immortality and the subordinates of the government and the government side is depicted endlessly.
Since around this time, homicide is drawn frequently, it seems like a work whose likes and dislikes are clearly divided.

Last think that it will be a big theme to say what this hero "Kei Nagai" will be, but it has not been drawn there.
It is a work that I thought it was interesting personally, but I think that it is about "good" by saying that evaluation is incomplete.

2017/01/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2070 Host:1795 Browser: 4721
I watched a period and appreciated "good" but I finished watching until the second term and changed it to "very bad".

It was a work that ended up disappointing that he did not disappoint in the second term personally either.
After all, depending on it only by subnet 's neta after all, there was no spreading or depth from that side, so there was a surprisingly unfriendliness as an aspiring person and it seemed to be magnificent and it seemed like it was a shabby feeling remained.

The biggest reason why I was disappointed by some reason is that it is a big deal to do with the enemy's existence, but its content is small and childish, so it seems there is a presence and it seems to be only a small fish character if I do it from myself.
Even though I just wanted to play the game, it was good to do it, but it was definitely better to do something like having an ambition hidden behind the truth, as I thought I was going to do it.
Even if you do not have beliefs or nuclear in doing things you do not get drawn in, you can not be excited.
With an adult ceremony in the neighborhood or the like without goal without a purpose, it was only with a whitening, together with a brat.

If evil, you need a line of evil.

Even if it was a strategy or the like, I did not feel so terrible, I did not get surprised, so there was no surprise, just the SDF and the police seemed to be weak.
I was overdone as good as Mr. Sato strongly showed, it was just a child blow.

Even if it was the hero at first it was a bad character and I personally liked it and I was attracted to it because there seemed to be something mysterious but the reason for becoming such growth and such a personality or hidden mystery There was hardly any thought as if there was something, and it felt like a bewildering feeling.
As it was over, it never ceased to be an ordinary character, and it was disappointing there as well.

Although the sub-person who winged up comes out in the middle of the second term, since the contents of the way to show the character and how to appear are good, contents of the character are good, so if you are excited to see what kind of activity it will show there, It was a nice thing to do it without hesitation, spreading just the wrapping cloth and spreading it just as it was was a good place.

Even if it is a friend character of the hero, it is thought that it is a character to relate to the axis of the story, to recover the main character or to pull it up, its role is taken by other characters, and he does not do anything seriously It was an inappropriate character, and it really felt like a work that was nothing but this work thought to be something in general.

What was left of the impression personally in the second term is the content of the female detective.
There was no content as much as it seemed to be a snake feet in other things being repetition of the same thing.
So, for example, even if scenes of an ape in which feathers grew or even scraped characters, the story will not be affected much.
It may be rather tense for those who did not have good help characters.

In my work it was like touching a piece of Tokyo breeds and parasitic beasts and dividing it by four.
I thought that I could not have become a parasite beast of parasitic beasts or parasitic beasts, and the difference from parasitic beasts is the difference from the enemy's purpose and there is a purpose or mystery to the enemy, so workability is said to come out It comes.
Without it, it is only a farce to do what you do at best.

Even if it is an impact or a character it is far worse than a Tokyo breed, so for me it ended up with an image of only the work that diluted the two.

2016/10/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31499 Host:31598 Browser: 8949
[good point]
Terror scenario, this one point is exhausted

[Bad point]
Especially in the first half, I could not see it because the scenario was too much to get in.
As an example, at the scene of hitting a younger sister in a hospital, it became a first experience battle between IBM, At this time, both of the users should have had a motive to grasp the opponent with non-killing, but the dialog I only got to know how to be able to save IBM. It was disgusting because I was taking actions different from motivation. It was strange when watching the scenes of the hospital although it was understood that killing IBM to explain things about sub-people and IBM came out after that time was not a big problem. Scenery that was strange anyway because the lines were not able to explain the situation because the other strange scenarios were full in the rounds before and after that and the lines did not look like hints.

CG meaningless (rather counterproductive) slimy movement. Although it is a picture even if it says CG, it seems technically possible to process it like a parapara picture, why does he want to use this kind of animation for CG which physically unpleasant movements bother purposely?

Works with a world view made of slightly dark elements such as psychopaths and dystopia like the fist of the North Star (NPCs want to take a prize money and take the initiative to kill), a homonym of unusual things like Death Note and parasitic beasts . However, scenarios like this are not strange, but scenarios in the first half are packed every time, so it's not interesting.
However, thanks to Saito 's terrorist deployment beginning in the second half, the above elements are also living and the interest is increasing.
I think the first cause of the acceptance of this work is probably the deployment of terrorism. Moreover, I am using the guns and bombs without discomfort. There is a feeling that it is receiving greatly to the FPS game and favorite viewers.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there are few places to praise as a work making, as entertainment can be enjoyed in the second half, it will be a good work as entertainment.
I do not know why terrorist work is inherently interesting. Speaking of unscrupulousness, this is exactly what the hero is saying as a stranger, so if the murder is occurring in the rest of the world, it is not a no-action Foreign horse gesture that checks it all by news, the human being trained in such a society It might be a saga of.

2016/08/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3122 Host:3111 Browser: 4701
In the world in which new human beings called sub-people emerged, the hero who turned out to be a sub-person by himself starts fleeing in order to escape from government agencies. Once escaped from difficulties by being helped by a childhood friend who was estranged, we meet there with another sub-person called Sato. . .
First of all it is a point that it is full CG animation, but I feel myself feeling a sense of incongruity gradually. This point is not a negative point because resistance feeling has almost disappeared by seeing Sydney.
Although original cartoon seems to be interesting as it goes to a bookstore etc, it seems to be interesting, but I have read up to several volumes, but I did not like the touch of pictures very much.
I think that this animation has become a story of Sato after the middle stage. Subs do not live quietly with shadows, but rather actually make crazy behavior trying to annihilate the old human race. It is a high-spec character that has physical ability.
A hero who thought to spend a relaxing time in the country, drawing a line with Sato. However, because Sato has done genocide, the hero is also pursued. The main character is the stage of trying to confront Sato with the incentive to shake off flying sparks and the first period is over.
It is mentioned that there is a problem in the character of the hero in the work. It is called scum from my sister owing to too rational thinking too much. As an animated character there is a part that looks realistic personality and it is funny (for example, it is disturbing abnormally at the murder site.It is natural as a human being, but an animation viewer feels calm because it is calm as a step ), While battle scenes, characters that do not move one eyebrow also have difficult parts to empathize. The hero seems to be just right.

<< Overall rating >>
The confusion that Sato is causing seems interesting at the moment so I saw it at once. It is expected in the second term. Evaluation is "very good".

2016/07/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26863 Host:26830 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Though it is 3D, a story that uses the inconvenience of the interesting ability of the relationship between the growth of the hero who seemed to be a good work to eliminate discomfort due to camera work etc. is attractive to an interesting character

[Bad point]
Tempo is bad with many wasted scenes

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is a pretty interesting work as a story. Many things that are not being hinted, such as hint recovery, expected from the second term onwards.
I think that it is a good work as evaluation.

2016/06/25 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23003 Host:23078 Browser: 4721
At first, there was only a sense of incongruity in CG, but I gradually became used to it and seemed better to think that taste came out.
I did not know the original, so I personally thought that it might be a work with deep content such as to scare more fear or spirit, but the neighborhood was not as much as I thought.
The story and the world view themselves are somewhat similar to parasites so there was no freshness at the beginning and there was impact at the beginning, but the way it is sharp or expanded of the content from that point is mediocre and spreading is It was not good because it was not there.
There may be a second term on the way, but there are no obvious contents in 13 episodes.

Even though the scene where the hero is experimented is something, since I'm watching the ghoul first, I felt a weak feeling compared to the second doing it, it was a feeling that I really added a parasite and a gourl and divided it by 5 .

Because the thing that the hat is trying to do is also unusual, I thought that it is not possible to draw for that purpose, and because it is simple, the contents are shabo stuck against a big big neta that does not die.

Even if it is convenient for convenience or strange point, even though it is a grandpa's hat, even though it has a hat feature and it has a conspicuous appearance, it can not be found as it is now, even if it is the last person, special forces It is easy to get caught and this is because the old guys are strong and not amazing, special forces are small fish and only stupid.
It is useless to look like this, after all the strategies and strategies are overkill, and I think that childhood and thinness around here is not only animation but Japan.

In places where we have to continue killing, we can not take care of ourselves and we can only see the expected harmony where the grandfathers can only aim for that skill.
As amateur-like guys surround the troops from long distances, they can aim only at restraining tapes (while dust is also dancing), they are equipped with special clothing and say they do not penetrate unless they shoot from a close distance Even though you shoot from a long distance, you can penetrate with enough margin, why do you have to carry it on a stretcher in the first place? If you shoot from such a close distance, you can only think that it is a stretcher rush, and the bullet is too dangerous to bounce back.

Even if it was a sniper of a special unit, even if there was a person behind it, it was like saying that he did not notice at all or killed him.

The scenes that I had not thought very much at all, or because the strategy was a casual feeling, the things I was trying to do and doing things became thin and thin, and the presence of the grandfathers did not come out.

Where I was making reasons why what kind of phenomenon it is made of what kind of substance for neta called sub-people, it is good, and it can make persuasive power by that.
It was also good to have drawn down the weaknesses and features, and it got drawn in because there was a point of sight for the way the battlefolk would fight.

I thought that if I could not move it would have been dead on purpose, I could cut out my arm and draw out the fun of this story.

Even if the main character has its own characteristics and has its own characteristics, even if he does not care about himself no matter what other people do, he does not go into a disturbance from himself, so the last person is not particularly conspicuous and he does not seem to be the main character, but personally, do not dislike it.
I think that whether it is more than a hero who wants to be evaluated around and who wants to put parentheses is much more human being.

The last person was completely left behind when the friend of the hero's coming a little something in the way I thought it was completely left, and even if it makes a relationship like my sister, I can not help it because it ends in a halfway place, but it's pretty straight Because there was a story, the content of the side was thin, so I felt still weak as a work.

I also wrote various bad points, but I was concerned about the continuation as normal and the material was interesting so it got a good evaluation.

2016/06/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16884 Host:16896 Browser: 7864
[good point]
Because he is a CG, the eerie thing has come out properly. If ordinary animation drawing, it would not have been scary.

[Bad point]
Where CG loses real sense. Even in the movie of the game, it will give a more realistic feeling.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Full CG animation. Although the story ends in the middle, I think that the little boy named Nagai, a madman named Sato, is pointing to the point where this work is not a regular.
There is one person in the society in which the logic of the subsidiary side and the tagger that the rule of not hurting each other is not established because the meaning that it does not die is not a person since it is not a person, It shows that it seems.
In a figure suffering from a line between whether ornith people are people or not, Sato is representative of the side who selects destruction of human society lightly.
On the other hand, like Shimomura, hidden being an idiot in the surroundings and cooperating with officials who need the power, another sub-person who also has the option of sub-people securing their place of residence conversely selects either Nagai juvenile only moves with only his own safety and loss and does not empathize with others in the midst of being, but it is not an attitude like Mr. Sato to spiritually dominate an ancient person, From the viewer's side who knows, this is the hero who is shivering more than Sato when such a person is in the neighbor. Nagai sister understands a little about fear of Nagai juvenile.

The problem of this work is that the battle in CG looks light in reverse. Sato's battle scene has little emphasis or composition unique to animation, and there is no sense of urgency.
In addition, it is not a feeling that actions such as performers' acts are emphasized about human movements, not feel like not moving unnecessary places, and furthermore hands and posture are not human-like shaking methods, especially passerby Wearing his chest and walking straight without moving his face was getting dressed like the feeling of animation suddenly lost. I think this area is an improvement point of full CG animation.

Impression of those in the second phase of division.

I understand the meaning of Sato's true behavior, but it is the second time that many strategies to stop it will be executed secretly.
The movement of CG was far better than the first cool. As long as it is operating properly without any discomfort, it seems that the first course was very popular as well.
Also, including Tosaki and Sato etc, voice actors are fitted well, and this point was also able to immerse into the story as CG was improved.

As for the story, Nagano and Shimomura are also friendly to the side that Nagai side gradually got team feeling by becoming a friend. Also, although the words "rights of subordinate people who are hints" are repeated many times, I think that it was content that makes us think that Sato and other ways of thinking come out in various ways, how to make it recognize.

As a matter of fact, everyone is doing something similar, such as a subordinate in the same position as Shimomura appears on the US side, perhaps the threat of the sub is anywhere no matter where the subordinate jokes are probably worldwide I guess it will be.

And, Sato Vs fighting in the government, it was also good to stop Sato that could not be stopped at the end by Nagai 's brain and fellows.
I think that the methodology of allowing the above-mentioned sub-person's right to acknowledge was well collected.

2016/05/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7750 Host:7637 Browser: 4721
[good point]
It 's fun to appreciate the setting called Himari.
There are parts that can express well the dark part well (although it is partly)

[Bad point]
The character of each character is weak.
As expected, I still have resistance to CG.
There are many wasted times in spite of the short talk number of 12 episodes.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I saw it all, but the second term seems to be difficult.
The non-death setting of an ape is good, but it is a shame overall feeling.

First, the personality of the character is weak.
Even though the hero is a personality like Oh, the characters around us are also thin.

It may be due to mind, but I guess that I am influenced by various works,
There was quite a similar depiction.
The part latent in the countryside is similar to the depiction of the final stage of the parasitic beast of the original.
So it's not bad ...

Even though the setting was not bad whether it was a theme, I think that it was not possible to draw a bit more.
Also, personally I listened to the CG work since the knight in Sydney, but I still feel a sense of incongruity.

Evaluation is normal.

2016/05/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49708 Host:49523 Browser: 4696
[good point]
Kei Nagai: Although it is a hero of a system that is undoubtedly disliked, personally it is good to say that ants, dry or extreme rationalistic thinking was perceived as reasonably reasonable
Sato: There are things that Nagai does not act positively and in the second half almost hero, almost do not like the entrance that the insanity has stained

[Bad point]
Kaito and younger sister: Although it may be there in the second phase or later, it is too bad to say that there is no moment after leaving in the first half
.CG: I thought it was a knight in Sydney, but I do not accept this kind of CG

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the original unread story is one that can be enjoyed relatively, I feel like I can enjoy more if I quit CG

2016/04/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2936 Host:2798 Browser: 7460
[Bad point]
Those who do not show up properly if they thought they helped escape until they were kicked off by a government official with a phone call from a man who was too far away for many years that was too far away. A hero who continues to escape with uniforms broken by a brain clearerly drawn and still with blood attached. And anyway, anyone who seems to be a pro who chases after him, DQN who happened to encounter a woman during abduction. I can not understand how I was leaving the truck that kept Nakano confined to that place in that state. Did not there be a depiction that the ordinary people were visibly recognizing IBM that should not be seen in an arrangement?
There are many more, but if you mention it in detail. While it seems that the story is interesting, it is something that does not matter to socialism, but it was useless in this work. Among them, three of the fellows who assembled with Sato are the most crowded. It can be a skill that can be destroyed in the direction that aimed at the building, can grasp the government's surveillance camera, or skillfully shoot the restraint band of a friend who is caught from the roof of the building. In the first place, why are these people gladly cooperating with each other like being Tanaka's eye-catching translation? Is there no one saddening or annoying if actions are known to the public? Is it possible to bet that life to that extent?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Is it about trying to fish viewers with a shocking storyline as a whole? The characters are mountains of Ikareponchi. It is a psychopathic person from the hero. It may be the default in that world, considering that human beings of all thought can only be counted.
Why did Shimomura get kept in Tosaki, I wanted to know what it is with the subordinate in the first place but it ended without becoming obvious. But I did not think it was too regrettable.

2016/04/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5213
[Comprehensive evaluation]

The highlight of this work is the battle scene of "Sato".
Even at the time of rescuing Nagai and at the time of a raid on a pharmaceutical company, I was overwhelmed by the development beyond imagination.

Although the setting called an ancestor is interesting, the story development has a lot of ups and downs and many boring scenes.
As for drawing, "Sydonia ~" has a habit as well but movement was smooth.
However, I felt very concerned that Tosaki's walking style seemed like a bang.

Because it is a mid-story work, I can not evaluate hints of hints and endings, but I wanted more attractive charm than battle scenes.

Evaluation is a little dry and "good".