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Hot heart52%11/21
Shed tears33%7/21
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Made me think24%5/21
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Sunrise BN Pictures
Ryuichi Kimura
Youichi Katou
Seiji Mizushima
Hiromi Kikuta
Telecom Animation Film
Sumire Morohoshi
Tadokoro Azusa
Ayaka Ohashi
Shimoji Shino
Wakui Yu
Yui Ishikawa
Kurosawa Tomoyo
Kiyono Yasuno
Asami Seto
Minako Kotobuki
Aya Suzaki
Manami Numakura
Mimura Yuuna
Aya Saitou
Haruka Terui
Kotori Koiwai
Fuku Sanae
Akira Sekine
Kanae Ito
Kaya Matsutani
Makoto Yasumura
Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Satomi Moriya
Ibuki Kido
Kaori Nazuka
Shiina Natsukawa
Sora Amamiya
Ayaka Shimizu
Mamiko Noto
Takehito Koyasu
Mutsumi Tamura
Yu Asakawa
Seirou Ogino
Kaori Ishihara
Takahashi Minami
Misako Tomioka
Aya Endo
Kanako Miyamoto Ai Kakuma
Kikuko Inoue
Shinichiro Miki
Youko Soumi
Toru Ohkawa
Kenji Nojima
Ayumi Tsunematsu Yuka Nakatukasa
Akeno Watanabe
Satsuki Yukino
Atushi Tamaru
Yasunori Matsumoto
Kosuke Toriumi
Mitsuki Saiga
Ryoko Shiraishi
Japan Released:2012/10/08(Mon) 19:30-20:00 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2013/09/26
Japan Released:2013/10/03(Thu) 18:00-18:30 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2014/09/25
Japan Released:2014/10/02(Thu) 18:00-18:30 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2015/09/24
Japan Released:2015/10/01(Thu) 18:30-19:00 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2016/03/31
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1. http://www.aikatsu.net/01/index.html (Translation)
2. http://ani.tv/aikatsu (Translation)
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1. https://twitter.com/aikatsu_anime
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Lyrics:Aki Hata [Fan reg.]
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2017/02/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45372 Host:45541 Browser: 7468
After seeing the opening section, I received the impression that [this work is going to be long], and I have stopped watching where I have seen up to 50 episodes.
I saw up to 100 talks today, so I think I will write comments around here.

First of all, the special appeal of strawberry when I took the exam was impressive.
This work received the impression that this is one liver.
And there is an Ikatsukado.
It is a very innovative idea to [turn] into an idol with a card, which can also be viewed as a commercial success.
According to the words of a school director who says [entertainers card life], it is a totally fictional story.
It was an interesting idea to be a 3D idol using cards.

However, that is also the first time, the rest of the same scene that continues indefinitely.
That is why I stopped watching with 100 episodes.

After 51 episodes, the song inserted in the latter part also did not seem to be that good compared to the song [street idol] that strawberry sang first.
I think whether evaluation is good [good].

2016/12/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 643 Host:719 Browser: 10229
It is the evaluation of the second year eyeshot.

[good point]
Doriaca's character
A funny story from the first year
Johnny large sky light in the final stage

[Bad point]
The first 10 episodes are subtle.
Sora and the appearance of Maria is slow The meaning of the existence of Doriaca The treatment of sub characters is bad (completely air to the mob)
Drawing is not stable

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was more concerned about entertainment than the first year, but overall I got the impression that the perfect balance has wobbled.

First of all, if you give a good point first, you can say that it is in the character. The new character Seira and Ki, Sora and Maria were proud of their appeal that they are dense in presence and can not defeate existing characters.
Next the story is also wonderful. Compared to the first year, which was the growth character of the heroes, he stepped deeply into the inner part of the character. Especially my favorite time is the story of Aoi. As far as Ichigo 's partner was strong, this time I learned how important the presence of Aoi was to the incident that occurred.
It was a good impression that the large sky Akari that appeared from the second half challenged with strawberry different depiction. For the strawberries that had the charm of nature, those of AKARI show the parts that are accumulating on the path.

The bad point of the second year is that the first 10 episodes are not so funny. It was nice to have served Seira as a rival of strawberries, but basically the friendly part is emphasized basically and in the live showdown that should be a highlight point, only draws are repeated.
The next thing is that there were quite a problem in how to show the character. This time, since the main point is placed on the character of the Dream Academy of Starlight school and rival school, the point of view of the regular character of former times was overwhelmingly small (impression that although it was several times, it was biased toward a specific character) So it was rather dissatisfied (the Mobu which was in the previous year is completely gone).
The biggest problem is the Dream Academy (Doriaca). Although I tried out as a starlight rival, I did not see the part where the two schools competed, so I received the impression that the existential meaning as a rival has become out of focus. In addition, in the latter half Kanzaki Miyuki shifts to a confrontation with the new unit, so more and more stands have disappeared. It is not good because there are almost no scenes in which two leading protagonists form a unit to counter that unit but they are competing. I regrettably caught up thanks to the shift in the second half, but it is a shame that it became a virtual declaration of de facto.

Finally, the bad part increased, but it is originally a favorite series and the second half is definitely funny <highest>.

I wonder what will happen in the next 3 years ....

Actually I was supposed to post on the 29th, but it has become 30 days ..

2016/12/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17819 Host:17760 Browser: 9307
[good point]
Beautiful picture

[Bad point]
It was originally broadcast at the time when the child watched Moe picture that was limited at midnight.
If it was not it would have been better to design a picture more like a Moe picture like Kintaro candy.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The animation composition is generally similar to AKB, and it seemed like I had a glimpse of the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓entsu trying to rub the preferences to admire the idol group such as AKB to the child, which made me feel bad.

2016/06/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16465 Host:16376 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Originally I was watching over the back of my daughter just like a lot of similar works as if it was going too much for girls, but gradually my mind leaned forward and look forward to the broadcast day became.
The momentum like the first half escalator is also refreshing and attractive, but personally I like Akari as the leading role and stepping on the stairs in a straightforward way, preferring from the middle stage, delicate description and I was deeply moved by the polite composition, the cuddiness I expected for idle and the color gloss increased conspicuously.
Although it will be described later, it is a work that the daughter kept watching for herself for the first time, and it is a masterpiece with a mind that I abandoned it and tend to evaluate with the penalty-point law.

[Bad point]
Contents contradictory to the above, but only one point. As much as considering the initial members, the setting became more and more increasing and the setting became cramped (it seems that there is no choice because it is a work with a game).
Masquerade which is the lifeline of the story 〓〓〓Mizuki chan 〓〓〓Ichigo chan 〓〓〓Ichigo chan 〓〓〓Ikko's line needs to be stubbornly protected, but the new characters are exactly what we are about to eliminate from the play with the existing supporting role as a stepping stone I think. It is fun if it is just a cameo appearance, but seniors who do not need to be involved in the main line often take a measure abruptly without any context, and whether late members exist just to foster the charisma of their seniors It seems like a time like that was long. Looking at the members who won the prize in the last queen cup, I think that if they were able to do simple without any distortion alone, they should have been able to draw another striking glamorous and fun story.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Until then, although animation for girls was divisible to the daughter so that it could only be the parent's premium without a channel right, I gave a preference for the stuff I like (Precure) for the first time but my daughter chose this work for the first time It is a commemorative work that continued to watch until the end (Papa has no understanding of the kind of cards, so I got involved in the game, and I got quite a bit of money in terms of money as well).
What I value the most in animation for girls is the charm of the main character. And although there are only two characters which you would like the main character to see, this work was made the best masterpiece in the sense that each highest peak is miraculously here.

2016/04/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19760 Host:19912 Browser: 5171
[good point]
As a result of viewing all the 178 episodes, the contents were deep when Horiya Ichigo was the main character and when the Odori Akari was the hero.
I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.
Such a work will not come out for a while. (At the moment)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I could fully enjoy it until 2012 - 2016.
Praise it as the best work.

2016/03/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19310 Host:19367 Browser: 8339
Until recently I was stopping on the way, but we have restarted watching about the last few episodes ahead of the final round.
And now that the past 3 and a half years have ended, I would like to summarize again.

[good point]
Expansion of one period excluding TriStar ed. To put it mildly, it was the best first year.
The last of what was variously guddered in the confrontation with Doriaca was the second term that we closed tightly with strawberry Mizuki.
Honest posture The posture that treated four people of Doriaca as it was, though it was good even after cutting off.
Dance CG evolved to an unexpected beginning from the beginning when it was Honestone dance.
STARANIS.AIKATSU 〓〓〓STARS who danced and played songs in the play which had almost no Hazre songs.
It was a good time to see lots of memorable despair steps at the music festa.
Madoka and Rin 's gentle and strong bonds. Personally Ichigo was a favorite two person than anyone in the AKARI generation.
It was the best gift for myself that they showed "Friends" on 171 episodes.
I would like people in the future to do their best.
Even though Akari Generation got a significant shortening, I brought the lights safely to Starlight Queen.
The final round which summarized all of the past three and a half years. I cried for a double ax and an idiot maxim.
"The ax is a symbol of the top idol" Although he sometimes overturns the sole uniqueness of his identity, he stuck to the end.

[Bad point]
It was good even for the third year to get Doriaka. It seems that the lifetime of the content has also shrunk as a result of skipping the working time one year over there.
I do not know if I do not want to work with games Top hat has only been accumulated Aikatsu 8 's job.
Lochi, Moazan True and other male characters of strawberry generation were not too excruciating except Professor Johnny.
Especially the fact that I made a mistake in handling of Lochi is a far-reaching cause that I am bothered with other animation afterwards, and I can not forgive him honestly even now.
I overestimated the character of the strawberry generation to that the salvation of Kitaoji Cherry blossoms got a favorable reception. The bad thing was that the unit cup was held at that time, and the interaction between the same generation of the Akari generation came to pass.
Eventually I could not wipe away the feeling of incompetence. I wish I could return a diamond happy.
Former advertisement charge Mr. P 's one - time runaway. Even though it hijacked the official account and dropped away the disgust, I should have noticed that both the popularity and the sales were excellent until the second term, both the production side and the fans side got their eyes on somewhat.
As the continuation of "the gentle world" continued the movement of the story and the character clearly broke down from the end of the third term to the middle stage of the fourth term.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I wrote a bad point about the bad points, but now that I have reached the final round I feel a good feeling. Rather the sense of loss is amazing.
There were also a few times I felt honest and painful from the first stage, and I thought that it would be "this would not be" for the end of the third term, but on the last person the violet failure I think that "I'm never too gentle" came back.
There was not so much healing that sexual violence wounded from idle animation of other companies in the same industry was too deep to cause pain to disappear,
Even so, what I received from this work is great, and now I have thanks.
Thank you. Goodbye Ikatsu. And Hello I Katz Stars. I am also looking forward to short films.
It became a favorite or disliked it was a "very good" work if it finished.

2016/02/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1627 Host:1669 Browser: 5173
It is an evaluation of the first year of the cutlet.

[good point]
Attractive character Extremely deeply story insertion song Pretty dress

[Bad point]
CG in the early stage (improved from the middle stage)
There are few sub-character stories ..

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The thing that can be said in the evaluation of the first year is just too wonderful !!

If you talk about the charm of Aikatsu it would be a character first. Regardless of the main, even sub-characters have their own personality and they tend to remain in impression (for example, Christmas times). In addition, it was good that I did not see the scenes where the protagonist got oblivious and other characters eaten off.

It is wonderful that there was a deep drama while the story was for children. If you mention personal favorite times, it is a few sub-character times, "WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS" struggle for the hero's struggle to fulfill the wishes of the friend, "Rachi's dress is interesting" Choco Luo ", I will collide with the way the band is struggled by persuasion of strawberry," I saw a real live show on ED "showed" Mr. Zan, True Crisis! "

Although I can hardly see any bad points, I wanted to put a sub-character story a bit more if I wanted for greed. Personally I wanted to see a story that kept Michiru Kurosawa as the main.

Basically it is an animation for girls, but I feel that I can understand that adults are addicted.
Evaluation <highest> !!

I am looking forward to the next second year!

2015/12/24 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6860 Host:6935 Browser: 10071
[good point]
Ichigo chan's cost

[Bad point]
Because I like Strawberry, Aoi, Yurika like Akari and so on.
I think that there is no choice but to change ... but, as for animation, Ichigo chan is not surprisingly ... and it is a bit sad. Moreover, it is a shock to hear that Tristar was pulled out. Even though I am a senior student, it is a bit of a moment to get out ...
I want a little more, Ichigo-chan and Ki-chan ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
After all, the change is sad I want you to put out for a while,
Besides, I think that it is impossible for TriStar to be quickly pulled out.
But I like it, so I will try to support you!

2015/11/22 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21991 Host:22115 Browser: 8339
Because of the animation version, I've been watching a one-man live performance of AIKATSU 〓〓〓STARS (a singing group in charge of idol) ... ...
It was wonderful enough to think that "This is good for the last round of the third term." There was no big starlight school festival.

What was great was the figure that "love the singer who corresponds to the six people who are standing up" equally loved and respected.
Star Anise, and then strawberry generation took over the huge precedent and revealed the inner feeling that he was uneasy at first,
Expressing the proof that we have done so far with that song and dance was able to feel clear "growth" more than the animated version.
On that basis, I was able to get the impression that I could not feel something from the formation of Luminous on the way he decided again that this live is their starting line.
If it is assumed that the last round of the third stage of the animation is the "last power" level of SEED DESTINY, this one man live is a way to fold the story beyond the original comparable to the last round of the bonbon version SEED DESTINY, and then He showed me how to connect.
People who watch the third term from now will not be able to see the one-man live discs that will be sold in the future without looking at the last round as the last round.

Exposing the story that I did not want to know about Diamond Happy to fans who were supposed to support the content that is falling down, or clearly in the handling of the main six people in the third term Gap disparities,
If you think that you have made an election that seems to be strongly dependent on the criticism of last year's Akatsu 8 and it seems to be just a premium, at the end, you will end up reversing the likelihood for Luminous with an unnatural ranking Anime version that repeated folly called folly,
Especially at the end of the third term there is no other thing disappointing if you think back now.
Ikatsu seems to have saved the severe depression of a coterie writer somewhere did not save my heart.

I felt AIKATSU 〓〓〓STARS 's hard work with my skin so the contents of Aikatsu and their activities will continue to cheer but it is a shame from the animation version made by those who reverses the viewer' s feelings at the very bottom I will let you get off the bus.

2015/11/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21866 Host:21984 Browser: 4721
[good point]
There is a feeling that it has entered the fourth year and it is in transition period, but the work from now on will be increasingly enjoyable work.
[Bad point]
I can not think of it.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
The most fun anime.

2015/10/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18043 Host:17901 Browser: 5312
Among the norms that we have to link with the game as a promotional animation of arcade game, we take a hat off to the talent and effort of the staff who produce comprehensively excellent animation. A miraculous work. I feel the apex of one of contemporary anime in Japan.

2015/10/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1590 Host:1343 Browser: 10064
The long-awaited fourth period started, but it is overwhelmed by the wonderful workmanship that goes beyond the imagination that goes on the oblique top of expectation.
[good point]
In the 4th term, the world view of the work expanded even further. Specifically, you can see the new idol at the tour destination, Lisa that comes back to the school, and the environment that the third period idols are waiting.
[Bad point]
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is no exaggeration to say that it is the best masterpiece in Japanese anime history.

2015/10/14 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25598 Host:25612 Browser: 11083
[good point]
Hoshiya Ichigo's cost

[Bad point]
The cost of large sky light

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Recently it is not interesting Luminous I do not mind saying second place
1st place Soleil 2nd place TriStar 3rd place 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 It is interesting that those who wish to see the stage of plenty of seniors are plentiful

2015/09/30 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25978 Host:26010 Browser: 5213
Akatsu started from last October! Comment only for the 3 rd season. There are also many good points, but regrettably the composition of the latter half has become strange.

It was good that you showed Sakura 's ability to become a fan. Apart from her, I was delighted that the seniors of Starlight School were depicted as quite reliable people.
Introducing a story of an in-play drama times. In the drama episode, I can predict that the pearl journal who is aiming for a big actor will win the drama audition, so I thought it was a good decision to start talking about a play in theater from the beginning rather than from the audition. Vampire mystery full of open-minded chaos and educational TV drama Aikatsu restaurant is worth seeing.
It is truly a friendship of units of the higher class. Trusting Shion, waiting and waiting Pilipin Plymin, trio star who can not forget the enthusiasm of the trio's activities and reworked and tried to solve it, I want to see more of Soreil's full success. In the middle school, Jalapeno and Ayafura 〓〓〓Nadoshiko were good.

The biggest problem is that the main character 's three people Luminous (Akari, violet, Hinagi) are discreet and too calm and they do not feel like being together until they unite. Because they do not have the role of Tsukkomi, there are few skinships that can be messed up so they do not look better than other units. I thought that violet 〓〓Hinaki is only about friends' friends (and nothing to dig in) unit, although it is good for relationships with roommates in relation. Hinaki 's best friend is still 〓〓〓〓〓〓so much more. Reason for choosing unit members is intuition and flavor of light. Hinaki should ask, "Why did you choose a chick?"
The latter half of the 3 rd season has a lot of strangeness. Akari got a goal to be a competitive essential starlight queen but thought of going on a hot audition confrontation route, sports root elements drastically decreased in unit activity & Yufuwa route. Unit routes are fine, but when a dual-player unit saw the development afterwards, it was a snake, and the competition where the dual-player unit competed was just a farce.
We organized a triad unit at the big starlight school festival (from the middle of August), but there was no persuasive power to deploy Luminous who assembled by the rapid development exceeding the senior idle unit. If you want to do that, if you do not do a dual unit and you do not persuade you to compete in a stepwise fashion with Luminous in April - May and do not show growth. Although it seemed that Luminous' s personal ability and friendship were inferior to other upper units. (I lost my first game at the Star Tight Queen Cup in March, especially at the beginning of the rain, the initial lights fell off.) I suddenly felt a sense of incongruity for the light that grew at a suddenly high speed.
The feeling of inner ring is quite strong. In the second half of the 3rd season, senior idols and sub-character Yu and festivals almost came out and began to feel mannersis only with 3 to 8 main idols (two exchange students). It is said that it is hard to handle if there are a lot of idols, but it is too small for 6 people or less.

I saw the 3rd season and realized that I liked hot spoons that hit individualities like the previous season. I do not deny the line of the 3rd season which grows with encounter, but regrettable because Akari's goal (essential for competition) is not suitable for it. Since there were many talks I wanted to see in a couple of days, evaluation was normal.

2015/09/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21252 Host:21261 Browser: 7420
[good point]
A smile after Ichigo raised his hands, it fainted about three times (laugh)
Aoi is a meer but it is squid image Orchid's tone is in a good meaning Rough, chan is attached and comes shy Mr. Johnny is missing Professional leader Mitsuki's beautiful back too

[Bad point]
I made it a sub-character until I could not get anything, I should be alright with all the others Akari is a degraded strawberry is a minus point

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the first stage, these three people stared as bigger in the future but it was as expected. Strawberry grew remarkable growth in the third term, Aoi became the idol of everyone's admiration, Orchid was born again as a wild woman,
It seems to be doing now. It is rumor that it is popular but I am happy because it was true as I actually saw it.
I can not wait for the day when the orchid appears again

2015/09/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 78 Host:256 Browser: 15055
[good point]
Luminous, Soreil, Vanilla Chili Pepper, Poi Poi Pryrin, Double Em and Tristar all love it (no hesitation) 〓〓〓
The evolution of the CG stage is also amazing 〓〓〓
Both the script and the song are the best 〓〓〓
I am excited about the development of the idols appearing throughout the country in the fourth year 〓〓〓
[Bad point]
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Healing and rejuvenation come up with living hope ___ ___ 0
Thanks to the production staff who made such a conscientious work 〓〓〓
I want you to last forever 〓〓〓

2015/08/16 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1889 Host:1696 Browser: 8339
Although I have come here to disapprove of this work, I think that is also useless.
Even though Akatsu 8, which is the most distortion of this work, was criticized for that much, this year it was also carried out this year.

Anime version Akatsu 8 is the first place in the game version, Madoka and Rin who got into the 8th place, and in the point that he was ignoring the Dorika force who should have won a few prizes originally should be useless conflict I thought that it was born.
It is painful to have revealed that it did not consider the original target age group because it did not put Madoka which became the first place with overwhelming votes especially.
It can be said that it was the lowest event that disrupted the co-fantasy that the initiator of good content this time and good last time is on the user side,
Is not it a big cause that has cut off the popularity of girls and Otomo, in other words "cancer" of this work?
It is also a minus point that Ichibanchi will come out if I become a human being who can not help it as a homosexual when it is 8 times.
Immediately after the announcement I did not make a live performance with Soreilu as a former Imasu P seemed to recreate the "shield of voice actor" at the 9.18 case with a two-dimensional idol and became very disgusting feeling. It is good skill of Bangnam to make a shield as an actor.

If you imitate AKB, you should say "I need luck for idols" so that I should have made it to eight people who took over by scissors,
It became an unknown event that it is caught in the immediate interest and made a voting system and animation does not reflect the voting result,
It became a result that it can show the unpleasant development which the production staff 's prosperity came out bluntly for the second consecutive year.
The conversation between the campus chief just before the presentation and Johnny seemed to make the excuse of the production side as it was and it was white.

If I can not cut the cancer named Aikatsu 8 as it is, the popularity and sales will not be restored and it will be the end of the slurp.
I'm looking forward to the movie version, but I declined to comment on the animated cartoon 8 as it was only a bad mood.

(Additional notes)
Third year has ended, the big Starlight school festival was still a "composition for the main audience" was not it?
It was pleasant to finish the CG of Poppuri and to re-form Tristar, but they are only fan service for Otomo after all.
In such a circumstance the lights that "Aim for the Starlight Queen" should be a unit confrontation but it was not easy to wipe out the impression that the purpose was twisted for outright Luminous favor.
Violets are superior to Akari's growth, Hinaki is too persistent. I do not feel that the soul is entirely in the motion.
Especially the violet was a favorite character till March, but the ability of Dandyva to take the precious time of Rin Kurosawa 's precious entrance with the ability of the Starlight Queen Cup first round fight, with the ability to lose it in the same way I hated it when I joined Luminous.
Although I did not want to mention much to this person, the posture of one who is dropping away the disgusting using the main characters of Akatsu with the official plain of SNS had a negative influence even on the work itself, "The doll that makes my thought say Is not it supposed to have been made?
From the tour of Japan, the arrogant idea of 〓〓〓〓〓quot;letting the latest culture to be conveyed to rural people" unique to the media from Tokyo was transparently visible,
As soon as sales declined, it seemed like it was going to promote figurization that had been refusing that much before, "Was it after all an excuse to say for children?"
And disappointment and contempt wrought. It is a feeling to say that it is extreme to slow down if it is poor to bring out a pleasant app that rolls up gold from a believer.
I did not think that it would become content again until yesterday. It's the end in here!

2015/08/15 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1260 Host:1149 Browser: 4721
Akari no Ikatsu is already unpopular!

Akari's popularity has fallen due to light!

In the first place, I do not feel attracted to the three people Akari,
Akari is only a degraded version of strawberries,
Violets are too plain to spill over Yurika-sama's feet,
Hinaki is nothing like popular elements in the first place,
Really, it was a big mistake for Akari generation.

Still, Ichigo chan was still better.

I dislike Akari! Min!

2015/08/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13951 Host:13683 Browser: 4700
[good point]

Anyway, the composition is solid as animation. The character is also cute and it is wonderful as an animation work anyway.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The best

2015/08/10 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12671 Host:12673 Browser: 5171
Although it seems that the broadcast of the fourth year has also been decided ....

Although I also pointed out in the last comment, I thought whether the problem in the second term will be improved in the third term, but rather than being improved, I felt the impression that it was getting worse.

In the third year, the hero switched from Hoshiomiya strawberry to the sky, but I expected to see what kind of growth and the idol activities Akari will show us from now on,
After all, that expectation was betrayed in a bad meaning, and it seems that the story is said to have dramatically decreased the number of characters that have ever been included, including those who liked it, rather than becoming boring.
Even though Akari has three people, I can not feel the charm as an idol, and although Akari has succeeded conveniently, although there is no depiction that I am making much effort, the deployment being lifted is somewhat uncomfortable,
As far as I see recent "Aikatsu" it is really regrettable that it is Akari's favorable content.
(Because Akari lift up, the turn of my favorite character is decreasing.

It seems to be doing the fourth year, too, but doing collaboration with Miku, do you feel like improving these problems?

2015/06/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

Character is pretty, funny with many brands
[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The best!

2015/03/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Cute character (especially Yurika).

[Bad point]
I do not want to change the hero.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The character is cute anyway

2015/02/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
It is a place where the hero's growth is properly depicted.
Where regular girls are making regular girls.
Whether it's for kids, everyone is a good friend and rival.
CG video is beautiful.
Idol costumes are cute.
A generation change of the main character is good.

[Bad point]
Because it is for children, it is an entertainment world so amazingly it is all good friends. Still it is not worrisome if it is divisible as being for children.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I thought that recent pretty cure was conscious of the aikatsu, I was watching this, which is the head family, but it is very interesting.
First of all, hero's strawberries are diamonds. However, I was very impressed to do proper portrayal and effort to describe properly from the third episode. And it is the royal road that gradually grows, and you will get better when you see a girl who works hard.
At first it is not great, but recently I have not seen much of the work which grows and climbs the top stairs, so I am fresh and have a sense of security.
Besides strawberries I thought it was also good to spot regular people.
Everything is rivals but friends are good friends can see with mental hygiene peace of mind.
It is very pleasant to see girls growing friendship as they are friends.
In the second year, there is generation change of the hero. I thought that way of replacement was also good. I think that it is a good allocation to let juniors of the next generation appear before the strawberry becomes top idol. I think that it would be less confusing for sudden change of generations, so good consideration.
And actually Ichigo should be top idol. It is a good consideration that I got to a seniors position that I can rely on my hero to my juniors with a bishitto without getting pulled down like a Pokemon Satoshi.
I think that it is a work to be relieved what it is, and I think that it is a work that is energetic.
Evaluation is "highest".

2015/02/08 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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I have heard only the title, and somehow Ikatsu thought that title is short for winning love. What is it, just to abbreviate idle activities straight

I always think that idols like girls like idols when I'm in the times The picture is also nice and I am a little interested ...
Let's see ... what shall I do ...

2015/02/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Work that you want a longevity program like "Sazae-san" or "Doraemon" to be.

2015/01/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This "Aikatsu" that my friend recommended to PreCure lovers is not suitable for me.
I saw only one episode, but idol gag fashionable If you are watching this element, you will feel the dirty feeling of "Kirarin Revolution" broadcasting on the same station.
Kira Revo was very popular at that time and was the only work that could compete against Pretty Cure.
Of course, card games that do not use real idols as voice actors differ from mainstream idle schools, but due to the idle animation, they will inevitably suffer.
So, it did not suit me.

2014/12/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4322 Host:4343 Browser: 5171
A worldview where girls are working hard toward their respective dreams. There are idols that I do not like to compete with, but I think that I have done well because there are developments that I do not think that it is bad to compete in audition etc. In addition, there is not much muddy description as to be surprised. Thanks to that, we can evaluate highly because the unity of girls and competition seem fresh.
It is good that the characters of the idols stand up and respect each other and be higher. Ichigo 〓〓Aoi, Maple 〓〓Yurika, Virgo 〓〓Sakura, Buddha 〓〓Hinaki's sharing is fun to watch. Yurika 's high - ranking Vampire Chara seemed like Chubin' s disease, but he continues to constantly play for the pleasure of his fans. It was chosen as a member of the 2nd TriStar because there is such shining strength in one person.
In the idle live, the quality gradually rises. For example, Pixar Production CG changed to animation style. Although the number of special appeals has decreased compared with the initial stage, is it important that the evaluation items in self dance and song become important? The special appeal feels that quality became more important than the number.
The quality of single unit times is high overall. It might be better to start seeing 'Aikatsu!' To mention the taste, you can choose from the following categories: Let's Female Equipment Circle, Yurika Appearance Circle, April Fool Time, Mother's Day Circle, Po wow Prylin Circle, Maria's Hospitality Circle, Graduation Ceremony Circle, Partners Formation Circle, Virgin Kindergarten Circle, Desert Rhapsody Times, Yurika 〓〓Fan Times, Halloween Times, Veteran's Vivid Kisses ... Too many ....
The mini corner "Akatsu Sermon" SD character is good enough. "Idol has special training and life" "Character is not done in one day" "Buddies are there!" "Action is painfully" "Brand is world view" comes to points.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
A meaning specialized for entertainment direction crazy spore root idol animation. Powerful and aggressive depiction such as logging and skydiving and climbing cliffs are conspicuous. It is impossible to see how blessed Starlite Academy and Dream Academy are among the entertainment worlds because it is not surprising to see extinction.
Even in the 3rd season when Akari became the hero, though excitement by many characters is lacking, it is still interesting.
It was the first time for a certain card magician animation to entertain animation for girls so much. Evaluation of theatrical version Aikatsu! On another occasion.

2014/10/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Originally I was not interested in girls' animation, but I was completely into it since I saw casually.
[First year]
A year when strawberries aim for Misuki san.
Throughout the story I am watching very many stories about idols learning something and growing up and becoming studies and becoming energetic.
Tri Star's series of flows is pros and cons, but otherwise boasts the high quality that everything is good.
A fulfilling year without complaints. Why do not you watch this movie for the first 10 episodes?

[Second year]
New school, Dream Academy appeared. But this is the cause of lowering the evaluation within myself ...
Although it was the position of "rival school confronting Starlight" for the first time, it is regrettable that the idols of both schools became good friends and became to be set to death, such as becoming to form tags normally from the middle stage.
In addition, the fact that the number of schools increases means that the number of characters increases, so that the number of characters per character drastically decreases. (I also join Mikuru and Akari)
Even things of the three main people were often reduced, and the maple or completely air ... sad.
Because of that, I felt it was not enough to dig deeper into new characters, as Sarah and Mary had strong individuality, so Sayya and Kimi who are supposed to be from the beginning as a result of good things became characters I do not know well the most Oops.
Although the trend has already been on from the first year, "deployment using an ax" comes out as it is becoming conspicuous only "not gentle" and there are many "aimed" developments. Personally I do not like that much.
The growth development I requested has also decreased considerably as Ichigo has already grown almost as an idol already.
And after the appearance of WM in the middle stage as usual it will be swayed by Miyuki san.
The final deployment was quite a quick pace and when Seira said "I know strawberries best the best!" Instead of the aoi that was always together with strawberries, it is "?????" It was.
Because I was working on a movie, it was also minus that painting was almost entirely doubtful. The first distortion is shocking.
Although it was rather rough overall, there was still power to show it to the end after being pushed by the power of the first year.
I wrote quite a few shortcomings, but I guess the production side also tried hard. Everyone of the staff I really appreciate your work.

[Throughout the whole thing]
Every character is charming. There are opportunities for almost all people to like.
All songs are masterpieces. It is amazing that there are no bad songs even though many songs are released at regular intervals.
Promotional activities interwoven without discomfort. Even though there is a considerable amount, it is invisible and irrawn.
CG that continues to evolve. At first it was a tough time lagging behind the times, but it was at a level that could be seen in full swing from the second year and directing was finer and finer.
It is the point where the growth of the staff is most felt. Now it's fun to look at the details and find the difference.

In the third year Ichigo gets off the hero, and it is expected to have a new development that broke down this manneri by having a new character and Akari the leading role.
When thinking about the second year, I think that it is a wonderful work even though it does not go one step to the highest.

2014/10/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51787 Host:51729 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Both the first stage and the second stage have interesting contents, and you can see the back side of the entertainment industry through idol activities.
Expect third period OK!
A movie of December is also a pleasure.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
2013. Animation of the highest masterpiece of 2014.
People who have not watched!

2014/10/02 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Last time I had a terrible criticism of the development of the second term, I think that the last was summarized well when it finished.

Although it was pretty aggressive, it was a good decision to have all of them concentrated on WM and TWings' showdown.
I was sorry to hear that Sora and Maria were good characters, but it was too far for me to make them active, so the number of stories was too small.
Although Seira was the air which strikes only about ombuds almost three cools after appearing as the main character of the second term, I think that "last" only showed growth suitable for standing with Ichigo.
Originally I was a partner of Strawberry and Seira, Aoi was also a good impression that I was supporting two people from the place I took a step, as I was originally two producers with high suitability.
And WM. Although Miyuki announced the dissolution, he gennarired, "Well, it started," but it seems that the reason for dissolution was somehow convincing with Mikuru's dream.

In the final showdown, I showed the "first defeat of Mizuki" that I have kept for a long time, and it was suitable for the death of two years.
The moment when Ichigo defeated the "wall" called Mizuki, which has naturally talented talent but has not been able to overtake it ever,
There was "catharsis" which can be said to be almost the only one I have seen until the second term.
Basically, in the style of loose Aikatsu, I think that here was only a special exception prepared at the end.

I could not deny the feeling of anxiety and stuff that I did not know where I was going until the second phase really entered the final stage,
I am glad that you showed a big reversal home run at the end of that. I hope you make good use of reflection points for the third term.
I am also looking forward to the movie version.