[Anime]Aikatsu! Music Awards Minna de Shou wo Moracyaima Show!

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Anime rank of 2015 Rank 142in 260 titles
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BN Pictures
Japan Released:2015/08/22(Sat) Movie
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1. http://www.aikatsu.com/event/ma2015/ (Translation)
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2015/08/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8196 Host:8211 Browser: 8339
For the time being, I have watched normal screening.

To say briefly this work was "Showtime for pearl lure by the pearl lacquered pearl lure which faked as a live summary".
I do not think that it just makes such a thing just because I put on a new cut that I could get to the live scene so far.
Her way is to recall the stoic idle ratchet of one period, and despite the fact that it looked calm, it did not matter despite the fact that it was drunk, and the chest became hot in spite of the climax unexpectedly. If you are a fan of her, you can say it is a piece of salivation.
Akari and Soreiu 's trade fairly light, and Liaru fashion Homo' s studio was able to enjoy pure taste of Aoi san like than usual thanks to no gag gear noises as usual.

The selection of the live scene was also variously preoccupied with taste, it was not only an end to just a review.
Especially the live scene of WM was different from the time when it was frightening for the second period of stasis, with the present eyes, I saw by seeing on the big screen, I felt the shine as an idol overflowing and she was chosen for Misuki now Then it felt like I understood well.
The light red day tripper, which triggered himself to rekindle the heat of Aikatsu, was also well shining on the screen with the production that felt "harmony" which is a twinning with the NY performance of the theater version Love Live.
Unlike the recent main volume, attention to Madoka & Rin and Doriaca and their fans was all right.
And last song is a power technique called three generations mix, I think that it was a reasonable deal to feel the history of Aikatsu.

Although it was a work that was able to appreciate enjoyably as a whole, there was a problem also after all.
First of all it was idle with bad treatment due to various circumstances. I thought that it would be better for both sides to make a transition to a new brand by allowing Yurika to graduate from Roly Gothic if he is to be spared by being a "genuine" muse of Roly Gothic.
And maple. As a result of exposing a certain fact at Aikatsu Knight of the other day, I can no longer look happily at Soleil 's Diamond Happy. Such stories should be brought to the graveyard (we will not talk about it)
The handling of the game version of Akatsu 8 was felt only as though it had been touched even though it touched the end at the very end for the time being.
I would like you to replace it with a new event as long as you treat it so much like touching the swollen one.
Lastly it is a personal matter, but the osenpu app is not compatible with the tablet. Because I am not a smartphone but a Garakae & tablet school, it was very disappointing that I said "I do not correspond to this model" as I tried to enter a premises application.

Although there was a problem, live at the big screen was able to enjoy it with the power enough to cancel it, so "good".