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TV TOKYO Corporation
Yuko Kakihara
Yukiko Aikei
Ryuichi Kimura
Hiromi Kikuta
BN Pictures
Tomita Miu
Ayaka Asai
Megumi Yamaguchi
Natsumi Murakami
Yume Miyamoto
Minami Tsuda
Sumire Morohoshi
Tadokoro Azusa
Ayaka Ohashi
Aoi Koga
Ueda Reina
Wakui Yu
Yuuki Kana
Miharu Sawada
Nakae Mitsuki
Sayaka Nakaya
Risa Kubota
Kuwahara yuuki
Daisuke Hirakawa
Kanda Akemi
Okada Eimi
Kenta Matsumoto
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Yashiro Taku
Yuuto Uemura
Syun Horie
Arthur Conant Lounsbery
Kino Hina
Yoko Hikasa
Nako Eguchi
Fujiwara Natsumi
Kaori Maeda
Takako Tanaka
Kotono Mitsuishi
Japan Released:2016/04/07(Thu) 18:25-18:55 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2018/03/29
Official sites
1. http://www.aikatsu.com/stars/ (Translation)
2. http://www.aikatsu.net/aikatsustars_02/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. https://twitter.com/aikatsu_anime
Opening movie (5)
Aikatsu! Stars Anime Opening 1 アイカツ スターズ!
Lyrics:Miho Karasawa
Compose:Koichi Tsutaya [Fan reg.]
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2017/05/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3480 Host:3576 Browser: 5173
Akatsu, which lasted over three years, also took over the next generation.
Stars which renews the view of the world and makes it a different one.

In the beginning I was looking at the eye as to how to differentiate it from the previous work due to the difference in the style, but as I was excited from the second half, I was made to get absorbed by the rival's intense competition with each other unexpectedly.
A mystery of the power hidden in the dream, a sad farewell with Koharu, Kaoru sister's feudal lord, Yuzu senpai and friendship of Lilienne and a drama of each character.

In the details I had a question mark attached to the interaction with DCD, and it was a benefit senior who explained explicitly the glitter and the things that made good use of the new elements from this work.
Flickering the harsh world, there was also a disturbing development, but there was still a little conservative taste whether there was a line as a work for girls.
It may be a character who received the most prowess of the change of the route change. Originally I had a dark atmosphere, but as I increased the number it became like a storyteller. Thanks, Hime senpai thought that there was actually a black place, but it was not so.
There is no complaint in music. This work is also supported by abundant songs, and additionally the stage gradually got better little by little every time.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Animation to know the importance of persuasive power to prove the power of continuation.
This year's strong rival appears in the wing story of the star, but it is the first star of the idol!

2017/03/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1416 Host:1637 Browser: 8319
Once this week I ended up ... ... clearly said "tough"
It was the first year that it is not amusing even if it cuts honestly unless a sign called "Akatsu! Series" is attached.

[good point]

Songs. Episode Solo was one of the top selling items in the series.
Sakuraba Laura. I think that she was better suited to S4 as being honestly drawn as growth and frustration as the main characters of the hero.
The drama of Kosui 's sister. Over the course of a year the reconciliation from feuds, and the elder sister drama was the only interesting vertical axis in this work.
.Movie version. Details are turned to the evaluation of the movie version but it was interesting to see it separately from the TV version and stand alone.

[Bad point]

Lack of charm as a dream character. I could not feel growth mentally or tangentially, so it was impossible for me to be S4.
Akari Akari also got a considerable hospitality, but my sympathy became thinner than I could not feel the underpart of a painful era due to my talent.
Collapse of the character of the school chief. Probably because it seems that early character setting gathered criticism, it seems clear that it was bad.
I think that it was better to replace it with another person if this character collapses like this.
Treatment of white lily. Finally the first girls in this work were girls who gained popularity but the end of it was terrible.
If you understood what character business you should have treated like this.
Treatment of otaku. What were you thinking about not being able to put on even the dress that appeared in the arcade version?
Due to the absence of the designer it was no longer to draw attachment to Corde in exchange for prevention of talking about mannerism.
Tyranny at some social writers' SNS (excess block against fans). I regret that I did not dislike the script itself.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I thought that the previous work was a style that made use of reflections that made various inconsistencies at the end of the year ... .... It was not very fun to look at overall.
One of them is that the charm of the main character was still too short. The reason why it was chosen as the eye cut system was unknown, and it was overcome due to the fluctuating reasons and empathy can not be performed.
I thought again that "charisma" of the character named Hoshiya Ichigo was great.
And another thing was that there was no interlocking with the arcade version. Even if it became a new bullet, I could wear the earlier Kohde without particular reasons, and the depiction of the upgraded glitter and dress makeup was awesome and I could see through the inexperience of the production team.
There is no reason why sales of arcades will not stop as long as you explicitly show such lack of interest.

Beyond this work! Even if you see the fact that Fuzu full of ismus was a huge success, you would have to say that the line of the first year was "a big failure" to say the least.
The production staff of this work, and those who are in charge of this work of Bandai are not chasing after the fall pretense already,
I would like a great deal of reference to "Miracle Niki", a smartphone game that is currently in fashion.
In that game, Ikatsutazu is losing it! It's a funny thing! It's packed with something.
The fact that such games came out of China rather than from Japan itself shows the decline of the Japanese entertainment industry ... ....

I'm still "expecting" to win over the second and subsequent years. With comments that I think is bad for now.

2017/03/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 888 Host:790 Browser: 10093
Evaluation for the time being because the first stage also fell.
[good point]
Character design is good

Some characters are attractive Cool attributes such as Tsubasa, Lily and Laura were very attractive.
Those three were also good at singing 〓〓〓(Tsubasa lily is the same person).

Tsubasa senior was cute and cool, harmonized with exquisite balance of tenderness and harshness, and sometimes weak parts were depicted, so it was a character I liked the only in S4.
I think that the place jumping off the cliff of 20 episodes was expressing that she has the real strength to overcome weakness.
In the way of Ceppeli's style it is like "the courage to overcome fear".

Laura thought he was late for the first time (lol), but now he is the character that can support the most.
Birth of a music family and thoughts on singing is beyond anyone. I have been working hard since I was young.
While Yume cries soon, Lola, who has encountered many eyes that she wants to cry more often than her, seldom cries. There were things I caught my eyes, but I should not have shed tears. I think that he is a really strong child.
To be honest, I think that there was no more suitable for the S4 of the song group than her ... ....

Lilyy senior is a better senior than Hime senpai, I feel strong sense of character, I think that it was suitable for Mitsuki san's successor.
I do not favor either Yume or Lola, but I will instruct either. We do not support it from one to ten, but encourage growth with minimal advice.
Actually I do not like common sense but also like a poet poet child.
A versatile character that can handle both gags and seriousness.

I think the songs are good personally but the masterpiece rate was higher than Muji.
Especially Dreaming bird is wonderful.
The most lyrics and characters were synchronized with 1,2, Sing for You !.
However, the drama entrance did not leave much impression in comparison with no mark.

[Bad point]
I think that characters are standing and there are also human taste than Akari 's light which is not attractive to the protagonist Yume no .....
It was a character that I could not cheer because I have no individuality as compared with Laura and I do not have persuasive power for growth depiction.
To put it concretely, it is OK to absolutely not depend on the power of a mystery, but I do not know exactly why I was able to do more than when I relied on that ... ....
I was told by Lilyy senpai that eventually I did not find any individuality either.
I wonder if something is wrong with the host player 's poor singing ... .... I do not need such a tradition.

Sweet honey is unpleasant Firstly, singing voice is fatal. Even if it is said that the singing voice of an angel ... ....
Tsubasa senpai thought that he would not be an enemy to the beard, but you probably will not sing at all ......
Then spoil Yume and she just like to favor.
Dreaming resorted to Yoshimi's power of mystery and it collapsed was my own work, but Laura did not do anything bad But because of the cheat I fell into a slump, so I guess that's something first to follow from there When.
Because it is of the same constitution, it seems to only look like a favorite. It is honest uncomfortable.
I think whether it is personally not to be strictly contacted.
Ichigo 〓〓〓I also thought of the same thing at the time of Akari, but it turned out to be an impression that I was taking care rather than guiding it.
I like appearance and Mr. Tsuda's acting.

I wonder what was Nanakura Koharu, it is a position like a civilian representative, but it is an idol, she ... ....
It seems that it became a character which I do not know well what it wants to do with that ... ....
Although there is Yui of Princess PreCure when it says glasses child of the hero's roommate, it is the difference of the clouds that it was a big success over there establishing a firm position.
I wish I had put out a quasi-regular fans like ordinary seems to be ordinary ... ....

Why did Saotome Ocho enter the play group for the sake of whom Saotome ako seemed to have become an idol to become close to Subaru, why did you choose a play group ... ... it seems that he did not adore Tsubasa senpai.
Well, it turned out to be much better at the end, but it is a pity if I think that it would have gotten more exciting if I pushed the entanglement with Tsubasa seniors forward from the beginning.
Also it seems like this child animation original, but the hair style is not cute simple ...

What was M4?
Is it the top of each group like S4, is there a grouping in the men 's part in the first place, why the students in the boys' division other than these are not come out at all ... ....
Anyway, I do not know what it is because I do not have enough digging, so I did not like being touched felt despicably even if I said greatly to the idol theory.
It would have gotten better if you cut these girls' turns and voice actor's galler and turn it to others ... ....
Apart from love development itself, these guys are useless. I can forgive you if Mr. Suzukawa.

Story development is miscellaneous and there is no catharsis, most things that can not be convinced are omitted because it is written in character evaluation, but it is also royalty to show the success so far that it surpasses the protagonist at last at last as an unnecessary character And I think.
If Laura who was thrust down to the bottom was shining in the seat of S4, I would have given generous clapping and shed a blundering tear.
However, even if Yume is turned into S4 with talent and talent with the talent and hero correction and senior's favorite with love, it will only make a shackle to say. Congratulations Yume - san! Happy New Year!
The 49th episode of the real final story was wonderful on the surface, but Laura only cried in the scene where he gets a handmade poster from a small girl.
I hope revenge is drawn in the second term, but honest expectation can not be ......

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it improved to some extent the point that Akari generation was not good, the part that was fatally damaged is the impression that I could not improve after all.
Material is good but cooking is bad anyway.
But some characters and songs are really fantastic and I love it, so I will keep my rating good [good].

2016/11/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21956 Host:21943 Browser: 9792
[good point]
There is not a character that does arbitrary things like the original Aikatsu Kanzaki Mizuki at the moment (I decided to select my own unit and quit the school immediately, then left the school immediately after creating a rival school and left nothing Like to resume idle industry)

[Bad point] rival warfare not wanting potential ability to use I wonder because it is first determined

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is good that senior students other than the main character are also standing characters.
My childhood friend is ...

2016/05/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3522 Host:3173 Browser: 9942
I evaluate it at this point as long as it is said to be premature, but it seems that it is painful to watch and drops out anymore.

Well, it is similar in story. Music continues to be good.
If we can proceed as it is, it will be an ordinary work.
Even if it became an annealing of the old work, it is renewing the world view.3 So I think that it will settle better than the first quarter (Akari generation).

However, personally I have a markedly bad impression that it is too much of an old work to make a habit of the old work too dull.

Four of S4 are Dorica's 4 people and old work 1. Three people of Soleil (and Orihime Gakuen-ma ??) who were the leading two actors, and Professor Anna seems to be a homage to Professor Johnny.
Besides, there is a scene similar to the situation encountered with Ryugawa in one story in one story, and there are some homage to old fans.

On the other hand, there is a character called Tsubasa Kisaragi.
She is an old work and the venus violet who was the role of the storm Ichigo Ichigo spoke, a tribute to Seiya Seki, whose name is taken from 2 wings, the two units.
In other words, it is a character that embodies "the leading part of the second term".
In spite of her being treated, her treatment has been made to hold a boss-size taiko drum, rather than a thick, high wall overcoming the new characters. what is that?
Ordinarily, should such an homage character be issued, should not it be allowed to emerge with its own dignity?
Just in terms of handling tribute characters, is it only me that I think it is inferior to "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny"?

Well, there is such a thing, I do not know whether I want to incorporate it into old fans, or I want to truncate again.

If you think calmly, it is another character whose voice actors are together and their name is hommage.
However, the casting of S4 is a combination that must be consciously regarded as an old fans because it is hitting each character rival character as a motif, except for Hime. So it's like this treatment?

To be honest, I want you to choose either.

2016/04/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50398 Host:50374 Browser: 9081
[good point]
Cute character roller

[Bad point]
Where is the coat color different from the previous work?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I watched only one episode but it was quite funny.

2016/04/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19760 Host:19912 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Although only the first episode is viewed, the live presence was impressive.
In this case, it can be judged that it may be continuous.
I would like to see movies as soon as possible.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is only the sequel of Aikatsu, my ___ 1 animation certification is most suitable.