[Anime]Adachi ga Hara

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Anime total pnts rank Rank 2,616in 6,556 titlesTotal 5 / Deviation 48.30
Anime rank of 1991 Rank 40in 120 titles
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Character/Setting1.50(Very good)2
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Hisashi Sakaguchi
Osamu Tezuka Reijiro Koroku Koichi Chiba Jyunji kobayashi
Koji Tsujitani Miki Ito Ritsuo Sawa Toshiro Ishii
Hisako Kyouda Kenji Utsumi
Japan Released:1991/11/16(Sat) Movie
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2013/07/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36042 Host:36054 Browser: 5386
Work based on the Noh performance "Kurozuka", a piece made up of Tezuka Taste by considerably incorporating SF elements.
Actually, the way to get started also seems to be Noh play, and even the thumbnail of GayO's videos shows the aspect of Hakuhaku, which is strongly remembered, so I did not think that it was SF so far.

A story that a man came over that encountered an old woman and strengthened her vigilance.
This is also a motif of "Kurozuka", making atmosphere and stories like old-fashioned stories and classical works, because of the presence of an eerily old woman was quite a ghost storyline.
But the important thing is the identity of this old woman.
There is a perfectly unrelated identity with a ghost story, but I think that he was good at dodging.
Overall, since the depiction that the old woman looks for sympathy lonely for the sympathy and the depiction which seems to have a special impression to the main character was conspicuous, I think that the hero knows something misunderstood soon However, I think that it was fairly interesting to have themes themselves well within that.
Well, there was a part like Tezuka's criticism of politicians, but I think that it was also interesting that most of traditional arts and legendary chicks were mostly related to the Edo period and so on, and the settings and the stage are the future .

I was watching while watching a lot about why the old woman knew the youth or what is the identity if it was not a demon, but I think that the story of this past was pretty good.
Sexual depiction is also drawn with a very refreshing and distinctive production. It was not mere staff 's play or service - like sexual depiction but a sense of hatred did not spring up in a way that nurtures love.
Besides, it seems pretending to be sexual intercourse and it seems that children do not receive such erotic impression even if they see it.
After that, I think that it was interesting that the soup was a hint that leads to the ending.

Evaluation is "good".
Various short stories are drawn in the Lion Books series, but I think that this "adachi no hara" was also a fairly interesting "program".
Among the works I have seen so far, it is my favorite work after "Ren is in the wind".

2013/04/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19517 Host:19358 Browser: 12769
Animation watching after reading the original.

[good point]
Flash and gun shot of laser gun in the last scene.
This is a production not in the original, but you should infer the result and measure it.

[Bad point]
At the beginning UK is talking about his goal of "witch extermination".
It is missed that the deployment got a bit flattened by adding unnecessary leg colors to the original whose suspense thrilling is increasing as they wear the witches as a traveler on the viewing side as well.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is just like Tezuka, indeed to draw the darkness and the work of the human mind straight in the world view that is simply summarized from reality such as SF and fantasy.
Moreover, it is amazing that this work draws both the macro level and the micro level in a short scale.
Although the work which the hero Ukayi 's back has been pushed out to the front, the work of lover Annie can not be overlooked.
While Yukai is interested in happiness and justice in society while depicting his life in two people, Annie emphasizes that he is looking at individual happiness and emotion.
Although it seems that she also threw himself in the revolution after Ukay's gone, the underlying motive is the personal feelings of love for a lover, so that everyone loses all their comrade and eats meat in loneliness I have been living alive.
Even if animated as a story of Annie 's point of view it may have been interesting Egetsunai?
"Very good" than "good".

2003/04/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2379
Works which added the famous Noh drama (Kurosuka) 's future style and Tezuka tribe underlay.
It was "Yukei" of a quarantine investigator who came to witch devastation by President Damoclef's life, after receiving the information that he attracted the spaceship and killed the crew, but what he was awaiting him ... .
Towards the end of the trip
Towards the end of the journey is a sudden death sleeplessness
As long as the days are too long I only like the name, Adachi at the Mutsuki cracks on the base and Adachi falls on the base
Distributed by Culture Publishers Inc.
Tezuka Osamu Collection Work Collection Lion Books "Adachi Gori"
Yoshihiro Matsutani Producer: Yoshihiro Shimizu, Takahara Kubota Director: Osamu Sakaguchi Director: Takashi Sakaguchi Original character: Tezuka Osamu Storyboard, Character design: Sakaguchi Isao Director: Yoshimura Fumihiro Director of Photography: Takehiro Kobayashi Artist Director: Mieko Ichihara Director of Photography : Shiroi Hisao coloring setting: Okano strong background: Ichihara Mieko, Komi Castle Hiromi Editing: Morita Kiyohisa Acoustic director: Chiba Koichi Adjustment: Yoda Shora Music: Kojiro Kozaki Effect: Shizuo Kurahashi Acoustic Production: Keiko Chida Studio: Production: Tezuka Productions

Cast Ukay: Koji Tsujitani Witch: Naoki Kyota Annie: Miki Itoh Damo Suku: Utsumi Keni Manager: Sawa Ritsuo Presidential Guardian: Mikio Inaba B: Ishii Toshiro Computer Voice: Tadashi Endo Prisoners: Ito Manabu, Tachibana Yukihiro, Miura Masuo The hero "Yukei" is the name taken from Yuusha Akira Yuke of "Kurozuka"
Adachi of Noh was the name of the original ogre was Iwate, but the name of the man eating witch here is "Annie. Black Tsuku" and just "Black Mound (Adachi ga Ahora)" It was it?
The Earth Federal Dictator "Fippo" The young man who overthrew and revolutionized "Jess. Mimori" was a hero "Yukei" of the time (old times), but he was arrested by the hand of the Commonwealth and the 10.5 light years far away star Farewell sent to frozen hypnosis During 30 years President Fippo committed suicide.
And Yukei who came back after spending sixty rounds of trips learns nothing and swears loyalty to the successor president,
In the 60 years since the round - trip the lover 's "Annie. Kurozuka" escaped from the earth ...
The revolution seemed to have caused me to be lost at the time but in the end the president of the successor Damoklef would also be dazzling, dull, ruthless and weak, bullying, just wielding power and convening to defend myself I began to push politics. (Looks like?
And while being heard from the witch the fact that the survivor of the resistance member who fled to the outside of the earth is that man 's witch and "Annie. Kurozuka"
Eventually you will end up killing the witch (Annie. Kurozuka) without being able to go against "imperialism (authority)" of "Yukei (Jess)" ...
This work is a commandment for the ambiguous mind of Adachi Gohara (Kuro Tsukuba), and Tezuka's criticism of society.It is unknown what was also the meaning of political criticism?
After all, the director himself seemed to have well understood Tezuka's original work, I think that it was pretty good for anime work of about 30 minutes.
I also like the "green cat" of the same volume, "Rin is in the wind" pretty much!