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Reki Kawahara
Masakuzu Cohara
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Yukiko Aikei
Yosuke Kabashima
Noriyuki Zinguuzi Masahiro YAMANE
Ike Nobutaka
Yota Tsuruoka
Rakuonsha ONOKEN Hiroyuki Oshima
Warner Home Video
Sachika Misawa
Yuuki Kaji
Aki Toyosaki
Shintaro Asanuma
Aya Endo
Kana Ueda
Rina Hidaka
Ayako Kawasumi
Suzumura Kenichi
Takahiro sakurai
Akira Ishida
Tarusuke Shingaki
Kobayashi Sanae
Japan Released:2012/04/07(Sat) 00:30-01:00 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. / End:2012/09/22
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1. http://www.accel-world.net/ (Translation)
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1. https://twitter.com/accel_world
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Burst The GravityBurst The Gravity
Compose:Yaginuma Satoshi
Arrange:Yaginuma Satoshi [Fan reg.]
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2017/02/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9163 Host:9239 Browser: 8242
[good point]
Despite the contemporary world while keeping the future technologies being utilized, depiction is funny Substitution and escape from real, there are close friends, there are advantages and that you can make good use of it

[Bad point]
Impression that fraternity that fraternity of girl friend does not understand is thin and excitement in battle scene is not good

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a world like a modern world, technologies such as the net and the virtual space are developed considerably, it is actually possible and interesting.
Descriptions of enemies that are irritating to the fraternity of Kotekote are interesting. I wonder if there were such encounters in the enemy, I wonder if my life changed.
Since only a part of the original has been animated this time, we can expect future sequel.

2016/07/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25004 Host:24923 Browser: 10185
[good point]
Even people who do not watch animation can check the contents in the first half

[Bad point]
If the total compilation is too long, afterwards if you do not read the original, you will be confused suddenly with the new character Do not know Can not understand Do not know how to make it like the past editing, future edition like the other side of the boundary ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
2 out of 5

2016/07/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4814 Host:4617 Browser: 10185
[good point]
OP and ED are overall cool and the view of the world view is innovative.
The heroine's cute story's tempo Good action is also good
[Bad point]
As for characters, likes and dislikes divide

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I have likes and dislikes in the conclusion, I think that I could enjoy it personally. I am committed to setting and developing, I think that it is carefully made. Painting is drawn beautifully and it is easy to see.
The evaluation is [good].

2016/07/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26863 Host:26830 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Jealous figures are irresistible hero and friends' growth Growing seriously enemy character Characters have charm Dasa many cool characters

[Bad point]
I doubt my ability as a childhood friend (I can be satisfied with my ability but I do not think I can do that in the process)
Regarding battle, on parade of convenience development Although there is atmosphere that is growing up, it is frustrating at the same thing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the battle scenes can be prolonged in various ways, there are some dull places, but the relationships and the depictions of everyday feel direct production that is frankly interesting, but the place where the part of the transition feels a bit stubborn ...
I will assume it is good as evaluation.

2016/02/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36904 Host:36956 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Tempo progressing well going ... only the story

[Bad point]
The protagonist is too negative and irritated.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even if the enemy is truly irritated and knocked down, something is not skittled.
The main character is negative 〓〓〓I can be helped 〓〓〓I fight positively 〓〓〓pinch 〓〓〓nega .....
I watched anime that only frustrates and sighs after a long absence.

2016/02/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32510 Host:32491 Browser: 5145
[good point]
Both OP and ED were up tempo songs and it was good.
Deployment interestingly watched until last round.

The best thing about this work is a fascinating world view.
At first I was perplexed with complicated settings, but gradually became addicted as I gradually understood.
Because the difficult contents were also explained in detail, it was contents that I could understand even if I did not buy the original.
It was a good impression that I was made quite kindly.

The setting of the characteristic hero who can not be seen in other works was also interesting.

[Bad point]
Story too expensive.
I can evaluate it at a point where it is well organized, but I wanted another idea.
I did not like to go developing in a flowing manner.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there were places that I thought to mysteriously, I enjoyed it personally.
Since it means that there is a sequel, I will assume the evaluation is very good with expectation.

2015/10/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50194 Host:50325 Browser: 8232
[good point]

Every OP was cool with music of so-called tension rise.

The design of Avatar was wonderful. Especially the avatar of a girl like Medallot is cute.

Many of them were attractive to sub characters.

[Bad point]
There is no charm of the main character.

The hero is too much. In the first half I got over Uziji and I thought that I got the power I barely got the power, I was snatched hard by the enemies in the second half and again Ujiji.

The heroine seemed lovely to jealous and upsetting against the hero, but the reason that I liked it was about the talent that just overflowed, in addition, the undulation of emotion other than that was also thin, not good I could not empathize.

My best friend character has also overcome various problems and has also been blown out, but surprisingly it does not result in results and it is only a chewable character. On the contrary, everyone except the main character felt painfully looking at this character too cold.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the first half, the tempo was good, the talk was gathered up cleanly and it was exciting to see combat capabilities and spiritual growth,
In the second half I was tired of enemies that were just unpleasant, and I felt disgusted passing through Harahara.

2015/03/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Writing from the conclusion is "good", what is it .. I could not do it anymore.

I was not sure whether the hero's character was unfamiliar.

It seems that Chiuri had charm than heroine princess.

With that world setting, I do not get messed up, I think that it is well organized.

2014/12/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1541 Host:1272 Browser: 8937
This work is a work involved in "sword art. Online", I do not know anything in detail, but originally, there are things that look very similar about the world view and setting Originally it is exactly It seems that it was produced in the same year, this work is somewhat earlier, but as a comparison target of well-done works, the name of this work can be cited

However, what I personally felt in this work was "honesty and heroine is not appealing" is an honest impression,
Besides, from the beginning of the scenario, since the lack of supplementary explanation was already a prominent work, even though I got tired of the beginning of the adventure, "The lack of hero's charm" was very deadly, The main character is set as "Deb" "Chibi"
Normally, it is common in this case that "Although the personality is very gentle", it is often the work of this hand,
In addition, as "a super character is bad", it is hard to have a favorable feeling as a hero, and usually I get bullying from poor students at school,
Actually, there are problems in his own personality who is receiving the bullying, so for this work, I did not like it first here

And, although it is a heroine against it, why it was attracted to the hero, such a setting is very ambiguous,
I was wondering why he was going to stick to this hero who is not attractive at all (I can tell if he is a good character with a good character, but the reason why such a fucking main character is meaningless is meaningless)
Besides, it is a setting called "Old e heroin", but as an older heroine, I do not feel any attraction,
Thinking now, it seems that it was obviously better for the heroine of the same age as the hero. Originally, this girl herself is a character like "Yuiko of" Little Busters! "" Young "" It's cool It is a heroine like calm "Calling a hero as a boy or you"
Usually, the heroine of this hand is a heroine after the 2nd place even if it is roughly Galg莨〓
The heroine of such a system was extremely unusual and he played the first heroine, but there was also a sense of resistance very much. Also, it was not a "big boobs heroine" that tends to be a senior heroine, but his body was an infant form of poor milk , It was fatal also that the appeal as older as well as being almost unexpectedly drawn

"Sword art. Online" was also very loaded with Tsukkomiya place, the drawback was a very conspicuous work,
Still, since it had such a point of view, "Descriptions of the hero and the heroine" or "It is easy to understand the scenario and the scenario", although it is personally acceptable work,
As for this work, since the above mentioned taste is not fully utilized, at that time, it will not be anything other than a kimono In particular, the character of the main character Debu is enough to pierce stubbornly, and as a setting , Nobita of "Doraemon", even though it is a character that feels like a further upset,
The heroine has some kind of likability and such aspects are not really physiologically impossible. It is very difficult to understand supplementary explanation as well, regardless of the view of the world and terms, gradually, suddenly in the opening stage Although it is commenting to the viewer as if it is raging,
In addition, it is hard to understand, there is not enough concrete explanation, there is not much content of interest, the contents of the scenario itself was also very difficult to grasp It is an animation work that continues for 2 cools as well , It would be wiser to stop viewing such animation work as soon as possible (if it is 1 course, it was still better but 2 courses are impossible)

Even with such a work, if there is such element as "heroine is attractive", still works can be likable,
Personally, it was not a heroine of my choice at all, nor as regards the appeal as an older heroine was almost absent,
Even from the point that the above supplementary explanation is difficult to understand very much, there is no doubt that "worst" is confirmed At least, if there is no main character 's deb, it may have been possible to watch the characters , Everyone was still seen if it was somewhere)

Rather, simply thinking, it is an impression that "Deb is super funny (nothing fun from appearance and contents)"

2014/12/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4954 Host:4853 Browser: 5141
With the accelerated world of net game "Brain.Burst" that you can experience real-world 1 second with 1000 times length,
A story depicting the success of Arita Haruyuki.

Regarding the view of the world and setting, it is impressive that it is kneaded deeply and stylishly.
The battle animation of the royal road that fights by throwing yourself into the virtual world from the mobile terminal, the battle scene which is the liver is beautiful and powerful, there are many directing that tickles the two kitchen minds.
Many good-looking music, battle BGM, OP, ED, are all wonderful.
Because we can accelerate thinking in the real world world and cause bad things,
It will get caught up in troubles caused by it, and will not make things a lot different except for fighting games.
Such a view of the world is pretty much my own preference and a hero who is obsessed and obsessed with obsession is putting a glance at the powerful person because he is an unusual flight capability person in the accelerated world and clears the sense of inferiority in the real world, It is an attractive element of this work to grow with my friends, but I felt that I could not fully utilize such materials in drama.

There are few characters that can sympathize, the story is irritated and it is hard to accept.
There are times when there are scenes that can be made scary, but the story is dark overall, the hero has always been negative thinking.
It is dominated by weakness, weak behavior, and overwhelmingly more frustrating scenes.
Especially in the second half, frustration accumulates only after the hero is held down with enemies grabbing the weakness,
I have given up the viewing abandonment several times.
Although a major reversal is waiting for the last episode, I can watch and consecutive the development of humiliation covered with humiliation.
It is an amusement work, which is a considerable negative factor ....

Cried scenes were cut and it was better to have more bargain elements in front.
There are also many scenes that bounce backward from the inferiority, there is also a gap with the appearance, so you can simply get hot ...
I think.

2014/05/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24146 Host:24175 Browser: 7912
[good point]
Nothing in particular.

[Bad point]
I can not like the hero. I am not convinced that it will become motomote at that.
Other character design. It seems that I saw someone in the accelerated world somewhere.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that overall it was not so bad, but it seemed like I lacked the charm I wanted to watch or listen to.
Only a few stories were seen.

2014/04/26 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1627 Host:1383 Browser: 10022
It's not that I can not watch, but I wonder if the editor's hand entered or the person's nature came out so it's just a matter of trouble, so if you look at it as tempo is totally appreciated, you will not feel regretted what you talk about
It is a feeling that I am balancing by projecting it on this hero if it is not in the head that Sao and other hero who thought that I was thinking

Nevertheless, it is the bottom of this author, whether he tells that the character got stuck or erotic

2014/03/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28262 Host:28243 Browser: 4694
I was worried about the odd appearance of the main character from a long time ago, because it was delivered free with an intentional internet cafe, it seems that it was free delivery on niconico movies, but I did not notice.
I watched the whole story at once with Zurusuru as it is with the nori of the OP theme and the goodness of drawing every time.

First of all, from that odd hero, Haruyuki.
To be honest, I believe that as a recreational work, negative appearance of this hand is heterogeneous, and that he is disqualified.
It is torturously "It is not interesting to see", and if you say it is a good mood and a trendy person, if you say it is communicable.
Even if it is attitude towards childhood friend Taku and Chu, it is not very, but there should be no one who wants to like it.
However, I think that it is useless if hull, which is a mass of inferiority complex with this complex, is not the real thing, if it is related to the setting called "brain burst" which seems to be talent stronger the stronger the feeling of inferiority.
It is a natural flow if it is thought that Kuyumi snowed inferiority feeling to the ally with eyes, and the reason why the player obsesses strangely even though it is a game is also convincing by the setting "accelerate" I will.
So, as the central figure of Axel World, Haruyuki is a perfect score as I should have been useless as a story when it was a handsome general light novel anime chief character.

However, Haruyuki is still disqualified as me as a hero.
In the Axel World there are characters that are suitable for the main character besides Haruki.

It is Black Snow Princess who is heroine.
It is because only she is moving with a clear intention as a person on the main character side.
Even if you look at the story, the main character side "Nega Nebusu" will move around her, and Halleyuki and Takura will move under her intention, so if you make her the hero the story is fast .
It has nothing to do with competing just as Hero Yuki who has no intention of making it this hero, and the story has advanced as it is flushed.

As a hero of the story there is nothing interesting to see a man who has no intention and purpose of himself.
It is not an exaggeration to say that there is no qualification as a hero if you do not find it in the story at first without it.
That 's why Haruyuki, as far as Black Snow Princess who finished without finding his own intention, is not suitable as a hero as me.
I am thinking that Black Snow Princess who acts with a clear intention is suitable for the main character.

However, Kuroyuki has a disadvantage that is also set.
That is because Kuroyuki likes Haruki at the emotional level without any events.
For Kuroyuki Hime, even if Hul is one person's devastating person in 10 years, it is a character that is bad for us due to its strange appearance, so it is impossible to understand at the level of emotion theory that trying to keep life by betting it.
Apart from Hara Yuki 's personality being bad, why Black Snow Princess takes care of Haruki, the persuasive power is thin.
For Black Snow Princess who is celebrated by many human beings and Haruyuki who is not thoughtful enough to make insulting childbirths easy as well as caring, there are differences in values 〓〓〓〓〓s usual.
Even though it is fiction, human behavioral principles and understanding are bound to some extent by common sense, so it can not be recognized if it is far from common sense.

I think that it was good if it was "Black Snow Princess thinks of Haruki only as a piece for revenge".
If so, many viewers should have convinced many reasons why Black Snow Princess cherishes Haruyuki when thinking of Haleyuki's appearance's strangeness.
Then, the fact that he helped Hull when it was about to be at risk of life by a runaway car appears as the strength of the intention to "do anything for revenge."
It goes without saying that a character with a strong intention will be recognized even if he is a foreigner, and the evaluation as a dark hero of Kuroyuki should have become high.
So I believe that Black Snow Princess can not deny that the story has become thin as soon as he likes Haruyuki not only in his character but also in love.
If the work "Axel. World" was "Hero Yuki was treated as a piece with" Black Snow Princess is the main character ", the evaluation should have been quite different.
As much as that "Whose viewpoint is the story?" And "convincing reasons" are very important.
Although setting such as blain.burst is good, these mistakes in selection lead to the evaluation of the entire work.

However, I did not enjoy it, but I can not even ignore the fact that I have seen all the stories.
Even with OP, music is good, including ED, and above all, Taku, Chiyu and Haruyuki (Ideal theory), but life - sized conflicts were unbearable and love.
It is because I saw it all together at Nekafeu, but these three people like the Nohomi edition which is the center.
(If you were watching on TV on TV, I think that Nomi hen could not be seen with the badness of tempo, which is minus).
I think that Chiyu's ability is "to return time or cheat!" (It is to say that the name Chiyu itself was Mislead ...), it would be perfectly convenient, but it was quite a bit scary.
Nami also became evil from becoming evil but not evil but he was evil and became evil, it seems to be roeteen.
Besides that, Haruyuki is making moss only for that, but I am empathizing with a fair percentage.
There is a thing that makes the surroundings invisible and it makes insanity insignificant, and although it is ideal, I am relieved that I noticed it (although I am over-riding too).
So I wrote that Haruyuki is not suitable for the main character, but please say "It is that, this is this".
In addition, I can understand that the clicin blown to Okinawa for the sake of the parent's convenience "I want to make it popular, I will pioneer!"
There are many unpopulars that characters are bad, but I liked the characters and I could see it.
So, it is useless for a bad person.

Although it is sweet, it is close to bad [normal] because it was seen to the end.
Although the original seems to be Gudaguda, please take an evaluation as an animation to the last.

2013/05/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19468 Host:19614 Browser: 4895
Basically I did not see "Sentai things", but I could see this work without difficulties.
Since it was clearly stated that fighting is simply the world of the game, I was able to accept that the fight suddenly starts without any discomfort.
It is clearly drawn to say that "Haruki Yuki" wishes to overcome inferiority complex, also what I want to claim.
However, I think that the setting that "Haruki" is motivated by girls is millet.
I thought that the ending was close to finishing and it was finished, but this seems to be different.

When the brain moves faster than the actual time, I think that it is impossible to understand that the periphery looks late or stops looking like the brain is not detailed, but I understand this well.
I think that the story is connected without breaking and I think that it is relatively clean.

Unfortunately the voice of Hiroyuki was not good.
It is irritated by impossible thing but it is no problem by saying that animation is a drama.
I think that it is a good idea to set the power of "Chiu", which I dislike the game of the last stage, like this setting.

You may attach a "good" rating.

2013/05/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25042 Host:25138 Browser: 3674
[good point]
Where the avatar changes with the scar of the heart of the character
Hara Yuki 's cyan pile warfare and disaster wearing armor, mind settling, Nomi warfare was also good Avatar knows that it was possible to fly in the sky
Fuko - san 's spirit and the sky of Avatar' s name who knows that he is the person who was aiming for the sky, Reika said "Good looking down at the sky" is good
The sad face and angry face of Tsuri was cute
It is a thought that Avatar's publicity can be rewound until the time when Hull and Taku were good friends
Taku was bullied at the dojo when he was a boy, so the hakase characters with pile bunkers were also good
Black Snow Princess was also good, but the truth of Avatar is pretty
Pure seven kings and paddo, Karen is also good
Op.ep.BGM was also good

[Bad point]
Aaraya of the original and Aaria of the animation are different in color of the hair a bit

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a good work It is easy to understand though there are various small places

2013/02/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25761 Host:25945 Browser: 5145
[Comprehensive evaluation]

The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓sing real trauma and inferiority complex as a weapon in the virtual world was not bad.
However, as a story there was also a danger that it could be an element that does not feel comfortable with the subtle communication that it produces.
In this regard, it was devised to keep the entertainment element by tightrope walking in the place of development of the talk or the barely.
But after all it was a part of choosing the viewer.

How to bring it to ED as good as you like is good.
However, it seems to me that the thing by the method was bigger than the contents to the last.

Because the character can not avoid drawing an inferiority complex and trauma, we had to put out a part of the shadow somewhere.
I think whether it will become a disillusioning element at a stroke if it seems too crowded.

HARUYUKI was particularly prominent, but I feel that he was a bit too submissive.
To put it themeally, that body was a correct answer.
I still have not understood the feelings of Tuuri and Takumu for it ...
It was a shame that Kuroyuki was kinda ... there was a part that left questionable points.
It will be about where the future development of the original will reveal it,
That is why I have to think that this area was the limitation of animation.

The point of view was good, but there are places to choose people to see.
That is frank thought.
Although it is not bad at all ... Although I thought that it was interesting when I was dealing with inferiority complex at the center of this work well,
To Moyamoya who is hard to keep remaining words comfortable as an animation was one thing.
So it is normal plus minus.

2013/02/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15983 Host:15955 Browser: 7856
I think that it depends on the preference, but the visual of the hero did not care. Rather, it was likable from a character of poor handsome setting

The picture was also beautiful and I thought that the battle scene was also good every week I was looking forward to the broadcast

Also, ahead of the others

2013/01/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2749 Host:2629 Browser: 11128
The protagonist is too bastard to pass meat.
After all the main character realized that it is not refreshing if the figure is not good to some extent.
Gag animation is different.

The story was dull until the middle stage, but the last enemy was the exterior that I drew in a picture.
So it was easy to understand and enjoyable.
Recently I have not seen such easy-to-understand bad guys.
As expected the enemy must be like this.

Oh, finally the Okinawa edition.
That is abrupt but I think I put it in good timing.
I do not know if it is a correct dialect, but I got a feeling that I could smile.
Seriously I was relieved from exhausting because I was overwhelmed. I want to go to Okinawa.

2012/12/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 542 Host:597 Browser: 5234
A little more hero ....

It is difficult to understand the details are fine.

I think that OP is effectively good.

Picture is not bad.

It is not perfect but overall good.

2012/11/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2508 Host:2423 Browser: 11665
A work that only viewers who can enjoy being happy with the events occurring in front of the eyes without thinking deeply about the human nature of the characters and the consistency of the development and the process until various events occur.
Anime called Guilty Crown was broadcasted before, but how to enjoy the work is exactly the same.
So I stopped watching seriously and enjoyed this work as a story.

The main character Hull is a self-sufficiency type person who basically suffer alone and self-sufficiently alone to power up by one person.
In that process I repeat a single person narrative and so it gets tedious every time.
The same thing can be said to the battle scene, the badness of the tempo is not half the way, starting suddenly beginning to speak without suffering from Todome to the enemy, the commentary of the ability starts the explanation of the ability, the enemy speaks out of his past suddenly.

Construction and development of the talk are also near the worst level.
It is a shoulder warp penetrating that several Okinawa editions will be caught a few stories at all, while keeping a kind of pull that Chiu will betray Hulls next time.
As a result of extending the battle with Nomi and talking about anything, the story becomes slender and becomes Gudaguda.
Even though there are other threatening materials, there is a villain fighting stupid honesty, a series of boredom conspiracy that only fits on the spot (Kuroyuki's friend was a burst linker, a pity system, etc.) and decent It is not the level seen in.

And the most laughing place ... No, what I became concerned was actions and remarks that ignored the ethics of the characters.
First of all, the main character Hull connects directly with other people 's girlfriend to catch data without permission, while trying to steal data by arbitrarily linking people as they enter the shower.
This is a fine criminal act.
To a friend that is hostile to a defense you can not win the game in the game by all means, but in real it can not win, so it is equal, so we will unleash a meaningless theory like being a friend.
Black Snow Princess is doing something unavoidable if other crowds are said to be cowards who surreptitiously escape after defeating the red king with surprise without fear of surprise.
The way that such people respond to the battle in which they were challenged with full power, the way they preach to others is that it is the rule of this world? It was very comical.
Chiu is obviously forking for Hull while keeping Taku as a sweetheart. I already saw only a high-grade woman who takes a man as a handbag in me.
Nomi drawn as a bad guy in the process and villains such as the yellow king are no longer to be told. In addition, the portrayal as a villain is not merely a small article.

I do not dislike characters who have departed from such ethical sense. No, I rather rather like it.
However, in action, the action of the hero does not enter at all, and the figure which is depicted as if it is rather good is conveyed selfish that it is OK if it is convenient for themselves.
That's why the characters in this work can only be seen as moving pieces that make it convenient for the author. Everything is under the author's.

As I wrote in the beginning, I watched this work because it was funny.
I was able to enjoy laughing at behaviors lacking in human taste of characters, and I think that the figure was a level that penetrated to the area that can be laughed.
When I finished I enjoyed it at anything, and in that sense it was fun.

2012/10/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13291 Host:13243 Browser: 9931
〓〓〓About previous contents I wrote a vollox evaluation and got it recommended for that,
While saying cutting or something, the opinion slightly changed because I watched it until the final round, so I will append it as a supplement.

I have thought about this work again by watching until the last round,
What was it for the title "Axel World" Axel?

I wrote in my previous evaluation that I only seem to escape from reality.
Actually, although I was not making mistakes that I was playing games realistically,
It seems that it is not just that.
Hero Yuki, the main character, is beginning to be touched by Kuke Snowphere in the beginning because he looked down on the game world because its appearance and content are inferior to others.
Basically it is a netoge chosen by a lost person, basically it seems that there are many people in the burst linker that are squeezed out of the reality like Hull and sink into virtual reality.
What they needed most was "to face ourselves" and that "time".

But it is a very difficult problem.
Even if we try to do it in reality, there is no spiritual margin to face it,
The winning group continued to win while the losers were suffering more than anything else,
It will not fill up the difference. That is, there is no time.

Blainburst can do something about it.
Make your thought speed 1000 times to secure time,
The existence of reliable "parents", the complex embodies ... and now we have all the things we need for their growth.

However, no matter how you want to stay in the accelerated world, you have to live a life like meals,
In order to do that, we will definitely come back to reality.

In other words, the "accelerating world" is left unrealistic in reality, has a role to "accelerate" and return the person who has opened the distance to the reality as much as possible "temporary for the weak I think that it was a refuge.

Hal who used to be hopeless until now hurriedly seems to grow (accelerate) little by little,
In the middle of reality There is not much time in reality. It was a story of about one week as much as the last 10 stories I felt long.

Well, then there are places and Tsukkomicho that seems to have done better with sole, and it seems that there is no mistake that it is not a work that can be described as good with both hands released.

It is sadly ugly to see what happens to the place where Haruyuki's naked body looks fly.
Although it is a brain burst where mental growth can be expected, the physical aspect ......

Considering the place where you think that the battle scene improved considerably from the early stage in the latter half, evaluation is "ordinary"

2012/10/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4653 Host:4634 Browser: 10120
A story of boys and girls who fight on the stage of the mysterious game program "Blaine Burst" in Japan in the near future where you can communicate with the neck device by displaying the brain display and connecting the chords with no code

[good point]
Stage decision from opponent 's choice in brainburst.Watch and life gauge display are quite cool with directing like a fighting fighting game. In the Shibuya stage and the Ikebukuro stage, the field of the game is a game like ruins and snowy fields and it can express the story of the game of the virtual space by contrast with the usual student life

There is a depiction as a growing story of the character 's mind once the main character HARUUKI eliminates the complex or turns forward (since the departure point is the bottom, it seems that it is appropriate) Impression is not bad

The attitude towards Haruyuki is stubbornly concerned about how it seems to be lightly jealous, clothes and appearance as other girls approach trying to be dignified with seniors or high LV players, etc. Attitudes towards Haruyuki Obviously I like the game as good as a boy, beyond being able to use this speed or being able to use it ... It is cute when the figure trying to attract Haruyuki has stretched out

[Bad point]
The characters and feelings of the characters are dark The story that made a stroke with black The brain burst gained a tremendous temporal grace in the real world if it is invoked with a program that makes the thinking speed 1000 times, It is beyond the scope of the game whether people who use the substitute for examinations and exercises can not only think but also physically influence as a high LV person. Brain burst >>> Burst burst >>> real world is also a lot of burst linkers lose all points are forcibly uninstalled and forced to uninstall and specifications that can not play again nevertheless despite being fraudulent or plotting struggle to earn points desperately.

Furthermore, the character in your brain burst reflects your own complex and trauma of yourself, for example, Silver of Haruyuki's game character.Crow is the speed type and it is the opposite of Harveuki's Civite-Dee shape, from the specification of the game Anyhow it is not a very pleasant story in the opposite position to Yumi's essence that it must be won by any means.

Characters as well as Charlestar Arita Haruyuki is also a person whose character is subtle and negative, as I received bullying, I gave up junior high school life already so I just got up and I'm worried about it in my heart But I'm useless even after I started brain burst I think that what Senpu Snowyai says can be believed or miserable. Even so, gradually reflecting the confidence obtained within the brain burst also in the real world, it seems that it is currently in the process of being developed, even though such Haruyuki is why there are many encounters with beauty why it is like Ranobeti

Takumu who thought that other people were also best friends was blowing out a wonderful feeling and being fighting (it was reconciled but it is no wonder even if it clears a margin) Neither Tyuri participated from the middle nor a last seed Though it revealed, NT ruler ...... I thought that I really went to the enemy, because of Black Snow princess and the surrounding guys and fighting against the other guy or whatever he was going to flee all the while Many times troubles and aspirations are not suitable for age. Guild Master will be able to empathize a little bit if I change the age of the elementary school student or the character to at least a high school student

For the 2nd cool main enemy Nobuki Seiji, I did not think that it would be pulled all by itself, no matter how small awkward type characters were. If it is an ordinary story, it exists to the extent that it can be hit by two or three talks, but even after weakness is grasped and weak truth is overwhelmed, even after it is broken down, it is difficult to finish an ugly finish. Although I do not know the original, I felt more relieved than the sense of accomplishment, finally finished even though I knocked down none thought that Nomi should overcome

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Game by junior high school students is a bit heavy as a stage story. Although it was a story of an introduction edition that ended with a good break, if it says that it was fun, it is not feeling refreshing as being depressed. If I say it, I do not think that the problem of junior high school students is serious so much, but I wonder if it is a bit overkill. Black Snow Princess was cute if I recommended it to people, I can only say about it

2012/10/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15959 Host:15912 Browser: 3564(Mobile)
Everything seems to be only a certain work of a certain magazine's work like the minimum setting, and additionally the story came to be boring

I fell asleep while watching the animation for the first time (lol)

2012/10/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37835 Host:37925 Browser: 5941
Although my poor setting is a confusing work,
Since the hero is a rare character as a main character, I have seen it to the end Although there are parts that I could not swallow the setting because of my bad head,
The growing story of the hero through an online battle made me feel a hot thing.

Pig's avatar It was pretty cute

2012/09/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10033 Host:9875 Browser: 5345
[good point]
A flashy battle that takes advantage of the setting of a fighting game in the virtual world
Directing the virtual world carefully drawing out the sense of presence
Psychological description of characters that seem to be junior high school students
Haruyuki rising from despair
Characters with a scratch on their hearts
Battle Climax BGM

[Bad point]
Snowy princess 's sexy route Although it is a matter of preference, although it is a little conspicuous, it is HARUYUKI' s delusion, though (laugh)
There are few adults to appear There seems to be a large influence of the setting, but most of parents and teachers did not come out

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was looking forward to weekly broadcasting time.
In addition to drawing realistic virtual space,
I think that the psychology of the character was also very real.
It is another matter whether it likes it though.

There is no one who is becoming subservient from the beginning about the character of Haruki. Because everyone is a baby at first.
It is hurt the heart and body by violence (external suppression)
As it continues, I assume I am a bad person (internal suppression)
Even if the environment does not receive violence afterwards, that is, there is no external suppression,
Internal suppression will remain as a scar on the mind.
So it seems to me that the seriousness of Haruyuki's early stage will be so.
Internal suppression can not be completely eliminated. But you can reduce it.
Haruyuki began to reduce internal suppression after I met Black Snow White.
Then the process that gradually Hara Yuki thinks positively, in this story was carefully drawn.
Nomi is deprived of its wings and despairs once, but it will stand up again with the cooperation of former opponents.
And it was supposed to be thought that it was not alone even when standing in a corner.
Rather than having Haruki grow up, Haruyuki was able to get the power that it has,
I feel like I was such a story.

As deployment, it is close to Super Robot animation of former battle stuff and sunrise.
I felt that the direction showing reversal from the pinch is familiar.

Although it is a serpent, when I first saw episode 1, I had a sense of incompatibility.
If I express the accelerated world, I thought that 'Accelerated world' (accelerated world) would be okay.
(By the way, the accelerator is Japanese English)
When I actually installed the brain burst, "Welcome to the Accelerated World" was displayed.
But the title of this story is "Axel. World".
Although it may be only because the word is simple,
Perhaps I thought that "accelerator" may have other meanings other than "acceleration".
I think probably too much thought ...

As a perfection degree of animation, I feel that I can do more,
The ambitious attitude that tried to show the novel original work with video,
I bought a place where adolescent characters were lively,
We will put the expectation for future sequel also in, and make the evaluation the best.

2012/09/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51624 Host:51710 Browser: 5345
It becomes an evaluation from the standpoint of the original subscription.
Battle fighting game "Brain.Burst" and the future world is the stage.
Both the theme song OP.ED and the keyword "acceleration" as a key word, it was a number filled with speed, and it was a good impression that it was also matched with the style.
The story consisted of inserting up to four volumes of the original and a few stories from the short edition. Stories developed firmly in chronological order.

I think that the world of the near future was faithfully reproduced and I think that it was good and the expressions and emotions of each character were well expressed.
Especially in the scene where you hit the secret feelings inside each other, there was a vigorous performance of the voice acting people, it was a very hot and exciting mind.
Also, the battle of comedy taste of Nico, Tsururi and Himeyuki of Black Snow Princess (?) Was also impressive.
I think that this amicable scene was a good accent because this work is based on a heavy world view.
In addition, the unique world view developed by the near future computer network which was difficult to imagine by simply reading the original, and the game depiction in Brain, Burst are well visualized and realized, "Visualization It was also a nice thing that was realized well.
The depth depiction of the background depiction also felt the reality.

Not only a casual conversation in the real world but also a depiction of a scene of fighting in "Blaine Burst" was also good.
In the beginning, I had a slight impression of impression, but as the number of times increased, the strategy, speed and effect of the technique were refined and I felt a dynamic force.
I think that I could express well the world of fighting fight game.
I was listening to the voice of each character, I had no sense of incompatibility, I was watching and feeling a sense of stability as drawing and stage setting etc was faithful to the original.
It is also impressive that there was an interesting production such as characters appearing by the original author appearing in the voices, and Duel Avatar who was recruited from viewers appearing in the works.
The character has a good depiction of the main character, especially the overwhelming presence of black snow princess and the expression of internal feelings of Haruki remain in the impression.
Tacum and Tyuri were also involved well with these two people, and there was the impression that the story was made more complete.
Moreover, the impression that the story began to rise as Niko and Nomi entered the field, as the times went on.
I think that he was proud of a high level in all aspects such as drawing and staging.
Psychological depression of the character.Well expressed conflicts, reality and blain.Drawing friendship depictions through bursts and various tense bargaining are good, the point that dynamism was felt in both the drawing side and the directing aspect now I felt it was the real pleasure of the work.
Also, I was able to talk about talks with each talk, I was worried about continuing every time I was watching.
Many related goods and commodity CM remained in the impression.

However, I also had an impression that I could not adapt to the world view by watching the world view and stage setting a little special and a lot of technical terms and not reading the original.
There are still unknown mechanisms in the original work yet, you may remember the impression which is somewhat difficult to stick out due to its specialty.
The depiction of the original was also partly omitted, I felt the progress of the story to be somewhat quicker, and I thought that it was a bit unkind for the original unread person.
The discomfort of Nomi's character is also the original story, and Nomi Hen is an impression that I could not enjoy it much because I was watching it.
I think that the point where Nomi's unpleasant character attachment was thorough was good.
However, during that time there was deepening of relationship with Ash rollers and encounters with Sky. Reiker, and eventually it settled in the best form, so the "best catharsis" I was able to taste it.
As a whole I kept the high level in every aspect, I thought that it was a highly completed work.
However, although it conforms to the original, it is the impression that when entering Nomi hen, funness decreased with nude's discomfort.
Based on the above points, we make the evaluation "very good".

2012/09/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50808 Host:50648 Browser: 7300
[good point]
Hero: It is not unusual to say that he is the main character without flowers until now ah
Game world is the stage: things of this kind are not so many feelings
Seiji Noumi: There was a very strong presence as a villain
Battle: Midway fancy and exhilarating

[Bad point]
Naomi Nobuki: Although I mentioned it as a [good point] but it is terrible and angry character, I think that it is a success as a bad player but still a stinky one is unlucky
Latter half: Nomi was supposed to be an accent, but in contrast to the first half,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the exhilaration was felt in the first half of the original, the latter half of the book got strikingly harsh as the humidity strikes but it was a villain full of vigorous duties like winning the last round of losing fame and winning Noumi I think that it is good all good if it is good at the end of the work Good or bad I nominated Nogi Seiji, but I can not imagine that it was built with the aim to be a favorite character, and it will be successful as a "villain to be hated" Armor of disaster "and accelerating study group and so on to the sequel, so I would like to expect in the second term

2012/09/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48179 Host:48118 Browser: 6619
Originally I was surprised by the bad character of the hero but as my story progressed my heart grew hot when I saw growth.

The story of the Okinawa edition was a snake, but I liked this kind of avatar action so it was fun ordinary.

The hero had a good character after all.
It is unfriendly but there are quite a lot of things like hard-working shops.

It was a cunning smart little villain Nomi Seiji saw for the first time in a while.
The voice actor was also good and the second half was exciting.

You probably will see the second term.

2012/09/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28636 Host:28687 Browser: 5345
Abandoned for the first cool.

I did not think it was interesting at all. I also thought that setting alone would be good, but even if I look forward to the story it does not get excited at all.

Battle is an animation, but the battle has no refreshing feeling, and I can not empathize people, so where did I have fun?

I also saw an opinion that it will be interesting from the second cool, but I do not feel like seeing the second cool in this state very much.

After all it was only unpleasant noise that I mixed a clear amateur with a voice actor.

2012/09/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33678 Host:33916 Browser: 5234
Changed the previous evaluation to comment. From here to this evaluation
[good point]
Haruyuki 's campus avatar (porcine avatar is also nice but the end monster was cute)
Unico 's crazy Nohmi madness crazy story is also comprehensively Voice actors who worked hard as well as Ash Roller, but actually the avatar is also abundant and cool, something unique as well
[Bad point]
Character of Haruyuki in the early days of Noumi's way of doing
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that I think that it is better who did a good job

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