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MF bunnko J
Takamitsu Kouno
Takeshi Takadera
Atsushi Hirasawa
Eight Bit
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Nozomi Yamamoto
Haruka Yamazaki
Ayaka Imamura
Ayaka Suwa
Haruka Tomatsu
Yui Horie
Natsuki Hanae
Yoshihisa Kawahara
Takahiro sakurai
Japan Released:2015/01/04(Sun) 20:30-21:00 AT-X TV / End:2015/03/22
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1. http://absoluteduo.com/ (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/abso_official
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Song:Ayaka Imamura Ayaka Suwa
Compose:Yusuke Shirato
Arrange:Yusuke Shirato [Fan reg.]
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2017/06/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7368 Host:7334 Browser: 8813
This work is an animation work of an academy battle thing, I do not know who is the original, but I tried watching this time

<Good point>

For the time being, three people, Miyabi, Tomoe, Imari, were wonderfully pretty (these three people really liked themselves)
Three of us, "Beautiful + big tits + gentle" 3 rhythms are all in order, so thanks to their favorable reception of this work, thanks to them definitely (drawing was also good)

<Bad point>

However, very unfortunately ... "There was nothing good except for the above case" is the impression that I felt like viewing this work

It is still a very unpopular work on this site, but, to be honest, it seems reasonable, about the story was awful

First of all, this work has suddenly started from the beginning, there are various developments such as sudden abruptness, and after that, supplementary explanation about the world view and setting of the stage has not been made very much afterwards,
While the sudden expansion is continuing, while the content of the state in which the viewers are completely set up continues,
Regarding this matter, even if we hand over a million eyes and close our eyes, it is an impression that "contents are too much through the entire scenario"

Originally I thought that this work is a school harem monolithic work like 'IS', but at first I thought it was not a work specialized in Harlem Mono at all,
In other words, it was not the content which puts the power all alone in the above school battle, it was the impression that "everything you are doing is a super halfway anime" (an animation you can not understand at all what you want to draw)

There are several reasons why the story of this work was personally super-boring ... First of all, there is a case that "Yurie of heroine was not attractive at all"

Before watching this work, I happened to clearly say "Tales of Graces f", but this work is a work that considers this work a bit,
Although the hero resembles the upper work Asbel and the heroine resembles Sofy on the top work and forgotten the name, the glasses' character is similar to the top work Hubert,
In addition, Takahiro Sakurai who played the role of the hero in the top work appeared as a villain in this work, and additionally, the theme of "preserve important people" is the same for both works,
In short, it is a work that feels like "Tales of Graces f" + "IS", but the content is too halfway so I can not understand what the production team wants to draw

When saying, "Why is this Yurie not attractive?", It is an impression that "Just by saying Lolita Chara who is selling to the lolicon as something, the content as a character is super sukcarakan"

Originally personally, Lori Chara who sells a flavor to his own lolicon is basically a principle which does not show any interest at all (it is cold enough even if you are watching something, I hate the basic idea)
Personally, my favorite Lolita characters (animation, RPG, etc.) are partly in common, but what they all have in common is that most of them say "Lori Chara I became fond of because the content as a character is solidly drawn" so,
In short, even if I draw a Lolita character, it is not a character that sold a cowhide to a rocket, but it is a Lolita character drawn as a natural body to the last, so I think I personally liked it

However, in fact with regard to Yurie of this work, the contents as a character are not drawn at all, just let's pretend "Moe" beforehand, since it is a heroine drawn in the work,
"Yurie is not a rocket, it is an unmoiest character" (In short, Yurie is a typical Lori Chara not sprouting)

Although the story changes, I mentioned "Tales of Graces f" above, but I love the Sophie of the above works above

Characterically, it is the same as Yurie said in this work, but because it is very solidly carefully drawn in the content of this Sophie's character as a character,
"It draws herself as a character ahead of time" 〓〓〓"I will draw nature and cuteness afterwards", so it seems to lift this girl,
I think that such a thing is "drawing a character charmingly", and initially I did not think that I was completely interested in Sophie and it was attractive,
As the scenario progresses gradually, as the content as a character was drawn very carefully, it becomes an impression that it was "Sophie = a wonderful Lolita heroine" (This is reasonable)

However, with regard to Yurie, she came along with her naked pajamas in percolation, took off her pants in front of him, became flat and naked in front of him, fought with Reelis,
Really, it was a heroine "Even if you are looking at it, the contents are completely super sakarakan," it was a heroine (something, it's just a heroine selling something to the rocket completely, so it's frustrating to look at)

Normally, each heroine appearing in each work has its own type, but it seems that there is not so much honesty that "Lori Chara is the 1st heroine among many heroines" (the main character is a male protagonist's work )

Basically, it seems that there are many cases where heroines of such a system are drawn as the heroine of the first such as being a big tits character, a hero's childhood friend, etc. (Although it seems to be a personal opinion to the last)
It is an impression that "I wanted you to figure out why the Lolita who seemed to be quiet was made the main heroine of the 1st firmly"

Actually, "Tales of Graces f" also had this kind of impression initially, but the reason why we made Lily's character that seems to be the most heroine in the first place was properly drawn in the process,
On the contrary, since this specific work was not drawn in any concrete motivation, it will be an impression that "just an animation that just a cock is joyous"

However, in the above, I said that "Yurie was not attractive at all", but there are things I still can not forgive, that is ... that the treatment of Miyabi, Tomoe, Imari is too cruel

As I mentioned above, I love these 3 people, but I hate the heroine type like Yurie, Reelis against the base

As for what he dislikes Reiris, I do not have any favorite character (some are excluded) as a girlfriend 's heroine of this hand originally,
"My character's character is very bad" + "Blonde Hair" + "Lady's Tsundere Character" is already something really something so urticaria comes out from the whole body so much that I am physiologically impossible

Originally it was extremely cold to the hero, after a certain thing, afterwards it is superbly betrayed to the protagonist, although the character of the element is super worse, when such things are done every time, I want to be a real ultra Uza Heroines saying "If you do not get the way you want, violence against opponents" is basically tend to be disliked,
This Rileith "forcibly packs up, swings around, confesses to the flower" 〓〓〓"However, refused, on the spot on the spot"
〓〓〓It was a very terrible character that "afterwards attack against it with counterattacks", it was an unappealing character

On the contrary Tomoe is a broom type heroine in "IS" I love it, but "Character of a prime is very bad" + "Blonde hair" + "Madame Tsundere Character"
Really it is impossible physiologically already (It is an ancient character in Gargue or Erogee, but it is impossible really)

In short, although I disliked the story, in short, I dislike Yuria and Reiris, but while these two people are overwhelmingly preferential treatment in the work, the other three who I mentioned above are completely supergatious air Because it was a character,
I was really dissatisfied (there is no equality in the handling of each heroine team, but it is frustrating even if I see it)

Imari, for example, appeared from the beginning, I do not think that she is the main heroine, failed the entrance examination of the school, was blown to other school and appeared again in the second half of seven stories However, In the 9th and 10th episodes, it becomes a battle with the enemy with serious development, but 10th episode is the last appearance, it finally becomes a treatment which does not appear even in the final story,
Moreover, although the interaction with the flower of the main character is drawn in the first story at the beginning, after that there is no such thing as the interaction of these two persons at all, and it is probably not treated like this (fluffstone) Naturally there is no romance flag naturally)

As for Tomoe, it was also that there was no romance flag as well as Imari, but even though it was not painted at all with the permeation flow, it was completely super gash air character,
Although it appeared from the early stage, since it is the air character next to Imari in the main heroine team, this treatment of her is seriously too serious. It is only appearing in the basic, Miyabi and set, and her individual is unique There was no such depiction like acting or acting, seriously treating seriously was not it

The treatment of the miyabi is too severe, "Although we do not draw a bargain with the flower flowers, somehow I like the flower" 〓〓〓"I confess to him, but it is super swayed"
〓〓〓"Make Super Yandere Heroine and Runaway" 〓〓〓"Because the flower must chase other enemies, I will leave Miyabi who was in a runaway properly to Tomoe"
〓〓〓"Essentially it is the endless flow that has to calm the goby, somehow I will not do it at all" and in the flow, seriously, "It's awesome! (〓〓〓篋〓〓〓〓" only I have no word
In the first place, where you are attracted by Koitsu is not drawn at all but suddenly even if it develops like this suddenly (if it is re-opened from the beginning, if it is made into harem animation, it is still acceptable)

On the other hand, Yurie, Reirisu who is superficially under consideration are constantly overburdened in permeation while these three people are treating such a transcendent terrible ...
Nearly naked approaching, fighting competition, Tomoe and Miyabi are just bystanders who just look at it, do not do anything, just Yurie, Lilyis only sticky in the flow ...
Indeed, when it comes to the Tatsuya style of "Persona 5", it can only be said that "it is too damn shit!

Yurie something, eating Frankfurt at the end of seventh episode, saying "Sausage of the flower is very hot, big and delicious", seriously, seriously, "It does not make me feel bad ... was not it good" was " If you let it act like this sort of bad petrology you can draw the contents as a heroine! "(Apparently speech was overly aimed and conversely wilted)

Like "IS", if all the heroines came up with a furious approach to the hero and everyone competed for the main character with a bad guy, it seems to be interesting as a harem animation,
This work is just a preferential treatment Just by the above two people competing for the main character, the other heroine is completely in the background, so it is not interesting at all as a harem mono

In the first place, what is fundamentally bad in this work is also the subject that "the flow of the hero is hopelessly unattractive", saying what is terrible in guitos ... "Because it is a super superior rocket of reality" It is exhausted to a point

Basically, it is an extreme super-loacon called "Kurizu who is making the most priority to Yurie in anything", and Yuriei becomes naked,
When I took off my pants or asked for an indirect kiss, I was overly excited by nothing more than this, but my big tits hit the back of Keito,
Even if the guys grasped Imari's breasts exquisitely, it was completely no reaction or I thought seriously that "Ah, the guy is an intrinsic petrolon ... (disgusted)" Even if anything happens , Preferential treatment of Lolita's heroine "〓〓〓quot; However, why is she always thinking things at the top priority, is not depicted at all in the work "=" The hero is an intrinsic loricon " Since the president of the company is also Lori Chara, I think that the author will be a completely genuinely petrological person as soon as this happens ... (bitter smile)

Apart from the fact that the setting itself as a loricon is not bad, it is a wake that "it is a setting that it is completely configurable that it does not matter except Loli - chara"
For example, in the above, I mentioned the matter that Miyabi broke down Yundere, but originally it is what happened due to permeation But even if the Miyabi actually runaway like that actually, It is not a wake to do something against, it is not a place to put a shave on,
"It's just a character that likes the first and goes to hit the enemy's head with a favorite Lori Chara (Yurie)",
"Iya, because you got it this way, do not let Tomoe do it, you should help Miyabi!" (Seriously this development is "Ma 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 ")

"Wataru flow when Miyabi runaway" 〓〓〓"Miyabi runaway, but I can not do anything ... I will leave it to Tomoe! (* 篆〓- 篆〓"
"Yurie's runaway flowers" 〓〓〓"Hurrier's runaway? (〓〓〓篋〓〓〓〓) Absolutely save Yurie! (.` 腴〓) Status Lori Chara is rare! ) "〓〓〓Looking at the difference in handling, it seems that it seems to be a kind of gags anymore

Although the runaway maiden was completely left untreated, even if Yurie did a runaway in the final story as well, Koitsu stopped runaway until hugging Yurie, apparently character discrimination was too cruel Well, Miyabi, Tomoe is completely super gashing air even in the last episode, nothing even appears even in the last episode of Imari or something, just in the late battle (9 episodes or later) just battle with super small items Ras Boss and Dala Dara There is no interest,
There were various other enemy characters, but in the end it ended without being drawn mostly, and the content was super worst since it ended (eventually, it ended without knowing the identity of the enemy organization at all)

Moreover, there is still a terrible place in this work, there is a setting called Duo, but this work is a work with partner's ties the theme

However, like this, Duo is a setting like a maternal battle feeling, but in the making of such a work, such a bond between partners is not drawn at all,
In particular, it was quite terrible as to the ultra-thinness of the flower and Yurie's bond (in short, both of these are not the contents of both as characters)

In fact, if you say that you came up with "Yuuri flower 〓〓Yurie", Yurie was trying to sleep with a guy in a nude pajamas, take off pants in front of a guy,
I asked for an indirect kiss, I became a competitor with Reelis, I could only come up with such a superb funny interaction (after that, it was somewhat joint fight)
Nevertheless, I forgot about 7 episodes? At the beginning, Yurie said "I can not lose to anyone with the flower bond" (laugh) Wondering why I do not think "(〓〓〓篋〓〓〓〓"

Even though we do not draw bonds and relationships of truth with the two of them at all, even if such a thing is told by the doya face, this is troublesome,
Because it is a work "It is a work with the theme of bondage with the counterpart, but a depiction of that bond is not drawn at all", so here was also terrible

Speaking of the other bad things, although the former public who Yukari Tamura plays originally enemy characters (who tried to kill the students), after 4 talks or why it came over superfamiliar to the main characters suddenly became overworked With
There were eyeglasses like "Hubert of Tales of Graces f", but it was also funny that the guy was just a small fish with just a bad mouth (although the mouth is super bad, but a bad boy on the battlefield w)

<Overall rating>

Three people mentioned above really love it, so although this evaluation is based on warmth evaluation, actually evaluating it, the work itself is affordable and super worst

"Why is not it interesting as a school battle thing? = A lack of supplementary explanation about the world view and various settings + depiction of the bond between each character is not drawn at all"
"Why is not it interesting as a Harlem thing? = Only two special heroines are hooked up to the main character, three other heroines are super gathering air outside the mosquito net, so it's not fun at all"

As I mentioned above, I basically dislike Lori Chara which sells cocks to a crib, but again, I personally dislike that type of Lolita,
Though I drawn as the heroine of the 1st in the work, it led to a drop in the evaluation, and it would have been better if the contents as a character were drawn firmly like the top piece Sofi,
Because it is only one cool work, due to time, it will end up becoming an ultra-thin heroine by all means (at least, if it was 2nd, 3rd heroine, I could still forgive ...)

Although I do not know the original of this work, if this is the case, even if the second term is made in the future, expectation can not be done at all and even if the second term is provisionally made,
As I mentioned above, I can not expect anything because I think that it is an extremely boring deployment of on parade (in particular, it is clear that Yurie and Rilis' confrontation of the peristance will last for a long time)

Therefore, while it is a work that is still unpopular, it is reasonable to say that it is reasonable (If there were not three people, Miyabi, Tomoe, Imari, it was definitely affordable and ultimately the worst decision)

In regard to Taka, Miyabi, Tomoe, Imari, the material as a character is really wonderful, so the one who appeared in another work of this other hand may have shone as a character, for example, "There is "Series," Shakugan no Shana "," High school D 〓〓D "," Strike the Blood "
Those who appeared in anime works of such a system may have felt more attractive (something, the character as a character was not fully utilized)

2015/11/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4263 Host:4333 Browser: 9613
[good point]
OP's songs and lyrics Character erotic insertion tune final story

[Bad point]
Ambush with the battle plane setting overall

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a work that is troublesome to evaluate. Because there was something to attract, so in this evaluation

2015/10/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45565 Host:45339 Browser: 5139
[good point]
OP was good. I also liked the footage from 3 episodes.
Everyday life of the beginning person was good.

[Bad point]
I felt as it gradually became frustrating since the middle stage.
The second half is a bad point that it was monotonous and bored that it was almost a battle.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
We also add goodness of OP and make evaluation good.

2015/08/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3786 Host:3787 Browser: 4721
[This is "Ya"]
.OP. This is the best in the animation of the broadcast of the period January 2015!

Unlike 'Fafnir', since monsters do not come out, it seems that hurdles are low as an animation work of one cool and it is easy to animate.

Situation is a harem love comedian, but it was good that the main character Toll did not give off her hesitation.
(Although Miyabitsu Miyabi caught on her eyes)

And I think the assertion that strength is "the power to protect" was also good.

Tsukimi Rider
After losing once with 3 talks, I got a tough strict attitude after returning, but showed good assistance in the last round.
(In the 11th story before that I had nothing to do at all, so it remained intensely strongly impressed)
Well, since the principal wanted to protect the school building, I did not think he wanted to help Tall separately, but that person seemed to be lucky.
The words and phrases such as "I will do it here!" Will make Hila of Croan a hoarse.

[This is "Nai"]
The braids of Tall is a shield, it is too hard for animation.
Because it is not a sword or a spear, it is not such a thing, because the opponent becomes a picture plane which attacks with a sharp eye.

Treatment of Sub Characters (especially Tiger and Tats) With regard to tigers, if I thought that it would be drawn much closer to Thor 's best friend, I ended up with a doggy role as a cheek to the end.
It is a guy who does not talk when he reaches tatto (only "Mun!"), But he does not tangle almost with other characters.
Riris also got weaker and weaker ... ....

I wrote above that "Hotaka Miyabi gave off his eyes", but it is regrettable that the deployment after becoming the enemy's fingers afterwards. The behavioral principle of Miyabi is too extraordinary.

And the last round.
The above-mentioned argument of "defending power" was good and it was a climax to sing out an OP song and the spirit of being upheavaled was transmitted though
(Incidentally, the final round was a special format, after usual usual OP did not flow, immediately entered the CM)
I was stabbed by Tall and I was walking stably afterwards, I had a sense of incompatibility, and how to settle was too aggressive.
I took the most delicious place in the last round, is not it Tsukimi Rubiko sensei?

Because of the recollection 'We are dead because it' s weak 'for a number of times, it ended with a simple swing.
But it seems that there are no keri on the original, so is there a place we can not afford it?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it will certainly come out as much as it searches for coarse, that impression was not so bad.
However, it is still strict to evaluate to the better one, "normal".

2015/04/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18377 Host:18390 Browser: 7911
Academy action things.
I personally liked the animation genre I liked.

The world where the power of foreign power exists.
It is a work that depicts the growth of students making full use of that power.

Character design was also good, animation animation was also good.
Usa teacher (cv Yukari Tamura) was also good.

Konomi Suzuki of OP song also.

Just thought there was something lacking in novelty.
So I will make a good evaluation

2015/04/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3408 Host:3287 Browser: 7458
[good point]
Theme song and OP. Especially the skating dance of OP liked it with a feeling of dynamism. I remember the King of Gainner's OP
Luxury specification with ED theme and multiple ED scenes. Many lucky scuba scenes remember of Nyaruko W and Trinity seven. Living in living with Yurie, gymnastics girls' gymnastics such as Yurie and Riris in nakedness in the tent, swimsuit in a battle angle, battle between the girls, panchira in battle are bloomers. I was deeply impressed that I got it right again. Nice bloomers!
Miyabi's big tits and lily portrayal The development of the flow of harvesting the harem flag from one end. For the main heroine, it is not so strong a permeable permeable setting, like a criminal McLane in the Die Hard series, it has a sense of affinity. Since the strength of life size is easier to grow than the strength of disqualification from the beginning than the one having the strength of disqualification from the beginning, it is easy to gain sympathy from the beginning so the braise of the recommended flow is a shield is not merely a change and it has a proper meaning I laughed at "I'm bad!" "General Peter Dr.! What are you doing! Please do not quit! Really! It's a bit bad!"

[Bad point]
Direction and drawing of battle scenes are staggering. Ship immediately after Taika AB At the same time as this at the same time there is a tough thing with this quality Although students and school have suffered damage due to unit Soldier's raid, Mr. Sakuya wonders not to protest Edward in that case In the last round, the perfusion flowed through the abdomen and suffered a serious injury that caused massive bleeding, but developed to revive as if nothing had happened. I think that it is probably due to the power of Iqseed, but the explanation for it is not enough The problem of the death of the sister of Wilson and the death of Yurie's father has not been solved to the end. I've forgotten to collect hints by scattering only the recollection scenes

[Comprehensive evaluation]
From the first episode, I bite a magic key development like a mix of a boys' cram school and a baki series and say, "People who can not come about this method return home, please come" and kindly design it will sieve it
Although I was surprised by Mr. Rira of the third episode, it is surprising to me that I am surprised at finding the harsh battle to lead to a significant level improvement. Although it is a style that affirms the thesis denied by Hirohiko Araki, "It is not a problem such as a process or a method," it is a style that affirms the thesis denied by Araki Hirohiko, but such a story is also a story that is strengthened by magical aichi practice such as respiration correction mask and Hell Climb Pillar Because I draw, I can not say anything. Director Kashiwaba of Touch also strongly strengthens Ming Blue Baseball Club by Ogre's Shigeki I wonder why the Blaze is swaying in the shopping mall and even if the school is attacked by a mysterious armed organization, the police and the army It is strange that it does not move, but Sakigake! Because there are such parts in boys' school and PreCure series as well, it can not be said that it is too big. (As you can see the feeling hesitates to receive the Ruffleful at the tenth episode of sweat I feel like I just witnessed Yurie 's Berserker mode in episode 9. My fears of being overly strong and worrying about my own fear of losing myself, It will become more reliable by letting the wild grass of the evil state appear later.This can also be said to K. But I want to seek only the strength To the stupidity I lose sight of myself too much Perhaps there is a meaning of warning bells, after all, the permeate is forced to use Ruquiful, but I feel sympathy can be sympathy or more than a frivolous attitude to leave it to greed and use Hui Hui

Edward is developing units to counter Blaze. In order to acknowledge the assertion that the unit is more rationality, versatility, mass productivity than blaze which is troublesome, we instruct K and raise Haura Gakuen several times by instructing K. However, because suddenly Unit Soldier appeared without such explanation, "If you have a live and assault suit, you do not need a braze?" "It was a misunderstanding what was it with Braids?"

The purpose of the students of Haoring Gakuen is quite varied. Those who aim for military and security fields after graduation, those who seek strength to fulfill revenge, those who want to become a special existent, those who raise themselves with spirit of spirit, why they came to this school Those who are not. Especially the last example can not be funny. Even in reality people who feel doubt "Why are you in this place?" Because there is always one or two people in any cluster

It is hard to answer the question as to what the absolute. Duo was? Because it is the same as asking many young people "What is life?" Even if I hear from Mr. Sakuya, he seems to be returning the answer to the zen question "I am finding it is absolutely Duo." However, it seems that Wilhelies and Yurie have found the answer about half in the last round

However, it is painful to read easily ahead of time because of the common setting. After Miyabi was sent to the flower, I thought it would be a good idea to think that the deployment to which Edward will present a unit is a cuttleflug of Gundam W, promised to wake up with persuasion by a close friend and a bita. It is expected that Unit Soldier will repeatedly defeat before the traditional Blaze. It was sloppy and cheap Ranobhe expansion, but it was a fact that I enjoyed it so much. Even just watching it to the end without cutting it in the middle is fine.

2015/04/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10076 Host:10268 Browser: 6459
[Good point] Especially nothing.

[Bad point] There is no freshness with a common setting.

2015/04/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51248 Host:51273 Browser: 7450
[good point]
Picture is split and beautiful: I forcibly gave a good point

[Bad point]
Second brewing: What is the second disinfection?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The original unread story itself is a pattern mono of this hand, why the academy president is a mysterious young lady and individual elements are not twisted The work itself is honestly delicate, but how many similar works are more than anything Even though I do not like animation itself in rapid succession, I think that it is better to have the system of the same family as doing the whole system to broadcast while broadcasting a certain degree of space

2015/04/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10462 Host:10446 Browser: 7911
[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the winter of 2015, it jumped out as the forerunner of the four large lanoba animation, but its contents are very common. There is not much innovation and characteristic setting, the girls surrounding the main character are increasing friendship little by little. While fighting with the eight-person eight weapons that can make the soul embody, only the hero is an irregular setting of a shield, but do not let the setting called shield feel the merit. Of course, there is a role to prevent attacks of opponents, but looking at other places where other characters use swords etc. to prevent them from crossing over, the advantage of the shield is light? The main attack is a goof punch with a right fist that does not have a shield. Indeed it felt that power was insufficient, the last episode attacked with the counterpart sword and a game set. Moreover, the students at this school can upgrade their level if they achieve achievement. Cheap specification whose level up is doubled when you administer things like injections. Because the hero grows up to level 4, he gains 8 times the power of the first grader at the time of admission. By the way, the enemy of the last round is fucking like to say that power does not admit power beyond me when it comes to pinch, while all being said power.
I can not say that the drawing is nice, but the character moves quite well. There are few stopping pictures and battle scenes are not bad either. In addition, OP's achievement is the highest class with images and songs. Even though ED uses three character songs, the impression is thin.

2015/03/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39713 Host:39514 Browser: 7451
Story Battle MF bunko animation that it is not so much.It is not a phantom but a genuine Six Men.
It is fun to make such a merit and reassessment like remembering a sense of security like homebrew, but I like it,
It is very disappointing that the excessively far-reaching farce development of the last stage has greatly lowered the evaluation.

There was only a character deza of animation version stobra handling it, the girl is really cute.
The next notice of the ED and pretty SD character that prepared three kinds that appointed that AS ___ ___ ___ 0
I want to highly appreciate the making of appealing girls' cute love.
Yuri is a pronoun Yurie, Rireis chan who gradually became a good friend to be a rival,
Miyabi who is a sister skinny Tomoe-chan, such a girlfriend and a lily-owner of a transformation breast bag,
Yukari Teacher, the world's pretty cute one (Big chiku and Yankee wonderful use of skill change of acts!),
Moreover, Tora - kun who existed with a comprehensive and hidden character was probably a homo ....
Well this is so cute that someone's favorite characters can not be found like this.
Just a teacher Yukari knew that he has a strong individuality .... To say badly, it is symbolic.

On the other hand, Tall of the hero is too weak, its fighting power and personality are weak. Although it is a hero, it is fatal.
I'm not a bad guy but I do not know why Miyabi caught his attention to him,
Regarding battle it ended without using the weapon named shield at all. Impression that one hand was boko with bare hands strong.
However, it is difficult to make the best use of the shield (although it is an area equivalent to the Robin mask) as a form of animation,
I knew that it would be a setting for death anyway. I was concerned about it on that ....
I kept thinking throughout all the time whether it was good with gantlets that can be used with the Matsuoka punch.

Battle scene is regrettable not only because it was not so bad as to deny all.
Batrova's development that if you lose in one story and you are a middle school graduate (though you think that you followed the middle stage)
It was good impression that I was trying to cooperate with each other in the fight against Lelis, but the movement is weak.
The mystery dance of OP completed several weeks later was exhausted to the fact that he was doing his best.
It is still a story that is worrisome than that, this school black is not black,
I will see roughness with Zaru's not guarding. It is not that bad so far.
However, the final stage became serious, as a doping item awakening no no no no no no hi it as a hero,
It is not too weak persuasive power to encourage Miyabi who died, "You are strong!" And restore it,
I can not defend Toll, who is proud of his immortal immortality, who stood up again despite his blatantly serious injury.
And Mr. K acting Mr. Sakurai was excessively enthralling anything, the vertical axis of the work did not expand and ended.
There was not enough charm to make it so obsessive, nor did it lead to revenge of Tall.
I wonder if it will be possible for the second term.

I guess I do not have to combine battles and love comedes well in the MF bunko ....
If it wants to draw it, that is fine, but unfortunately this work did not feel that intention.
I feel that it has become an obstacle to Moe. I was watching while thinking about Icharab in the battle at Poi and w
Noguera and magic bullet are exceptional (love-comed element is thin) as a good example of a battle route but w

It seems that it liked comparatively in this season, but it was not. I bought four frames w

2015/03/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Evaluation changes depending on whether you see it as an amateur job or as a professional job.
However, this work is a professional work.

Winter Animation 2015. Light novel work of MF Bunko J.

People who do not appear in the table until now, as there are duos assembled at CM of anime school.
Even the director, the former big work is the assistant director of "Tokyo Ravens".

It is safe to see that it is not a problem in everyday use, but when it comes to battle times the level falls extremely.

If you are doing a recent FPS, you only have to use it, although there is a way to say "shield is protective gear? No weapon."
Do not fight with the other hand, use a pair of weapons like the last round?

In the first place what purpose it is made to feel even a farce because it does not come out whether there is a crisis (it is not set?).
Mr. Matsuoka - kun, I would like Sakurai - san 's combination to be divided by this.

It is a title that looks like an antisule, but the level of the work declined every time the hero's level rose.

2015/03/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Comprehensive evaluation]
Yurie was cute. Is this just a good evaluation?
Especially there was nothing new and it ended without excitement.

Evaluation is "bad".

2015/02/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Animation with a lot of already deigned feeling.
The hero can have favorable feelings, but can not sympathize with action.
There are places where Yurie is going out and OP so cool that there is saving.

Anyway, I feel like I'm working too Mr. Matsuoka ....

2015/02/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although it may be different in the original personality setting and the story original, what is it saying that it is animation, what is the selling point of this work?

2015/01/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16254 Host:16312 Browser: 4721
Although I did not think that it was so good from the beginning, I thought that still (A part) could still be watched, and maybe I could have watched a little more if I stayed in this atmosphere for as long as it was, It may have become matter.
It was a little serious and I was dumbfounded or worse becoming content and there was content and I thought that I expected to expect it as a serious work.
I do not know if the girls that went off will come out later, but I thought it would be interesting if it was a story that this deployment, repeating encounters and parting or making me feel like a heroine at first glance and going out again , So expecting the serious direction that such hero goes growing.

But despite its expectation, I fell down to Gakuen in the B part.
It looked like just another piece.
Although it was not originally good on the image side at the beginning, though there was still a workability in trying to put out the contents, there was a workability, but because it ran into the gag of the bad pattern that has come, the thing called workability crumbled at a stretch The cheapness has become fully opened.

In this way I do not want to watch the contents, and there is no time like watching cheesy pieces.
Why are you going to go gag easily? I think that I do not have confidence to make serious contents.

That gag is not even a gag before Tsumaranai.
Even so, there is no ingenuity in how to thrust, there is no ingenuity in directing, there is no ingenuity in the direction and it is a one pattern, I think that it will become a laugh if it puts out a funny character and pushes it down.
I guess there are dozens of stuff just because the teacher is blurred and the students push all at once.
There is really no originality or idea, and although it may have been meaningful if gag is interesting, since there is no sense in gag, it is personal self-theory that there is no choice but to do a gag suddenly.
Because people who have sense of gag can take them to gag in natural flow and conversation.

It is really wasteful and it can only be said that it is really useless, and I wanted to do eroticism in the same room as a girl and want to do it, where the contents of the first half went, where each bad pattern work was done in the same way, doing it Where you think I'm not ashamed.

I do not know exactly why it faced away as I got somewhere to go back when I looked back, but I guess it's because he is shy of thinking if you think normally, but the character comes in the same room as the man and takes a shower first It seems that the character seems to be unnaturally unusual only after a character is out of place (if there is a preface to open up somewhat) coming out as it is, it is also suddenly becoming more aggressive, but from what you can not make a conversation while also setting I think that there is no other choice but to put it as a gag or erotic without thinking.

It may be overwhelming if you say a puppet, but it does not seem like blood or brain miso (into a character) comes in.

Well Personally, it seems that the work seems to be like a bravery by having suddenly gone to go to gag rather than anything like a gag is boring, and so it seems that there is no coherency, so that I do not want to go see that kind of work It became bad.

It is probably a work intended for people who expect a harmonious deployment or just a character or erotic.