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Other media: Comics:A TALE OF WORST ONE / Literature:Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry(A Tale of Worst One)
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Riku Misora
Shin Onuma
Syogo Yasukawa
Jin Aketagawa
Kotaro Nakagawa
Flying DOG
Ryouta Ousaka
Shizuka Ishigami
Nao Touyama
Shintaro Asanuma
Yu Kobayasi
Hisako Kanemoto
Higashiuchi Marico
Yuuka Aisaka
Yuka Iguti
Kitta Izumi
Megumi Han
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Kinryu Arimoto
Japan Released:2015/10/05(Mon) 00:30-01:00 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV / End:2015/12/19
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1. http://www.ittoshura.com/index.html (Translation)
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Chivalry of a Failed Knight | Rakudai Kishi no Kyabarurii | Opening "Identity" by Mikio SakaiChivalry of a Failed Knight | Rakudai Kishi no Kyabarurii |
Song:Mikio sakai Lyrics:Mikio sakai Compose:Mikio sakai Arrange:Mikio sakai [Fan reg.]
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2017/03/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9352 Host:9395 Browser: 8242
Recently, very similar works are occurring frequently. Academy + Hakusen (sword and magic) + Harlem's "three kinds of sacred animation", but this work is also the same style.
Although it is a template, it is interesting. Although I was promised I could not see it get tired of it. I also had a sense of deceit in the elements that make up this work.
However, it was also helped by justice by effective effect and tsundere directing, I enjoyed and could see it to the end.

In the world where contemporary wizard "Blazer" exists, Kazutaka Kuroita attended one of the training schools of Ryusei school.
He was referred to as a falling knight (the worst one) because he was too old and could not take credits.
From the place where it will be a duel for a certain reason with Vermilion, a stronghold of a foreign country of a student A rank elite knight who is said to be a masterpiece of ten years ago just before he begins the new year, this story began To go!

Recently it is a little customized setting. As a rough feeling, I got the impression that it is similar to "Middle School High School Student Living Student" "Toaru Magical Index Book".
It is not a familiar motemote harem system, but it is felt good that the hero seriously touches one heroine as her.
However, this heroine has a erotic element to show off a glamorous style.
Stella's changing scene from the beginning of the story, a deep kiss with her sister, Stella's forced strip when caught by a terrorist.
And soap playing with Stella, Well, it is a bit too much.

The story is certainly a harem one and it is a feeling that is common. Even though Ikki was born in a famous place, he was under severe treatment due to its low ability. I was desperate to despair of such sad circumstances, I did not give up, I was glad that the effort was done!
Even if you take opportunities many times unreasonably, believe in yourself, you will want to cheer for those who do not stop raising yourself, but it will rise.

Also, other characters are also very attractive, sister who is beloved of his older brother, and a competent okama yuin in a best friend position.
A teacher who did not throw away the pride of the knight after all even using a homeroom teacher who immediately bleeds blood or a cowardly hand.
The way is wild, but Kurashiki, one of the swordsmen, the proud high-ranking warrior swordsman, Todo and other characters are also good.

As a kid character, there are Shizuya Kirihara, Bisho of Liberation Army, Raccoon Raccoon father etc, but since they are crushed firmly, they are refreshing.
Especially Kiribara is the lowest worst character in the making. It is far from quiet squirrel, a fighting way is said to be exactly anti-discharge, saying that fighting way is an overwhelming advantage only for one's way and only to oppose the other party unilaterally.

It is a hatred up to a splendid honor with neither pride nor chivalry spirit.
However, as this work has many people like chunks of electoral consciousness who are concerned about half-pride pride, it can be said that Kiyuhara Shizuya was a necessary person for the story to crush such a chronic heart. Is not Kakuhi, the hero, apparently shining like the name as it was because Kirihara consistently consisted of a gesturing attitude?

Along with the original, animation as well as this work whose battle scene shows quite good merit.
Depending on the progress of the original, depending on popularity, the second sequel was a work that allowed me to see it as a promising work with expectation.

2016/12/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36912 Host:36972 Browser: 8633
[good point]
Establishment of the main heroine Although female characters are a correlation diagram of the harem animation characters that appears abundantly, it is different from a simple harem because it declares the main heroine and love each other loftily

[Bad point]
Temples are not exaggerating even if it is said to be an existing combination of Lanobe

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anything like Ranaobeanima thinks that it is a highly animated genre in a sense that it can not be tolerated very much unless it is a feeling that "Because it is a lunabe", it is a high animation genre in a sense, but if that hurdle is crossed over, it will be surprisingly enjoyable There are many things, too.

And among me, it corresponds to what I enjoy this work. As a reason for that, it is easy to understand, but its easy to understand is outstanding. It is not only I who thought about something obscurity to listen to anything that one losing, such as roommate of the same room of the same room from the opening, but the erosion development as expected does not disappoint.
Even in the same room as men and women, we do not divide the room into two-tier beds, the bathroom is also in the private room, but suddenly we will see the problem in the second half. It is a situation that is too abnormal

This trend that the oppressed protagonist is admitted to the surroundings by sending out results is not an end.
This "worst one!" Big chorus is called, the area where mobs return their palms and do nothing.
But it is not half done but it's all about power, so it is OK to convince you that this is OK!

Among the many Ranobets whose setting was confused and wasted in vain, I understood that this comprehension is in the height of the body, or that a royal road full of not stretching is a good place as a work

2016/08/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 5171
When I saw it in the coming animation list at the time, it was a completely no-maker whether it was one of the templates Ranobet which is mass-produced in recent years
If I happen to listen to the OP songs, it's cool, it's pretty favorite even in the music of the last few years, when I look at the OP image, the image is also cool and the original author likes scryd because I like acquaintances of animation I listened to the story that this OP song was requested and I became obsessed and watched it w.

[good point]
The setting is strong but since I do not have the power to be recognized as a rank, I want to cheerily cheer for the protagonists who work hard in a heavy setting such as being disturbed even if they are treated as being not from their families.

I like Katakiri Ikki who is a character he can be convinced of a gentle cool looking mouth!
I think that the feeling of enemy character was also good feeling that it is not just a bad fellow of Sword Eater 's people, whether it is the miserable feeling of opponent of Ikki' s first battle and when it seems to be knocked down, if we take Kamaitachi as weapon!
When the first appearance of the heroin group, I was surprised by the bad character of all together, but I think that I was able to show the good part properly to cover that impression.

Temple crushing Although this work is packed with something like Ranobu Temple
Looking at Stella in one talking underwear and I take off, so it's interesting to betray it as a tempre like tempted to take off.

Other 〓〓〓Make a lover at an early stage of 4 talks, propose the full thought through the last, propose ... No!
〓〓〓Relatively stable, well moving drawing and production. It was the last round of bird skin level.
〓〓〓Theme Song. There are many female singers singing like Ranube works of Kooyu but it is the best of hot weather!
I was also happy that Mikio Sakai who was singing a theme song by Scryed and Planetes was an anime singing after a long time.
Especially when the flow was flowing in the last round, the tension increased in particular.

OP arrange BGM was also good feeling.

[Bad point]
. 1 It can not be said that there is not enough thing because of cool
Late questioning interrogation For a long time the restraint felt unnatural if it seems to be something of the past.
Even though there was a breakdown of temples I still have a lot of strong temple feeling parts There are still many people who do not look much like this kind of system like me, but maybe people who often see it get bored.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Wishing to raise the final story fist is like a scryd and it's going to be w. The evaluation is very good and it's close "good"!

2016/03/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1578 Host:1308 Browser: 8284
Fall of 2015 animation. Mikio Sakai sings the theme song.

The original has already been completely read out.
What is cited as a "good point" is "heat". It is a work with many hot depiction as if you know from the original that the author likes Scryd, but it reproduced it brilliantly. It was drawing, acting as a voice actor, music. Especially the enthusiasm of OP's "identity" is wonderful, I think that this work is the simplest symbol of this work.
Regarding the story, it is as the original story, although there are parts that are being cut due to the urgency of the scale and parts of the time series are exchanged, I felt that it was summarized briefly with a small number of stories. The breather times on the way are well done, and there are no complaints personally.
Regarding drawing, although there was a difference in how to enter the spirit, basically it worked well. Especially the match of the president VS sister was one of the best drawings remaining in the history of animation, was not it? The expression of the character of the last round is well written, as if it is a real human being and it is lively, and excited me here seeing.
From the above elements, it is a work that showed the heat of "royal road" even though Temple but it is finished as a work that is highly appreciated for me as well as the original.

The "bad point" is a little less of explanation at first. This is basically what you can say for any Lanoba work, but since the mind, background and setting of the character are not described in detail anyway, it is often misunderstood by viewers. It is certainly possible to supplement what is going on in the battle with the depiction of animation, but it is better that there is a commentary on the ability of the character that is a bit more intensive after all. For example, "C rank" is actually a tremendous thing as a student, that Kirihara was surely a genius-like user. A viewer who does not know anything was stupid of "C ranking as a self-talented genius", but considering that there are only two ranks A in the first place and students have B ranks in the first place, C rank is quite a powerful person.
And, personally, it is the most negative point that the Kuran war was not excited much. I was expecting that it was one of my favorite battles in the original, but it was a battle with little sense of speed. I think that I wanted you to build it with a spirit like the president's match.
Moreover, I am dissatisfied personally that I put too much fuss on erotic description. Because the original is depicting Gatsugli, it can not be helped, but it may not have been good even if I devoted more effort to the movements.

Overall evaluation is "very good". Although there are many discontent points, it is not a fatal thing in general, it is a work that made the animation of the original work as it is. For people who like royal talk, I can recommend with confidence!

2016/02/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26828 Host:26977 Browser: 5149
Original work by Lanove. It is also being converted into manga.
Neither unread.

In recent years, a youngster who has appeared increasingly, Shizuka Ishigami serves as a heroine, but a lavish fabric with Osaka san as the hero, Higashiyama-san and Asanuma mainly.
It is unusual for Mr. Asanuma to play the sister role.

Every ordinary picture.
There is nothing excelled especially at the main battle scenes of the story. Outstanding stability.
There is a service scene.

A royal road school love comedy.
The main character is low in ability aptitude that everyone can use normally, and instead speaks against the sword technique.
Of course, in the process of talking heroin and love comedy with other women will occur ...
It is said that it is too royalty too much ....
A hero like a picturesque young man has solved a feeling of light taste because he solved the majority of events irrespective of his friends alone.
Also, asterisk was doing at the same time. It seems that Bahamut etc which is currently broadcasting is also located in the school love comedy, but in the place where the hero does not know about both asterisk and Bahamut, various people are doing a hypothetical, fun has come out to talk about it involving the hero . Especially, although the asterisk is dark,
This work lives a normal life, the tournament progresses normally. With this, there is no depth to talk.
In the second half the problem is with the main character of the main house, but personal things not related to the competition.
More about the tournament. I want the back etc aiming at the hero and totally unsatisfactory feeling.
However, there is a somewhat special part, as mentioned above, a similar work Asterisk is broadcasting at the same time, it is compared not only in response but also in order not to judge the work by the song using the work Although it is an OP's unspeakable animation style song, it is certain that the thing which made me considerably geniariized also sounds.
Well, it will be a piece of Oshima.

2016/01/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 349 Host:445 Browser: 9614
[good point]
Character Fighting Drawing Directing Erotic Lover Relationship
End card

[Bad point]
I also wanted to see the stellar and Arisu battle scenes Impression of the early stage of Shigizuru The audience at the time of Battle Kirihara

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is the highest

2016/01/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34178 Host:34117 Browser: 5213
[good point]
Expanding to reverse the unfavorable situation
One to one serious game
Powerful battle scene
Where to express feelings straight
.OP thematic song and OP animation red is impressive

[Bad point]
Oddly persistent persecution of his father Perhaps there is something hidden reason
Students who are riding on weak bullys probably do not think too deeply
Although it is also that the expansion of the story is classically easy to understand

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is no word of twist without saying,
I think that it is a direct winning contest that drew a hot narrative from the front.
Characteristic characters are lining up in terms of personality.

Basically there are no strange characters except some,
One thing I was concerned about is the behavior of Kuro Iron Iwao's father, Kazutaka Ikki.
If it is only indifferent, the disturbing work to Kazuki,
I feel that explanation can not be explained only by the prestige position or the convenience of the organization.
If there is no feeling like hatred or jealousy, you will not do so far.
I feel there is something hidden but ... I think too much.

Although it was a translation of the father's interference as a production to create a pinch,
Even if it did not exist, I think that Ichiki Kuroita did the same fight.
Other than that there is no chance of winning.
So the obstruction of my father was completely unnecessary,
I think it was disappointing just before the climax.

Considering the point that the hot battle was drawn from directly in front of you and the point where the way of adult's convenience was somewhat disappointing,
I will make the evaluation very good.

2016/01/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11608 Host:11541 Browser: 4894
Works that clearly show the competence of animator producers. For example, "If professionals add hands in instant noodles, it will be delicious so far."
The sense of the producer which is demonstrated so much from the image of the OP will enter three fingers in the animation work of this period.

It is condensed in the final battle scene. Instead of increasing the number of pictures and moving it smoothly and violently long, it depicts the power that was put in the moment of that battle with the ruggedness of the line and the extreme rush of time. It is probably because the producer brainstormly expresses the story that he wants to show in this work.
From the previous stage, I had a very sharp director's present, and it was the last time I finished the work that the artist's artistic expression was drawn out.

However, I think that the problem is that the original was not enough to support the creator's sense, strong writer nature. In other words, it is "instantly even instantly saying that a professional has taken up the hand".
It's not a bad thing, but it's nothing more than an ordinary thing. (If you return the other side, it may be because it was possible to make a dramatic effect because it is an ordinary content without any features)

Only one, only the ability of the main character can be got.
The ability to copy perfectly the opponent's skill of the hero of the setting that it becomes strong by the effort will be useless. That is the ability to deny the other's efforts. (I just played the episode of a dojo's daughter or a little with the child, I played the mystery of the school that the child's family inherited, that is not it)

Animation is extraordinary in that it pushes forcibly in this directive, lightness, or thoughtlessness just by pushing out forcibly in this direction, but at the same time, it also makes the original badness (or just the justness of ordinaryness) stand out I also get it.

Another regret was the voice of the character. I wanted more fever in the hero and the heroine.
Although it is not a mistake in acting by Ranobetian templen hero and heroin, the voice has not kept up with the power of painting. The student council president's voice was a little out, but I was doing good acting, so I think that should have ordered properly to the hero and the heroine.
The student council president's voice at the time of the last battle is a voice that holds the legs firmly on the ground and presses the whole body weight against the ground and holds down the excitement rising from the back of the chest with a voice emanating from the bottom of the belly, very good I think that it was acting. That is why I wanted the last protagonist's performance to be a voice that could push the body's blood vessels tears and force enough to rupture all the muscles in a moment.

I think the animation is "very good", the story that relies on the original is "normal", and therefore the work is "good" as a valid evaluation.
It is still insufficient viewpoint to evaluate only either one.

2016/01/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
There was definitely none at all in a good place, but it was made to be an unfortunate feeling as it became an example of a typical useless pattern, which uselessly pulled the legs at last.

Even if you say a knight, it is not a stereotypical one that you can imagine in general,
Although it seems that it was a school fantasy love comede, it was Shinkoji and Okama who was dignified as a president (?) Like the president, but because it seemed that he was an expert (?) Gentle, I can ask for advice when something is troublesome and trustworthy Characters (and performance of the voice actor) which were like Arimasu and some side supporting characters were as good as they were. There is also a momentary passion red
Music that was centered on ED songs, and to some extent, it was coolness that made a difference in other recent animation or .......

The early story is that it was "hero, heroine-centered overcharged" childlike ".
The story of that burglar was also a true leader case is a different person and it seems ... .... something like a hat is attached, and at that time I could only see it with cold eyes like "Oh yeah, Kirihara also ........

That dress was also "What are you doing at Yagamian's cosplay?" (Bitter smile), but as the voice actor was Mr. Masaoka Masaoka, I think that I had shown a more hateful stumbling in a better sense. Although it seems to be stronger in the original, in the end it seems that the attitude like looking down on such other person seems to be a flip of naive nature, it was just a dog biting dog.

The hero Kazuki also seemed to be the lowest ranked knight of the fall as it was the title,
Mr. Hayamui Mr. Mr. Mr. Hayami seems to have had a fight with his father, and his father was a father or a son as if he had a vision of "There should be this" variously for his son, but if I push these places further forward Was it good? Although it seemed that it was likely to be interesting also at this point together with the individual ability player's sword abduction skill and the feeling that I ended halfway in the end,
After that as well as having the lowest F ranking, it was that the younger brothers who were supposed to have been making fun of himself got to take an attitude to keep healing horn like a dog without hesitating to say "no matter how much attitude It was too weird "(bitter smile) but also .......
If you saw JoJo 's Dio, he would have executed the murderous execution. (Bitter smile)

In the middle of the heroine, there was also a service shot of Stella that was also seriously eaten by Gara Sone or more, but it seems like she took off clothes or something like "I wanted to see Kuchiku so much so I could not help it" I got it, but the situations that let me do so also got a frenzy, and I could not get anything wrong. If this became a big hint to the final stage, I still did not understand ... ...

Actually she was dating her and was supposed to be touched by the Ethics Committee from the early morning, but Mr. Toru Okawa also recently went to Maoto
(Although it was a way to speak as though Noshi Nosawa was conscious, if it was living it may have actually been appointed Mr. Nozawa?) It is good with him in this work ....... Red seat Also saying appearance,
I like how to talk, how I stumbled, and I was totally anticipated what would become of the end.
Stella hit the place where he won the last game, beating himself, in front of everyone .......
Although it was a lot of villain services, the supporting roles are all Kazuki, like something that existed only to complement Stella's "thin righteousness", and often it is easy to understand in a completely bad meaning and even if it is drawn as "poor" Even though I appealed for such "bond of love" like that, it was only unnecessary whitening.

If so, it was also a nemesis enemy, but although Kurashiki showed how it looked like there was something included as a rival of Ikki, after all the guys and their surroundings are also a little skillful Because I was in the degree of hair growing in the thyme who was doing whatever I wanted for a good thing. Besides, even if this was a good one as a positive one, the script that went on was poor. And yet, as I repeat it is not drawn a point that could be more interestingly drawn, it's one cool and the original is still under development,
The method of delimiting was also mundane. It was pretty bad quality as I was pretty tig-hugged. Evaluation is severe, but it is "worst".

2016/01/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18494 Host:18519 Browser: 7464
[good point]
OP and production

[Bad point]
It is small in size in a frame

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Battle system Ranube's story is basically similar things,
Drawing and production are the same. (Except for works that originally sold original)
I think that this work wanted to make a difference with how to show it in one drawing for its drawing and production.
As for myself, if there is no favorite part of the fundamental story, I felt that I could do anything if I made it fashionable in the drawing directing.
Even changing the appearance does not change the contents, is it with it.

2015/12/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8429 Host:8702 Browser: 6464
I think that it should not be compared much, but it was not more interesting than the asterisk.
I think that this one was winning in the first half.
However, from the midfield this one collapsed without permission.
I think that everything was incomplete.
In the character, Stella which is the sale of this work was also subtle.
I wonder if the drop was cute.
Why is this character red hair?
I think that the battle scene was good in drawing.
However, the impression is thin because there was Wanpanman of God drawing this season.
The OP did not match.
I was expecting it because it is Sakai Mikio.
I think that evaluation is bad is reasonable.

2015/12/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20042 Host:19977 Browser: 7463
[good point]
Hot battle It is a rare beginning in the early days and sticks with the heroine

[Bad point]
There are good productions, but occasionally they are slipping with excessive production

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A work that feels like a royal road rather than a temple

2015/12/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5245 Host:5361 Browser: 5183
It is simple, but I will leave my impressions.

Good point I feel that I have seen animation which makes boys' comic like "burning" straight up to this point for the first time in a while. Even just that is wonderful, is it still a directing of battle? It seems that it takes a lot of painting skill, but I felt that I am doing my best in terms of how cool it looks. I am looking a bit from the top.
However, what motivated me most was the motivation of the production staff for animation, or I felt something like original love. Since I think that they are interesting in the original, there is the fever that it expresses the interest in animation. I felt it was an animation full of energy in various ways.

Bad point I feel somewhat when thinking that I dropped out for a bit of directing due to the destinations of energy I blew. Especially the last two stories are so, the eleventh episode is too much directing. Although I did not think it was hard to see separately, I could not have been merely masturbating misunderstanding art.
On the contrary, 12 episodes are trying to bring it to a very straightforward impression, but it seems that they have passed a little bit and have gone into the "Kusade" area. He is too shy and looks like he is embarrassed. Nevertheless, the battle scene was around as fossil, and the neighborhood overlapping with the image of the OP was superb.

Overall though it has become an unusual type of animation at this time, this is actually a collection of certain templates. However, in terms of how to cook such a gathering, I felt that there is still much room left for me to focus.
Originally, it is a fact that I want this anime to be the average point. But I am aware that it is sweet in the sense that I have shown good things, but I will make this evaluation.

2015/12/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16884 Host:16896 Browser: 7914
[good point]
OP was good somehow. Women usually sing it as a work of this hand, but the man was singing and the atmosphere was good.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Temple skill school battle & harem animation. I usually cut it with one episode, but after I saw the academic city asterisk, I was attacked by too much Dejaibu after all, after all, I watched it with the asterisk until the end. Initially, I thought I watched it again without noticing the broadcast at another broadcast station of asterisk.

I think that the difference from Asterisk is that the hero is slightly behaving more than a gag, and more than anything with a heroine. Therefore, the story progresses on the premise that even a special training scene on the way is also a climax. Also, this work has a lot of service scenes.

However, it seems that the work of this hand is fighting the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ow the subject is developed together, too much, too temple too much. At first, I thought whether the same author wrote the original in different names respectively. Also, as promised, the first casual dog was with Ax. There is a sense of security that the first different kind of opponent in heterogeneous fighting sports cartoons does not step down the way as if it is the boxing department. Moreover, what is called the strongest in the academy is sword use, the name is Todo, the attribute is a bitter smile with the asterisk as if it is up to thunder.

In addition, I think that the battle scene was pretty cool.

2015/12/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13688 Host:13582 Browser: 9039
There is also a kind of part if you do well there Harlem-based romantic comedy material but come subtly Shifts.
Although the hero is a little deviated but a patient-oriented effort but the main heroine is a child of Aho, the real sister who reunited for the first time in 4 years made a yandere, the male of the hero's best friend position is an okama and It is mentally deep and has become a counselor for other people and there is a girl in the girls changing room no one girls rushing in, there is a good meaning such as four stories and love relationship with Stella and so on A habit of a form in which a commonsense hero is involved in individual and changed characters such as Kinyu Kirihara who is a homeroom teacher who immediately bleeds blood or a sarcastic villain who appears to be laughing, gag is interesting that

The falling knight is that Kokutetsu Ikki's parents house is the prestigious master and the amount of magical power is only an ordinary figure Mr. Ikki goes to the influential magic school because he seems to be ashamed Shin Kiki is handling the chief director I was disgusted by the shallowness of such parents 'house who introduced retrograde regulations that can not be cleared up, I was disgusted by such shallowness of such parents' house. I entered the school where my brother attended, and the surrounding students also stupid that there is no magical power of Ichika Kuro Iron Still it does not rot but Kuro Iron Ikki polishes the sword skill and consumes all the magical power with only one minute It is an undefeated mode called Shura Shura, after the use it faints roughly It is a technique that is not suitable for real battle but the new president aims to First finals competed to obtain a commitment that but give the diploma Once you win the fencing tournament

There are many battle because it is a knight or sword fighter but middle ranged battle like Stella is not so, but proximity battle such as Ikki was pretty awesome, against the one terrorist wartime warrior color selection Interesting camera work, especially Thunderstorm VS ice warfare is nothing like an eye-catching battle that no such battle is seen in the lanob莨〓animation

Just a gag has a cut and a character is attractive as it is, but for a serious development to the last, Ikki Kuro Iron is a platonic relationship until it can be balanced with the striker and the effort to aim at the top with a sword skill if there is no magical power That kind of spirit that is going to be good is fine, but that is only a personal matter of Ikki Kuro Iron, because there will be reasonable reasons for other people also for reasons just saying Ikki's ambition It is weak to attract people, it was very interesting if it was up to 4 stories, but Ayatsuji Ayase edition after 5 episodes is very boring, this also plunges into the personal reason of Ayatsuji Kane It is not inevitable because of the inevitable thin battle due to Kuro Iron Ikki because it is almost inevitable, this is the purpose or something to save the world that is often in fantasy or something Not good enough Nomerikome for strictly personal motives because it is not useful work

Stella and Stella.I have become a sweetheart relationship with Vermilion, it is unusual for this hand's work but Stella is certainly attractive. Aho's first child who declares the bottoming fish caught in a stubborn place or a struggle with a stubborn body of bed linen is a surface problem and beautiful girl with preeminent style, beautiful girl with a lustrous love? A good person who is suitable for the main heroine, such as the goodness of brought up worrying about the match, the integrity of confrontation by himself against the evil positives, the strength of the heart that believes in a favorite man and can encourage scolding. In some, but it is difficult to repel fact heavy root rush that established lover in the romantic comedy in the extent that attractive. Although criticism of repeatedly repeating the same thing over and over repeatedly with love comedes is common, it is still common but the process of love is fun, and it is interesting that the process of love is interesting and after that it is a digestive game, from here Even more excitement, or there is hardly keeping momentum, so most love comings put a kelly on love affairs at the end,
Such that there is no continuation so the story is doing still there until the force is no, over there until majestically in the last round or rather in Stella

As a conclusion, gag is interesting, the character is attractive as it is, the story is mediocrity, the battle scene is splendid and sense is good, so it's fascinating so fascinating, funny as this one's lanbage animation

2015/12/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49708 Host:49523 Browser: 7463
[good point]
Battle scene: Especially virgin vs. sword hua and Ikki vs. sword stone, of course it is flashy, but the contrast between battle running around and down and fighting in a moment was also fun
Osuinin Nagi: Okama, but I'm sorry but I can rely on my vomiting or getting into a girls' shower room dignifiedly

[Bad point]
. Episode 11: Too rapidly expanded, I wanted more naturalness to develop
Adults: Black Ice Hammer Although I think that there is still a reason in theory, Mr. Akasato is just mean

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Originally unread "Scholarly War City Asterisk" was overwhelmed with various settings, and the first impression was the feeling of saying "It's casual, it can not be distinguished," but it was a goal that ended in the end and the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓mpression originality In terms of saying it is equal to honesty, but the point that I was working hard in was evaluated

2015/12/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25069 Host:25170 Browser: 5143
[good point]
Template hot expansion
Stella is cute

[Bad point]
Changes in response to the surrounding hero are too extreme
You did not have to push the H element so far ...
The absence of naming sense

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is nothing left to worry about finishing watching, but there are develops that seem to make it reminiscent of Scryd in key places There was deployment which is like enemy's side One-sided gesture is also impressive, but especially character design (like the eyes of each character especially) is good There is a feeling that there has been something I saw somewhere somewhere, there is, but this is getting hot I felt the creator's side of the creator's side that was felt the creator's side of the final story I was also admired by the black-and-white of the last episode and the fight in the coloration added to the faint color There was not any interest in the spiritual background of the student council president, Maybe

It was an animation that I would like to recommend to the third among autumn 2015 animation

2015/12/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5213
[Comprehensive evaluation]

One episode is very interesting.
Encounter, battle from molesting rioters, simulated warfare. Thankful words from the later president.
This is close to perfection.
I wonder if we had to interact in the room after that.

Although Ikki's "effort" is not much expressed other than words, I think that I can fully understand it with the depiction of the past, the words of Ikki, and the attitude to practice.

After that it was stable so much.
Suddenly, Shizukuzu was kissing and unexpected.

Ten stories are also good.
The Beppu game was spectacular at its best. The most interesting places.
It was a good time for her thoughts to come through.

However, I do not like the depiction of the game with the last sword hua so much, it's too short.

"It is not so much to crush, ba - ka" is the most funny.

2015/12/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21919 Host:22088 Browser: 5717
The original is unread.
It seems that there are many similarities with the asterisk that started some time at the same time, but I will not put it out in particular.

[A good point shura one]
.OP Theme "Identity"
The theme song by Mikio Sakai famous for Scryed.
I thought that the first look with the images "Do not match", but as I listen to it many times, it seems to be cool looking pretty well, it also matches the content of the work, It became my favorite song.
Insertion songs in the final story were also very hot.

Although it is a royal road but hot development Honestly speaking all the story and there was not unexpected deployment in particular.
Even on the setting side, only things I saw in other works such as "Asterisk" and "Magic High School".
On the contrary, it is amazing to think that it is obediently fun, even though it is made up of so many templates.
I thought that Director Onuma was involved in such things as Tempo "Norin", "Rokuro Tatami", "Puriya", etc. I was watching such things as a progressing story, lively and moving characters, gag scenes of anger and so on.
It is said that the making which can be felt in "stable development" not "ordinary" is skillful.

The powerful battle scene drawing also moves well to the ground. Especially Ikki vs. Kirihara fight, Beppu vs president battle is powerful enough to look back many times,
I can definitely enter 5 fingers in this year's animation.

Mr. Ryota Osaka of Ikki role playing the voice acting group, Mr. Shizuka Ishigami of Stella role, Mr. Masaoka Matsuoka of role of Kirihara, Izumi Katorita of Professor Oriki,
A good performance of Mr. Toru Okawa, who is acting as a red seat, shone. Mr. Matsuoka, in particular, a small rogue is really good .. (bitter smile)

[The bad points are sleeping]
Are you saying a bad point? A bit of anxious point.

Mobs who have called Kazuki the first one in four talks Although he was a realistic school, he thought that it was terrible to make a fool of that far just by saying F rank.
Moreover, as soon as I paid backward victory to Kirihara, I will return my palms calmly ..

Treatment of the heroine 's stella Although it is not necessarily a shadow thinness, there is no scene which is struggling so much because of too strong setting of A rank.
I wanted to see the battle that is active in the main like a tear strip of 10 episodes.

[Let's decide by overall evaluation!]
To be honest, Ranobet of this kind has a lot of similar works (In the head of this year there were also four heavenly kings ..)
Although I did not expect much before broadcasting, I was surprised if I opened the lid, it was an unexpected dark horse.

As for the character, everyone ranging from a supporting role like Professor Oiki to a small villain like Kirihara as well as Kazuyuki Ikki and Heroine's Stella did not dislike (I hated the Red Seat, but since it was a painful eyes at the end I was not particularly concerned).

The disappointing passion through all the story, there is no character which hates feelings of hatred, and it is exactly the curtain which it is exactly right after unfinished original work.
I did not have any major drawbacks, I got pleased with all the stories, so I'd like to make the evaluation "very good".

I'd also like to see the second season when the Seven-star Sword Festival edition begins.

2015/12/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14521 Host:14281 Browser: 5141
[good point]
The hero's coolness It has a reputation
Although it was sagging midway through the coolness of OP

[Bad point]
It is pretty abstract to prevent killing spoilers but in a word, doing anything to win and then misunderstanding
(Personality is bad) It is very habitful that fighting treats a swordsman who likes a bad guy

The height of the lucky sketch rate is obviously many To the contrary, if it is so many, the viewer's aim is too intense and disgust is stabbed

It is said that the setting called Princess is not available
Feedback up to 10 episodes

I am trying my hardest effort but, as a result, I am tue! If it is animation, I wanted you to show the scenes with just about effort

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that a very cool animation academic field cities and genres overlap very well but I think that they did not give a good idea. But I wish for not only the mouth but also the recollection scenes of lucky skewness and effort effort was downgraded So, keep it normal

2015/12/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15085 Host:15010 Browser: 9616
It is literally treated as a worst one on this site, but I personally like to compliment that "I have often penetrated this far."

Mr. Sakai Mikio's solid OP song was therefore strongly persuasive by what he took in the final round,
Stella 's solid and ever - stronger main heroine statue was thoroughly comprehensible.
Ikki made a psychological father killing soundly with his own sword that he was shocked to develop that hero should take care of his real father three months ago, saying "Oh yeah, like this It's okay, I feel like this kind of healing. "

It is regrettable that the way of dropping before the last episode was too sudden. Perhaps it was better to talk one more story.
Although it seemed to be crammed in the last round, I think that it was finished cleanly thanks to the progress with speed and the tempo.
It was a royal road anime animation that I could enjoy even myself who is not good at Ranobet, somehow nostalgic. Evaluation remains unchanged "Good".

Even so, it is foolishness to criticize the template part of the story with words saying that it is lucky but saw it somewhere.
Even words such as tribute and respect are used for derotion Nowadays, the giant Shimizu Yoshinori has become a past man, so that the expression of "pass tee" and the expression of beautiful usage have been lost from criticism Sorry about that.

2015/12/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
While saying "effort, effort", I did not paint the process of accumulation, but just pasted the ability with cheat settings,
It is a work that you can see through the real intention of the maker who is really making fun of efforts.
Even if there is no direct depiction of the process people who have accumulated experience facing the limits of talent should be polished humanly,
On the contrary, because there are blessed talent, there must be elites in a good sense that aim for Takami more severely oneself, but there are no such characters.

This is probably because this work is only a reprocessing of the "inferior student of the Magic High School" where the hero, which is handed down to the university in the school, looks back to the surroundings.
Although the "inferior student of the Magic Department High School" is still considered to be the weakest yet, the strongest hero has a mature mentality that does not match the age of 16 years old,
Although it showed a certain understanding also to the feelings of the person refracting because it is not blessed, Ikki Kuro Iron is an ordinary medicinal herbivorous boy.

Mobukara and rivals that only look down on the weak with a chunk of electoral consciousness in the vicinity,
Only characters that exist to complement a hero who is poor in appeal such as sister of morbid Bracon who is unknown whether it was attracted to his elder brother or who was attracted to challenging the limits of talent.

Especially the development after the appearance of Ayatsuji Ayase, the daughter of the last samurai, is extraordinary.
Ikki says, "Mr. Ayatsuji's physique does not have father's sword skill"
People who are regarded as sword stars are usually taught to my child so much.
Kurashiki Kurano who has defeated Ayatsuji's father is also a Yankee character added a talent "excellent reaction speed"
Although it is pointed out in the early "Dragon Ball" that we are weak in visual and visual acuity only with excellent visual acuity, it is pointed out in the early "Dragon Ball", but after "Gundam SEED" since "Gifted with talent is the strongest thing in (Cheat setting)" The user does not know such a thing, too.
Ikutsuji's father took over decades to win but went by using teacher Ikki who was not able to demonstrate his illness suffering from diseases ... It's too silly.
There is no thickness in the depiction of "strength".

Is the school of a recent school battle thing becoming only a place of "show of specifications" and "girls getting up"?
In the first place, the hurdle of "girls getting" is also extremely low. From the first episode it is impossible to have a room with men and women.
Evaluation is "worst".

2015/11/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5697 Host:5609 Browser: 4693
Note) This evaluation is almost Copy of the scholarly battle city review. There is no value to read.
Everyone is saying, this season is a shameful temple rush, a mountain of similar works.
In the beginning, you can grab viewers' hearts with their own charm, you can not do it ~

[good point]
It is likely to be suitable for a comfortable harmony of temples. I am not serious at Tsundere heroine at a battle tournament in the school with a sword and magic (although this work is limited in ability) The hero is actually the most powerful and modemote.

[Bad point]
The evaluation got dark at a stretch as I hate temples. Doubts such as which of the scholarly battle city is which the lucky sketch ratio is high is crossing the mind but there is no desire to verify.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"bad". Heroine and lucky sketch with the stage and the hero as seen somewhere. The academic city is the most similar, but the majority of this term is similar and it is a typical of Ranobet. View stops.
No, this season is too cruel.

2015/10/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2630 Host:2661 Browser: 7868
Although I was unread original, I was curious to see something fresh secondary creation.
Although there are unprepared and abused cases in the general evaluation, the real war is a strong hero and a hero who plays a great role with it and a heroine like that I knew that there were quite a few SS like that

However, I am concerned about the composition of the four episodes somehow.
Whatever you think of school people buying for heroine and terrorists who are talented treats, the viewers feel that there is a strong impression so they feel something to watch SS and something It became it.

OP and ED are somewhat pretty and somehow ... I was curious.
Even if you do masculinity OP or Gothic ED, the typical content that you can not say that it matches them is the one that feels the painfulness as above ......
There was something like the one with the voice of the character and the OP and the ED written in there being the setting written by the SS where the head which I saw in the past had been written but I felt that I saw the same kind of thing .

To be honest, I feel like watching black history note ... ...
Especially if you do something like a little instructor and the hero does something like a teacher or take a quick look at the mystery or learn something strange sweat

Especially impressions up to the final one did not change.
Rather than thinking of a novel amateur 's light novel style novel, I think that the mood has gotten worse and worsened in the negative direction.

2015/10/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10695 Host:10752 Browser: 8339
As I was talking about two similar works in this season, I appreciated up to four episodes that I can see in the time zone ... .... Or, it is fun ordinarily. The original is unread.

Ranobet animation, and it is certain that the sword and the school girls are no longer beyond the area of 〓〓〓〓〓he injured.
However, this work felt that the directing and the composition are solid firmly even among such comic animation.
Especially, it was 3 episodes that made it remarkable, after drawing the line of what he can do and what he can not do in an easy to understand manner,
There is a strange configuration in the place where you have prepared a proper appearance for all main characters that have appeared so far.
With regard to the character as well as penetrating Choroin and staged at the stage of 4 talks to both feelings from confession, such as a fancy good boyfriend and a pseudo-lily pictorial representation of a moderately severe bra, As a result of modifying the template skillfully, it seems that the leading role side has not been thought of as Ranaobeanime, but it is easy to comprehend.

Although I heard the story that 4 talks are peaks when it is the original, in fact the 4 story was the last round enough to understand "Ah, this is one volume worth it".
Mr. Matsuoka, who is an anime regular, also played Guess (T) characters in a nice touch.
If Ranaobeanime is compared to a block, up to the fourth episode of this work I thought it was "a honorable mention that assembled well with unevenness"
At least for this part it was possible to think that we want a disk, so it is provisionally "good".

2015/10/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2588 Host:2433 Browser: 4721
Only works that are similar in this term.
It is like changing clothes and bathing places, rubbing the breasts at the collapsed beat, or just having it, just as if you are watching dejaju, my head hurts.

I do not think I want to go to places where I can only do it, with a lower level of story than a cheap neta, and I do not even remember what I was doing at all.

It seems just to be in a room with a girl who makes a meaning unknown, to kiss with a sister in a meaningless way, to be a motomote from a girl one after another, and to have a hero strong in the end, without just rationality, just listing the ideals.
This level has not reached the level of the work.

I do not have a character of the hero and no piece of charm of anything so I do not want to go see it even if I put it on that point and I think that gag is too boring and that the production is not motivated either. (Lol)

As a robot does not make the character feel like a character just being jealous being ordered to be jealous like here, there is nothing to sprout as myself.

Among numerous animations, this work is only about here I absolutely want to tell you that I will not lose other works.
Even just during the current term some dubs are the same story as not being able to tell which works were which works. Individuality is too good.

2015/10/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9599 Host:9366 Browser: 7456
Settings like you saw somewhere. The setting of Blazer is Absolute.Pakuri of Blaze of Duo, Flame use Stella is Clair's pakuri of swordsmanship of spirit use.
I can not sympathize with the hero's black iron and I can not like it. It has a character and setting like a surprised insect bites spiritedly that a mischievous moment like a herbivorous word-use herbivorous system and a misdirected tempered misdirectedly pretending not to be merely a battle but a desperate instantaneous mobility charge. How do you come up with ideas on how to make this a hero?
Title fraud. The hero is a falling knight because there is a problem in the evaluation standard frame of the school, the hero was not the weakest, but rather was a master of swordsmanship with cheat ability. In the first episode the title and content contradict. If the inferior student crawls up with effort, Aria AA is better depicting feelings and sympathetic drawing is staggering

The good point was only the depiction where the campus chief smoked regardless of place. It is a gentle world for smokers

2015/10/11 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13688 Host:13582 Browser: 9077
At the same time broadcasting with the scholarly battle city Asterisk whose early stages were very similar. Fantasy originating in modern Japan, a fantasy set in contemporary Japan, a chance to see a change in the heroine, accidentally being given a resentment and being offered a battle, the result of the hero is the lowest F (average) when it is on average but only in certain fields S class The heroine with the specialized ability of one point is the elite which is located in the upper rank and the ability is also strongest, the prey is like a sword and the owner of the flame attribute so far as both explanation ends so far

However, although the asterisk is seriously making, it seems familiar to try to comment on the technical terms etc. inside the work as smoothly as possible, but this is also familiar in the reverse sense

When I peeked at the change of the heroine I also took off my clothes and it was awesome! And I stopped fighting, and stopped many times, I promised to hear anything the one who lost lost It is chorosity that the heroine comes out and exercises its right at once or the heroine falls fast The chorosity that has been putting on the masochistic like hurting the contents of the common harem Ranube, even in any way whatsoever can be said about the quality of the work It is better to finally get interesting