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Other media: Literature:AURA Maryuin Kouga Saigo no Tatakai
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Romio Tanaka SHOGAKUKAN Gagaga Bunko
Kisi Seiji
Makoto Uezu
Jun Kumagai
Takeshi Waki
Michiru Ooshima
Satoki Iida
Delfisound Inc.
Nobunaga Shimazaki
Kana Hanazawa
Marina Inoue
Satomi Akesaka
Hisako Kanemoto
Ryouhei Kimura
Hiroki Yasumoto
Yumiko Kobayashi
Kappei Yamaguchi
Chiwa Saito
Kishow Taniyama
Kenichiro Matuda
Yu Kobayasi
Satsuki Yukino
Kaho Kouda
Shotaro Morikubo
Takahiro Mizushima
Ryotaro Okiayu
Tetsu Inada
Jyoji Nakata
Japan Released:2013/04/13(Sat) Movie
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1. http://www.maql.co.jp/special/aura/ (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/PROJECT_ROMEO
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2013/12/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4721
It was terrible.
Works not worth evaluating if you let me say.

When I told you why, I was watching a movie called Dot Hack for a while before this, but I think that I think and think normally.
There is a comment saying that it is good and bad, but in the case of this work it is not all because it is deterime so it has not reached the level to evaluate on the previous problem to consider.

So I personally think that there is nothing like impression and it is not established as one work, it seems that I am watching an amateur submission work rather than entering the work while watching it, so it is only a check work It comes.

Well, for the time being I saw it all the time, so I checked each bad thing one by one.

First of all honesty in the first 5 minutes I heard bad smells flooded.

As I also saw without any prior knowledge, I did not know what kind of work it was, so I thought if it was fantasy at the beginning, unlike what I thought as unexpected as a delusional idea, it became more and more dark content.

Personally I was made to feel dark to watch a movie there, but I was in a bad mood when I was watching it.
And more than I thought, "I want to be in love even in Chubu 2 sickness", because it is almost the same from the setting to the character, things like freshness have also disappeared, it only looked like a brewing.
It was a clown two until heroin's character and hero's past, looking for something.

That's why I do not know which one is the original, but the animals are the second in the animals, so it can not be helped that this looks like imitation.

Apart from that, regardless of the evaluation, it would have been good if it was interesting, but because it was useless, it looked inferior in excess.

Those who had the second disease were divisible as the material, but this one was bullying and putting in the surrounding environment or real content.
There is no mistaken obscurity character and painful character until then, in reality it is only a story.
Even so it seems that it is seriously broken or putting in real content, but it feels casual.
Moreover, it is incomprehensible that there is nothing wrong with the fact that it is incomprehensible that the bad guy writes justice or preaches, it is nothing wrong or real.
The teacher will say if you have to wear uniforms, and I think that hairstyle and pierced earrings are good.

If the fundamental thing is bad, it is no good to have a way to bring it, it's just doing it properly without a piece of realness so you can not get in, it's just painless to just get violent and irritated.

If you do real, you will definitely need a depiction or story making to make it real, but that is not done at all.
It is not possible to talk about it because it makes all the bothersome things only real, making it real, too.

Other cosplay characters can only be seen as gags, and the world view is becoming disjointed because the foundation is not made.

Even though the reaction of the class when the main character was balleted with Aniota is something, I think that it is impossible for me to respond so far at about Aniota.
I think that the fellow in the next seat is obviously afraid or shows rejection in the class and the making person himself has too much prejudice.
It is not cold in such a world, and it may be that it has exaggerated the way to bring up the development but it is too bad to take with it.

Moreover, although the bad thing in this work has brought a cold view in the class, in reality half of there are delusions, and at the end the last thing rose things that most of the class liked animation, that cold gaze I'm too incoherent with what I'm doing.

With no idea, it is possible to do only the development, so the line does not pass through such a wind.

Somewhere where various obsession characters come out is a comedy, and since only bullies such as bullying and heavy contents are included even though it is not realistic, there is nothing to be transmitted only by self-satisfaction.

Even if you bring something to that bully, you will be aggressive or suddenly absent, content is not accompanied, so even if you do like a character, it will not fit and will not make a mess, it will not bring out any emotions.

It was the hero who was the biggest insane character, and it was impossible to transfer emotions because one scene one scene character setting was scattered.
At first I saw a cosplay woman and it was completely riding, but it was funny and it should have broken off from the delusional world at that time, but obviously the reaction is incorrect.

Looking at the so-called class mood maker group, I think that it is impossible for a person who has pulled a step or said that the aura is different, or who is experiencing being bullied, going to stop violence.
The violence itself was also too aggressive, but because I can only see parentheses (although it is impossible in character) I will cool down.
If I say in a small place last thing I told the girl to leave in the classroom (even though I was not in my room), I told you why to escape when it is said to not come (laugh) ,,, .
Somewhat like cosplaying preaching and preaching suddenly, something is said to be a great thing, because there are no stages or contents, only the actions and lines you want to do will float and you will only be able to see it self-satisfied.
Even if you are a girl, listening to what you say fairly, without going back to the ordinary girl without any premonition, it is only a thought that what you were trying to do for delusion and death is what you want to do conveniently Only.

That's why characters of the hero change especially on that spot.

I am being bullied by drawing serious content, I think that I would like to empathize or empathize a heroine girl if it is originally, but why it seems to be a delusion and why are you being paranoid? There is no reason to tell you that you will not draw the surface, only superficial bullying remains.

So I do not know why he is watching and being told why he is being bullied and I do not feel the belief that I have so far, so I can not do emotion transfer and I can not think of it as a natural though it is a hero's speech even though I am in shock.
It is not connected to the lines that dislikes the last world, it has no persuasive power, and it has no contents at all.

Perhaps I want to convey the words I want to convey and the view of the world aiming for the unexpected, I think that it is incompatible with trying to do 2 so that I could not have drawn the essential contents.

Serifs that aimed at each gag were also childish and cold, and there is no sense in itself that aimed at all this way.

I kissed suddenly at the beginning and something was unknown, and there was only a feeling of badness at the end when I showed love love at last without having a story or contents.

I can tell you that everything is doing properly with laziness and, if it's a movie anyway, if you are a TV anime, you have to finish it to a level that you can make a little better with Tsujiki.
It is not completed as a work since there is no reason for doing kissing properly, properly bullying properly, placing a moe scene properly, doing what you are doing It is not possible to call "movie" to a good level Even it has not reached.

2013/11/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26488 Host:26638 Browser: 4721
I should have made it to TV animation first.
"I want to be in love even in Chukinji disease!" Or "My youth love comedy is wrong. Because it was a hit.

There is only a theater version and there is a time limit, so it can not be denied that there was a side that was not enough time.

"Even Chubu two diseases" to be compared, though, this work is correct for the actual correspondence to "Chubu disease patient" clearly.
"Even Chubu sickness ~" is a gentle world, but many people know that the reality is different.
In this respect, there are depictions of bad bullying, so it is prudent to refrain from those who do not feel well.

In this work, I clearly draw a clear answer to the graduation from "Chubu 2 sickness".
I do not want to make a bad evaluation in showing this "answer". Because I become spoiler, I do not write it in this evaluation, but I am already someone spoiled (laugh).

2013/11/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:18919 Browser: 4894
Original novel is unread.
Recommendation: People who want to see a serious youth drama based on Chubu disease (for graduates?)

[good point]
Where it is not easy to flee to fantasy expression Directing the human relationship (especially the position relationship) to feel real

[Bad point]
If you are looking for fun entertainment work with a battle, it's a dramatic theater version so I wonder if I can stick to drawing a bit more

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because I saw without prior information, I thought that it was an entertainment work that enjoys a battle from the battle scene of the beginning, it was totally different. Indeed I understand why certain works are cited. However, since approaches are different, I think that it is not similar except for the basic "Chubuji disease" depiction and heroin setting.

Although it is the content of the essence, the impression that it was well summarized in as short as 83 minutes. Therefore, because deployment is quite early, if you spend some more time on the inner depiction, which is the reason for the hero's actions, there was a part that felt that empathy was deepening further. However, people who wish to see this work will be able to complement from experience. It is a work that holds true because it focuses on the target.

Bullying problems, school caste, etc, and there will be parts that clench their minds with their experiences of their students. There is something that can be transmitted without deepening individual depictions.
So it's a work that can not be simply enjoyed, but still it is suppressed rawness,
It was not enough to look hard. I think that assignment is exquisite, such as hiring teacher and power relations with classmates.

I felt that the main was to "graduate". Let's recognize that there is a clear boundary between painful reality and delightful fantasy without concluding "You can stay there" yet, and draw it now.
Salvation is that the main character is not "isolated", and that "experience" can be utilized in the heroine.
Also, "experience" is not a waste, it is unleashed also from his past by saving the heroine.
Because it was not merely self-contained, it was very persuasive. I want to evaluate this point in particular.

It's a bit disappointing that we can laugh simply, the entertainment element was thin, but the drama itself was good, so the evaluation is "very good". I could understand the message I want to convey even in a short time.
It was a work that felt strongly that he wanted to enjoy the world view in more detail by reading the original after viewing for the first time after viewing.

2013/09/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16544 Host:16510 Browser: 7874
[good point]
The character favorite mebae personally

"I want to be in love even in Chubu 2 sickness!" The point that I properly painted conflict in a class that was dissatisfied by avoiding that problem.

The main character in the climax is a good story of the story that the Dream Soldier who thought that the hero played the final fight at the entrance to Dragon Ritsukoin no matter what role he played in a double meaning.

Around around the end, including the heroine, there is really a different world, perhaps the audience does not understand whether it is a Dream Soldier story.

[Bad point]
The level of anything that seems to make you think that the temple at that desk suddenly suddenly, it is truly a witchcraft! I was glad that the pyramid or desk of about 20 steps was scattered around the foot.

The useless hypothesis that the talk ended without having any role in particular though it is likely that Ikemen - kun like "Hayama san" in Lia Charming group who came out in the opening stage is like something seems like something. Is there something in the original? .

Although it is a costume of the protagonist 's Makishinin Fang Fang, I felt it in a sudden because there was no connection between before and after as to whom he had promised to return it to the hero. Well I think that it is photographically something in a pulsed manner, I thought that the photograph was more eggy content Well, it is a production that does not show pictures to the audience dare to think like that.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In short, "I want to be in love with Chubu sickness!" Is a work that fulfilled the desire that I wanted to draw in such a way.
After all it is a lie if you do not fight the problem of standing position within the class if you are dealing with Nakaji disease.
It was good that heroin was not playing like a kitchen 2 because he was fantasyed to the problem with his family, unlike in the middle of love or the flower of evil. I do not need reasons why I did not know why I was Nakaji. In addition, it is good that there is really a magical world in reality around a certain end actually, but it is not good to not have a production like it. Even then even Mari Inoue has become an unpleasant female role of the Lia Ching group (laugh)

2013/04/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23729 Host:23979 Browser: 10806
I feel that it is quietly recently that the work saying "I want to be in love with Chubu two diseases" was a work with a great influence.
Because we realized that there are so many animations and Ranobu of the world in the category "Chubu 2 sick". I can not help it if I am told that "Do not notice now" Sumi Marsen. Well this is the impression of this work,

That's "I want to be in love with Chubu 2 sickness" theatrical version?

Clearly the plot is almost the same. To be honest, as a body of this work there is only a bad impression.
"After even seeing" Even Chubu 2 sickness ~ ", it does not really think of the heroine of Nakaji 2 sickness indeed realistically, and shifts somewhere from fantasy (〓〓〓half disease (lol)) to the world I was just thinking about doing it.
Apart from 'I have two diseases this time', I got a bitter stolen character and a story passed through a bitter smile and turned my eyes.
Since both original works are unread as originals, it seems that this work is more likely to be released in the release of the original. So I wrote "The misfortune of this work", but as a body who knew the recipient, animation version first, such a thing can not be said anything "Nakaji sick ~" If the animation version is an ordinance it would have changed way of receiving . However, "Chubu sickness ~"
Anime version is handled by Kyo Ani who runs the top of today's drawing and it has become unexpected. That's why "Chubu 2 sick ~" animation version's influence is enormous. Even more difficult for drawing and directing this work because there are no places to see. At the time of release of the animated version, things like "Chubu 2 sick ~" was by Kyo Ani's hands,
There will be exactly 'curse the unhappy of birth'.

As Mr. Kaori Hanazawa starring Mr. Seiji Kishi was the director, I could enjoy Hanazawa Voice but it is hard to say that Mr. Seiji Kishi's skill was demonstrated. There is no doubt that director's inaction can not be felt, but "Magicano" "Seto no Bride"
Sorry that there is no light tempo and dry jokes like fish that got water of "decline". Honestly, is not it better for him to choose a work? I do not say "I lost money by paying", but it seems to be constricted by saying that it is a work that has not been fortunate anyway.

Aside: This work and "I want to fall in love with Chubu two diseases" Things that I understood. There is no choice but to become lean enough to graduate Chuniba disease (tears).