[Anime]ATAGOAL Cat's Magical Forest(atagooru ha neko no mori)

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Hiroshi Masumura
Kadokawa Herald Movie
Tatsuya Ishii
Mizuho Nishikubo
Koichi Yamadera
Aya Hirayama
Asahi Uchida
Kei Tani
Etsuko Kozakura
Hiroko Taniyama
Muta Teizo
Shiro Sano
Seiichi Tanabe
Mari Natsuki
Japan Released:2006/10/14(Sat)
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1. http://blog.livedoor.jp/atagoal/ (Translation)
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2008/11/14 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34609 Browser: 2983(Mobile)
[Good point]. Making a film of atagoru

[Bad point]
.Film adaptation

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Originally what the word agogoru was felt by the author in daily life, thought, or cut out memories and seasoned with Atagoriteisuto talk one episode, even if the reader strongly or weakly try again, or self I think that having a thought to that of that brings a unique finish of each episode.

Atagoru work has a introduction of the work of the author at the end of the bunko, so it is obvious, but the message is different from one story to the next. Obviously this is the original of this work.
It may have been a bit impossible to show it as a movie.
I can not help feeling it as I look at this work.
Of course it is also possible to see it in total, but in the first place "Guildma" is "Atagooru" because the creator's intention is completely different from the original (Even in the original, Tsukimi Hime, Templura, pants do not appear) so "Atagoru A man like me who expects a shoulder watermark.
It is very disappointing.

2008/05/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3381 Host:3309 Browser: 8090
I think that there is a strange place in the evaluation sentence because I have probably never read a story (originally for "guildma" rather than "atagoru" itself), but I understand that the neighborhood is acknowledged Please.

Well, I admit about the height of image technology.
The image itself was beautiful and there was power, so it was a substitute worthy of praise.
However, how was it to say full CG to the world view of Atagor?
Considering that its own view of the world and atmosphere is one feature of this work, hand-drawn animation rather than full-featured CG was better suited for expressing the air feeling of this work Cow.
In fact, I felt that the atmosphere of the original was not fully reproduced.
Cat's design was pretty good, but the face of a human character had become a thing of another person.

I also wondered how the characters were almost separated.
I immediately felt incompatible with Hideyoshi outstanding in exercise nerves, such as showing suddenly light dance suddenly at the opening and biting a jumping kick with a sharp finish.
In addition, it was Princess Tsukimi that the influence was most prominently manifested.
As the name is called Princess, she was a person who felt dignity, but she was falling as a trivial mediocre character to take.
Most of the regular characters such as Karasumagaru and Hidemaru are made into the background, Tempura who is supposed to be a buddy of Hideyoshi is becoming the air enough to come with him, etc, such as Hideyoshi and Tsukimi Princess against other regulars The treatment was also disastrous.

Voice actors are also subtle.
Yamato was my favorite voice actor but I felt that I was not very well suited for Hideyoshi.
Mr. Hirayama was pretty good that Princess Tsukimi, but how was it when it was as if it were the original work (maybe I changed it to such a character to appoint Aya Hirayama).
Mr. Chiyo Uchida was also impressive as a tempra role.
Mari Natsuki Well, I guess it was who was addicted (I can not say anything because I do not know the original).
There was a feeling that you appointed as a topic making somewhat ...

It was not something satisfying to me regarding music.
Because I felt strongly the impression of Mr. Tatsuya Ishii 's music rather than atagoru' s music.
I felt the impression that he used it as a topic for this neighborhood strongly.

Finally, if you let me summarize, this work was a work that was spoiled the image for your atagoru inside.
What do you say, you smelled like you made it by piggybacking on a fantasy boom?
"Let's make an animation that a person named Atagoru is not an anima of atagoru would come."
Such a thought was strongly conveyed also from the viewpoint that they were not so much used (as it was felt) for the appointment of celebrities.

Once in a while, there is no part that can be praised if it looks objectively like the image side.
However, it was the impression that the artist's fond memories of the atagoles were not felt, or rather the work that used the atagol only to create a topic, and that ruined it was a strong feeling for this work Is not it?
For that reason, I just got it a little while ago and there are some parts that I can remove, but the evaluation is "worst".

For the time being, the staff who made this work will go to Yonezawa or see the animation of the night of the galaxy railroad and cool head even once.
In this case how much the animation used in the stew's CM who was doing it long ago was like atagoru ...

2007/09/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21484 Host:21598 Browser: 3876
I was reluctant to know it with advance notice, but I tried renting it, but it was an animation that was not easy for original readers.
After watching it is only a word that I do not understand the meaning.
Hideyoshi was a runaway character that could not read the air, I thought that both behavior and behavior were not the hero's likelihood and I could see the second half growth and success, but it remained the same all the time.
It is rare that the hero who is not likable to the main character so far is rare, or is it the main character in question?
Even though I abandoned my friends, I thought that only Hideco and I and I wanted something to serve were serious, or I thought that I would do something to get rid of, but there was not anything.

It was beautiful because the image was full CG, but there was no surprisingly amazing movie, the only impression left is the battle scene of Gilberts.
Without knowing the original work, I could not understand the relation of the character and the world view well, Maybe you can grab a character that I do not know well of Hideyoshi if you look at the original work.
I think that it can not be enjoyed even if people who do not know the original work watch it.

2007/07/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34275 Host:34017 Browser: 4184
I was hoping to hear that it was a movie of atagoru, but I exclaimed for a cheesy production with my fans disconnected.
Mr. Mamura of the author is emphasizing "a person who goes beyond negative feelings such as hatred" at Boogi, Guildma who became the source of this story, and recent Atagoru,
This does not understand the view of the world of the original Just running the production side on the technology of the image, was not a "child-oriented" but a "childish" fantasy adventure story was a bad work.

"Gildma" is an occult. Although it is a long series of horror series, dark and eerie episodes and painful satire etc are cut, and the depth and taste of the work are gone.
It is disappointing that it may have made a work that seems to be better if he chooses 5 to 6 short stories from the head family Atagoru series and takes the form of short edits ....
If those who knew the view of the world of Atagol that was influenced by Kenji Miyazawa made a scenario, it would not have become such a childish bug.

Background and Hideyoshi Gil Burus. Net Chord The character of Teruhiko is barely a passing line, but others are hopelessly rebuilt.
At the opening of Rikuya Ishii for music, Tatsuya Ishii (live stage of DJ cat Tatsuya)
Hideyoshi who is clumsy clumsy clumsy other than tapping the drums showed a lighter and continuous backward rolling, and it ranked all over the thin wire, and it has already become a "no way to say" already.
The production side is immersed in self-satisfaction that says saying "Look and see, cats sing and dance and Hideyoshi will roll back, CG technology is incredible?"

A villain planning to control the world by planting living things.In Piraa, the red sweet pea (?) Like a soft Noh mask in the movie was also a villain's dignity which was a poisonous spotted Margaret shape with an arrogant expression in the original , Add-on that adds extra settings to remind me of loneliness that was sealed for a long time.
Even if it became a climax by pulling the transparent ameba-like shape when the seal was solved, it was only a tensionless feeling that "Hibishiboshito" and Hideyoshi persistently call each other.

It is the only human character in "Guildoma." Because Takuma is not regular character of Atagoru world, it may be because only the ending dance scene appeared,
Perhaps the production side simply thought that fans would be pleased if they took out a popular character instead of Takuma Tempura had little presence The presence of Princess Tsukimi and Princess Tsukimi had a calm Esper setting of the original Ignoring "battle heroine with strong mind", "Look, see, reproduce the actual human movements with motion capture, Princess Tsukimi makes a full turn in the air and jumps to a fish foe enemy , CG technology (abbreviated below) "
The black history of Atagorus where the expression of obliquely above the imaginable worst imagination is perfect.

2006/11/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11096 Host:11197 Browser: 4184
It is visualization waiting in a while. It is a pleasure for fans.
Since Atagoru is about a lot of talk completion, since it was a bit uneasy to see the movie, Hayeyoshi 's burglary swing was expressed brilliantly and there were plenty of scenes sprung unexpectedly.
3DCG is very good and beautiful.
A story tends to be common, but a good story. It is a movie that I would like to see with a family with a small child.

As a discontent point
There are scenes where the dialogue is difficult to hear.
Hideyoshi, scenes that convey the personality of Gilberts are a bit terrible. I thought there were scenes that seemed to be pulling or not necessary until the second half.
The character of Princess Tsukimi is completely changed.
.ending. I thought that it is very wasteful not to have the character of the strings to stand up with the words of the string.

I know I am dry but ... because I like the original, I got various things.