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Yusei Matsui Weekly Shonen Jump SHUEISHA
Kisi Seiji
Makoto Uezu
Morita Kazuaki
Ozaki Kiko
Jun Fukuyama
Sugita Tomokazu
Shizuka Ito
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Ryouta Ousaka
Ryo Naitou
Tanaka Minami
Sayuri Yahagi
Chie Matsura
Aya Suzaki
Satomi Sato
Hisako Kanemoto
Mai Fuchigami
Eiji Miyashita
Yamaya Yoshitaka
Takahiro Mizushima
Jyunji Majima
Subaru Kimura
Manami Numakura
Fuko Saito
Shiho Kawaragi
Miho Hino
Kana Ueda
Shintaro Asanuma
Shinnya Takahashi
Ayaka Suwa
Yoshiyuki Shimozuma
Japan Released:2015/01/10(Sat) 01:20-01:50 Fuji Television Network, Inc. TV / End:2015/06/20
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2017/02/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19989 Host:20060 Browser: 7921
[good point]
Serious surprises development that gag is interesting character impressed rich personality (Chino or something ...)

[Bad point]
Nagisa-kun kills killing killer As expected ending Because it is a large number of people, there are characters that are becoming mobs-like

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Good work.

2017/01/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6822 Host:6821 Browser: 8245
[good point]
It is very funny that gags and seriously mingled

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Recommended for those who like gathered animation version Kanakachi sensei school gag

2016/12/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39069 Host:39156 Browser: 9419
I began to notice recently that I was reading the original and doing animation.
The conclusion that I saw the whole story is not good, I shoot too much and the tempo is too early.
Although it is true that there are many things that do not get involved in the main story in the story of the original, since the sub-story was focusing on individual individuals of the students, the weird friendship of the heretical theme of the work of the current work and the students fade away I feel like.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I enjoyed it more than the animation of Neuro, it is not good.

2016/12/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18980 Host:19133 Browser: 4763
good point
Effect due to shadow and color change Although the original is monochrome cartoon, although the tone work is sweet, the expressions of the complexion accompanied by the emotions of the killing machine are likely to become thin, clearly by coloring clearly It is the same as the old event screening version (original volume 7 volumes attached).
In addition, in the TV series, you can see the change in the color of each key point and how to put the shadow on the character.
As an impressive example,
Dimeness before autonomous killing in the first episode of the first term and autonomous thought in the ninth talk immediately after overhaul of the fixed battery,
A form in which shadow hangs on the vermillion of anger of the killing killer grasped by violence lesson of Takaya Akira (suggestion just before "Do anger"),
In the scene where Asano Yoshinagi (Chairman) peeps at the closing ceremony for the first semester from the display, there was only one shadow in "RGB" (metaphor of things not under control),
In monochrome foggy smoking area, Lovro shot through by "Shinigami." Contrast with Blofski's fresh blood,
When Asano Shuhide suddenly approached the secret of the president, a composition that the light shadowed until then was lighted by half, and the chief director after the cultural festival exchanged between Five Wang Jie and the killing machine Light and darkness of the president's office,
In the E splitting survival battle, there was a whitish background immediately after Akahane industry (Karma) received Clapstanner of Shigeta Nagisa.

Different expressive elements and subtleties expressing various playfulness Detail of versus teacher weapons such as rubber-like material knives and prints tailored to BB bullets,
Every month it changes monthly (one semester limited), calligraphy of the students stuck on the back of E group classroom,
In the course towards all the school rallies, in the actual work, it is just the wind blowing everywhere, such as fatigue, Mr. Bitch has a tremendous performance skill,
Following from Karma to Akumi Okuda who was being attacked by bad guys on school excursion, I was sorry that I was lying alone,
Foreign language conversation with Yasushi Oshuma and Lovro 's first meeting, A student overseas students and ISS crews at the sports festival,
Removed exhibits from the Chairman's Office (dispelling of the unfounded disappearance of the president who did not realize that Kentaro Takebayashi stealed the indoor shield)
Kataka Meg who has put up the breast of Okuda who is still oddo at the end of the first semester (With the change from Chino Mape, with the correction of the setting order of the gatherings (order of attendance number = name) in order of "Ike Megu" for the first time It became complementary),
The first episode of episode No. 19 "The time of the demons (people's awakening)" which was thoroughly encompassed from video to voice,
Impression of Mr. Wu Ma immediately after advise from Ryunosuke Chiba and Ryuka Hayami's "The suffering of one who is relying" alone (the sense of being thought that the two were thoughtful)
"(All the members' private clothes" I think too much thought for two days "(by Fugetsu Mochizuki) That's why" drawing girls swimming suit "
A comparison of applauded applause to sparse applause of baseball club "second championship" and bamboo forest "return to main school building"
The response to the immediate day of the killing persons to Horibe Itosunari (Ita) which is out of control of Shiloh,
Mr. Oshama is the target survival game number, codename reflected to ED credit,
It was a trick to the topic of the name of Mr. Masayoshi Kimura (Justice), the kanji notation of Itna,
Lovro was made use of as a "sending tower of warning to the business enemy" while hanging on the sickle of "death god"
Apart from the surface layer, a tentacle that revealed the true feeling emerged, "Yasukuri Akiri" to "Shinigami" Evaluation "It was becoming such a person who can not smudge a gentle smile" (if you say on top of knowing the background of "Shinigami" , More natural than "the really gentle person" in the original work)
"A gaze that throws a bag into the air" in a fight with a lot of bad fractures, which is a sort of "karma of" a fighting assassin who plays a process, "against Nagisa of" a pure assassin who just keeps searching for a single blow that leads to victory alone " Induction ",
A conversation of the E group student "each course" in front of the "branch point" of the road, "Taiki" rising there,
At break of private lesson to Sakura Oki, as if to reflect the shock received from Sakura 's answer that was told there, "staring at ourselves" reflected in the tea "spelled out like her covering words A series of psychological depictions of Nagisa seeking a future in "
After giving chocolate as "thanks for being saved by being next to one year", continuing "Challenging the front only without looking at" only Chin that pushed back of Nagisa ,
The unexplored "Saito Ichiban 's stance" of the graduation album accompanying killing,
Poster design of the "Tonbo" starring Haruna Misase (catch phrase and other performers),
Mr. Kashida Nagisa's appearance on the back of the killing machine, and the skull of the skull of the blackboard which is further superimposed etc.
None of them just appeared in the original, a story.It is better as a picture.That we found out by continuing to explore funny expressions, it improved the atmosphere of the work well.

Small animals such as small birds and butterflies stopping at killing The killing of blowing up the earth one year after evaporating the moon has never been the same as interrogating with the students of Eikigaoka Junior High School 3rd E I will build a relationship between "teacher and student" properly, to the extent I can not imagine.
What expresses barely the essence of such a person,
A bird stopped at the walking figure after showing the direction of talent as a pitcher to Friend Sugino in the second episode of the first term,
A small bird stopped at the place where she was made to stand by as it can not be put out in public in the same episode 5,
It is in a butterfly stopped in the same episode 6 waiting for a student who is going to a midterm exam for the first semester. Particularly in the third, the butterfly which was in a stationary state flew a little behind after avoiding throwing the knife's teacher immediately afterwards, the delicacy of the killing motion is clear.
And after finishing the first semester of the foundation and summer vacation from the next day, as if the butterfly flies without stopping anywhere as if it expresses "It is a place to cultivate autonomy where the teacher 's protection is not over" A sight scenes was drawn.
Although it is a teacher, it seems that it is going to be a symbol like 'magnificent perch for' for the group E, despite being severe.
Indeed, "You can sense any weak things touching this tentacle (guard) and guide it", but it was translated in all things.

Unbelievable turning out from the E group externally First, during the rainy season, Maehara Youmo, from Tsuchiya Tsuho (C group) that had been attached until that time, encountered her cheating opponent Seo Tomoya and became a dispute At the end, the palm was returned under the arrogance of the strong, with the assassination skill that he was led by the indignant killing guard, he worked in returning to two people with some students of group E About the original 23rd and 24th episodes.
The problem here is "Do not notice the two targets" In the process of charging a powerful laxative to the food and drink of the caf莨〓", the arrogance of the two targets has not changed, the caf莨〓managers and Tsuchiya's father's friend Even so, in view of the fact that it is impossible for neta casement for a toilet deficiency or in the way that neta bash can not be done like a docky camera, the worst two people put a complaint on the cafe, "a cafe with nothing nonsense undergoes unreasonable disposal" There was a possibility.
In addition, at the later cultural festival, the director general of the chairperson said, "The opponent is an eating and drinking establishment (sometimes abbreviated as" food poisoning " "
The fact that E group ironically realized that, Maehara ___ is realized in the backfire by saying that he blamed me, "For the outcome, do not mind harming other unrelated persons" .
In this operation, the slaughter said to the students:
"The power of the assassin who traps the target without leaving the evidence without knowing that there is power is power for you"
Still, the group E student who had harmed others to the victory that increased by having won the A group at the sports festival in the original 95th to 97th episodes (the second episode sixth episode), "I got drunk with the power I wore I forgot to think from the standpoint of the weak. "
Because I said, it will not be fancy.
In this story, "I used power only to lower the momentary drinking drink" From Maehara times "Received price compensated by the arrogance of the winner, I once again looked at the way of that power" The second episode of the sixth episode It is far more important, and the former's optimization (a strategy that does not damage other than the target) can not be done, so the cut of the Maehara period is sufficiently legitimate.
Also, in the second episode of the second episode, Hirokazu Tsuruta "was ordered by those with authority over the crow and forced cooperation to Shiloh", but in the original "Shi" It was said that "I was cooperated", and I was scolded from the crow and I was beaten up. "It was a success to cut unreasonableness in accordance with the same day response to Ita.
In the same episode 13, the president unilaterally demolished the former school building, after accepting the survival of the E group, the school side picks up the irresponsibility that "that repair was given only to the E group" And it properly expressed the meaning of "being groomed in killing".
Overall, strange unreasonableness in the original was corrected correctly, and as a theme of education in group E, in addition, "Starting with the fact that unreasonable things are in the world" mentioned in the 25th story of the second term begins At the end of the words,
"And do not give unreasonableness to others from ourselves"
It made me remember the implications that followed.

"Appropriate balance of the story" at the last school of group .E
E pair and the direct confrontation with Craig. Mercenary group led by Hojo "group wolves" arranged as a stuff for the "final assassination plan of earth destroying organism".
E group gets victorious without any injuries and arrives at the origin of the killing that was closed by the "shield of the earth", but in the first place, "group wolves"
"You can kill a lion with a fistful fist, you can kill E group students in about 20 seconds, Hojo with more than three times the battle power of the crow, and a subordinate of about 30 people who are good at battle in mountains and jungle"
Although it was an advantage in the mountains and Mr. Owama's preparation, even though it was professional, I learned the excess to be able to achieve perfectness for group members who were more prominent.
Upon hijo's capture, his psychological transition is as follows,
Alert level "Koi"
Subordinates are being killed one after another, raising the alert level to "absolutely kill" 〓〓〓
To move to a mental for surely killing, to a work to remove glasses as a ceremony (routine) ......
However, every time he tried to do so, he was attacked and the ceremony failed 〓〓〓
Finally I was detained without getting offensive and the cause of defeat was "Because I did not use a live bullet gun ... I was not able to decide whether to kill them or not." "Over time ..." Analysis that "the choice of action was steadily deprived" ... By saying that ... "The contradiction that" I was at a loss whether to kill or not, despite deciding to kill "," I have survived a lot of battlefields The temperature of judgment that it is misunderstood that there are still options still in the situation where my life is deprived (made ineffective) has been revealed.
Thus, in the confrontation with "the group wolf"
"By setting too much vengeance settings uselessly, we had no choice but to break it down because of the complete victory of Group E, and we have significantly collapsed the balance that was largely kept."
It gave me a funeral nature.
The majority of the above problems were solved by adopting the Ground Self Defense Force which is premise and has no extreme settings instead of a mercenary who failed the balance of such a story.
That is why, as an enemy to eradicate the group E, it is more balanced than the opponent "mercenary who has been active all over the world"
"The difference between" Killing mind "(motivation in particular)",
Name of a big truck member (change to distinguish it from the commander "commander") Name of fiddling story,
"The sense of urgency of the planning party" was emphasized by necessarily cutting the negligence that the land myself was taken over by a woman (Mr. Bitch).
Furthermore, Irina replied "Unlike information that would underestimate the E group" against the troops who had the same intention as the Wudong, so that Irina put it " Baka "means" the thickness of trust for Mr. Wu Ma's students ", and their scenes have further tightened. (Although the original was a partner, it was necessary to lower the risk even a little, so it can not be simply superior or inferior)
In the confrontation with a powerful crew set up in place of Hojo, not only the certain compensation was superposed due to the absence of a setting causing contradiction, as a matter of course, by the dialogue of that, "The killing of killing and E group The weight of "will be increased.
As a whole, by eliminating the setting to make the reminiscent of the "special" of the enemy, the group E alleviated the excessive achievement of perfect to the professional opponent, wiped off, clarified the comparison between E group and the world "result It was.
Of course, because it is a professional who repeatedly practiced training for the emergency with the GSDF, it does not mean that the balance is truly meaningful.
Also, by deleting "the group wolves", the episodes that they and the karma touched disappear, and Ita's "flattening the desire for prize money" through the digestion of home circumstances there is lost.
Nevertheless, considering the meaning of the change caused by this modification, it is certainly not a light story of the story, it is certain that it is kneaded in such a way that the essence in that scenario can be more clearly conveyed.
(In addition, it is a regrettable place because Karma learned from "killing" the "prideful head lowering method" because it is one of the most excellent expressions of the original, but if he is about him in the first place, It is not amusing to understand the stupidity of exercising indefinitely "and" the absence of change of things satisfying five people satisfactory ")

A bad point
The number 20 episodes of disorderly killing weaknesses that accompanied number episode cut, No. 20 "exposed only by the 37th episode of the original episode" can only draw ", No.21" summer batte "which was exposed before going to the pool of killing work In spite of not being counted at all, 'Severe to pool manners' is counted as No.22. (No. 20 was able to count again at the B part that I decided to write down his weakness, in response to Sugaya Shinsuke's notice of falling down in Part 1 of Part 2 of Part 1)
Even though the original Mao No.13 "Underwear" was changed to No. 12 until the Maehara period was cut, this is not sweet but it is nothing else.
Although it is unavoidable in terms of planning, weak points "died" and "poorly hidden" revealed at the beginning of the second semester by dTV distribution, but it was to be known from the end of the 2 semester final exam It can be caught if it can be caught by ", so contradiction of numbering against the original time axis has appeared.

Inadequacy of production, oversight of configuration First, if the amount that one episode fits in one episode, like Bitch Professor's first appearance, it is basically configured to converge well without being carried over to the next time, but the story Due to the limitation of the number and the duration of the show, the production of the original was killed and the taste was often lost.
For example, Okuda's poisoning practice was reversed in the order of Mr. Bitch and Mr. Bitch as mentioned above, and in the original, "in front of the power of the killing ..." students with toxicity (= codomo) "If it is" a man with a deadly poison "" ... ... "according to the suggestion of Irina's visit after the" it will become "... the direction which is indicated above has been lost.
Also, because the 10th episode of 1st is a theme based on the theme of "foreign language" by collecting Lovro's visit and overseas movie preview, the former series of 3 times will have to be put on the half part scale, and it is a bit It became cramped and pale white.
In the second term,
Partial scene of the E group student who was dedicated to providing inferior neta of killing by the test of liver,
Irina who talks about the body with a crow for two people dinner (Because the mouth did not move, so the "dampy talk" immediately after it seems obscure to the crow),
Reconnaissance of "A group meeting" on radio control made by Itona (grasp of the true intention of the scholastic superior which can be guessed from there), which is the basis for the scholarship superior to the E group at the sports festival,
"Concrete" persuasion (lack of seriousness of E group) that leads to free running in town until we break the promise with Mr. Wu Ma,
Explicit indication of eavesdropping device put in bouquet (even if you emphasize only bouquet ...) as preparatory preparations intervene by "death god"
Chino 's "blackening of the tentacle" (since the first assassination needs to be calm, it will be realized without blackening, but in the next full battle the erosion will also be full - blown, so in the night it means processing on the screen Although there are circumstances of it, if it does not blacken it will not match with the matter of Itna)
Was killed and the real pleasure and persuasive power of each episode died.

At the beginning of the tragedy of the scenario originating from the episode cut, accompanied by the cut of "Bamboo forest book school building return episode", which was decided at the beginning, "The second semester opens from" big turbulence "in the original corresponded It was a chain reaction that the real pleasure of the Keidoro times that were also on the undercard had been killed in order to fill Inita 's settlement round (the second episode 3) on behalf of "It".
Although the gag itself itself had the same taste as the original, it was a kimo of this episode "Demonstration of the phenomenal mobility of free running"
Improvement of students' adaptability by synergy between killing and Professor Owama
"Rule that will allow the killing of the last minute to move"
Because there was not, each "attraction to the force leading to a big failure afterwards"
"Good compatibility with education of both teachers of E group"
"Establishing equality between the teacher and students, and bargaining for the last minute"
It is an accidental death.
After all, the first impression of the student against this rule "Even metaphor Professor Wuaba will not be able to catch much in this wide mountain"
It was a miserable translation that showed the same level of punishment as that.

Akabane 's "not the greatest understanding" "Akita Okuda pure infight, contrasting the assassination of Nagisa and Karma, such as comparison of the second episode 18th episode, but in Okuda's scene cut There is a feeling of missing the umami.
In the original, she remembered the test of liver on Pondicuma Island,
"I want to help killing, but I want Karma to win!"
"(Karuma and your position are different) I do not want you to be defeated personally because I know the preparedness and efforts that have been accumulated."
said. This is about the same time, Yoko Momoka at a different place "I do not change that I do not want to kill, but strong determination with a strong determination ... a sense of accomplishment that killed Rinca still remains in hand"
Terasaka Ryoma "A guy who thought he was a genius ... in fact it is hiding and trying hard or complaining if you win"
And Okuda respectively "Even though my intention is unchanged, the opposite feeling also certainly exists"
"There is no regret even if it is determined by the understanding of the essence of karma and the argument of the opposite position"
There is something that is familiar to you.
And in order to fit in the airing time, only the scenes of Yada and Terasaka which are easy to be connected to the confrontation of the two people were adopted, and the scene of Okuda became the whole cut.
Simply, if you look at only the information that comes from the family, it does not hinder the later development, it does not break the theme of the story,
If it turns out the back, it is "just extracting the company's information as information and cutting it wildly with common surface features", including the true nature that Karma only discharged to Okuda "is at the individual's will I killed the weight. "

Overall evaluation Although it will be iterative, in the TV series "It is natural to have something unreasonable in the world and there should not be anything unfair to others from ourselves"
It seemed to have been conscious.
There was also a catch phrase of a certain coffee commercial CM "The world is made of someone's work."
In other words, "work of a social worker is directed to others", "what is intended to become a person's benefit"
"To the contrary (things that will be harmful to people)" should not be present "," If you do get it, make a corresponding amendment "
For the E group students, the teachings on basic and ideal as a person were thorough and the last message of Killing was very comfortable.

Also, it was a ground battle instead of an air battle like the original, a one-on-one fight between Chino and Okano in a survival battle,
Mr. Bitch, who was involved in the teaching technique of "Shinigami", did not show a gag face until Mr. Wuu asked me,
The cut of the contact between the E group students and the big-law lawmakers (emphasis that for the final strategy side, the E group is only a staple of earth destroying organisms, not having the ears to listen to their story) and " There is a section that conscious of the setting and production that the feet reached the ground, such as contrasting "weapons / weapons" as "vs. tentacle creatures" ~.
(Especially the matter of Professor Bitch was able to portray the meaning that she returned to a cruel killer again)

Still, screenplays and directing were skillfully incorporated with playing and sometimes supplementing the deficiencies and improving the merits of characters, settings, situations.
Of course, the fact that the constraint on TV broadcasting was affected was also large, there were also cases where the good elements were removed, such as the disappearance of the real pleasure of Cadro and the familiar cut showing high understanding from Okuda to Karma There was,
On the other hand, some of the scenes of preparation for the cultural festival, such as an increase in turns that will fill up some of the student's lead role, as well as improving completeness starting with the same day response to runaway Itona As I showed up in the Family 's Family,
Changing cuts and adapting it to time constraints, I made it to the story's blood meat to the utmost.

Of course, as well as expressions such as the silhouettes of the big tree that color the people who are crying for the resuscitation of Chino and the expression of "cutting the life and harvesting it as food" before the graduation of the assassination class, as well as expression of the killing in animation I was impressed by the directive that conscious of the trees, like the small animals stopped in the room and the place where we talked about the course on the way back.
From the setting of the leg of the killing machine in the design material for the animation for the original 14 volumes, the modeling would have been conscious of "the big tree rooting in the earth".

"Look closely at the subject (original work)" like E-students against Professor Yukimura, killing, killing,
"If the torrents of society (restrictions of society) topple myself ... how can I swim in (among others)" (by killing you)
After thinking about it,
"Because it's fun, I can spare time to devise efforts and work as hard as I can" (Id.)
It can be said that I fulfilled.

In both rabbits and horns, it was a work that should be respected as one who worked diligently on ingenuity, looking at the story of "assassination school" from the top, and derived the optimum solution different from the original work.
It is an excellent article that I want to push the stamp of "I was able to do it very well" as well as "astar" became a star.

It is unclear whether it is good or bad
Kataoka Meg 's passion (original 44th - 45th story)' s killing The water which was hypersensitive to the water was seen, Kataoka of the former swimming section took the training to try water killing, That is why I was told that Tashikawa greens (group B), the cause of the falling group E, was still bound now, and conversely the killing story takes the best course for both.
First of all, the problem with this cutting is that,
While looking at blatant weaknesses, weakness of Kataoka's "hands of water of that extent" due to the unclear reasons why he does not try water killing, or the incompetence of its supplementation Although I would have heard that fact),
Kataoka's position of the valetta (*) where Kaoka put in the dark bite and the loss of the implicit production to the later expansion which is in the common term with her and Chiba. Hayami and the death from the part related to the root of the story to the fine story It has been dropped.
Conversely, if you mention the merit,
E thoroughness of "close closeness of group E" by eliminating exchanges with the outside school (same grade)
The strange things that Tashikawa got scattered explicitly, "falling into a poor environment more than myself" (In the middle or in the middle test there was no conspicuous achievement) Kataoka opponent, the unnaturalness that is continuously dependent on studies There is wiping out and we reinforce the setting of E group rationally.
(* The hairstyle bundled in Kataoka's position where the long hair at Valletta was bunched at the position of "Noda" which had longed for the same sex from the tall body of leadership and male counterbalanced talent, but actually was holding a longing for "ordinary girls' As a symbol of "
Nagisa who was involved in her case, my mother until the second grade, what I was made to "the same hairstyle as Kataoka" by Hiroshima was exactly "I was forced to female," and I tailored it to two side up Chino said, "I shared the torment of mother impatient to Nagisa 's back hair by showing it divided into two (she shared the suffering)". In other words, it was the fate of the fate that Mr. Yukimura's sister lighted the light of Nagisa before the killing.
And as for Nagisa's Chino related to the matter of Kataoka, we can make it as it is that Kataoka was stocking "Hissatsu Weapons" as the nape. That is, Matsui Yuuzu's silent claims (fetism) that a woman's weapon will stay on the nape? (Laugh))

PS 2
Although the original episode between the first and second half was cut (supplemented by the dTV distribution) in the 20th episode of the second term, the production such as linking Nagisa's point of view and Chino's point of view on the same scene was skillful, In addition, the crowds of the crowd, the monk of Nagisa who was issued after receiving Sakura's remarks

"People admire ..." I changed my self "

Apart from the context of the main line, this seemed to be a composition that conscious of being able to hang around Chino as from the above *.

2016/10/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4405 Host:4425 Browser: 5171
[good point]
My professor is kind, even if I say something. At the beginning, I will subtract from the title, but the students of my teacher 's class will be involved with my teacher and will be released from inferiority complex. Inside, I think it is a good story.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is a scary story to save the earth if we kill the teacher out of bizarre, but the opposite sense of dust.

2016/08/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23003 Host:23078 Browser: 4721
(Although I watched only one term and appreciate it, I watched the last episode of the second term and changed from a good evaluation to the highest)

It was a good work.
Rather than being insanely fascinated or impressed, it was a perfectly beautiful summary as one work and it was the highest rating.

It is straight and royal road and there is message nature and it really resonates in my mind and I was taught variously and there are processes and stacks that I have drawn as a teacher so it has convincing power and the last is like a graduation of my own It fell out.

It was like touching a work reminiscent of about 20 years ago, and it seemed as if I had experienced seeing school life for a year.
It is an absolutely impossible world view, and despite my teacher, I was feeling in reality so much, I could sympathize with my teaching and agree with my teaching, and it was amazing that I thought it would be nice to have such a school or teacher.

It was nice to have taught properly until the end and it was nice to have the axis of assassination to the last, so it was good to show it using neta, there was no blur at all, and it seems like a truth to the teacher or teaching originally I thought that the place I was taught was deep in this work.
I think that the path is shifted somewhere, it is thought that the story is about to become less beautiful as the neta runs out more quickly, but the things that I did not want to do and the skeleton are solid It was.

The content of the second term is also abundant, there are also major developments from the content that approaches the core at last, there is also content of parentage relationship that is absolutely necessary to draw school education in such content so that one can be shown It is getting and I will draw it carefully because I come up with it one by one carefully.

Although I could have done it once the teacher died, I did not do so and I could not help but admit it because it was perfect after cleaning up as post-treatment.

Personally I think that the reason for attaching the highest is almost the rest of the two episodes, it seemed that it was a purely good work with an unexpected reverberation, but there are still contents, growth and stages that have been drawn so far Because it is because it all comes together and comes alive last, there is something that comes in.

I never thought that it was a work of honest up to now, I could only think of it as a pack and a gag work and I never thought of attaching the highest, but there was beauty that I noticed for the first time when I saw the work completed at the end.
Because there is honesty of the contents of the contrary to the superficial appearance, it seems it was a wonderful work and it was a work that I could meet a wonderful teacher.

2016/07/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50356 Host:50375 Browser: 7460
[good point]
Killing: It's beyond standards and transcending the area saying "the character is standing", but its superhuman swing and spirituality are quite yawy or declaring earth destruction, as a teacher It is surprisingly decent and its contrast is good
. E pair student: Although not going with all members as expected, there are few characters in the so-called mob state as many characters are given as many as possible (looks like)
Latter half: Although I was enjoying it steadily from the first stage, I will jump further after Chino's true exposure
Finally achieved assassination

[Bad point]
Somehow the CM time is too long
Excessive competence in the school competitionism: Although it finally reached a settlement, the way of drawing is shallow and the view of convenience can not be wiped out
.E pair student: There is no choice but there is no choice but there is a big difference in handling of characters

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Originally unread Reading killing "killing killer" will occupy more than 70% It was worrisome that the killing killer was overwhelming as a pure teacher other than that monster specs Originally the first shinigami It is until then that it was a genius, but until the first teaching job just to be able to do for the students, it seems that the persuasion of arrows was weak

Repost at end of second term

2016/07/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23309 Host:23477 Browser: 7904
It is an original impression that the original unread boy's manga is the original.

Since it became quite a long feature, the 2nd term viewing from 1st rebroadcast, the initial place is pretty messy.

It is also a puzzle to teach objects that are unknown reasonably as a teacher, but I began watching whether junior high school students were assassinating or fishing work that focused on impact,
It was a good work that depicted unexpectedly seriously in education related.
Although there are plenty of thrashing places, it is a good place for animation that will fulfill the desire to be such a teacher.
In the first episode of the last episode, we enjoyed it in an atmosphere of assassination or nomatism, with an easy-going episode that nobody died solely for a tense feeling that was gentle to us.

From the 2nd term, the remaining time in the work is limited and I was expecting how to show it,
Drilling down the main character is solid, the past and will of "killing kiss" are clarified,
I was able to see it in a fairly story too.
An easy episode came out of wanting to save "killing", but I was disappointed that it would eventually become such an event,
Although it was a solid development, it was nice to show you a neat ending.
I think that "killing" was saved with the conviction that it fulfilled the promise of "aguri".
The story of the 24 story was fascinating in various ways to show the production staff, it was a good last round to be surrounded by the lingering finish.

The 25 episodes depict them after seven years growing considerably, and after the growth the character design after voice growth and the voice actor 's good performance are wonderful.
But ... It was a disappointing impression.
I always think that in this work I want to draw even a little bit of talks later,
Even if I had done anything in this work, my teacher's presence was high, so I think that I was even better with Saat.
Everyone is OK at the end, but it is too bad that love smells do not happen to the children who seemed to stick together.

What I care about anything is "Nagisa", then.
"Chino" 's word "I wish I could keep connecting forever"
Although it seems that "Nagisa" kun aiming to become a teacher longing for a teacher appears embodied, it is a place to come and go.
Even though I went to school by teaching practice, my students told me that "Before graduation" said "Nagisa" with a smile, saying the same lineup as the one story teacher, and if you believe this much more than this, I am worried about it.
Would you become a herbivorous "Nagisa Sensei" (single) who aims to live a life like "a killing girl" like a boy,
Will you cultivate students who will defeat themselves by being remodeled like "Death God 2nd generation" from despairing sense that can not catch up?

Conclusion, I think that it was better about 3 or more years later when I began to advance to the target later, or more than 10 years ago I grabbed something.

[good point]
Although I am a little disconcerting about the attitude that tries to be correct, continuing to persist perseverance does not become matter of concern, it has been conveyed to a good feeling here.

[Bad point]
To the problems of the family and things individuals have to solve, to the advice book,
It was fun to direct the excellence of the teacher, but it was a bit overkill, too overprotective.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it seems reasonable for the target age group of the original, junior high school students of compulsory education make the competition a little conscious,
I also receive the impression that growing too quickly.
Although it can forgive most of the elements if it is divisible for children, since it is quite a serious style or the broadcast itself is a late-night animation frame,
I think that it was okay to stick to the details a bit more.

2016/07/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11608 Host:11541 Browser: 4894
Changing the evaluation after seeing it to the end. I do not know the original, but animation kept the true thing just right until the end.
The mysterious creatures, assassinations, and such catchy elements were drawn consistently as an element as an element, one ideal of teachers and students.

This work presented ideals for them through stories, what teachers watch the students, what the students trust teachers, what teaching means teaching and teaching. It is possible to dismiss it with the ideal, but it is impossible to deny it. Grow students through all kinds of troubles, accidents, events, and student events. There is no unnecessary experience, it becomes the royal road of unavoidable education, which is a way of detouring and even detours.
Even while drawing about the hero, eyes reach all characters of all classes. A story that makes use of the character of many different characters. Although he was talking about "seeing each student properly", this work itself is about to show the ideal that was being told in the work.

So why was the initial evaluation not high?
The more you are, the catchy will float. The more things being told in the work are decent, the more element of "assassination of a mysterious creature" will float.
It is a necessary element to serialize it to Weekly Shonen Jump and the target age group may not have such a feeling. (If the original is anticipated to that extent, that is, if it is an age group who can not fully understand the work of this work, it accepts the work without problems and it is good if the work can be understood when the age reaches a certain age It may have been thinking)
The embarrassingly ideal educational image and the catchy element of the assassination of mysterious creatures are adjacent, so you will want to laugh to relieve embarrassment. While preparing a situation that can escape to laughter, this work hits the ideal straight.
If you do not watch and listen with your waist, you can not stand this work.

From the last who came to cry certainly (The last thing to take attendance is Zulu, I'm determined to cry), the last talk using one story tightly to the next day talk. At this time, it may be unusual to have such a surplus work.

After all, I think catchy is floating, I think that I am ashamed to feel uncomfortable to an uncle Sure, but I think that it is useless if things are done properly still properly.

2016/07/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5870 Host:5837 Browser: 7906
[good point]
The setting which added + a to the setting of "monster, school 〓〓teacher" which had not been never known is innovative

[Bad point]
The story is thinning in various ways, such as education and assassination.
There are plenty of parts where the talk progresses ...
It is easy to understand that I am trying to make a good story.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is suitable for children for easy understanding.
I will assume it is bad as evaluation.

2016/04/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53990 Host:54115 Browser: 10163
[good point]
The assassination classroom is interesting, it contains elements of a little assassination, I think that place where killing of killing and students is deepening is also good. I also like singing.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The best

2015/12/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12887 Host:12780 Browser: 10033
I thought that it was a work reminiscent of Bertorwa or Danganronomic-like squirrel from the subject, but it was quite different.
It was contents that interwoven the school girls who have distorted world view only in the classroom and the adolescent receiving gags.

The world view filled with black joke and characters were laughing (Sensure, Okajima, Takebayashi, Teraka, other class bite etc).
The side that the students were able to do well with the faults and problems they have is obediently amazing. The reason why each fallen into the E group is that there are places to set. However, it is concrete, persuasive and courageous to see how to admonish the weakness of the inner side and the disadvantage holding forward positively.

The attitude of the students is forward-looking and expresses "effort" "victory" which is the policy of jumping more easily than any manga.
However, for convenience and victory it was somewhat aggressive and convenient points were conspicuous.
It is disappointing that delicate students will demonstrate superb ability strength one after another in battle and assassination times. Especially the end of the hotel infiltration.
On the studies side, the lazy karma settled down or the students who tried not to make unusual efforts by the hands of the teacher grew and strangely reality, but while suddenly the blooming of the talent was suddenly stopped suddenly by the adult's killer It demonstrated. And everyone.
It is doubtful whether it is necessary not to suddenly demonstrate the body like a ninja suddenly on the physical side which is easy to measure, not the brain that has the potential ability to grasp.
Students who still have a glimpse of immaturity in other aspects are assassinated, if they demonstrate professionalism in battle terms, the growth of the students after this story will be difficult to realize.
It seemed like a boys and girls of age who often tend to stretch and have many failures, and maybe it was okay to be a bit awkward and awkward?
While producing superhumans, Nagisa and others tries to make use of daily training and study as an assassination in my mind, but it is hard to empathize even if expressed like a life theory with a clear face.
It makes me want to pinpoint as to whether I am not convinced of being a bit selfish.

Although it seems to be an ordinary boys' manga with increasing complicated truth development and serious troubles since the end of the term, it is likely to remain in a roughly surreal academic life as far as one sees it, so 1st period (from 1 to 16 talks) You should see it as one work. Because I enjoyed the actions of the teacher and the world view from 1st to 16th episodes of the first term.
It is boring only for the students without the teacher from then on.

As an aside, the character of the Akahane industry was said to be a de S character, but it was an interesting and uncomfortable character that was not conveniently just protected compared to Neuro.
It is not a dead S but it is a convenient character that does not suffer any injuries.
Even if you do not have it, the classroom will be established, rather it is better that you do not have one.
Also, although I think that the idea is to make the homeroom teacher who is going to be the biggest goal in custody of all classes, I was worried as I watched it.
It is unnecessary, but excuses that excludes de S, I hope that killing killing bully will not spread.

2015/08/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35549 Host:35436 Browser: 7911
[good point]
I tried to give each student of E group a role as much as possible

[Bad point]
Both assassination and education are thin
The gag is cold.
Sensation that seems to be captured in game sense including assassination

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original unread. I was attracted by the title and I was hoping for a battle royal content clearly, but it was different from what I thought. Although I watched it until the end, the impression of a children's story work for children could not wipe to the last.

E pairs who were given a mission to assassinate mysterious biological kills that suddenly became homeroom teachers for 3 years E group. However, through studying killing classes and training of assassination, each student finds something important little by little. . I understand the aim, but in all cases the contents are thin.

Because it is a gag cartoon, I think that it is idyllic that fine things are bad luck, that gag can not be laughed for children, and depictions of assassination and education also put in reality somewhat, and a serious educational theory is spared, but contents are thin And I can not sympathize.

The point that can not be accepted most physiologically is that there are lashes such as assassination and school life that some students perceive as game feeling, and "unreasonable games"
"~ Party", and so on, Net Slang (?) Was put in everyday conversation.
I even think that I am a bit scared to think that children will see these kinds of things and feel like I knew the world. I can not understand how easy it is to press people and things do not progress with a sense of game.

Perhaps the original is a bit more interesting, but from this animation it did not convey at all.
If you watch it with the same educational stuff, the drama "Mr. Suzuki sensei" is more awesome, and unfortunately we can not find worth seeing as a gag animation.

2015/08/10 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2706 Host:2716 Browser: 4721
When I first saw it I was playing and thought that it was just a comedy, but it was a fairly nice story.
I could not imagine what kind of story it was going to fly at first sight, so there was no doubt that there was a pull there and there was no impact but if it was only content that just felt it was not good evaluation I got serious contents and it got hit by the gap whether it was that unexpected.
Of course, if its serious content is stinky or somewhat frustrating, it is where a bad image is attached, but since it draws carefully and it has meaning and understanding also persuasion, it is because of the temperature difference with the seemingly quiet content There was something to appeal to.

It was aimed there and the ordinary school teacher did not echo when the ordinary teacher said good things and I thought that I have something wonderful that I can draw content to pull it off with this visual.

It is also amazing that the teacher and teaching is good for students by using skills of an invincible teacher or a story of assassination and it is also amazing and it can be taught ordinary and convinced and new fresh story The way of cooking was superb.

There is something that can be done because it is a teacher who has superhuman abilities, and there is something different from reality, but still I can understand what I am talking about and I can empathize in a face to face from the front.
If it says in a word, it is a cartoon or an ideal system, but it is probably because it is a monster because it is a dangerous thing, so I think that only words are left behind by removing the prejudicial prejudice and beautiful things.

It can be inserted purely and it seems cool and it feels real.

I thought that it is also a good place to concentrate on students' growth as being concentrating as an assassin, preparing them or being assassinated.
Even if you raise the second weapon, it is not only to assassinate it but just to say good things, but because there is a proper ingenuity of the material and it makes it alive, weight also comes out to the words.

I feel serious about face to face with students is more important than the end of the earth, the murderous intentions are accepted, the thought of assassination of the teacher is a manifestation of trust, or the expression which is inherently impossible is feeling straight backward There was something to be transmitted.
It is true that it is pleasure to be assassinated, and I also feel things like a sense of fulfillment as a teacher who is pleased with thinking about the growth of the students.

So there are things like message quality to the teacher as well as the student's view, and there is a reliable relationship there is a strange relationship between those assassinated and those who assassinate.

The episodes and contents of each character were also good, and because they are a falling group, they still have problems with each other, but they are trained before they can trust each other.
It is never a fear or obligation but it is taught from the story and contents, so I understand it in a form that forgives mind.

30 minutes, sometimes in 15 minutes, and it is freshness like a worker to lead a solution by attaching a punch line, and it cleanses with a simple content rather than an elaborate content or a difficult content I thought that it is probably because the basic is done rather.

The comedy element was also interesting, because it is well-balanced between comedy and serious content, it comes to live with each other more.
The teacher 's faultless weak point or a silly weak point represents a certain meaning of humanity, I thought whether it is a monster but a place where I can feel a close feeling and have attachment.

The unexpectedness of doing the contents of the royal road straight with the story of the monster and assassination was fun, and yet only the neta got ahead and only the things that I wanted to say did not go out beforehand and it did not float and the basic can be done Since the contents are informed from the story, things I want to say come along, and this story is made full use to the utmost.
I think that it will be a work sufficiently worthy of a good evaluation although the momentum weakened somewhat in the last stage.

2015/06/29 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27550 Host:27619 Browser: 4894
I wonder if the original unread, but the jump version GTO, this is. But what the octopus says is true and it is not even laughing.

It's not that it was not funny, but I feel like I'm getting too "little bit talk" through the whole thing. I expected more laughter, but is the original feeling like this? I think that octopus is doing a decent thing, but I think it must be wrong unless it leads to laughter, but something is normal.
It is not a bad thing to see the producers' serious attitude towards education, the growth of children, or such, but if that's not the case, you do not need another assassination or octopus.
Mechanical settings, serious opinion that is plugged into hatchacha expansion. I think that various settings included in this work will live only when it is cool, clever and leading to a serious laugh ...

Therefore, though it is not bad, it seems that it has become a work that is small and coherent. I do not have any elements to add bad, but I wonder if the expected value was too high.

I guess I do not adventure because I'm going to go for this director, or just put it together. I do not think that Seto 's bride was coincidental.

2015/06/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I started seeing it without expecting it, but it was a work I enjoyed more than I thought.

Although it is a gag animation, it was best that the killing students are taking classes seriously.

However, a messy setup called assassination. It was as though I was treating it as if it were a sports event.

I think that it would be better if you tried it seriously if you did.

Because of both extreme settings such as gag and assassination, it has become a loneliness school comedy which is incomplete.

Because the impact of killing is intense, other characters are hazy.

2015/04/08 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10494 Host:10644 Browser: 9629
I thought for a moment that killing kicks without talking while talking is somewhat uncomfortable ~ and ...

The radio wave of the OP felt crazy The word "assassination" in this work is reconfirmed as a very light thing ...

I also felt the time of Neuro, but as this author's work is animated, it feels like boring like awaking from a dream ...

Because I think that it is not the fault of the animation staff, I was slightly worried, but in the evaluation of severe ...

2015/04/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3188 Host:3248 Browser: 5943
Character is CG-like and eerie is a gag work so I think I will get used to within the tolerance range, but fine laughter such as current news stuff is hardly transmitted by animation, which leads to the loss of the goodness of the work itself I will

Although it was a check of only 10 episodes, we stopped watching here. I could not find out all the trouble worth watching with animation.
By the way, only the OP can laugh at a strange smile, so people who do not watch it also want to check there only there

2015/01/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4395 Host:4320 Browser: 7872
[good point]
I know about manga so I know mostly the story I knew it was pretty flying away It was good to advance slowly with the tempo The gag system of this hand

[Bad point]
I wanted you to do it from 1, but unfortunately I ended up banging off early, tidying up only with explanation, time series is strange .. why ..

I watched it in black and white with cartoons, so the strange feeling of hair in animation is amazing

Nori of jumping gag is still sliding in animation after all ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is "bad" on "close"