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Other media: Comics:An happy (Anhapi)
Anime total pnts rank Rank 755in 6,130 titlesTotal 39 / Deviation 53.70
Anime avg pnts Rank 472in 2,801 titlesAvg 1.50=Very good/26 reviews
Anime rank of 2016 Rank 5in 257 titles
Statics of evaluation and Ranking
Reviews' statics
Post review by myself
Graphic2.24(Very good)17
Music2.12(Very good)17
Character/Setting2.06(Very good)17
Voice/Actor1.76(Very good)17
Story1.65(Very good)17
Made me think29%5/17
Learned something12%2/17
Hot heart6%1/17
Shed tears6%1/17
Information about this title

Shin Onuma
Tanaka Jin
Miwa Oshima
Gofumi Yuki
Yumiri Hanamori
Shiraishi Haruka
Kiyono Yasuno
Hibiku Yamamura
Yoshioka Mayu
Yumi Hara
Morinaga Chitose
Japan Released:2016/04/07(Thu) 21:30-22:00 AT-X TV
Official sites
1. http://anne-happy.com/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. https://twitter.com/annehappy_anime
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2017/02/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6950 Host:6801 Browser: 10209
First of all, I met this work two years ago from animation broadcasting. When I decided to animate it remembers that I was looking forward to what kind of work it will be as a daily animation.
From the conclusion it was awesome. The original elements in anime, the style to interwork with parodies, and eventually the process until the friendship of Hanako, lark, lump, Hibiki, Len getting friends is drawn in 12 episodes It is.
In the last round, the true meaning of this animation title will be revealed.
Unlucky but not unhappy The idea that leads to such Adler psychology will give empathy to many people.
I am looking forward to the continuation as well, and I hope to see the original manga, or preferably in the second term if possible.

2017/02/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8322 Host:8220 Browser: 7876
The wonderful part of Anhapi 〓〓〓is the positiveness of Hanako who can always be smiling no matter what unhappy eyes it is ~ I thought that I wanted to learn myself too. Other characters are also attractive and the view of the world is also very good. Personally I think that it is a work which is missing one in the animation which I saw recently here. And OPED is too wonderful and this animation is clearly said and it is impeccable. There are intense settings such as setting favorite signboard of Hibari 's construction site, abnormal sense of taste of Hibiki, weakness of the body as it is dead even when Baton dies, Perhaps it is hard to get a million people.

2017/01/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15242 Host:15606 Browser: 7471
I was very puzzled as I was watching the opening stage.
A story will be developed around three heroines of Hanako, Lark and Button.
From all three conversations to action, everything does not engage anyway.
Everyone is pushing for our way, and all three are in a blur role.
Three human patterns are not to be seen at all.
The world view of the work is somewhere "inorganic fantasy" feeling, I can not feel comfort at all by watching it.

I was further confused by the existence of 4 stories and 5 stories in which stories are developed mainly in Hibiki and Len.
The two human relationships depicted in this time are very natural, so it is very comfortable to watch.
It draws carefully the flow from encounter of early childhood to now, and you can understand that the two are connected with a certain bond.
The view of the world has changed from the early stage, it is full of love and it is very warm. What is the difference? I do not think it is the same work.
I felt that Hibiki and Len are suitable for the main heroine.

After the sixth episode, the story will be expanded with five people, Hanako, Lark, Button, Hibiki, Len.
By acting together with five different types, the intention of this work gradually became visible.

Various misfortune comes out, such as bad luck, frail constitution, past trauma,
I think that misfortune in this work is anxious that it falls into the cause because it has "individuality of weakness".
My selfish interpretation, the three main heroines are minorities (social minority [weak people]),
I think that the two sub heroines are majority (social majority).
I think that it is natural that the story (from the early stage to the middle stage) gets shaky when it thinks so.
Sharing the minority with the majority is not a common thing.
The minority is difficult even if it embodies ourselves.

I think that the struggle there appeared clearly is the time of the "Fighting final exams" of 8 episodes.
As a result of receiving a special happiness test, gradually the students (along with the teacher) battle and compete for the score.
Attribution such as "personality of weakness", I can not fight very much. We will fight for alternative attributes of it.
Some are fighters and others are dancers.
Lastly, five people worked together to make use of each other's characteristics and headed towards the teacher.
Although I had forcibly borrowed the power of given attributes,
It was the first moment I could cooperate with each other across the barriers between minority and majority.

From there the atmosphere of this work changed with lily.
Though it was frustrating, they accepted each other's strengths and five people changed into a real relationship with "real friends".
In the second half of the story, everything cooperated with everyone.
The weak button of the body is dignified, and I will speak in front of everyone that weak person is disgusting.
On the other hand, my colleagues also said that, "No such thing, everyone admits you and likes you."
They secured "a place where you can speak with confidence" that exists only a little in this world.

I think that the reason why it was accomplished, it is "other than acting".
The painting of this work was very attractive, moving very well, including the early stage which was shaky.
Camera work that never looks away from their clumsy and awkward behavior.
That is exactly the gentle eye of the adults including Mr. Kodaira.

"Everyone, act anyway, you feel uneasy when you stop, anxiety is unfortunate.
As a result of acting hard, everyone got a peace of mind and place. Peace of mind is happy. "
The teachers also tried hard well in a way that they wanted to say this (laugh). I am tired!

Because I am a person who has "individuality of weakness" myself, I feel I got a hint of living by seeing this work.
For those with "individuality of weakness", and those who have a "personality of weakness" in family and best friends,
I would like to see this work by all means. It is a masterpiece with a way to be happy.

2016/12/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1729 Host:1666 Browser: 7460
It is a nonsense gag work based on everyday objects based on everyday things that the quality gets so high that it is ridiculed as "being able to make only the last round every time" and the tempo of the story gets better as well While the theme I want to convey is clear, it is also a point. Mr. Kodaira, who is trying to communicate the problem of how to overcome their misfortune by talking about Ukufu and comedy, tastes the despairing guidance policy, but despite being severe, love is felt. When I sometimes refer to the teacher 's view as a way to save my students' crisis. However, the friendship and youth of the girls' five girls who wanted something to disagree with Professor Saginomi who questioned the significance of the existence of happiness class was enjoyable because there was no unnaturalness and unpleasant elements. Timothy is also cute, "Mitino Timothy Kimino Kimochi" became habit w
The parodies of Gundam and Precure were also impressive and interesting. I also like theme songs

2016/11/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18914 Host:18731 Browser: 8240
[good point]
It's a character

[Bad point]
The content was too ordinary and I could cry

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I am tired of seeing you in one episode, and I really appreciate it.

2016/09/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38882 Host:39057 Browser: 8619
It seems that the things that have nothing in the everyday system have already arrived at the transitional period or the settings with unique settings come out, but this may be the beginning.
It was a daily series animation centering on five girls belonging to a class where unhappy children were gathered

Even if it is said that misfortune is a daily system, the girls who are not dealing with such unhappiness as this (viewers) feel uncomfortable and enjoying the day brightly to the last. I did not take out Hami from the place where I was unfortunately living a happy day, and it seemed that Soko is drawing character's personality because everyone has a different direction of misfortune

,,, But the setting with that punch is not so interesting.
In addition to having this setting, it means that there is a story according to the setting, it seems to be a little fantasy or trying to deform and playfully but I feel somewhat uncomfortable feeling like a daily system There was it.

I checked that this is really Kirara system, it was a magazine that "Kanara Time For Kirara Forward" has a story although it is based on Kirara. I did not know.
I'm convinced if "Gyugoseki" is the same magazine, but ...

I understand that there is an aim to break away from the framework of the existing everyday system, but the aim is not yet a pros and cons, but it is rather ironic that it feels like I have let go of the advantages of the everyday system It is a place. Let's assume that the evaluation is [bad] than [bad]

2016/08/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29069 Browser: 5213
Is this also saying that it is an animation of everyday living in the beautiful girls' moe which is worth noting in 2016?

From the music, the OP song (the final story is also an ED song ......) was something like something that can be energized even when it was a bit depressed, and it was set that Kyou was carrying misfortune Although it was girls, it was hard to feel such darkness, such as the existence of pretty animals (?) That seemed to have made more accent than their own with pinpoints or their own characters well, Although it was not there, at least there was certainly one that had been drawn with such other girls of beautiful girls Moe. Some of them like the person on the signboard under construction and it is probably that they say "I can try hard to be able to meet better people" well ... Well, Originally it seemed to mean pasture, it was cozy with Mr. et al. Who had taken a bath with the late girls (?)
I did not feel timothy was too cute.

While talking about such unhappiness of apricots, there was a variety of stories from the story of punishment games and other strange things that changed a bit, including the events at the forest school and everyone had experienced once in youth, Inside there was a bit of a story that Kyou transformed as a pretty girl squad, but laughing as a strange production ... it would have been something like that.

At the end was a tag game in the forest school, but it was reasonably hatchamacha, it was a place to say as well as a break, and it was fun soon, and the temporary temporary ended in a blink of an eye, and the new semester started again At the end,
I also saw a certain site that verified the feasibility of the second phase, but it was a place I told you was a fairly good honorable mention.

2016/08/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23489 Host:23318 Browser: 11001
There is no bad point.
It will be just right for boredom.

2016/08/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23309 Host:23477 Browser: 7912
Original unread

Although I was not interested in setting the first episode and I left it with a bad impression, I watch it again.
It may be good to start watching classes that are unhappy or aiming for happiness without thinking too deeply.

Although one scene of the deformed character into which the scene expansion is inserted was not good at the beginning,
It became a little punchy, supplemented to the next scene and played a role in advancing well at a tempo.
Although I see it with other animation, I think that how to use was very effective.

Although it seems that writing and movement are not basically many with a pale feeling picture, the main part is clear and it was easy to see.
Mobu does not go up to symbolization, it is simplified degree, the background is neither a great translation nor ruthless,
Even though it concentrates on the dialogue and the story of the characters, I think that it is just a good feeling of proportioning to enjoy the atmosphere and character in moderation without showing a picture anyway.
Occasionally the surprises were good as there are scenes that sometimes strangely change paintings and change.

[good point]
The character was very pretty, I think that the voice actor was also good.
In the early stage was a deformed character which was a lot of losing, but it came from many places from the second half.
Thanks to positive thinking of "Hana Nako", the last of the forest school was relaxed and healed.
The last round of people, I felt happy when I saw them. It is good to have the OP song last.

[Bad point]
"Mr. Kodaira" cv Yumi's back mode was interesting, so I wanted it a little more.
It was a bit disappointing that the final homestay was a picture-story show.
Although it was an easy-to-understand character setting, it was a bit overkill or there was a scary scene.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the polite and beautiful drawing and the expansion of the story were good, which was slightly different from luxury and flashy.
I think that it was good to have made extraordinary places such as the test site and the forest school attentive.
I wrote a small story and the final round was also well organized, it seems that there are also two periods and I am looking forward to it.

2016/07/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2023 Host:1828 Browser: 3989
[good point]
. Addictive OP
Drawing is beautiful
Character is rich personality and cute
Gag is interesting
Story expansion

[Bad point]
Hanako who is being attacked by animals is a bit sorry

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I knew that this animation is the same comic time animation animation as Togashi and Fortune, I felt it interesting if I watch it.
There is only animation of SILVER LINK same as Tanbei and the picture is beautiful.
OP is so addictive that I heard it many times w
By the way I like Hanako Koizumi (Hana Nako), Hikarigaoka Ruri (Hibari) and Kume River Peony (Botan). Especially Hanako looks like cocoa and it is cute so it has a good feeling.
I am expecting that there will be 2 terms in this animation as it was interesting.
Evaluation is "highest!"

2016/07/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32510 Host:32358 Browser: 5191
[good point]
The drawing was stable, it was a piece of drawing that was fluffy.
Personally the image side was the best.
The scenes in which the characters move according to OP were drawn considerably finely.

The music side was also good.
OP matched well with the lively feeling of this work.

The development of the story was also good.
It is where you bring times that changed as you got bored.
The round of the final examination in the underground empire was funny because the style was completely different from usual.
I think that the making for not getting tired of viewers was well elaborate.

[Bad point]
There is nothing in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I felt motivation of the production team looking at a very stiff image.
It was a good work that never changed the direction until the very end.
Overall, I assume the evaluation is very good.

2016/07/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27431 Host:27521 Browser: 4693
[good point]
Cute girls tried their mysterious happiness test at Toronemo Gakuen where delusions came ...
How kind of nostalgic feeling setting is a warm incarnation for recent viewers?
Impression that it is rare feeling ??

[Bad point]
I can not bear to hear the omission of. Do not you recast?
There are many subtle characters in the definition of "unfortunate", the feeling of satisfaction is thin.
In the work, teacher Saginomiya had an episode that "packed up" "self-ownedness", but the purely "bad luck" with five main characters is only Hanako alone, Peony is "weak constitution", Hibari and Hibiku are "disappointing Child"
(Hibiki) Lotus is like "disorder?" "Weak constitution" is an innate thing. Also, if lotus' homosexual pheromone constitution is mistaken one step, it is directly connected stalker material. Is it also good that you can enclose "misfortune" or "your own income" together? Hibiki is a developmental disorder and "secondary obstacle" is also grasped, it is a good thing whether it is good to watch with a smile, very to the moyamoya.
It may be a work to see without considering anything, but if you make a mistake it is likely that it will lead to discrimination and prejudice,
I wanted you to control this well. However, it was too appropriate from the character setting.
Pushing ignoring the gloomy jerky story is a bad impression.
A good thing turns inside out? A class and happiness test exhausted as a word of absurdity. However, did you do "learning" to improve "happiness"? If you feel that it is just a stupidity just rolling the story, you will only get a sense of synergy.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"usually". For the main character, the positive attitude that did not hold at all in a misfortune was preferable,
Other characters are full of problems at the time of setting. I was terrified by the development that the support robot gets bumped into the "happiness test" of variety telling at the Ton Demo SF Gakuen where the struggle gathers. Other than Hanako related,
Attitudes that enclose numerous problems with "one word of misfortune" are Tsukkomi and a rumble of discomfort ...
Speaking of the ideal development, each member's "misfortune" should be characterized as purely "bad luck" that occurs only by chance. Because it is defined as "unfortunate", it has become strange.
I do not recommend it to owner of paranoid Tsukkomushi like me. It may be good to try the small things for people who can flow a lot.

2016/07/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16884 Host:16896 Browser: 7904
[good point]
The characters are cute.
OP, ED is good. Especially OP is good. When I notice it, I am lazy.

[Bad point]
Unfortunately the grab was bad. It took about 3 episodes to link the content of misfortune by character to charm point.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Unfortunate high school girls are doing their best in a healthy way, but they are mysterious animations that lead to the charm of the characters.
Moe It is a cartoon animation of the everyday system, but robots etc come out, so unlike a pure everyday system, it is an animation that enjoys a comedy that cute girls' unhappy constitution spreads. Especially the OP was the kindness of the character's oozing out.
I think that the colors were also pastel color and enjoyable view of the world well.

However, this work has a bad grab. I could not convey the misfortune of the character to the viewer successfully in the first episode, so I did not know where the attraction of this work is. I think that some people have stopped watching this.
For example, larks became a coward in relation to human relationship because of the two-dimensional picture love constitution, and it was setting as unfortunate as a result. However, it is not unfortunate that you can only love two-dimensional figures. For this reason, I was confused as to what misfortunes are like this work in the first episode.
Besides, peony is not able to successfully do everyday life because of poor constitution, consequently unfortunate, Hibiki is easy to be late with extreme sense of direction and as a result unhappiness, the lotus likes whether it is an animal if the sex is a woman Because of constitution it is unfortunate that you can not send a decent daily life.
In other words, the four people except Hanako were unfortunate as a result due to their constitution, and should emphasize that one thing properly is unfortunate. From the teachers you were said to be unhappy people, but I did not know what category is unfortunate.
And with Hikari's two-dimensional love misfortune, Hanako has confused the meaning of misfortune of this work. Although Hanako is unfortunate, he is disliked by animals in one story, because the person himself did not notice it or because he did not break homework eggs, that is to say that personality is too positive, There was a point that it is difficult to understand how unfortunate it is. The viewer clearly knows that Hanako is unlucky is a little later, but it was a different misfortune from the other four, and as a result it took time to understand how to enjoy each episode . For example, unfortunately Hanako and the sound of misdirection simply do not compete with each other for the misfortune measurement competition, so it is not possible to keep up with the same misery, so if you are looking at key words such as misfortune, you do not know what to enjoy.

Conversely, if you know the taste of each of those characters, this work gets interesting at once.

In addition, although Hanako is a nickname, it will be a story in the second half, but when I looked back at the one story, he gave his name as a self-introduction properly. Although Hanako 's real name was introduced, Mr. Libari who forgot it is .... Well I even forgot that there was a self-introduction scene.

2016/07/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2542 Host:2399 Browser: 9081
Original unread

A slightly strange setting that everyone is unhappy with everyday things by five girls.
As the atmosphere is close to "YuruYuri", you can enjoy those who like everyday pieces of high tempo.

Hayako of the main heroine is a character who seems to be happy just by watching it as taking a positive look at everything that looks positive, always positive, smiling, and negative (although only the size of the chest is different) So far as far as we can be aware of the positive things we have so far only about "Kinpo warning".

And as contrasting with Hanako, put a cool caliber of thought type larks to make a clear contrast, plus a more forward looking Hanako and opposite Bonton as a comedy and a role to connect two people, We are distinguishing themselves by giving strong and distinct attributes to each of the three.

Although it seems that I could not make much use of Liber's signboard for the signboard, I could make use of the unhappy parts of the other four for the full extent, a promised laugh, a bitter smile with a frantic development, and there Impression that it was charged to. Also, the director of this work is Mr. Onuma, but as in "It's a fool, a test and a summoned beast" "Norin" "I do not think that you are not motivated, you are bad", pastel color (From the interview on the Baccarat radio) may also be overlooked at once, such as brightness which used plenty of brightness, imitative sounds, parodies of other works, tsukkomi based on letters, etc. It is not a lot, but for those who like this director's style, this work also meets expectations and it is simply fun.

In the first half, because I used too much time to introduce my character, there is momentum in the second half of the story than the first half, but as long as viewing is not ended on the way, I'm getting a sense of satisfaction after finishing watching the last round There. Hibiki's light homosexual orientation is unnecessary, but if it is the original, it is inevitable.

It is said that a bright style can be said that the director who was good at the production of that type of work gathered up and the resultant viewer became a bright and happy mood.

2016/06/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 861 Host:586 Browser: 5171
At the time I saw one episode I thought that the grab was a bit weak,
Because we did not seem to deal with unfortunate story as much interesting,
The expected value at the initial stage was rather low saying the real intention,
However, the negative impressions held in the early stages as they continue viewing and listening are lost,
I could enjoy the unique style of this book that deal with unhappy stories as I finished.

Then, although it is attached to the contents of this work, by the way I think that it was good with this work certainly that although this character works comes up with an unfortunate eye of an appearance character,
It was good that there was not excessive production of unfortunate story in the neighborhood,
Even if I encountered unhappy eyes in the middle, it was a very good impression on my personal point that a good afterthought to prepare me for a happy mood is prepared at the end.

By the way, to mention a part of unhappy story one thing, of course, dealing with unhappy story makes it so much to make an appearing character feel unreasonable,
Watching characters that have such a strange feeling can be a daunting feeling,
Honestly speaking, there is a high risk of having a negative impression on the work,
Although I had a negative element but still I did not have a negative impression on this work,
A screenplay that will not make viewers uncomfortable with unhappiness. The point that the production was solidly done,
Also in this work, although characters appearing on the way encounter unhappy eyes,
But it is a conscience scenario that salvation is prepared at the end rather than ending unhappy,
And, through the name episode Friends of the characters Children 's friends Thinking that scenes can be seen Watching the thought that heart - warming things were felt While this work deals with misbehaving story, it not only shows the unfortunate part but also happiness and I think that it is the good place of this work that makes me feel firmly the part that makes me think.

Kyou 's character which grabs smile positively by not thinking that event unhappy if it talks about a character after speaking with a character is said better,
When I was watching Kyou's character, I felt that I could be happy even as a viewer side,
To say it again, it could be said that Kyou's character is a symbol of the style of this work.

2016/06/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15216 Host:15005 Browser: 5171
[Best point]
The main character 5 daughters are cute .. It runs out to this (especially Hanako).
By the way, both OP.ED, the pretty character of the character was portrayed brilliantly.
The inserted song "Because the wish is a losing star" had impact (laugh).
Also, some of their friendship was heart warming.

[Points not reached the highest]
I am describing misfortune with gag comedy ... but a little .... -

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will say [very good].
In the future I would like you to realize the second term (laugh).

2016/06/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26048 Host:26017 Browser: 8416
It was an unfriendly school life story of the "no twist" girls, but it was really interesting thought and development.
Three people + two girls who carried "negative business" such as bad luck, "sickness", "sense of direction" and so on encountered various trials but also resulted in happiness "friendship" I was able to enjoy until the very end the process until I got the gag and the development of Buttbi.
Five characters' standing and differentiation was also remarkably good, funny animation.

Also from any forward-looking attitude of "flower Koizumi Ann" that can be regarded as "anything unlucky" as "I am lucky!" I was able to receive suggestions that "There are happiness even in bad luck?" In addition, it is "Mr. Kodaira" which many unknown points were various, but may be a graduate of seven happy class seven as well as unexpected "Kyou's mother ... ... It was fun to imagine Right.

2016/06/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17529 Host:17251 Browser: 4699
[good point]
Characters are cute, each one has its own personality and it is not blurred. Almost one talk complete type and easy to see as a comedy. There are many deep and good stories hidden in the richness of neta and slapsticks.

[Bad point]
Because the personality of the character and the setting of the school are special, the person who thought that it is ordinary everyday system might be ecstatic.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is often said that the fun is rising to the right shoulder, and in the final round it was a good animation that was immersed in the sorrow that ended with fun and warmth.
The impression will change for the first lap of every few stories, the second lap. I think the character is a story in which the feelings of the viewer change without blurring anyway.
Character has each misfortune attribute as a characteristic, but it is not pessimistic, it makes it a comedy well and it will understand each time the singing phrase "encouraging comedy" increases.
It seemed like an animation in a good meaning, it was a pursuit of fun and cute that can only be done in two dimensions and it became an individual favorably my favorite work.

2016/06/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2630 Host:2661 Browser: 7906
It seems to be a daily system, but I think that it was a comedy and a moean animation.
I think that important characters as moe are also pretty cute and I was attracted to the utmost use of the voice of the character well enough OP.
Also, I like the feeling that I'm making good stories that can pretty much tear together well.
Although the relationship between the characters got a little shorter and there were places where the distance was shrinking or rivalry, I thought that it was good that they did not shoot giggis with the feeling that they are good friends and good girls.

As a character of the school Timothy is pleasant but a character with something behind,
Although Mr. Kodaira also sees the black part, although it is nice to have described a nice surface that was pretty complicated, although it is nice to have a story go to the comedy anything when you bring the story to the school ... ....
To be honest I thought that comedy of this animation was slightly subtle.
Where I thought it was interesting in this work, I accepted misery like gags positively,
It is the feeling that it is how I will act on a character with friends or notches,
The comedy element at this school's gakuen did not live on that point, but I felt strongly that I was trying to make laughter only on the spot ......
Still it is nice to take a streak to the direction of the feeling that "You are a good story.

Another thing I'm interested in is whether I'm going to do a sequel, but there are places that seem to spread such seeds explicitly ... I can see a variety of things ... ... I guess you bought the original ... ....

It was a cute work that was aimed at those who were interesting.

2016/06/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44475 Host:44445 Browser: 10265
[good point]
Characteristic and cute characters
I'm sublimating into a gag well enough to not overburden the theme "bad luck"
I feel good with any character because the bond depiction is firm with friendship and caring for friends
Buggy gags (especially the scenes that transform into magical girls with 8 episodes and the scenes where the last round of robots comes out were very funny www)
[Bad point]
It seems that Hibiki 's lesbian portrait is choosing a person with a blatant blunder
What was that teacher after all?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I thought that it was interesting but boring at the beginning, though it was thought that it was big fun from seven episodes, even though it says that it is the theme of "bad luck", it is almost certain that a certain character keeps seeing unreasonable eyes Nothing, rather, any character can be watched with kindness with a gentle feeling and it became very warm feeling. Since the way of finishing felt a bit like indigestion a little, it may be good to expect in the second term )
Evaluation is "very good"

2016/06/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22241 Host:22252 Browser: 9081
Well interesting. At first I was expecting a heartful school comedy, but it was a work that goes obliquely above expectation in a nice sense.

Basically, comedies with unfairy characters (unhealthy, directional tone, etc.) made up of characters are deployed,
Every character is positive and can be compassionate to anyone, so it has no disgust and can be likable.
(Peony only negative thinking, but it is not something that feels discomfort)
Especially if Hanako of the main character wears unhappiness just like that, most people will be able to behave cheerfully and cheerfully until they close their minds.
Even though it is a cartoon of animation, it is possible to watch with confidence what stories can be watched securely if it changes to one by changing how one draws it, although it may become content which is quite uncomfortable, it is a whole I think that it is "easy world" because there are many characters with bright style and likable.
The character deza was drawn cute from the main character to the small animal and it was healed very much.

Not only the simple comedy but also the contents of the story is not only a simple comedy, but also a search for a lucky item of four stories, the first encounter of five episodes and Ren, seven episodes of Hanako,
There is an exciting story that makes my heart warm, and ED 's "I hope tomorrow is fine" coupled with the lyrics will bring a comfortable way of tightening.

And directing director Onuma with a reputation for his widespread performance is a ha ha. This time also did it.
Dynamic Sugoroku, pictorial representation of lesbian unfolds like weekly, parodies such as North Fist and Gundam,
Timothy rap with high toxicity, superhuman physical ability of Mr. Kodaira sensei, etc. are thrown away that will not bore the viewers.

Among them, it was Dantotsu in the virtual battle of 8 episodes, indeed a rusty cure transformation in the last.
Draw intentionally powerful drawing, dedicated insertion song, thorough enough to change official website for a limited time.
People who thought that it was the first everyday animation would have been lost.

"PUNCH 〓〓〓MIND 〓〓〓HAPPINESS" in the theme song is a positive song that can be energized, it is a good song that will blow away bad thoughts.

There were many newcomers and low profile people for voice actors, but I think that every character matched.
Especially Yumiri Hanamori, actor Hanamori Yukimi, Mr. Yasuno Anno acting as a buddy, Chinzi Morinaga acting as a timothy acted excellently.

Dr. Odaira says, "Any small wish, waiting for it to come true, nothing will change, I will take a step forward as a wish will come true, it will be the key to bringing me happiness someday"

"Luck is not determined by the power of one person, something that changes with the environment, people, every element"

"It is one of the representative examples of negative works to compare ourselves with others"

It is a work that made me think variously though it was a bright comedy style.

With laughter, I'm impressed .. I guess it may be the most enjoyable work in this term this morning,
Evaluation is made "highest".

2016/06/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21973 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
I finally finished watching the whole story so I received my impressions.

As a style, I was painting with a touch that was heartwarming for the extraordinary everyday life of female students who attended special specialties such as lucky classes even though they were typical everyday systems.

The first impression when we watched a picture like patrimony, the first impression of combining Yuruyuri and Tachibana was the impression that it was feeling that I added the black humor moderately, but the heroine girls were deformed further The face when I was playing was like a character of "Pandora" game of Pandora Box, but it is probably not so unusual because the deformation around here is also often used for girls' manga.

Even though I thought that there were many unusual classes such as extra-curricular activities in practical skills and practical training rather than written exam, there were also lucky classes, but especially in the last round the mascot character wore the armored parts of the dendrobium compatible robot In addition to that rampaging, in addition to that it was like reminiscent of "Battle Royale" and "Hanger Game", but it was a situation that made it difficult to enjoy without having to shoulder elbowed, by pulling out things that were destroyed, was.

Although it is an evaluation, I will assume it is "good".

2016/06/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4570 Host:4768 Browser: 4721
[Twisted point]
First of all it was a "bad luck" child in many different meanings, but still it was unattractive (even thought nothing) But it was very attractive.
I think that a character that has not entrusted to this far has been a while since a while.
On the other hand, there are unexpected things about having a complex as usual with a body type.

Hibari no Ogigito LOVE
It is one of the big features of this work, but the depiction of this relationship was conscientious and it was a very good impression. Everyone around me is gentle.

From the honor 's hospitalization episode 7th episode 7th episode, it is established as an existence that puts the last in a nice feeling.
People with many mysterious parts, such as showing gun skills at excursion times.

After the middle stage, the development of extraordinary things unexpected as everyday comedy increased, and it got great excitement.
Especially, I would like to give you the final prize of episode 8, "I won a lot of things well on this scale" (I decided on my own).
Although it can be said that it was diagonally above, but this time, there were not so many gags (described later) relying on the character attributes, and it enjoyed purely the story development.

[Point not twisted]
In the first half, many gags relying on character attributes, monotonous (especially peony 's weak neta)
Because it is such a work, if it is said, it is until then, but maybe it was a bit slow starter.

Episode 5 was the past episode of Hibiki and lotus, but maybe it was better for you to take the honorific order of episode 7 of the episode first.
Because it is never a funny boring problem, I want you to hit a spot earlier than a character of a hero positively.
However, it is contained in the subtai, is not it hard?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was able to enjoy it very much as a comfortable butterfly comedy with a good tempo, but as I mentioned above, I think that it was a little slow starter.
Evaluation is "Very close to good".
Even so, it's the most terrible eyes throughout the story, it's timothy ...

2016/06/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9112 Host:9163 Browser: 11137
[good point]

The character is pretty anyhow. I think that it is inevitable in the animation of this season. In addition, OP is a song that is highly addictive and you want to hear it many times. The lily element is also high, especially the person who wants to see lily should see if both Hagishi Hikaru and Ekoda lotus combination.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Character is cute and OP is also very good, but if it is said that it is a daily system, I think there are some people who have resistance a bit because there is a slightly different part. About 90/100 points

2016/04/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Casting matches overall The tempo goes well and the story does not feel stressful
The direction and color tone etc. of OPED are good, and Mr. Aki Aya's song is very good
[Bad point]
The subject matter is the content that selects a person

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I thought that it was the first impression of op as Baca Tesse, I was still a director, the production companies were the same. That's why I thought that the perfection degree of the work had a sense of stability, painting, direction and tempo are well balanced.

Also the casting is also roughly matched, so the charm of this character stands out to this person even compared with three people 's three leaves of the daily system starting at the same time.

Although it is the content of the essence, since misfortune is the theme, there are also some people who have discomfort in this part although they are drawn with comedy touches that habits are strong and heroines match unfortunate eyes by unreasonable eyes I guess. Also, since unfortunate material is a bit too extreme content, it seems that seasoning is too dense ...
I think that it is easy to sympathize one neta or the like which is the contents of four magazines, but I was wondering how it is too dark to make a character standing.
Were you also interested somewhat trying to bring out the side of a story thing? I think this element is somewhat anxious because I feel that ease of watching than the story is important with this kind of animation.

I can evaluate the point that you can see it with confidence because it is Bacchus Director & Production Company. It might be good to see people who liked Baka Tese once.
I recommend not having unpleasant feelings on the content side.

2016/04/16 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26048 Host:26017 Browser: 8416
It's like an unfortunate school life story of a young girls' twist, but this is really an interesting idea, is not it?
It can be said that it is a work skillfully poked at the deep psyche that everyone "holding myself unhappier than others" embraced in everyone, and before they unexpectedly have their own overlapping in their unfortunate It is frightening. (^ _ ^;)
Even if it is unlucky thing, the first daughter who can be caught as "lucky!!" Is enigmatic and also enviable, and it seems that heroin appeared to increase from 3 episodes, but somehow they got a fortune grabbed and happy I want you to end it.
I might as well carry my raw eggs for a day. ( Lol )
It would be a recommended animation for people who are aware of the delusions.

2016/04/09 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23003 Host:23078 Browser: 4721
In the work that unfortunate girls were collected in one class, each one has weakness or a secret and carries unhappiness, but such girls with median protagonists think brightly and positively while being hated by animals I thought this setting would be interesting depending on personality.

Just thought that the content is too childish, or I do not know if the magazines on which this original is posted are for children or girls, but I thought whether it was a sweet feeling and not a work directed towards the middle of the night.
That's why I felt that the story itself was unimpressive and I felt that the setting I felt interesting was not made use of.
It is a work that is unexpected because it is inexpressible and it is unexpected because it is cheap and it has made it unrecognizable because it is unexpected because it is unexpectedly harmonized and gag is trying to get laughing.

I do not like patterns and backgrounds personally, but I do not like it, but it seemed like the cheaperness and slippage of contents are revealing.
My eyes are shaky, and it feels like the same colors and features, so it really is not left in the impression.

As early story work done in the middle of the night the picture and the contents were only to invite sleep.

But, as for me, I decided that it was a deciding factor to put a very bad figure over there, with a voice, first I thought that girls with black haired Long girls are a bit too poor though they are not in charge of newcomers.
Because the character could not be put out by voice more than anything than the content, it looked like only a character like just standing up.
And the orange hair girl of the protagonist can only hear it as a voice that sells a flourish anyway and the content did not come into my mind by this voice.
I think that it is originally a bright and pretty character, but it seems like a bone caught on a nod in a one-pattern voice like a customer who does not have emotion and is only doing business for work There was only a sense of mochimuka.

Personally I do not evaluate works that do not fit extremely well or children, but I decided to evaluate because I thought that it was also working in the middle of the night at midnight and also a girls only girls work.
The content is suitable for children, I think that it is a work that can be enjoyed for those who want to see simple laughter, contents, or pretty girls.

It was a very bad work because it was impossible for me to personally agree and I could not laugh at neta and gag and no voice received.