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Other media: Game:Akibazu Torippu / Comics:AKIBA'S TRIP
Anime total pnts rank Rank 1,954in 6,561 titlesTotal 10 / Deviation 49.13
Anime rank of 2017 Rank 38in 239 titles
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Hiroshi Ikehata
Kazuho Hyodo
Motoyama Tetsu
Ishiya Haruki
Takahashi rie
Marika Kono
Yuki Nagaku
Misaki Kuno
Jyoji Nakata
Chiaki Takahashi
Mariko Honda
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Masumi Asano
Japan Released:2017/01/04(Wed) 22:30-23:00 AT-X TV
Official sites
1. http://akibastrip-anime.com (Translation)
2. http://s.mxtv.jp/anime/akibastrip/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. https://twitter.com/akibastripanime
Opening movie (1)
Akiba’s Trip The Animation - opening 1
Compose:Yokoyama Masaru Arrange:Yokoyama Masaru [Fan reg.]
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2017/05/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31359 Host:31556 Browser: 8628
I knew that there was a game with the same name, but since the hit rate of the game animation is low personally, the expected value is zero. But as I finished it was becoming a good animation that could be said to be a dark horse of the current term

Take off your clothes with people who are trapped by Bagrimono and fight and fight. I thought about what kind of fool animation it would be in Muuchi in the first place to expect such a setting, but I thought about it, but when I try to watch it such setting is well understood that omake is also a bonus, its actual state is good quality It was becoming an episode animation

Every time it deals with something that leads to Akihabara culture, conflicts will occur around it, but the choice of the neta also includes wireless, genre, homebrew PC, card games, etc. Otaku-related subjects related to Akiba So we have a Pharaoh, a current affair and a black neta in it

With greediness trying to pick up the story from everywhere, it is fun just to search for the original story that I have been "since the brave's husband is neither" nor "The King of the Heavenly King Saga" since not

As a disadvantage it takes time to introduce the explanation of the world view and the story, so 1 story, 2 story is boring.
Perhaps there are also a lot of people who have broken off if they can understand the bottom enough if we see the two talks. However, it is cool!
Having stopped watching there, it is a tremendous waste!

By seeing it as 3 episodes and 4 talks, it finally became interesting to Gunggun, and finally it was a very satisfying animation that it closes one course by using 3 episodes to a lavish

Because there is a unique nori, I think there is a difference that does not suit people, but what do you propose for the best animation in this period (winter of 2017)? If you are asked, I'm confident with "Akiba A trip! "Will be answered!
ED is also powerful, it is a lot of lots of different songs flowing every time!

2017/04/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11608 Host:11541 Browser: 4894
Works that are unexpectedly interesting from Nomark, the bargain for this term. It was working well from the OP, which I thought was a hit.

A hero like comedy that the hero who grabbed the power of a mystery fighting the neighbors annoying evil organization fights from whether it is called a neighborhood hero comedy or not. It is a royal royalty routine that a monster appeared on a weekly basis and made a bad thing in the town and the hero bounces it. (However, this routine itself may be rare as it is now thought)
Just to say, it is a royal road, this routine in 30 minutes animation is very comfortable. Since the framework or structure has been decided, no matter what you played in the inside, the story develops steadily. It seems that the sense of stability of this part was supporting the interest of the work.

The main character is a so-called otaku, but it is not a modern-style hero who puts kudokudo side by side with theory and rather is a hero of the type which is like an action, first practice, rather old-fashioned. (Is this a geek geek a long time ago? Otaku who acts by himself who goes out into the town and gathers information by human exchange and takes the actual thing in hand.)
That's why I'm becoming a hot-blooded hero more than I thought it was the hero of a comedy. I thought that it was obediently cool to make a reply saying "Why did not you come in!" To the word "he came for what?"

Leave aside for details, the way to beat the enemy is to take off your clothes. Conversely, heroine and heroine also become pinch when clothes are torn.
And each time the heroine 's clothes are torn, girls in combat positions or female characters from enemy executives are undressed to the main character. The point is that it is a cheerful scene, but the power is included in that sexual scene is not a girl's underwear but a part of a sword fight.
There are strangely carefully made battle scenes, such as complicated movement, bold composition, strong deformation, etc. And it is not particularly felt that the underwear of the bottom is very complicated handling.
I do not know where the intention of the producer is, but I like laughter, I treat myself as a crucial scene.

As mentioned in the title, since it is a work set in Akihabara, naturally what is called so-called "otaku culture" is taken up every time. It may be a little independent point of view that we are spotting not only "things" but also "people" as well as idols and festivals, and even circle crushers. (Is it rather "Otaku culture" a while ago than it is original?
And, although I'm going to take the parody of a gag that made this "geek culture" a story quickly, this work does not run easy for masochistic. Even though I ridiculed it, I will not make fun of it. Even if you are laughing at neta for people who are passionate about the hobby you can not understand from the viewpoint of those who are not interested, there is no denying such a hobby, the existence of such people.
This attitude was consistent and I think that the core of the work was put in that part. (That's why, the last is a story of a ban law)

The last round of the scene that the hero and the heroine got disturbed kissing like a promise and it is not known whether there is a sequel or not, beautifully in a big circle. Whether it makes you feel nostalgic till the end, or you use the worn out neta dignifiedly, it was how it ended like this work.
It is nice geek choice that does not deviate to animation and games, it is a work of the hero, good construction, good composition, it is probably a work that aimed at the atmosphere removed from the current wind. Therefore, I think that people who do not echo are natural.

However, I think that many people want to empathize with the attitude that "the passion for favorite things is not given to anyone" that underlies this work.

2017/04/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46478 Host:46664 Browser: 8284
It was very funny with a stupid thorns full opening. I have seen GONZO animation so far so far, but I liked it as much as I could enter 3 fingers.

As a content, Tamotsu useless Ronin Tamotsu is reincarnated into the existence of "Bagrisono" by the heroine's summary power, a story to protect Akiha's town from enemy Bugrimono together with summary and Arisa. Since bugrimono disappears when you take off your clothes, is it a sexy violence action as a genre?

Although this original is unplayed, it was original enough to ignore the original even if you do not play. The weight of a parody that sarcasm of various things was high, there was expatriotism that opened up there, the character 's deformibly moving character deza, and the regular GONZO appealing come together to make it really terrible. (Praise)

The content of the parody is suitable for the title, and it is centered on military, idle chasing, amateur radio, giant game, TCG and other deep otaku culture in Akiba, and in other parts, "Thank you for returning, I can live "It is a feeling that I'm cooking myself stupidly to the extent that hard discussion etc. does not happen, such as the black neta of Watami and the social topic such as AV appearance which was deceived by sweet words.
In parody, I was able to enjoy it without problems even if I mentioned only about gates. I think that it is better to say that it was better to enjoy it because the momentum of the gag and the character fits the skin than the parodies.

The guest voice actors who appeared as enemies each time are wastefully luxurious, and the place of who will be in charge next was also one of enjoyment. The final story has been casting stick voice against the fact that it has been appointed until then to the middle-sized and experienced veterans. W Show the advanced gag that it will become a fine gag depending on the timing of introducing a stick I feel I was.

It was built in one of the gags that it was driven aside by the colorful elements originating from the original.
When the summary and Arisa are blown off in the battle, it is never seen in the skirt when the camera angle from directly below, with pants shuffled in the dog shrine dressed in the large open leg or the ground w that policy what? Yo www
Even if the enemy is also taken off, it is a design that is not pleased so much, so I assume that the modest sex appeared to be careful not to disturb laughter.

Everyone was awesome until the character was a mob. The most favorite is summary. Holds the bat with upper body jersey & miniska, Tsundere Choroin with bangs. As I approached the end, my deare increased and my heart was buggling. I do not care at this time whether I am 78 years old, so I would like to settle with her.
Mosa is also a wonderful but not wonderful and erotic Mosa is also wonderful! Dr. Kuno Misaki Voice is the most disgusting acting, Mr. Kashi was a point that could be laughed as he came out. Pu - ko was the best at the mob.
The MVP character who decided to hit the book is Tamotsu. It was a character that blindly plunged into what I liked, and I liked it very much. I felt somewhat sympathy while being amazed at the idiotic figure that hangs in hobbies and bite till sacrificing my life and health w

It was a wonderful animation that I could trip in the city called Akiba, history, foolishness, darkness, and unity.

2017/04/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16884 Host:16896 Browser: 8242
[good point]
It's nice. Where gags are divisible as gags.
I liked the songs of this work quite well. I miss the earphone.

[Bad point]
There are not many ladies' voice actors or scripts.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This is just B class animation. It was fun to see B class animation thoroughly.

The main character Tamotsu who got a special ability decided to fight against Bagrimono who plans to control Akiba, but since Bagrimono disappears by removing clothes, the way of fighting is simple and undressing only.
The viewer has a simple composition that a woman (sometimes an old man) is undressed, and watching underwear appearance and enjoying it. Sometimes the heroines on the hero's side are also commonly panned. As many underwear are not very objectionable, it can be said that it is only a work to enjoy the act of undressing. This area seems to be a game aiming at undressing like an arcade game of the past, I think that refreshing feeling was a priority.

The theme of each story is like a parody on the assumption of Akihabara which is converted into an otaku comprehensive city such as animation, games, maid, PC, electronic parts, and this work is to enjoy the story which was scattered everywhere. Even if you do not know the original story, you can enjoy it because it is a gag in the first place, you can enjoy more if you know the original story. The last is Back the future and Stagee.

I think that it is pretty enough for those who can divide and be able to enjoy it as B class animation.

2017/03/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39713 Host:39514 Browser: 7426
Production staff are moving forward in My Way, I am doing whatever I like, like what I like,
It was a fun animation that made me feel strongly that it was making freedom not captured by the common sense of animation.
Even though it was an omnibus episode that was a basic episode complete, the amount of heat per episode was not hemisphere.
Since Akihabara is the stage setting up the theme for each story, such as events, radio, rice, date,
(There is also a story though it is not necessarily Akihabara separately, but the style and the material itself has a distinctive feeling)
I will paint a relaxing startup while scattering small neta that can not be covered with gleeful tempo.
Mostly I am interested in this week's subject 〓〓〓It will be a little sick 〓〓〓bug rimono! 〓〓〓Undressing,
Although it is a flow like this temple, I do not care much about one pattern.

Saying clearly Old-fashioned old feeling and underground feeling even if broadcasted 13 to 17 years ago.
It is as if I had digged back an underground night animation in the early '00' s,
Although drawing seems to have drawn while making a cup ramen with somewhat tacito feeling,
(Somehow it seems like GONZO in various ways at that point, and it seems like an old low-budget late-night animation)
The abundance of drawers that can not cover all the story was abnormal and attractive.
Among them, it seems like a song of contemporary satire is too dangerous it is crisp,
For the original player, it is a convincing surprise and also prepared neta considering not to become an inner ring,
The perfect burning screenplay that the creator staff wants to do is gathered beautifully for each episode.
Satisfaction like ramen boasting a steady taste that you can receive deliciously until the last soup and noodles.

Still, the serious development of the final stage is a royal road where the things that have been accumulated until now are gathered together.
Although it is serious, there is not much sense of resistance (rather an interesting depiction that makes Rasubos feel sympathy can also be seen),
The last battle that gives a mysterious impression while leaving a fool element that does not let it become damp air.
The first impression of the characters also seems to be modest, but attachment has gradually gotten more and more as more times are piled up,
It is pleasant to see hotness and coolness which is unprecedented as gag animation, especially in the theater which seems to be the hero of the hero of the last stage.
After just finishing watching the last story a little more I just wanted to see these sluts,
It was an animation that made me think so obediently, although I was so impressed with the reverberation but it was nice to see it to the end.

Of course it is hard to say that this style is for a lot of people, and the style is completely different from the original game.
(If this work is gaggy, the original is a gag serious half of it, but it was an exquisite balance)
First of all, it's old-fashioned style.It's not catchy so much from drawing, so the threshold is high.
There is no mistake in seeing the neta by watching pro-wrestling material and there is no doubt to choose a person.
Still humorous people were a type of animated cartoon. In my case perhaps I think that its cause is odorless.
I do not really understand myself, but there is a mysterious addiction that I want to drink and drink.
The curiosity when I saw the late night animation for the first time in the '00s has also revived. Animation for a man in a good way.

Personal favorite episode is brain wash and black byte turn.
I uploaded Watami Bite Paro on a real free magazine called 1UP and laughing at this animation Seriously,
I was impressed that it is Strong style when I held numerous stores in Akihabara as cooperative stores.
Although it was fiction, the editorial department of 1UP accepted us well ...

2017/02/10 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26511 Host:26562 Browser: 4693
[good point]
The real Akiba landscape and copyright subcarnets are used may be fun if you are interested in that hand. Although the landscape depiction is gorgeous, I would like other neta to rise a little more.

[Bad point]
There is not enough in - depth of subcal. It is about the extent that I stroked the top surface, and I want more lecture or deep neta. Sabagete & military type is too adequate and the bottom shallow breaks.
Gags can not laugh overall. The material is too thin.
"Guest performance" What is Kushida Akira. That's good, so. There will be more power to do other things. I do not say earphones is bad, but the song is too bad.
The story line is miscellaneous. Where is the vigilante ??

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"bad". I was expecting to be a masterpiece for a soulful Shigeta's soulful singing voice for a moment, but it is also a subtle place that I do not go to such Kumada group otaku musical. The place where the work is located is not clear, and it is fatal that the destructive power of the gag is insufficient.
Although it is possible to go to the place somewhere, I want to inject a little more power a little more.
Although the original was understood to be a game, I understood with the title of "ji animation", but the completeness as an animation is not good. If I do not skip it more, I will only be buried as an ordinary work.
I can not evaluate that Otakuuneta does not get crazy about doing too much. Why are you trying to light it? Impression that handling is too much.

〓〓〓Although the earphone will come out again and feel like wanting to cheer (although it is only emotionally)
The song is not good. Too cute.