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Other media: Comics:Akame ga kiru!
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Anime rank of 2014 Rank 68in 267 titles
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Takahiro Tashiro Tetsuya Monthly GANGAN JOKER SQUARE ENIX
Tomoki Kobayashi
Makoto Uezu
Yasuhiro Moriki
Hozumi Goda
Taku Iwasaki
Sora Amamiya
Souma Saitou
Yukari Tamura
Yu Asakawa
Mamiko Noto
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Katsuyuki Konishi
Risa Mizuno
Satomi Akesaka
Japan Released:2014/07/07(Mon) 00:00-00:30 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV
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1. http://akame.tv/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. https://twitter.com/akame_tv/
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2017/02/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19989 Host:20060 Browser: 7918
[good point]
The story goes well tempo Easy setting and easy to understand Battle scene exhilaration feeling romance love elements and comedy elements, there are also a lot of exciting scenes that you can enjoy It is innovative and no other feeling dead 〓〓〓Just a little much Also...

[Bad point]
There is also a grotesque scene, so we can not recommend it for those who are not good (not the original)
Different way of finishing with animation and original

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Do not get lost ... Stop it is to pierce it quickly. By Acme

2016/08/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11830 Host:11738 Browser: 10465
[good point]

It is beautifully gathered!
[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Awesome anime

2016/07/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26863 Host:26830 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Personally I liked the picture very much Characters are good Tempo where good weapons are fun and ingenuity is seen

[Bad point]
I feel a mild and mild pathological atmosphere

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Overall we enjoyed quite a bit. Cool, cute, there are circumstances deployment, but relatively few impressions.
Evaluationally I will assume it is very good.

2016/02/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15128 Host:15355 Browser: 7918
[good point]

1, The first half was boring, but after the midfield from the appearance of Jaegers, it was fun. Deployment of the last stage was miscellaneous, but because there was momentum, I enjoyed it without getting tired.
Anyway, the tempo of the story was good. The story where the story advances often is interesting.

2, Members of Yeager 's were attractive, many owners of fascinating personality unique to villains. Borus of a good person who accepted contradiction as a soldier for the family. A genuine madman's serve. Initially I entered the Imperial Army with a different idea, but it was run over by the appeal of General Esdes.
And unlike Bells there is reason, unlike Seru, who stands above, there is wisdom to push through his ideals, but General Siddes with the heart and instinct of a hunting animal different from humans.

3, I got the huge power of the imperator, so I lost the temptation of the dark side and fell into bad. There is no character that comes out. Everyone uses the imperial tool to push through their desires such as their desires and ideals.
Especially the episode where ESDES gets the emperor, these points were drawn and it was spectacular. I felt the cleanliness.

[Bad point]

1, As mentioned above, the first half is boring. It's just a story to kill a geezy road and it's not fun at all.
Besides, there is no novelty in the setting, setting of a worldly appearance that seemed like heard it somewhere, as well as an old-fashioned character setting that came to exist. The first half is such a feeling, really boring.

2, The evolution that characters death one after another is not bad, but it is a shame to die to characters that are likely to make the story interesting if you let them survive. Especially I wanted Dr Stylish to survive until the end and to remodel the server more and more.
A madman's beautiful girl loses her physical body in the fight and finally stands as a battle cyborg of a whole body machine in front of the heroes. If Dr stylish survived, she would remodel a funny devil like this and make her talks up. Just regret, sorry.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The first half was boring, after midfield it became interesting but somewhat unsatisfactory. This animation lacks originality, I can not feel the unique character unique to this work.
It is made carefully as a product, but the fun that started was not created until the end. That is unsatisfactory.
Evaluation is "good". Although there are unsatisfactory points, I think there is enough value to pay money.

2015/09/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2841 Host:2838 Browser: 9613
[good point]
How to break the talk about the image destination of OP (Tempo is good Tempo is most charm attractive so that you can see fairly well done battle globe

[Bad point]
Tune of second OP (modulated?
Without tolerance Fragrance of grotesque of Leo and cavalry mad cowardy

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think it was good at the level that I want to review again

2015/03/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1487 Host:1619 Browser: 7870
Very good work A story of an assassination group that assassinates to change bad government.

Personally it was good that many heroines come out.
Casting of the voice actor was also wonderful.

I think that the battle between Yukari Tamura and Kana Hanazawa is rare casting that can not be seen for the rest of my life.

The story is a story that the assassination group assassinates bad politicians and others in order to change the empire which is under pressure.

Battle action with a special weapon called Imjix was brilliant.

I think that the story was able to successfully compose seriousness and laughter.
It was a shame development that all the characters appearing in the main characters die.

That brutality may be a good part of this work.
Even the hero thought that development that would die in the final story would be inevitable.

The scene where Esdez hugged Tatsumi and died together was impressive.
Although the last term of Mine was also impressive.

The characters are a terrible dark member.

Evaluation is generally very good.

2015/01/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7644 Host:7887 Browser: 10604
[good point]
Goodness of the story development tempo.

[Bad point]
The animation original development was partly subtle.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Not only did Mob Chara crack deadly but also the sense of urgency that he knew when the regular character would die in the battle was amazing.

Also, Jaegers who are hostile to the heroes are not just the main characters of the heroes, they are fighting for their righteousness, but the composition of righteousness of Night Ride Justice VS Jaegers was also good.

However, when I realized that one regular character was killed in 1 story at the end of the game, I woke up. If animation is going to be original development with great difficulty, I wanted to leave the sense of urgency that the original readers do not know who will survive to the end.
The stall in the final stage was too regrettable work.

2014/12/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11197 Host:11440 Browser: 5171
I was enjoying so far until the Chelsea exit times, but somewhat subtlely ..
I thought that the ally side of the enemy was too dead, I thought that it was not good to kill for the time being I wonder how not even one person will die in war, but I think that everything is different from manga the most in anything, so opportunities are different I would like to try out the original work as well.

2014/12/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34178 Host:34117 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Sad sister of Akame and Chrome
Theme song and animation of OP
Living like the killers and dying
Battle scene with a sense of speed
Everyone has a unique habitual character

[Bad point]
Many things are knocked off as they slash mercilessly.
The people of Jaegers jumped too much (excluding the wave)
Deployment that collapses one after another with both enemies and ally
Minister Honest You want to do it as you want, so you can be targeted
Because the bad guys do not know the reason for killing unless they show it

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is simple at first sight, it is troublesome to try to make it a real story, it is a story of a kind of a killer, an assassin.
Why? Because, first of all, if you do not draw reasons that can be targeted, killed,
You will be suspected of the legitimacy of the ultimate crime of killing.
It is even more when the hero is the side of justice, the weak people.
And there are no surprising human beings who are trying to the limit of evil rebellion in every situation.
Esdes was easy for subordinates and Tatsumi,
Although Akame buries enemies without mercy, I cherish my friends and trying to protect my sister.
If you can show one such scene,
I think it is normal to feel resistance to death.
I think that it is the reason why the story that probably made the killer the hero is not explosively increased even if there is a certain number.

This work properly stepped on the process of drawing such a killer as a hero properly.
That is why we can not justify killing, we also had awareness that we are rogues.
The more fierce the battle between the killers, the more sadness had drifted.
In fact it is politically motivated to hold hands before such killing occurs.
It is mysterious though you know psychologically that you will have a villainous path if you have power.

The way of fighting shows a flashy action that makes use of weapons that can use special ability called imperium.
However, although the implements are powerful, they absorb the life force of the user, so either one will surely die,
It is a double-edged sword that both fall and collapse.
It was no exception to members of the acne group Night Raid.

Also, the relationship between Akame and Chrome's sister is ultimately only understood by two people.
Two people helped one another like hell and survived, and although I love each other,
In the end I will kill each other and I will not be hating each other at all,
It is a sad sister whose very complex feelings are entangled.

What I showed as a story properly without avoiding troublesome things,
Naturally, as you can not recommend killer's family business after all,
I will make the evaluation very good.

2014/12/18 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34928 Host:34825 Browser: 5173
[good point]
.OP, ED The image has a high sense
Character of each character is skillfully expressed in the works (personality, emperor etc)
Scenario, the setting surface is fresh and good

[Bad point]
Love affection for characters in the story development after the middle stage
Points that the screenplay is breaking through the way
Did you need a story about Mobukara who will die soon?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Animation that the fans of the final stage were concerned about the original animation original development. All story viewing, original unread.

This work is a fantasy battle animation of one boy who went to the imperial capital from the province to save the village again for migrant work. Many people who do not like taste because there are many depictions of blood splashing in the works. I want to evaluate the mutual feelings and emotions are clearly expressed as the character's depiction, the battle scene and the story with the revolution resistance (Night Raid) and Teito escort unit (Jaegers) progress. Also, the death of a character on the main character side of the early stage was very stressed.

I think that what is most lacking in this animation is "love from author to character". Specifically, "It is not a creator who is attaching attachment to a character, it is a voice actor who plays it". Of course, it is quite natural for a voice actor to breathe life into a character and to emphasize depictions. However, it seems to me that it seems to me that there are many "characters for death" among important characters. Although the author may have wanted to direct the death of an important character in an impressive manner, in the next story after the character died, it is striking that what is treated as if not even in particular after the middle stage stands out I feel it (death of Schale and Burat is not the limit).

As a battle animation, I acknowledge that the psychological description of both sides of the main character side and the enemy side is detailed, but I think that I have ruined the work with the coarseness of the script again After all, as amusement Although there was interesting, unfortunately I can not feel like watching it again. Production team want to listen to Wolfs Rain 27 - 30 talks about how to draw innovative death of the end character. Evaluation from these is "around normal?"

2014/12/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12590 Host:12499 Browser: 7870
[good point]
Well the story has ended.
Gap Moe of Esdos?

[Bad point]
Even though both enemies and fellows are dying one after the other, they do not feel depressed for some reason. (Perhaps, it was somewhat readable to die.
Leone was more likely to die than other characters. (Poor, the enemy character 's death of the masking uncle is better)
The captain was almost air.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Descriptions of the first woman who came out and the bad guy who changed her seriously were shocking but I felt that I was relying too much on those depictions. I think that there was a feeling of incompatibility because the design of each character was uselessly deep and the digging was not enough. If you kill it immediately, I think that it was better not to be on the design.
Perhaps I wish I focused on a limited number of people, not the entirety that made the contents drawn out blurry.

2014/12/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
Original unread. A work that would only echo the evaluation by Moro, the difference in how to catch fantasy.
Although it is not said that neither groo depiction nor depression deployment is done, it is a matter whether or not it can feel like a backbone that supports it.
This place is where the sensibility separates between fantasy heavyweight and light faction.

The heavy faction reminds me of the type of fantasy familiar with "Rhodes island warfare" in the genealogy of "Lord of the Rings of the Rings" and fantasy with killers who say it is fantasy and saying "magician offense" etc.
A killer of a faction who consecrated the goddess of destiny "a teacher of death", while killing a person while being trained in the assassination skill of a strong enemy who became a teenager and a 40-something appearance in compensation for enhancing physical ability especially with drugs The hero who had no experience gets it for the first time ....
In animation, it was completely rebuilt from the complexity of the world view and the heaviness of the development, so if it is a work to fully tackle such a place again in the late night frame, it would have been able to evaluate it.

However, even if a female character swings a Japanese sword with a uniform uniform like a student clothes, lets out a heavy weapon like a gothic lolly (even enemies are similar) I felt only as a top face.
For light factions who have just entered fantasy in TV games etc., this unreasonable fusion with this galley can be accepted smoothly.
The atmosphere of fantasy coloring up characters is easier to enter who is staying at that level.
Because the "Fairy Tail" posted on a boys magazine ranks on long-term series and has reached animation, it is familiar until about the time of the current breadcrumb.

Although it became a fantasy theory rather than a work evaluation, it was not interesting personally. "Very bad".

2014/12/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5984 Host:6009 Browser: 5143
Well, since the original is an animation in the middle of serialization, there are also places where some of them seem to be abandoned as original characters in the latter half of original development.
If the original tangerine, it feels like this.

However, I think that it can also be said to the original.
There are many things that are deemed one of the motifs Hissatsu workers are one thing perfect feeling that they are going through each incident, and this was a continuous one.
Although there may be a difference between the organizational thing of the private killer and the resistance in terms of setting.
Considering the fact that you get the catharsis by killing the guys, it is not fitting that the guys do not disappear if the story does not proceed on a continuous story.
Because of that, I feel that the guys are tied up for a long time and made me feel like a dirty taste.

It is worried that the character dies mercilessly, but if the original is told whether it is possible to have favor with ally character after serial magazine 's serialization of the monthly magazine, I do not feel much impression because there is not much to dig.
If it is the original, I think that there is quite a lot of time since the spot hits it, but it is the difference in the medium that makes things thin because the pace of animation is faster.
In the first place, as for whether there is personality in the main character, I feel that he is a protagonist of a boys' manga but I feel as thin as I can not go on.
Although it seems to be a motetail, there is a thing just like putting in a garage element, but it feels like a mismatch if it is told that it is in a work style on feeling coming in.
It is told that the most popular is Esdez Indeed it seems that a character is standing in this work.
If it is a style of slashing evil, a villain positive that the minister will slash someday is enough. It is something even if you bring a love comedic expansion beyond being tortured or massacred.
Oh yeah, I think that a strong enemy is necessary, but I also felt somewhat out of such a need.
Initially, even I felt even the corrections and the intensity by that direction.
............ I think that it would be better to have a position like middle boss. I was curious about being pulled by this guy.
Although it seems that persuasive power appeared somewhat pictorially if it looks like Raoh or such feeling

It is a feeling that it is mixed with the dark fantasy that has been destroyed, although it is mixed with Moe system and galley type thing but it is not mixed.

2014/12/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2466 Host:2389 Browser: 9027
[good point]
It is highly appreciated that the tale and battle are settled by the last talk perfectly Good evaluation as a whole in a good sense Eh ~ Do you die this character?
... and others such as the tempo of the work is also good well I feel that there was not even sagging on the way It was content that seems to have ended after death at the end with the reddish killer
[Bad point]
Because the character fights and dies and dies, the character dreams of being deceived, so my intention is ... I forgot my character who died first. Haha After that there is a habit of character and it seems that some characters that seem to be unpleasant are pretty merciless ... Whether it is a bad point or a good point depends on the viewer

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is very good (I wonder if it was not good with that last)
Those who want to see the character fighting who may have been able to put together a story better than the one that is not the best is regulated and it was a good work of recommendation

2014/12/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I lacked excitement until the end. Esdes was a nice character, but others were not attractive enough.
There was no coherency in the enemy, and I felt that I fought against a mighty enemy.

2014/12/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20871 Host:20791 Browser: 7866
[good point]
The battle scene was good

[Bad point]
Wipe out endlessly w
Chelsea chan, especially flagging up and dying steadily, and looking hard to see ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is "normal"
People who are not good at gloom can not see it

2014/12/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3485 Host:3345 Browser: 6175
[good point]
Night Raid VS Jaegers is thrilling, but exciting
Strong personality of ESDES.
It is a wonder that it is distorted and looks cute although it is a cruel terror.
BGM is excellent.

[Bad point]
Even if it expresses the transience of life and the misery of reality,
The grotesque scene is useless.
Nevertheless the regulation is intense and even cutting the arm slashing scenes ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Were you thinking that there was not enough scene that Akame slashed in the first half?

Although it is not a trash, it does not fall into a honorable mention ...
Personally that kind of work.

2014/07/26 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10388 Host:10635 Browser: 10237
[Good point] Funny story is funny

[Bad point] None

[Overall rating] Highest

2014/07/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19746 Host:19648 Browser: 3988
It is the same work of Inogaku, Gangan Joker, a piece I was curious about before. I am addicted to animation and the original has also read up to 4 volumes. Tentatively, the impression of anime version ...

[good point]
Characters are cute & cool !! (I like Akame.Main !!)

The story is interesting!

Personally prefer the picture!

I think music is alright.

The voice actor was luxurious! (It was privately pleasing for me to listen to Mine 's voice actor.The voice actor of Esdres sometimes says Mr. Meguzaka, and I am looking forward to the appearance ww Akame' s voice actor I think that it is good because the voice matches though it is the person who knew for the first time in this work. I want you to keep trying!

Drawing is stable (for now ...)

[Bad point]
There are many cruel scenes such as bleeding scenes and torture scenes. Also, as there are depressive developments (?) Such as the death of the characters, I think that likes and dislikes are split pieces.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
We will make it "best!" In anticipation of the future !! (^ _ ^) 〓〓〓br>
Personally, this is the most favorite work in this season's animation !!

2014/07/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4721
It was just a work that did not match the sex.
First of all, since this character design itself does not match with doing groo, there was a thing that I accepted from there.
As if it was a character design of animation which it would do on Saturdays and Sundays morning, there was a feeling that I had looked at what I should not look at like feeling like fear or discomfort.
That's why I feel like I'm scared of being scared, but I want to keep going on, but the feeling that this I do not want to see this already becomes stronger.

After all it is necessary to make the content seen in the world view and style, and I think that I do not have the idea in the place where it is not made and I do not own myself.

Even if I make a character design of a girl, I feel something I saw somewhere and I feel like I am not expressing anything like that, because I do not feel anything like that, because I do not think that I am also cool as a glove, so I'm more disgusted It becomes embossed.

Even if the way of the assassin's appearance or something is picked up from somewhere, it is a way of putting parentheses in parentheses, and I guess whether you've done content such as shrinking character design only with tension.

Even if it is a torture scene, it seems that it just seems to be just something like whether there will be an impact if it puts in this kind of thing, or just because the creator himself tension rises.

Even if a girl who is cute and cute seemingly pretty is changing to a scene that changes to a lazy, I do not think about anything and I do not feel anything even if I look at such a thing, I just think that the intention of the author is visible if I make it from myself.
Only in this way is where there is no sense where there is no sense of being strange or fearful, the person who is really good gives spiritual fear from contents and contents, and it comes out strange from the story.
Because I can not do that, I have to change the face of reversal.

Although there are parts which do not fit various characteristics, it is also a light nori that it became frustrating and the worst deciding factor rather than not being the best one more than anything.
I think that it is probably aiming to add seriousness and relaxation, to leave a sharp edge and to leave an impact, but if you do not cook well enough it will be disgusting dishes that make you feel sick like this It was like a sample.

In other words, it is like bringing Chinese and Japanese cuisine (creative cuisine) in collaboration, and it seems like a person who has never cooked it not only from Obachan of the neighborhood cafeteria but also once.

A certain manager Takeshi Kitano also said, but in order to play gloom, I have to feel pain.
Well it may be difficult to make you feel pain with animation, but since it is not too serious fear before that, this work itself will only become thin and thin, even if you put loose, only that scene puts horror in that scene Although I have to make some ingenuity, I do it with a light design as it is with character design, so one thing does not come to me.
Of course I think that there is a problem in the screenplay as well as the direction, and if this is done it does not matter the importance of things We do not seem to be serious, so it seems as if you are playing a game with a sense of play, and also to the heroes Of course you can not empathize.

If it were originally it was prepared so much that if you looked from the viewer's point of view you had to make emotion transfer as if you were doing justice, but you had to do it with a light nori so you can only see it as a tiny face that faces justice .
That's why making a girl a regular expressionless character.

Nothing has any meaning as it had no idea and had done murder.

And as I worried about my fellows, I showed a fight swiftly and returned to my usual condition, I really did not feel like a person's death or a pain, but I did a tasteless work and I did a glow.
There may be sometimes I wanted to omit extra content and bring it to a convenient development, but I certainly can not like the hero who left behind the death of an important person.

Far away from leaving behind, it seems like I'm pretending I'm feeling pretty poor quality.

Even if I slash the girls as much as possible, I did parentheses with the doya face, but I guess that I think I can give it a character, but on the contrary it seems just like I just wanted to slash Absent.

Thinking seriously about my friends, knowing the importance and weight of life, if there is a thought to a girl, if there is a thought to a girl, it is said that it was prepared to slash without doing hesitation, there is not such a thing at all.
I just looked like I just cut it with parentheses.

Separately I do not dislike grotesque and I do not say I can make a messed up content, but my idea is a little too shallow.
The story and contents are not shallow and each scene is shallow.

2014/07/14 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15459 Host:15567 Browser: 6316
[good point]
I think that the amount of bleeding is somewhat though it is ~ Because it is animation because it is an animation Because it is good It is slightly better compared with cartoon but it is quite good Seriously it is a good balance of gag
[Bad point]
Overall, I think that reaction is thin?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are a few improvement points, but you can deduct the animation

2014/07/09 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14384 Host:14171 Browser: 7465
It was wonderful that criticism would be heard from before it began, but when he sees the first episode, he acknowledges that he is not convinced.

There is a lot of divergence in the lightness of exchange between the severity of atrocity allowance payment level (Mukoza), the reaction of the main character and the assassination group Night Raid that will belong to.

It is a trend of the times that the experience value of such physical feedback is extremely shallow like the bone is crisp, such as the blood flowing from the wound that has been torn away does not stop constantly, but this is really a lot of work I think.

The author seems to have never hit or beaten a person.

From the first episode, a young girl and a young girl whose hero is a male are killed by torture of hitting and poisoning administration, pops everywhere. There is not. It is not.
If you are broadcasting such things normally, then there will be a movement of regulation too. Mental health is not good.
It is not suitable for viewing boys and girls, but it is too childish for adults to see. Which layer is the audience target?
It is seriously "very bad" work.