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Shichiro Kobayashi
Ryoichi Tanaka Ichiro Murakoshi
Akiko Mori Shingo Kanemoto
Takeo Tomoharu RyuuseiNakao Takesi Kuwabara
Kouji Nakata TamioOoki
Japan Released:1970/04/13(Mon) / End:1971/04/05
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2012/01/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

Although it is an old work, since the purpose of the setting and the story is consistent, the sense of stability of the work itself is perfect for the whole day.
Even now it is surprisingly enjoyable ordinary. It might be fresh to the person who is looking only at modern animation making it strangely fun to say or say it.

[Bad point]

Many people do not accept fashionable, beautiful, no moe like pictures before genre, story. Well I have not seen you forcibly.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The oldness of this work is now also the bastard of Tsukkom. It is easy to watch hot and story development that obediently draws guyogui with a solid world view that is straightforward and solid and Mr. Kajiwara's power skill. The main soccer ball girls are also standing gangsters with deep embroidered skimmed hairy characters.
That's why I can not recommend it to young people who are accustomed to modern animation that was made precisely now.
If you are interested so much please do not you (laugh)

2011/11/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A hot-blooded high school soccer anime drama based on Kajiwara Ikki original television aired in 70-71. Mexican Olympic Copper Medalist `Matsuki Tenpyo 'is a Saitama post as a new Japanese senior high school. So, we meet 'Tamai Shingo' and 'Ohira Yosuke' aiming for the rank of general, and proceed to play football for them. Tamai, who defeated Matsuki, defeated Tamai enter into the football club, pledging to burn their red blood with this sports, challenging Saitama's powerful high school.

It is this work that animated the original series that was serialized in Weekly Shonen King, but because the original is Professor Kajihara, it is drawn as a hot blood sparrow drama, but the model of the main character "Tamai Shingo" will later be the representative of Japan and the Furukawa Mr. Yoshikazu Nagai who was active in Electric Works, the model of Shinsei High School which was set as the stage was modeled by Urawa City Minami High School in Saitama Prefecture Urawa City (now Saitama City), directed by Mr. Akira Matsumoto `Matsuki Tenpyo '. Fukuya Sachio Mr. Yoshihisa Ohira was created as a model, and the soccer club of the same school in the sixth year of inauguration in 1969 was a high school gross body.This seems to have been drawn as a result of controlling the three crowns of the high school championship. For that reason, it is finished in contents combining the epidemic of hot spa roots of those days combined with the progress of Urawa shichinan high school.

The story is Saitama. The former football Olympic representative `Matsuki Tianpyei 'who was a teacher at Shinsei High School struggled to create a strong soccer club by attracting hot-blooded" Tamai Shingo "and" Ohira Yosuke "to the football club, Tamai Even as Mr. Matsuki gained the ability and sense, gradually growing and challenging the Saitama prefecture high school qualifying, gradually growing like a hot-blood teacher drama of the time, but the original was Professor Kajihara Just like a "giant's star", a Special Moves (Hissatsu shoot) comes out. It certainly is a shot that sinks in front of the goal of "submarine shoot", it seems to be a kind of drive shoot. 'Screw shoot' which blows off GK afterwards, 'Razor dribble' which breaks through the enemy base sharply, `Folk shoot 'falls like a fork ball' U fork shoot 'which the ball turns into, etc. Unturned absurd It passed. If it did not match with the popular "giant's star" at that time, I could not have asked for popularity with a simple football drama, but I was overrepented. Besides, Tamai of the hero was too hot and too hot, I was not fond of it much, and I feel like I'm watching "the Star of the Giants" football version.

This work may be the origin of Japanese football, but it is not bad in content, but I could not drink it too much because it was too hot for blood. However, since it can be said that it was the first full-scale football drama in Japan to make the foundation of Japanese football, evaluate them [good]. Because football is a sport everyone runs except keeper, we can not show the ability of each position like baseball, so we have to characterize each individually, and because the game is hot it's hot with blood alone I think that it is kind of thrilling fire and that it is hard to get familiar with it. So it seems natural that "Captain Tsubasa" combined with hot blood and refreshment was more familiar as a soccer piece. In those days, it was a mainstream flowing thing to win in winning, so it may be inevitable that this work was the first football drama in Japan, but it could not be his grandfather.

2008/01/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I accidentally thought that I was going to propose additional addition with the work which I just borrowed from a DVD shop nearby ..........

[good point]

Voice actors

Speaking of Mr. Ryoichi Tanaka, Doraemon's teacher role is too famous,
It was impressive that a completely different face was glimpsed from such a too strong general image.


Compared to the later Captain Tsubasa, it may be another step in terms of strangeness, but there was good and bad power.

[Bad point]

Fundamentally no style accepted

The so-called Spokon style, I saw the episode of the very dangerous episode that the rival of the hero chases the hero after desperate training,
It is quite incompatible with the thought circuits of the characters who were caught in "sports = war". Some of the dictators of a certain country that a certain superpower led by Bush's sheriff attacked with the episode or news that had been pretty badly done to the athletes who could not have left their satisfactory results Although I have seen it, I do not take a life to lose by another game, its rival is also bad mouth, but "It is not as chic as possible to sport a bit more than a man!"
It was my first impression that I just disliked my dislike type character and I was only given discomfort.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Well, it can say to the same author's work "Star of the Giants" and "Samurai Giants"
"In the past, such works were also accepted." That is the significance of the existence of this work.
The rival mentioned above is not very, but there was no charm like the flower form of "the giant's star" (though he has no such thought.) And this work is also in the Furukawa There seems to be a work whose father Nagai Shunta's father is a hero's model, but I think that it is quite a kitsui work for a man who dislikes me as a sports organization like me. Unfortunately, it seems that compatibility with Mr. Ikkazu Kajiwara's style is not good. Evaluation is tough, but I will make it "worst".