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Anime rank of 1998 Rank 102in 123 titles
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Hidehito Ueda Hiroshi Onogi
Noyuki Konno
TV TOKYO Corporation AIC
Susumu Chiba Takumi Yamazaki Ayako Kawasumi Youko Soumi
Shinpachi Tsuji Yukari Nozawa Koji Ishii
Chiharu Tezuka
Japan Released:1998/10 TV TOKYO Corporation TV
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2002/04/19 Normal comment [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history / Provider: 0 Host:2777
One of the best japenese Anime movies i have seen, however the english dub just barely makes sense but there is alot of gore and a strong story line (or should i say story lineS). Well drawn movie with some good scenes and quite a it of emotion. I recommend you see it.

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2004/02/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30421 Browser: 3845
The song was nice, but I have no other impression.
It is a setting with no sweet characters and no fresh taste and excavation.
Animation of the extent that you can watch in sideways while playing with PC.

2004/02/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17952 Browser: 1348(Mobile)
I was doing it at midnight, I saw it, but mediocrity. It was a work that ended with a fast 1 cool as then. The hero was also a 3-stream animation full-bodied with the character feeling going right and down. Works that can not be eaten even if baked or baked.

2002/11/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:3903
Actually, I only knew Mr. Tony's version of the manga, but it was quite a habit, but it was funny, especially when I was laughing at the Buma of Kansai people I am sorry if I made a mistake

2001/12/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2146
Another bubblegum crisis. (Literal translation)
Original: Tony Takezaki Original: Toshiki Suzuki Producer: AIC
Director: Ueda Hidenhito Voice Actor:
Leon. McNicol: Furukawa Toshio,
Gina. Maruso: Matsuoka Yoko and others
TOKYO, which was in danger of being destroyed by the 3rd Kanto Earthquake of 2027, will start reconstruction with indomitable power. And in 2032, in Tokyo which reached the extreme of hypertrophy and prosperity, the disaster area caused by the earthquake became slums, the criminals became intimidating and organized, monster machines and weapons by electronics flowed out on the route of darkness , The crime was made more violent. The conventional police system is disabled and a new special police newly equipped with high-tech weapons is newly established. That name is AD police. A chaotic city that the devil 's habitation has struck a crazy story of members who continue to fight day and night in Tokyo.
Special police set in Tokyo, which reached the extreme of hypertrophy and prosperity in 2032. Sexy depicting the battle bathed by sweat, blood and smoke of AD police and violent criminal violence animation.
It seems that it is also becoming a DVD before it's abbreviation.
I have seen only FILE 3,
I think it is only certain that it is a work depicting a special police fighting to stop the runaway of an artificial human being called a boomer.
The thematic songs and inserted songs of overseas female artists are unusual at that time