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Other media: Comics:ACTIVE RAID Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit
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Goro Taniguchi
Shun Saeki
Asako Nishida
Naruhisa Arakawa
Kotaro Nakagawa
Production IMS Co.,Ltd.
Nobunaga Shimazaki
Takahiro sakurai
Ari Ozawa
Shizuka Ishigami
Masayo Kurata
Taishi Murata
Yuuka Aisaka
Natsuki Hanae
Toru Ohkawa
Saori Oonishi
Kosuke Toriumi
Hikaru Midorikawa
Sayaka Oohara
Daiki Yamashita
Japan Released:2016/01/07(Thu) 22:00-22:30 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV
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1. http://activeraid.net/ (Translation)
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1. https://twitter.com/activeraid
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2017/02/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11194 Host:11000 Browser: 4721
It was a surprisingly firm work.
When I first saw it as the second term, I thought that the robot of common pattern is a cheap piece of a comedy series and I thought that it was only a work I wanted to do, and I thought that it would get bored or to cool down immediately, but it was often made inside of watching it I was excited as a work knowing that it was.

After all the setting equipment, contents of the police, law, stage, stage of Japan, the world view of the neighborhood or the like, the stage equipment is finely and carefully made, so you can go into the story with confidence.
Even if it is set as the original setting of this work or world view, there was something to be drawn in and there is something to be drawn in and the interesting part of this work is centered on where the bad system of Japanese features is successfully attached, The shaft did not shake until penetrating there.

Works that incorporate robots into police stations and police departments have been around since long ago, but it seems that there have been quite a few works that drew rules and police contents so far.
In a way it's definitely a way to get in the way of being a nuisance or a troublesome thing, but I will raise the rules that will make it uninteresting if it's supposed to go fighting with the momentum without dropping the tempo at all, It was.

I felt interesting by feeling like seeing realistic works while taking the permission, going through the procedure, even hard for the criminals, and being a robot thing.

First of all the design of the rough framework there was properly done, the content story was well done.
Even if the framework was solidly made, it was meaningless if the story was a sky, but it seems cheesy because there are comedies and pranks at first glance but it is inevitably made by the police rule and it is made by the insanely carefully made, how Whether you get to the culprit or how to catch what laws apply, I stepped through the stages from 1 to 10 properly so I can understand and be convinced.
There is not any poor or omission because there is almost no deployment or convenient development that would be impossible, because Tsujiki is surely incorporating scenes and reasons.

On top of that, depictions and developments until reaching the criminal were so fascinating and surprising, so I did not get bored and I was excited about feeling like seeing new things one by one.
For example, Ricoapuri is a system that sucks up information, so at the moment of connection it is predicted that someone will be somewhere sipping somewhere and that information will definitely be left behind, even if it is a second term swimming suit something, Taking the IP and preparing for the person who reached the person of the original data arriving at the person who is photographing The two people who prepare the two culprits purposely do not have any simplicity so it is deep real and feel the richness of the idea .

Although there are many information to convey only this and it is small, it seems to be full of explanation, although it seems to be full of explanation, it is going to expand rapidly without loosing any tempo, show hints beforehand and show info and expand I am comfortable entering the head smoothly because of how to make and show.

And the story of the pillar, which is the most important axis, is also good, so it seemed like there was really no gap.
Since the constitution from the first term to the second term is also well organized, I think that it is made by thinking as chitin and it is made by being kneaded for a solid purpose from the beginning, the development is clear and the development goes straight ahead It goes by so it got excited from the end.

It was funny that the mysterious tricks set by Mitos and Bird in one period were also fun, and there was depth of setting as well as psychological warfare and backside exploration, reading was not exhausted, please show me a surprise beyond that It was.
In the second term, it was suspicious from the beginning, but the Governor involved, and since there is a magnificent ambition it will show us a perfect presence in the climax.

In the second term, Mutosu is doing good work and pointing out one by one also makes the depth further.

There are such settings and story stiffness, the robot scene and the installation scene are shown, and the place to show is shown, the character is also good and the sharpness with the comedy works well and it makes me feel satisfied as entertainment.

It seems that Hatsukya has increased from the second term, and Asami was also flying further and was fun, and Sena was completely a gag part and the communication with Miho was awesome.
Senior managing officials and associations and members also became darker and the color increased.
Although the second term often falls beyond the first term, there is still a sense of exploration in the first term in this work, I feel like I've taken over like the one in my second stage and made it my own.

Especially the development of the rampage of about 10 minutes of the second term final story was made better by packing everything there, and when I thought that this really got together, it went all together and reached the excitement of the culminating It ended as it was.
Because I put together at a stretch, I am running fast and it is not over and it does not have such a thing, Because I go through with perfectly calculated heat, I will not let it go away.

2016/10/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51028 Host:50974 Browser: 7460
[good point]
Character: The duality of the character was interesting, such as the black knock which can be considered as a so - called cerebral musculature and unexpected attention and consideration, and Funaka which is an adult who can also be a giant robotic geek
Will Wear: The design and characteristics of each aircraft The characteristics and personality are strong
Playful mind: The so-called "slicier" appears everywhere everywhere, and the story is charged until the end of the screen

[Bad point]
Character appearance from the second term: Although there are also a lot of characters that were active, some characters that did not matter even if there was not a part

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I have watched the first period, I had a great deal of excitement in the second phase for the time being, but if it says a difficulty, I guess it's been a bit too much pushing in. If you do until the bird capture, suddenly avoid imitating Slick to the important person and escape It was wanted, and if you let Sri Spira escape again Bird also wanted to connect in the third term after escaping it is the real thing Mr. Mr. Mr. most, because most possibilities of the third term have not been destroyed because it is the most, so it can be said that it is definitely bad Although I thought that Inagi was doubtful from the beginning and was suspected to be a fake in reverse, it is unexpected

2016/10/06 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11608 Host:11541 Browser: 4894
This is also a summary ... It is a real series, a new work or a new series feeling.

Some members changed from previous work. Two who changed jobs to the private sector, one who changed to Osaka police department. Instead, two new roamers joined, and one returned from the private sector in the form of a dispatch. I feel like I am hoping for a new incident by making the criminal who was caught in the previous work as an investigator.
To be honest, it develops with the same problem as the previous work, so we can only evaluate the same part as the previous work on that part. Even if it is fine, the way to demonstrate its skill is wrong.

The story used in each episode is interesting and I do not know that I would like to use it, but there is nothing in the 30 minutes x 1 course that there is only a way to divide it if things that can be done are limited Cow. Since it can be stuffed anyway, being stuffed up is not convenient for the sake of the creator and guaranteeing the fun of the viewer.
If you are a simple gag, you can laugh with just the fast tempo alone (in this work, the swimsuit does not apply), how you can rehabilitate those who committed the crime, how the ideal changes, a simple gag I think that I can not do it at only the fast tempo, as it deals with the stuff that can not be done.

There is a necessity to digest all the story until it is time to think about the development of the next development, the last thing to taste the last development, and the time which can not be trimmed down I wonder if.

As a result, I think that regrettably has become a much bigger work. In this way, it is just a waste that I used up the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓his work.

2016/09/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15101 Host:15006 Browser: 5153
[good point]
The part of the comedy touch was interesting.

[Bad point]
Rasubosu was unattractive. The small thing in the last story is amazing. I guess it will be difficult to pull out such a 2 courses.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There was no funny thing to penetrate.

2016/08/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31499 Host:31598 Browser: 8949
Actively Raid 2nd Phase 2nd There is no page, but it is supposed to be this item at once.
Evaluation for the first term and the second term.
[good point]
Charadesa is mature and has features. I also have makeup.

The second stage Osaka group was good. Bosses and subordinates are nice, but the mechanism that ejects from the circular line the first and the circumstances behind it and the spirit that will use it without a squeak.
Although the mechanism existing from the first term had no novelty, I felt the originality or interestingness of the Osaka cyclic line in this second term. This means that it is a prefectural size mechanism to make it possible to inject it in all directions with a momentum.

[Bad point]
On the contrary, after the Osaka group got out, I could not see myself watching the rounds of the Tokyo group.
The main line of the first term or the climax was Logos, but it was too easy, that is, it was a work that had made a point of view in daily work other than Logos, but the gadget that I saw somewhere in that part all of it Since it is something to be put out in a similar development, there are things that you start getting tired if you watch it more than 10 times. Nevertheless, each term was also used as a background explanation for each character each time, so it was possible to keep seeing to the end as I could not read the extent of the development of the work in one period, The second period after it is a little troubled to the sight.

I do not know whether there are three periods, but it may be interesting to contrast them further in Tokyo and Osaka, emphasizing even more differences in response to incidents, reactions and post-treatment methods.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I can see it normally.

2016/07/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26863 Host:26830 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Character design and mechanical design

[Bad point]
Impression that it made animation of old special effects in the whole as a whole In addition to places

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I felt there were places where I thought it was boring and boring.
However, I think that it seems to be quite suitable for those who love special effects.
I will assume it is bad as evaluation.

2016/06/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3991 Host:4011 Browser: 8636
Human beings in the field are scratched by the organization's struggle, and the mission is made successful by the phone number.
It is such a police thing of the SF of the near future ,,, various elements are contained ,,,,,,,,,,,
It was a difficult work to answer to the question of "what kind of anime it was" over the capacity of 1 cool to do

Works depicting the activities of the eight players struggling to defend the society and people while the legitimate politicians from the world are incompetent politicians and the violent press is pulling their legs. I understand this

But the hero suit action is Tai Bani? The minority guard's public safety and special forces are ugly?
The point that the masterpiece was aimed to collapse the social system has something that can be linked to psychopaths and of course it is not bad to imitate the good points of the popular animation, but in that If there is no such thing as the original axis, as an animated cartoon it has become fluffy impression absolutely fluffy

The conflict between Daihachi's success and criminal organization logos. It would have been the main, but if I could establish the main character as Asami Hanasaki as the main character (provisional) but make it stand out as a growing tree or if I could make a big instrument and presence in the black curtain, it was different again I guess
(Mutos and Birds are as big as society as a whole is done and humanity is too little humanity)

Although I complained about various things in various ways, I think rather than as scenarios and composition as an animation, I do not think that the scenario is too bad, just because there are too many things to do and it can not be handled ... ,,
In other words, what I needed for this animation was not addition but it was a subtraction It is a thinking that if I can scrutinize it and compile it, I think that it became better animation

It was an animation that I was looking forward as soon as I noticed that the smell of losing anime was murmuring at the time of one episode.
Evaluation is [good] I will

2016/06/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16884 Host:16896 Browser: 7904
[good point]
Music was good.
Pretty feminine character design is good.

[Bad point]
There is no impact on men. What a way or second, but not attractive.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I felt like children's hero mono, initially I did not know the direction.
The base (base) is a train that moves on the track, and volunteers are deposited and armed on that base.
The team was called Daihachi, an independent unit and at the same time a problem group.
It was clearly set to be a hero for children.

Because I was aiming at a group play in the beginning, there were too many key characters and I could not grasp those human relationships, it was a feeling that I do not know who is going to talk on the main axis.
However, when suits that appeared come together, who started to see what role they started looking interesting as human relationships as a team became visible.

Since my uncle talks hard, I thought that the staff of the production staff were making the heroes he dreamed of as a child.
Expansively it is a feeling that it is a battle between the anti-social genius boys and the government, so depending on the viewer, likes and dislikes may arise with a stereotype-like smart cocky youth figure, but the last Don Deng return is interesting It was.

An impression of the second term

Unlike the first term, the overall gag is high.
Because of the setting for a while from the first term, there were some people who quit their jobs or some have changed.
Several people added a new member, but it is a pity that I did not feel that he was using so much. It is because there was an impact of the change of the characters in the first term more than that.
However, since the direction of the character is quite clear with this, the male character thinks that it was good.

I wish the last was wondering if it was an enemy character.

2016/04/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26828 Host:26977 Browser: 5149
Original work.
All the story viewing.

In recent years, Masayo Kurata and Mr. Toru Okawa and others work hard aside along with young people such as Yui Ozawa and Mr. Yui Aizaka playing the role of Maine. There is no problem with the voice.
Yoshi Ozawa and Yuuki Aizaka are at a level that does not feel a sense of discomfort at all while speaking a word outside the Japanese on the work. Especially feeling that Yuzo Aisaka is awesome.

Basically it is a contemporary style painting but it is a huge robot of old style.
A faint letter in a pedestrian overpass. Doing a bow tie on powered suit or feeling enthusiasm of the maker from the whole part to the fine part, do not get bored by the viewer.
Normally this is the number OP. Although both pictures do not change in picture,
This work changes, especially ED is one of the highlights of this work such as it changes little by little every time
Must see 11 episodes.

It is an animated work of so-called special effects hero.
However, unlike ordinary special effects, the department in which the hero is enrolled is an annoying department from the public.
There is a strict restraint from the organization, and it is different as compared with general heroes such as involving politics and being unable to freely move.
While protecting the law, sewing gaps to activate. Such an adult place is also fascinating
There is a clear enemy organization, confrontation with it is a main story.
At the top of the enemy organization there is a rather dark past involving the Japanese organization, but there is a huge robot, there is a casino, there is a daughter of a man, it is a light making as a whole, easy to see, multiplication of the heroes. There are scenes that smile unexpectedly, such as Mr. Toru Okawa's hands.
Although it may feel that it is unsatisfactory to those who like deep contents like the Ghost in the Ghost in the shell, personally likes the class.
I think there are things that can be main.

2016/03/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11608 Host:11541 Browser: 4894
Works that only the director's magical time management ability shines. It is not the level that the director 's arm is no longer able to pack the contents of about three episodes into one story if it is normal. It is sort of trick, magic. Something in the last two episodes, one minute of neta and development are packed in an hour.

The setting itself is not new and the character is also a royal road position. I think that it is not a work never trying to do difficult things but a work that can be watched evenly to a wide range of people. While the police 's luggage department conducts criminal investigation in a somewhat brute force manner and resolves each incident, it approaches a conspiracy spreading behind ... such ordinary work.
Perhaps because it is such an ordinary work, I could have thought of anything as much as possible. And I tried to capture all the thought that came up on the screen.
If it is normal, it will fail at that point. It will not be able to process all the story and the story, picture and movement will be devastating. But this work was different. All of that stuff was processed within the time.

If you look normally, you can see what kind of story is mainly made for each time, what kind of stuff is placed in tickle, and how the story is positioned on the whole composition. You can see what kind of position the character stands, what kind of relationship it has, and how to blur it out based on what kind of content you hold.
If only this, it is amazing.

However, to do all that within the time, it is only the thing that I wrote above will flow with furious momentum. Nothing is being treated just as it is not taken into consideration at all or for making the neta most effective.
So while you can understand what you wrote above, nothing remains in the impression.

Both transformation banks and battle actions are flowing as well. The engagement of the character is also a bit interesting and it is flowing as if it is flushed. Well then, it does not make sense.
Something like the last story, I do not know if the time of 30 minutes is long or short. Battle, gag, persuasion, comedy, future talks, the past of the blackcurtain, betrayal of the enemy executives, bargaining of the upper ally part, friends who gather information at each place, transformation banks. I do not think that it will be possible to enter approximately Deployment has come in properly. It is nice to have it in, but I do not have time to enjoy each element.

It is said that if it is too talented it would be such a thing, or that I made a mistake in the place to demonstrate competence. The thing to do is not to show all the story but to show interesting story to show.
I wonder if I made it a bit of a story and it would have been better if I draw it in front and behind instead of one talk completion ...

At least it is not an ordinary work and I am worried about being asked if it is a good work. But, I feel something to put bad on this.

2016/03/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2630 Host:2661 Browser: 7876
It seems to be done again in the first part that ended the other day, but it is judgment at the present moment.
Although it was a referral-like feeling as the content of the story, I felt that many characters on the ally side were too thin.
I feel that it was good even if there is a character which becomes the axis or viewpoint of the talk in the main character tick a little more.
The newly added Asami was close to such a position, but I felt it was incomplete and incomplete.
Visual blackly looks like a hero tic, but he's going to do it in two cool though it is drilling down or something like a character compared with other characters ... ....
Also, the fuselage airframe was eating off because his main role was to ride a robot

As the content of the story is a feeling like Daihachi in a position to boil over with the leg stretch due to the adult's convenience.
It was not a feeling of lumping with gags and comedy, but frustration accumulated on the other hand.
I wonder if you are going to give a chance in the second half.
The enemy is worried about what will happen to the chairperson second cool, but others have not felt so much charm

I do not think that the action itself is very good, but almost every time the action itself was there so I liked it.
Huge Robot times is a hobby of the director I was able to laugh at having a little fired up.

Personally I did not understand what this feeling was saying in a word, and I felt that I could not see it well.
So, I'm sorry, but it is "bad" Well, it is also the stage of planting seeds where buds are growing so I will expect in the future

2016/03/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5213
[Comprehensive evaluation]

I do not appreciate it overall.

Although it is such a special department, there is no authority (privilege) unexpectedly, and it is a miserable fact that he is a civil servant firmly.
If emphasis is placed on setting as a civil servant, I wanted you to do exactly like "Patlabor".

I can not understand the movement using a track.

2016/03/05 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11433 Host:11538 Browser: 8385
I heard that Mr. Goro Taniguchi felt that it was exciting but disappointingly disappointing. My recent work "Maria of Pure Love" also gathered beautifully while the color was different from past works, and "Scryed" in the rebroadcast was more interesting than anything, so it is reasonable.
Generalized advanced technology is now being used for crime, so public agencies that introduced the technology to prevent it are actually "Patlabor" gathering of nostrils. To the success of the hero there is a backup of the team and every time you do something "Gao Geiger" step on it. The visual of the heroine is "psychopath". The buddy thing that opposes is 'Thai Bani'. What patch work! That huh, each element is inferior to the original source, so I can not hit it. There is no depiction as to how Wilwear is operated in the world and blended into daily life. The roles of the chief and the chief of the division of roles and the hierarchical relationship are unknown, and the others are just cute, "I do not know what I'm doing" organization?
A heroine. Besides, drawing also low-flying. I thought that railroad was interesting for the means of transportation to the site, I flew in the sky because it was two episodes, I was launching with catapult. Coco, you can withstand that shock if you get into Wilwear? Is not that depiction a point of departure?
It is already missing from the story episode of the sixth episode.

2016/02/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9635 Host:9664 Browser: 9155
[good point]
The movement of the powered suit is smooth.

[Bad point]
The female team's character deza is common.
The characters of the same face parts are swept away and discarded in other works.
I strongly suggest that you want a fancy female character.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is not bad overall, there is no part which is not bad but excels.
Or was not it more cool design of female characters? It seems like a little girl in the neighborhood, it does not seem to be strong at all and it looks unreliable. I saw characters of exactly the same face in separate works.
My uncle character is a good character and the men are good with the water and oil combination in the royal road. It is good not to be a female face or a face without tightness, which is common in Lanube original.
However, since female members are all unfamiliar faces, there is no choice but to compete with contents. With that in mind, I think the contents of the main thing are now and forever, it is feeling neither like nor non-existent. However, the character deza which the police did not say is slightly out of place.
It is quite normal to combine powered suit and police. Especially there is nothing to bring in anything.
The hint of Tokyo Liquefaction has not come out yet, or is it mere decoration setting? It is not particularly intriguing.
I wonder if I am watching for now without thinking about nothing to kill time.
However, I think that I can evaluate the part that made me think that one episode would be seen normally and to see the second episode.
Especially, there is not the ability to attract, but because it is not necessarily unpleasant either, just for the time being Watashimi, the evaluation is made "ordinary".

Additional notes

Abandon viewing by watching until 5 episodes.
I think that it is a work that will not cause a desire to see. Bored to say bad. If this is the original animation, the current animation industry is suspicious. Anyway, I think that it is a work that deprives the desire to watch every time you repeat times. I do not mean to expect late-night animation, but I feel like I can not devise a bit more. Frequently, it is a work in which only technology caught up and the script and contents are not catching up.
It is just my departure for this season. This is interesting if you are watching Komu-chan.
Evaluation was not frustrating so far so "bad" with "normal".