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Music2.10(Very good)10
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Graphic1.70(Very good)10
Made me think20%2/10
Hot heart10%1/10
Learned something10%1/10
Shed tears0%0/10
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Natsume Ono
Ryo Takahashi
Hiro Shimono
Yuuki Aoi
Suwabe Junichi
Kouji Yusa
Toru Ohkawa
Hikaru Midorikawa
Hiroki Yasumoto
Atsuko Tanaka
Hiroki Gotou
Yoji Ueda
Maeno Tomoaki
Yashiro Taku
Mamoru Miyano
Yuuto Uemura
Unsho Ishizuka
Japan Released:2017/01/10(Tue) 23:00- Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV
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2017/05/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23309 Host:23477 Browser: 8241
Original unread.

There was a reasonable expectation with a calm start while showing a somewhat stylish atmosphere view of the world.
Although the explanation of the social structure and the organizational part was many depending on the character 's conversation, the feeling of life is transmitted by the behavior of the characters,
There were many fantasy things that made me feel reality, I was able to concentrate on the story.

Although the story develops with the coup from the middle stage as a keyword, I think that how to show was very interesting.
I do not know the format of the coup d'etat or its correctness, as well as the hero, as well as the many mysterious people seems to have not figured out all the situation,
It was interesting that I could not predict the end point as to how the story develops.
It was a part that only audience and Rasubosu do not understand the situation, I was able to watch it considerably.

It was not a chilla show, but it was good that we made the story more clear by about 8 episodes and further progressing the story,
The setting that was being hidden seemed to fill the puzzle and was polite and comfortable.

Although there was no flashy scene about the ending, development was dramatic and carrying was also good, and also the people who were being lurked surprised.
The feeling that fragmentary episodes gather together is wonderful.
It felt neatly with the narrative feeling well, and I spent enough time talking at a later meeting and the impression was very good.

[good point]
Although it was a painting that I did not like very much, I had matched the world view and I think that the character setting was also good.
Although it is a hero who must be competent, though I did not put an extreme feature easily, I think that I could put out the bottomless reading atmosphere.
"Rota" cv who has a sister in her eyes firmly Yuki was feeling refreshing and had a sense of stability.
In a fancy making, the "Move" dress was beautiful. This is a service scene.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was more like a mystery or a suspense than a group image play, I could see it interestingly until the end.
Even in scenes where assertion is not so strong as to say hints in the work, after seeing the correlation again and seeing it,
I think that something like a delicacy of the maker had appeared, such as where a feeling or something is transmitted slightly from the behavior description.

2017/04/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4863 Host:4636 Browser: 5141
Original manga unread.
"Dowa kingdom" which made a structure like a federal system consisting of 13 autonomous regions. A political dramatic animation that a hero like a semi-civil servant belonging to a place like the Internal Investigation Division of the administrative agency is involved in political fight as he goes around the place in his duties.
... Although I was watching it as interpreted, it is unknown whether the genre is actually it.

In addition, throughout the tobacco has become a key item, in this world cigarettes are expensive items and the general public does not have the setting to not smoke.

[Bad point]
There is nothing to pull the scenario in the first half
Latter half as political play too bad

[good point]
Representation of each region

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Expression of superficial emotions is not good, expressions that contain suppression and implications are heavily used, and directing is not totally overcome, and it is intentionally suppressed quietly.
The characters in the play do not rush things explicitly and there is nothing to talk about explicitly, other characters, and viewers will feel the confidence that they will understand the intention of the words. A story like it lasts. It has led to the serenity that scraped off extra things, and it also matches the directing. I strongly receive the impression that it is a work for adults, rather than for adults.

〓〓〓There is nothing to pull the scenario in the first half As mentioned above thoroughly making it hypothermia, the main character.The episode which becomes the axis is not carried out basically until the 8th episode where the identity of the best friend is revealed, the hero basically performs his duties It is only.
I can see that some thought intersects, but it is somewhat insufficient to pull the story for everything to be abstract. Of course I think that this is the intention of the production side ....

〓〓〓In the second half there is a certain kind of set-up in the eighth episode too polite as a political play. The composition of the story becomes fairly easy to understand, almost all of the hero, brothers and close friends are revealed.
At the same time, the color of the political drama becomes darker, and the speculations of various characters that have been hidden until that time are steadily expanding. Elements abstractly issued in the number of talks in the first half have concreteity in the second half number of stories and converge to the coup of the final story ....
Its configuration itself is really well done, and the point that I gathered what I presented in the first half without properly collecting in the second half is wonderful.
However, there is considerable difficulty in how to develop detailed episodes, how to solve it, and if you say it easily, it is noticeable that "It is supposed to be a story of an adult, but such a suitable one".
Specifically, some are "Assassin all assaulted with clothing", "I was acting on purpose on purpose to pass through a plan", the scene of the coup of the final story, the solution of the resource problem of the final story ... ....
It was not a type of myself that bothered about such a lot, but it is noticeable if there is roughness there although it is making an adult atmosphere so far.

〓〓〓In the first half of the depiction of each region, the story has poor traction power by being intentionally hiding the information, the second half has the driving force of the story as a political play, but it is likely to lower the evaluation because the detail is coarse There is a peculiar point unique to animation enough to overturn.
It is a depiction of regionality. The hero will go around the autonomous region of the country in its duties, but the depiction of each autonomous region is wonderful.
Each of the 13 autonomous regions has a characteristic climate, culture and industry, each with different speculation. Not only are they well expressed by landscapes and props of props, but also to what kind of personality people inhabit there (= what kind of people will be formed if they were born and raised in such land) Has been made finely.
It is structured that the viewer knows it through the eyes of a cool and neutral hero and gives a sense of a little journey.
This is a unique beauty not found in other animations, and for me it was the main factor that I wanted to watch this animation.

In that sense personal number of best stories is the fourth episode.
It is wonderful to contrast the popular people who complain about closed self-governing rules and the ruler who is satisfied with the maintenance of culture that depends on mid-nostalgia.
It is good to give backing to this scenario that somewhat retro style designs and light colors are adopted for the landscape and clothes of the town.

<< Summary >>
It is an animation with a very low tension, and because it is structurally unusual for viewers, I think that it is good but I think that it is a type that does not become explosive popularity.
Although the composition is perfect, there is roughness in details, and it is conspicuous because it makes quiet and adult atmosphere. (If this is a high-tension animation it will not bother you much)
The feeling of air like an overseas drama can not be seen easily in late-night animation, the place where you can taste things like exoticism by autonomous district is the unique point of this animation,
Whether you can enjoy the serene atmosphere flowing through the whole is divided among people.

<< Particularly irrelevant >>
Ever watching before watching this animation! Euphonium (2nd term) so it is the best friend of the hero, Nino can only be heard by Mr. Goto.
No matter how cool Nino says, "I am wondering what you are doing" Gotoh "(laugh)

2017/04/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3122 Host:3111 Browser: 4691
Somehow watching.
As for pearls, will it work so far? Although the doubt remains, all the autonomous districts involved in the hero proceeded in a good direction and it was exercise of mismatism.

<< Overall rating >>
I think that there was enough interestingness to see at a stretch, but after all the impression such as this does not come out. Evaluation is "normal".

2017/03/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11608 Host:11541 Browser: 4894
In the first look, it may be thought that it is animation with only Osharea atmosphere. However, the fashionableness of this work is a bit different from the others. In this work, I will not show off a fashionable atmosphere. Being fashionable is only natural for this work.
The nickname attached to the protagonist is "Jean of the cigarette you got". Normally, this is just a place to make it look like a character that is all too cool. However, this work does not do it. As a matter of course you get a cigarette from a person and suck smartly like it is. (How much you want me to emulate a variety of things like refusing to smoke ... The way to smoke smoke characters coming out on animation is just like a childish childish style)

That is also natural, the age of the hero is about 30 and is usually an adult. The age of nice feeling that we discarded the odor but did not abandon until it was hot. The beautiful boss I admire is invited to eat by the meal, but the reason for that favor is very serious.
From the characters in the work, the hero is still a ceremonial group, but it is still depicted as a neat adult character.
It is not drawn as an unnatural old age or a character expressing an unfounded life trainee, but it is not drawn as a character of your own, but you can work yourself exactly, stare at the calmly situated situation, and become a clear ideal It is drawn as such an adult to do things properly in the range that he can do.
For anime in a fashionable atmosphere, this kind of smart cool looks like this.

The development of the story is also very smart.
At first, it seems that the main character is involved in troubles, resolving problems and interacting with people in the local land around each autonomous district that constitutes the kingdom as its duty. However, as you follow the times, the appearance of someone moving behind the hero will become obscured.
It is increasingly obvious that the hero's best friend, boss, upper rank of the organization, royal family, and the things moving them differently by different intentions seem odd and at the same time there is a hero in the core part of the story . Eventually it will lead to a big conspiracy shaking the present system of the kingdom from the secret of the birth of the hero. (It's also fashionable that the nickname "Jean of Tobacco" is a kind of hint)

The development of the story is very good, it is well done as a mystery solving. Since the hero starts from where he does not know anything, the viewer can also approach the mystery of the work with the hero. (It may be a rare type of work at this time that there is no information that only the hero knows)
I think that it is a story that can attract viewers firmly.

What is even more distinctive is the fact that it keeps the directing when the mystery revealed, despite the puzzling factor. Pretty awesome facts are revealed, but no one is surprised. Even those who reveal mysteries reveal mysteries in ordinary conversation without wasting too much wastefully.
Take a fact by talking about the truth, frankly smartly and frankly without fearful surprises, no temptation or dismay, no impatience without meaning or anything. (Even scenes showing anger towards best friends only enrage anger on the other side of the words)
However, I am thinking of my own changes that the facts produce and the impact on the society that is the stage of the story. Think about it and do what you need to do in a way that you can take.

Therefore, no one disturbs even the last doodling. I do not even need a look that is proud of it. Just just loosen your mouth a little. Truly, I do not care if my parentheses are cool.

It is a cool and fashionable work, but it is not even being fashionable even though it's nice to have parentheses.
Such a work that such adults are making coolness goodness as an etiquette to be worn by the commonplace from the whole work.
It may not be the current trend, but I like these works.

2017/03/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
[good point]
The atmosphere of the work.
I wore military uniforms in a fictitious country that integrated international districts centered on modern - contemporary era, mainly in Europe (this area may be affected by "Hagaren")
A cool man or older brother and a cool aussie blows a cigarette, puts a glasin on and takes a bog.
Although the feeling of death is poor, nostalgic hard-boiled air feeling flows to the full story.

[Bad point]
There is almost no donkey action and the sharpness of development is weak.

The last resource problem and so on are solved expediently.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original unread. A slightly strange work.
It can not be said that we are digging down the characters of all of the characters, but as the story behind the scenes gets complicated under the surface of the water as they take tough actions, the story has a painful point.
Just the viewing and listening tension is kept from the atmosphere of the whole work.
In other words, it is like "Heidi" for adults.

Evaluation is "good".

2017/03/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 252 Host:452 Browser: 5173
Original unread. I recommend it from the bride who knows the original and watch up to nine stories now.
The stage of the story is Dowar Continent with 13 autonomous regions. Once dominated by the Dowher royal family, the coup drastically cuts its power and the royal family survives but each district has gained substantial autonomy.
Each district has its own culture, customs and industry developed by various ethnic groups, so it is like an allied state.
A private organization called ACCA was established with the aim of ensuring the safety and security of the continent, and under the director of the five people, the police in each district police firefighting. Transportation. Medical treatment under the jurisdiction and ACCA The inspection department of the company visits and supervises each district.
The hero, Jean. Autus is serving as ACCA as the deputy section chief of the inspection section, but the story opens when the decision to abolish the inspection section was decided.
Furthermore, rumors of a new coup d'莨〓at flowed, each minister began their own investigation, their subordinates also acted with each idea, the abolition of the inspection division will be abolished due to his achievement in Jean's work, but this time the coup d'etat I was suspected of being involved in school, my best friend in my school days took a magical action, the incident was involved in the incident at the inspection site,
The prince begins to move with the restoration of the royal restoration, the aunt planned the exclusion of the prince in order to make the daughter an empress, and furthermore it is watched as if the hero is the mastermind of the coup d ... Proceed.
And in fact Jean was the eldest son of the second daughter of the current king (who truly abandoned his royal title with his will) who became missing due to the accident, in place of the current prince of the third son 's eldest son,
Originally it is a blood line with the right to succeed the first throne, and it will become a magnificent expansion, but it is very difficult to understand as this is seen.
It is difficult to understand where each scene or dialogue is connected because the entire story is not overlooked due to the composition like a stroke of depiction from each person side without much explanatory groupings.
It's a good technique in movies and dramas to make tension feel exciting, and I do not feel the stress as I finish watching if it's two hours in a movie, but this animation took eight episodes so far.
As a result, the progress of the story is felt flat, the hints that are supposed to be intrinsically intriguing and the conversation that seems inexistent are conversely felt very redundant.
(If you look back, you gotta get it ^ ^)
Furthermore, the daily life with my sister and colleagues, depictions of the city and culture of the business trip, past reminiscences, brief stories of bread and sweets entered, and I knew I knew when I asked my wife what happened and where it would lead. (The wife also knew the original, but he had looked back twice to eight talks ^ ^)
In nine episodes, the royal family, the secretaries, the inspector section, the entities of the hero intertwine, and the story finally started to feel, but most of the characters are like meals
Even after entering nine episodes, new developments and exposures continue, and we can not predict what will happen in the future.
Although stories and settings are thoroughly kneaded, in order to understand the view of the world and people, it is necessary to watch multiple times.
I felt that watching 9 episodes and reviewing up to 8 talks again would be able to enjoy more in the future.

<Good place> A story of a solid world and a bone story.
There is no fancy depiction in vain.
Props that do not come out so much with animation such as baker's cake sweets are fresh and tasty.
There are many mysteries and hints, and it works (even redundantly).

<Bad place> It is not suitable for those who expect it because there is no flashy director or picture.
A story that does not move from 7 to 8 episodes. Actually I am moving but I can not feel movement because the whole can not be seen.
Some people may need to watch multiple times complexity. Because there are many hints, I forgot to see. Although I saw it, I might not understand if there is something I forgot.
It is just a grab that two names "Jean of smoked cigarette" that came out with rumor are just it?
I'm sorry if I had a hint.

For the time being, the impression at the present time is a work for adults with a solid framework. I think that it is for people who like mysteries and do not like puzzling mystery and hints being stretched around.
I do not know what story is planned, but I think that it is impossible to finish with one course because of the complexity of the story and the slowness of development, so I'd like to spend a polite story properly by consuming the number of stories I hope it.

Based on the above, expectation is included, evaluation is "very good"