[Anime]1+2 = Paradise Taiketsu Momoiro Shimai V.S. Koushoku Jououbachi

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Anime total pnts rank Rank 3,390in 6,558 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 47.81
Anime rank of 1990 Rank 49in 105 titles
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SUMIKO KAMIMURA Month Shonen MAGAZINE Koudansha Kazuo Kato Nobuaki Kishima Jyunichi Watanabe Jyun Watanabe Maki Production
Seion Studio Goro Taniguchi J.C.STAFF TOEI VIDEO
Kappei Yamaguchi Rihoko Nagano Chieko Honda Naoko Matsui Jurota Kosugi
Japan Released:1990/04/27(Fri) Media(ex. DVD)
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2016/01/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
OVA 2 work seems to be an anime original story not in the original, and there is also extra (?) Father's intervention, too, thought twin Nakamura sisters are somehow managed to have tolerated somehow Although it was the superiority of the leading character he was, although I did not want to be liked by women separately,
It was ironic to get loved. To follow

Next time my sister named Matsubishi Barako appeared extensively, and also about him .......
Although it was, it was the elephant who showed boldness in the first place. Being naked,
Normally I could see "Ale", but sometimes I got a sketchbook and seduced more ......
Even though the other students came back, they managed to hide in the lockers, but it seems that it was a place I wanted men who wanted to divide that female luck even if they were seen from the moteless boys.
(Bitter smile)

Even in the previous work and himself, all the naked figure was also seen, Yusuke, even though it was a delusion though this time also was seen again in the SM scene, although it was still wonderful, while the rose is also losing as he is sleeping .. .......
It was made like an ordinary male in ancient Greece, and it also showed up to the panchira, but in fact this series has high exposures for men and women too. (Bitter smile)

In fact, the Barako really really looked at the SM scene (although it was not naked in gush of flowing stones) etc. Also the marriage partner prepared from the parents can also have a marriage partner that is not rich enough to conquer ordinary men I guess desire also became stronger.
Even though Nakamura sisters were also hanging out (and they also seemed to be able to see again), even though they tried to escape, I thought what would happen to the followers ....... ...

I thought that it would be a scuffle, and the man of the marriage partner (setting Egyptian petroleum king) came running and I did not mind being too timely, but there were places where the circumstances of the rulers were inebri - It was a Barako that seemed to have left like a wind,
It was gathered together.

The original is "adult circumstances" seems to have ended like a ceasing end,
If Aiken and TO LOVE were appearing at the same time, it would have been more ........ Regardless, aside from that, there was not a particularly high-grade story nature, but the good performance of voice actors, mainly Yuhei Yamaguchi who was well intertwined with the character, and the good character deza that felt like it was cute despair I think that added value was attached by. Evaluation of the second work is "Good".

2007/05/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9473 Host:9147 Browser: 4184
Completely original story changed by hitting the first volume. Matsubishi Barako showing strong character as if it opposes the battle with Ehwa after the original Ai Sakita appeared is the sale first. The heroine from the beginning where the reader 's evaluation is divided between men and women in an organically connected manner, the unprecedented contrast between Yuka Nakamura and Ewha' s twin clothes is clearly more clear than a certain original.