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Teito Klein is a former slave sent to attend the Barsburg Empire's military academy due to his ability to use Zaiphon, a type of supernatural power. The ability is rare, and thus highly prized. Teito is an amnesiac and doesn't remember anything of his past, but he has recurring and often traumatizing dreams in which he sees a grand church or castle and a man he feels he may know.

After a year at the academy, Teito takes the graduation exam; it is notoriously difficult with the average pass rate of one in twenty-five and rumor has it that candidates died in the exam. The night before Teito and his best (and only) friend, Mikage, take the exam, they swear they will never abandon the other when the other needs help. The next day, Teito is delivering papers to a professor when he overhears his name. He stops to listen and realizes that the speaker, a man named Ayanami, is the person who killed the man he sees in his dreams, who is his father, the king of the destroyed Raggs Kingdom. Teito is found eavesdropping and tries to attack his father's murderer, but is quickly brought down by one of Ayanami's subordinates and sent to prison. Mikage comes to help him escape, only to find that Teito has managed to fight past the guards by himself. The two flee the building, but are cornered on a balcony. Teito pretends to hold Mikage hostage, threatening to kill him if the guards pursue him, and tries to escape when Ayanami sends a Zaiphon attack after him, which Teito manages to partly deflect. A Bishop in the nearby 7th District takes the injured Teito to the church to recuperate. Because of the law of sanctuary, as long as Teito stays in the church the army cannot enter the place, hence cannot arrest him.

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Nobuhiro Takamoto
Natsuko Takahashi
Maki Fujii
Kotaro Nakagawa
Mitsuki Saiga
Daisuke Namikawa
Suwabe Junichi
Susumu Chiba
Koki Miyata
Show Hayami
Kenji Hamada
Chiwa Saito
Wataru Hatano
Kazuya Nakai
Miyu Irino
Daisuke Kiri
Mitsuo Senda
Hiroki Takahashi
Ayako Kawasumi
Mamiko Noto
Kaori Nazuka
Jun Fukuyama
Japan Released:2009/04/07(Tue) 01:40- Chiba Television TV / End:2009/09/22
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1. http://07-ghost.net/ (Translation)
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Aka no KakeraAka no Kakera
Lyrics:Noria Arrange:Ryo Kotaro Nakagawa [Fan reg.]
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2009/12/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
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[What is good]
"The Three Dreams" in the storyline is quite touching. "Before any living thing is given life, he/she goes to the Chief of Heaven to tell him what are the three dreams they want to be granted during their life time. And then you're born, not remembering what you have promised God, and start to seek for those dreams and accomplish them in your life. When all those three wishes you wished for have come true, you will be called back to heaven and reunite with him, that's why a living thing dies."

The dubbing actors' voices suit the characters they act for very well.

The drawings in this anime are beautiful and detailed.

[What is bad]
It may take at least 10 episodes to get enough information on the storyline, because every episode only reveals a part of the story's background. You will easily find the characters' deeds meaningless if you don't understand some hidden information. For example, some people think that Ayanami is cowardly, because he doesn't attack Teito himself, but makes use of tainted humans to attack him. In fact, in the manga, it is provided that he is not allowed to leave the fortress at all in normal times, and this can explain why he doesn't (to be more exact, he cannot) approach Teito in person.

Anoher example, many people questions what's the point of Ayanami's continuing to question Mikage for several episodes, when he has already known Teito's present location?

In fact, what he wants to persuade Mikage to do is not to give him information anout Teito's whereabouts, but to go to the church in person and lure/bring Teito back to the army. An audience needs to pick up the information about "the laws of sanctuary" in the background (which states that the army cannot enter the church under normal cicumstances, hence once a person enters the 7th District's church successfully, the army has no way to arrest him unless he/she comes out himself), and sometimes has to understand the personality of the characters too, or else the actions of some characters, hence some scenes, won't make sense.

A nice show if you are patient and observant. Need to read the manga in order to understand the characters as well as the characters' relationships with each other, because such information is not mentioned in the anime.

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