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12013/02/23MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE: Universe Accel/Cosmic Drive > Plan password list 629 characters
22013/02/23Kidou Senkan Nadesico: Nadesico the Mission > Small neta 111 characters
32013/02/22Martian Successor Nadesico The Blank of 3years > The gekigan card receiving method 1,646 characters
42013/02/22Mobile Police Patlabor Came back Mini Pato > For winning by the harisen battle 486 characters
52013/02/22Mobile Police Patlabor 98 start! (MD) > Small neta 100 characters
62013/02/22Kishin Houkou DemonBane (PS2 Series) > How to see a true end 164 characters
72013/02/22GUN FRONTIER [Taito] > ΢ 503 characters
82013/02/22Gunforce > It game-plays by the different colors character. 74 characters
92013/02/21Tales of Vesperia > Capture information at large 6,897 characters
102013/02/20Ken to Maho to Gakuen mono 2 > Capture information at large 25,459 characters
112013/02/17Ganbare Goemon: Oedo Daikaiten > Small neta (additional attack) 238 characters
122013/02/17Gun Valkyrie > Various back work 675 characters
132013/02/17Gun-dec > Stage selection 131 characters
142013/02/17Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 > Small neta 488 characters
152013/02/17Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 > Various back work 2,271 characters
162013/02/17Gundam battle universe > Back work etc. 1,253 characters
172013/02/16Gundam battle tactics > Back work and smallness neta 766 characters
182013/02/16GUNDAM THE 3D BATTLE > Back work 2,157 characters
192013/02/16MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM OPERATION TROY > Small neta 332 characters
202013/02/16GUNDAM ASSAULT SURVIVE > Back work and smallness neta 1,366 characters
212013/02/16GUNDAM 0079 The War For Earth > Back work 197 characters
222013/02/16GUN SURVIVOR4 BIOHAZARD HEROES NEVER DIE > Back work and smallness neta 532 characters
232013/02/16Kawaii Koneko DS (Series) > It carries out [ cat じゃ ] and is the game receiving method. 283 characters
242013/02/16GA-ROU-DEN Breakblow: Fist or Twist > 餓狼烈伝 mode etc. 805 characters
252013/02/15GALERIANS > Back work 411 characters
262013/02/15Carnage Heart > Zeus karuneeji heart Second back work 782 characters
272013/02/15Calciobit > Back work etc. 2,110 characters
282013/02/15The Karuizawa Kidnapping Guidance > Small neta collection 808 characters
292013/02/15KARAKURI > Various back work 1,235 characters
302013/02/15Studio of CARAOKE > The exclusive cassette VOL2 583 characters
312013/02/14Resident Evil 5 (BIOHAZARD 5) > A capture report at large 17,192 characters
322013/02/11Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride > Password list 3,063 characters
332013/02/11Kamen Rider The Bikerace > All hidden character appearance conditions 215 characters
342013/02/11Kamen Rider CLIMAX HEROES FOURZE > Back work 979 characters
352013/02/11Masked Rider Climax heroes OOO > Back work classified by PSP-Wii version 1,021 characters
362013/02/11METRO CROSS > Family Computer version sure-fire-method-for-winning & it hides and is a character. 1,422 characters
372013/02/11Masked Rider Climax Heroes > Back work 859 characters
382013/02/11Kamen rider SD Hashire mighty riders > Back work 647 characters
392013/02/11Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online > It does its best by no charging. 900 characters
402013/02/10ZOIDS BATTLE OF CENTRAL GROUND > Various back work True ending 12,619 characters
412013/02/10ARMORED TROOPER VOTOMS STEEL FORCE > A red shoulder and confrontation 1,199 characters
422013/02/10Kamen rider SD Shutsugeki Rider machine > Back work command 490 characters
432013/02/10Kamen rider SD Granshocker no yabou > The easy capturing method 995 characters
442013/02/10Masking Maid Guy Boyoyon Battle Rowaiyar > It withers and is that clothes change. 259 characters
452013/02/10Gamera2000 > Selection of a course 278 characters
462013/02/10Kamiwaza > Back work and smallness neta 1,913 characters
472013/02/10Kamisama to unmei kakumei oaradokusu > Trophy acquisition condition list 4,298 characters
482013/02/10Cavenoire > I will display military career. 222 characters
492013/02/09FIGHTERS MEGAMIX > The appearance method of a hidden character 747 characters
502013/02/09Kabu Trader Shun > Small neta 566 characters
512013/02/09Capcom Barcelona92 > Two persons train together. 413 characters
522013/02/09A week of Garfield > Resumption of a play after game over 179 characters
532013/02/09Kirby Airride > Back work and smallness neta 1,878 characters
542013/02/09Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Crowcard magic > Easy capture information (round 10) 216 characters
552013/02/09Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Battle Arena 2 Spirit Burst > Back work 1,208 characters
562013/02/09Katekyo Hitman REBORN! DS Flame Rumble X Mirai Cho Bakuhatsu!! > Back work etc. 3,159 characters
572013/02/09Reborn! DS:ShinukiMAX! Bongore Carnival! > Back work etc. 594 characters
582013/02/06Quiz Nanairo Dreams > Saturn version back work 1,698 characters
592013/02/06IMARGEFIGHT > 3rd page boss 安地 666 characters
602013/02/05Bravely Default: Flying Fairy > Hidden BOSS capture report 5,870 characters
612013/02/03Masked Rider Kabuto > The hidden character appearance method 2,503 characters
622013/02/03ZETTAI MUTEKI RAIJIN-OH > The most effective tactics 960 characters
632013/02/03Katte ni Shirokuma > Small neta and back work 1,686 characters
642013/02/03Gakko O Tsukuro > Back work and smallness neta 618 characters
652013/02/03Gotcha Force > Back work 816 characters
662013/02/03Katamaridamacy novita > The method of trophy gold "it being a meal person very much" coming to hand 888 characters
672013/02/03Katamari Damashi Tribute > Small neta 793 characters
682013/02/03WINDOWOFSIRFEED > The fund saving method 357 characters
692013/02/03Kaze no Klonoa moon light museum > Back work 85 characters
702013/02/02Genso suikoden 2 > Capture information at large 23,048 characters
712013/02/02Custom Robo GX > Various back work 1,549 characters
722013/02/02Kakomunja > The victory screen of exclusive use 125 characters
732013/02/02KAKEFU KUN's JUNP HEVEN &SPEED HELL > The remaining number rise 305 characters
742013/02/02Kage no to > It game-starts by hidden arms maintenance. 661 characters
752013/02/02Kakutou Choujin > Back work 712 characters
762013/02/02Kakugo no susume > It is the capturing method easily. 317 characters
772013/02/02Fighting Game Creator > Additional input hiding work list 1,150 characters
782013/02/01Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight kirakira Happy Festa > The efficient method of collecting words &CG 768 characters
792013/02/01Mario brother who comes back > Skill appearance 171 characters
802013/02/01Wario: Master of Disguise > Back work and a smallness neta collection 467 characters
812013/02/01KAITOU APRICOT > Small neta collection (the perfect version) 2,153 characters
822013/02/01Kaiju Busters POWERED > Password list 2,535 characters
832013/02/01KaizerKnockr > The strongest boss "general" appearing method in the history of a rank Gaea community 304 characters
842013/02/01GUISARD REVOLUTION > Game clear privilege list 577 characters
852013/02/01Kaiketsu Yancha-maru > Sound test mode 127 characters
862013/01/30Makai Senki Disgaea4 > Capture information at large 4 characters
872013/01/28BIOHAZARD 3 > maasenariizu capture 17,454 characters
882013/01/28Super Mario Bros. > A warp zone and the kontei new 3,134 characters
892013/01/27Gaiapolis > Important password 404 characters
902013/01/27The Champion of the Network > Editing data of a character 256 characters
912013/01/27Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wakeganai Portable > It can soothe and they are the conditions of a 編 happy end. 298 characters
922013/01/27Oretachi Geesen Zoku Vol.3 Karatedo > Super combo (the 2nd edition of PS) 110 characters
932013/01/27Orega Kantoku Da > Little small neta 292 characters
942013/01/27All kamen rider Rider generation > Various passwords 802 characters
952013/01/27ALL KAMENRIDER RIDER GENERATION TWO > Rider password list 1,252 characters
962013/01/26Volfied > Large-sized bonus 188 characters
972013/01/26Arkanoid > Mark rise 186 characters
982013/01/26ARABIAN > A 得な bonus 85 characters
992013/01/26ASSAULT > Back work 422 characters
1002013/01/26Out runners > Staff roll display 175 characters