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12017/04/02Black Lagoon Ballad of Sinful Wizard.sirwolfeyeThis work is amazingly good.
22013/06/15Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINYKevinPIt was very bad. Worst Gundam series ever made.
32009/09/21Crayon Shin-chanAdministratorThe author of Shin-chan was found dead at the bott
42009/09/08FINAL FANTASY XIIIAdministratorThe release date of Final Fantasy XIII was announc
52009/03/29Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days -AdministratorThe release date of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was
62009/02/25INNOCENCE After The Long Goodbyedejatii have seen the 2nd gig and innocence. it's great!
72009/01/27Elfen Liedgamadpuji@mail.ruThis best that I when or saw, very much I wish to
82008/12/18DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASYAdministratorToday is the day when the game is released in Japa
92008/11/23Kingdom HeartsAdministratorKingdome Hearts 358/2 will be released in Feburary
102008/07/21Brave Fencer MusashiAdministratorMusashiden was released on Playstion@Store in Japa
112008/07/21Chrono TriggerAdministratorThe renewal version of Chrono Triger will be relea
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